Salman Rushdie, JK Rowling and the Power of the Pen

Salman Rushdie stabbed himself. At least, according to Iran that is what happened. Have you ever read The Satanic Verses? I’d be willing to bet those who are up in arms about this sequence of words and meaning therein haven’t even glanced at the text as they simply joined in the mob action that was baying for blood and cheered when he was stabbed in the neck. Ironic when you consider the name of Islam means peace so, by definition, extremists should be really chill.

In the real world they aren’t this. Neither are they aware of the contradiction this represents. Speaking of that buzzword they aren’t too keen on the change and rearrange antics of the LGBTQ movement and its ever increasing colonization of the alphabet. Ironic, yes? How are two totally separate movements that ostensibly seek and preach peace, unity and tolerance yet exhibit none of it toward anyone that doesn’t think just like them or dares question their narrative interlinked?

Doesn’t put me off my bacon sandwich served by a curvaceous blonde one bit but its been something that I found intriguing since way back when when I first read the Satanic Verses. I have a voracious appetite for knowledge and devoured this back in eighty eight with a surface level comprehension at best as I was simply unaware of a lot of what was referenced. In a nutshell it went like this:

Two actors are aboard a flight which is hijacked by the stereotypical bad men in turbans, side note – its interesting isn’t it that brown skin and/or rag on head has been injected into the public consciousness as terrorists in so many forms of the media without question since back when. Back during the times of nine eleven I was contemplating getting T-shirts printed that said “Don’t Panic! Not Islamic” as anyone of caramel hues was seen as a potential man with a death wish, complete with ticket in hand to claim seventy two virgins along with a passport that magically manifests on demand to prove he committed the action. “Pay no attention to the men dancing behind the podium…” That said, later on in the naughts when there was a huge influx of Eastern Europeans into the purported land of milk and honey known as the United Kingdom I was considering opening a business employing them called “Ethnic Cleansing” as I knew quite a few of them and this industry and lack of linguistic skill seemed to be their preference and specialty. Now that my questionable sense of humor is obvious lets get back to this, the life and times of a man who is living proof the axiom “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me” isn’t exactly true for those who place their faith and point and view in the box marked Mohammedan.

Two actors, one plane and nary a cup to be seen. What does happen, however, is that this jet meets an end and the protagonists end up falling in the sea. Gibreel, the successful actor who came from rags to riches is of questionable mental health and has been hearing voices that are pushing him to the edge. The object of his affection is that which those of Asian persuasion place on a pedestal far higher than the rest:

A white skinned goddess. Did you know that in those lands labelled as East Indies and beyond beauty is seen not as the harmonic mathematical arrangement of your features but primarily designated by the tone of your skin? Ergo you could be drop dead gorgeous but “cursed” with a heavy dose of melanin and seen as nothing special or on the flip you could have a face that looks like it was beaten viciously with the ugly stick but as long as your complexion is that of milk you’d be worshipped for your radiance. Skin bleaching and such like isn’t frowned upon but accepted and much the same can be said of countless other races in the Orient that practice such self loathing and yet, on the other side of the planet, white folks risk cancer of the skin to obtain that golden glow that they believe signals attractiveness. Crazy, isn’t it? If that doesn’t hint at the truly schizophrenic and entirely unable to accept themselves nature of most people in this realm then I don’t know what will. Idiotic when you consider this via the lens of evolution and temperatures of said locales they find themselves within and the response of their skin to the UV spectrum:

This I can attest to myself as my skin tone can range from copper to mahogany depending on where I’m living and how often the sun kisses my flesh as that is what activates the melanin. Anyway, Alleluia Cone is the name of the lady in question and she climbs mountains despite having flat feet. The themes of highs and lows plays out quite often in this complex, multilayered tapestry that I think everyone, irrespective of their faith and proclivities, should read because its content is quite intriguing. On the flip of Gibreel – who spends his time playing gods on the screen to entertain his countrymen – the other head of this tale is a man named Saladin Chamca, which means “He who bears spoons” as a nod to his lineage which in India is a huge thing. He is less successful but too has himself a white woman (Yes!) and is transitioning into what is referenced in a less than positive sense – A coconut. You know, brown on the outside yet white within. He has attempted to erase all aspects of his culture via assimilation into the English paradigm in the land where he now lives as a successful voice actor. Interesting, yes? How one is up front and glistens in the spot light whilst the other is hidden. The theme of duality and its interplay is intricately woven throughout this tale and its a tour de force of fiction that I encourage you to read for yourself. Anywhen:

Just as Gibreel takes on angelic traits that have him questioning his mental health as they tumble from the sky into the Atlantic Ocean Saladin starts developing horns, hooves and tail. All accoutrements of that old goat himself, the devil. Things now get really interesting as Chamca is met and greeted by the police who protect and serve him by beating the hell out of him whilst Gibreel meets no such fate. This causes the immense amount of rage and hate within Mr Spoony himself to overflow as he sets off on an intricate plan of vengeance to destroy the already fragile angels quite possibly schizophrenic state of mind by using the immense jealously which dwells within against him. The rest of the tale is about betrayal, murder and redemption and raises a whole load of interesting questions but the part that got the goat of those who say “Can’t touch this!” about pork but are quite fond of circumcision was this:

With a fractured state of awareness that comes from having spent a lifetime being idolized on screen, where he represents the divine made flesh in the theatrical realm, Gibreel begins his descent into madness after the plane he was flying in has its winged clipped. In these dream like sequences he envisions the life of “The Messenger” way back when and it bears more than a passing resemblance to that of the Patriarch of the Islamic persuasion (peace be upon him). Now this part, even back then when I knew next to nothing about this religion and hadn’t met any of its adherents (many of whom would later become my friends and some would then band together to plot my death and forcefully eject me from this realm) made me think “What. The. F?” because there was nothing at all subtle in the recasting of the prophet as a man hiding out in a whorehouse trading blows with a satirical poet and heathen priestess. Nowadays this would be calling trolling, par excellence. Back then I just read it as a tale of fiction that occasionally had my eyebrows jumping as I tried to figure out the intent of the author and what he was saying. In a nutshell this all centers on the bit that questions the source of the information which poured into his head and whether this revelations were divine or satanic, direct or edited and many such things that any avid historian wrestles with as we know the ledger of previous events is written by the pen of those who survived using the blood of the dead and thus there are always three sides to any tale.

I’d be willing to guess that that entire section is what causes the massive bone of contention that lead to the proclamation of “Off with his head” as the Fatwa was levied back when but, in my eyes at least, this was intensely myopic because there were certain themes and topics that this book addresses really well and I’ve reread it many times since I was kid, always gaining something new as I expanded my awareness and learning. Case in point it transcripts well the shift from poly to monotheism and the resistance this brings. I always found it interesting how old gods become new devils as the symbols most firmly linked in the minds of those on the planet at this moment of horns, hooves and playing tunes is illustrated by this:

Is exactly what people will be worshipping in the new age of digital enlightenment facilitated by the intermixing of silicon and carbon toward which we’re heading. A starter for ten for those interested in researching this is “You’ll meet a man carrying a jug of water and you should follow him into the house he enters” as well as the link between bread and virgins along with the symbol of the fish because its all astrological. That we’ll get into in depth when we talk about the nature of celestial influence and how it literally sits at the middle of all of this and why its been hushed up as witchcraft and foolishness when its actually liberally sprinkled throughout all aspects of existence as the hermaphroditic, goat like entity above signals to those who can decode the true meaning of the zodiac and what is hidden within:

Mahound, a businessman, starts a new venture called “Submission” that is proudly monotheistic and he is oppressed by the authorities for daring to think different and not supporting the Current Thing. Ironic, isn’t it? Told you it was intricate and would make you think as its now ever more relevant than it was back then. In a true hip hop sense the state hires a poet to write several disses toward him as the authorities want to get him out of the paint real quick before he erodes or eats in to their way of doing things with his new perspective. He ends up making a deal and says to the prophet – notice, its interesting that profit means something else and yet sounds just like it and that those who preach from the pulpit often expect to extract an offering under the premise of assisting the poor and suffering whilst they themselves live lavish and are always well fed – “Prophet, I will sanction and assist your movement as long as you grandfather in our three favorite goddesses as allahs daughters. Well, businessman, what do you say about this?”. He considers for a moment and replies he wishes to climb a mountain to seek heavenly council before rendering his decision as rejection or acceptance of this. Up on the hill the angel Gibreel, not the schizophrenic actor who came tumbling and is named after him but the real deal angelic being with wings offering revelation, consults and says “Sure, lets do this. Those terms are acceptable” and your man descends and tells the Head of State that they’re with it so lets get the ball rolling.

Thing is he has second thoughts and decides that insight wasn’t from the divine realm but was instead satan disguising himself as an angel and moves to have the commentary stricken from the record. The man and wife who hold the purse strings of this realm don’t like this one bit as they’d placed their chips on him and thus retaliate by killing his wife and uncle. Mahound is in the wind as he and his followers flee somewhere else to regroup and rethink.

Twenty five years later we revisit the dream sequence and see that Mahound has been successful in spreading his message as people are converting and the old way of thinking is seen as a relic as they place their faith in his revelation. Not all are in agreement, however, as those close to him grow suspicious as so many of these proclamations directly benefit him like when the first man turned to the other and, pointing at the sun, told him “He said you should give me this” and then gestured at what he was eating aka The “divine” right of kings… In many respects you could argue that this sense of exploitation in the name of the spiritual is hardwired into the human experience as there are interesting implications for those who come to Earth and don the flesh because we are born into currents of a socially accepted and normalized ignorance that seem hell bent on the destruction of the fluidly radiant and intelligent inner sense we all possessed once upon a when and its subsequent replacement with rigid, dogmatic perspectives to which total obedience and fealty must be pledged plus you may never, ever, ever, ever question the man behind the curtain or his motives as well.

The Satanic Verses does this well with a level of finesse and elegance that is simply breathtaking as it illustrates so very well the same conflict the Alphabets are currently facing as they struggle to make themselves and their multitude of genders better known by going against the grain of what came before. The irony is they, like Khomeini as well, wish to chop off the head of anyone who goes against their edict and in this case its JK Rowling who pushed the pen and got rich by weaving tales about spells and magic. “Burn her, she’s a witch!” would have been said back when but now instead its blue haired angry comment sections that pray for her end.

This is why I say again, you simply must read this tale regardless of your faith and inclination because its so apt for now due to how it links past and future events and causes you to question the narrative you unconsciously adopted. From my perspective there are only three types of human in this realm:

Slaves who form eighty one percent of the populace and are bound by their ignorance that causes them to feel miserable within as they spend their lives engaging in distraction designed to evade the present moment and all it brings.

Slave Masters, who form eleven percent, are motivated by the desire to get ahead, wield power and influence over the rest as they willingly misguide them for reasons only they know best.

The remaining eight percent are Warriors and we see the Game of Souls through a different lens and thus may say things that both of these other sections detest as its a threat to what they’ve been invested in. At the heart is the Path of Power upon which the Warrior treads as the intent to remember and re-embody the inner sense which we all knew as innocence when we first stepped into this realm and was swiftly fractured by traumatic experience and the nefarious influence of the System which diverts you instead to living a life of exploitation in which you generate immense dividends and receive a small percentage upon which you are taxed on the tax of your taxes until the end after which you’re slammed back into the flesh to do it all again because you didn’t take the steps required to transcend whilst living.

This probably explains well what appealed to me about this text back then and in this present moment because the child within will question everything and wishes to see it all from as many perspectives as possible and thus they have the clearest perception as there are no filters on their awareness and expression. This is beaten and or trained out of most real quick by internally dead and emotionally stifled parents who repeat the cycle that was forced upon them as they perpetuate ignorance but that is off topic and covered elsewhen where I’ve pushed the pen and spoke at length, so lets instead get back to the verses:

Mahound returns and conquers the land that spilled the blood of his wife and uncle and wishes to exact vengeance upon the poet who dared diss him. Wishing to keep his head and neck attached for as long as possible Baal the wordsmith hides out in the brothel instead and encourages the whores to take the names and play the roles of Mahounds twelve wives, something which tickles the patrons and the endeavor is a success. I know, I know. Double, you, tea, eff? Its not subtle in the least, either in or out of context but it points out the foibles of weakness, power and vengeance when the tables flip and we find ourselves in higher or lower positions and the implications therein which is such a common thread that runs through the entire human experience.

Far more than a fictional tale with some passing real world references there is a deeper narrative about what it means to take the flesh and wander around in this realm where you become a product of your environment if you’re not careful. Getting back to the brothel its eventually broken up and all those within are killed as Mahound himself meets his end. His last vision?

He sees the same goddess he repudiated who tells him the sickness wracking him is her form of vengeance and he thanks her for the gift. This entire section really humanizes Mahound and offers a great insight into the burdens that come with picking up the mantle of spiritual leadership and the aspects one must wrestle with in the quest to seem unerring as well as the allure of power and the corruption it brings when peasants rise to the role of kings as they exert dominion over their adherents and expect unquestioning allegiance to their edicts.

You really have to read this because whilst my intent is to give you some insight without spoiling anything as there is so much packed within this five hundred and forty six page polemic against the Islamic institution that is also saturated with insights into a great many things you probably had never previously considered which adds to its depth and richness as each time you reread you’ll gain something else. The last time I checked this text was with the assistance of a Koranic scholar who filled in the gaps of my ignorance about the nature of this religion and what was referenced and to say that was a revelation may sound a little blasphemous but that brings us to another topic which is inextricably linked as a modern manifestation of an ancient axiom which is “Everything changes”. Enter the rainbow and its non binary message which intends to break free from the shackles of the old ways of thinking as it stands to challenge what people blindly accept as “The way it is”.

To say there are members in the LGBTQ contingent who are on an evangelical mission to spread their message and intent by any means is quite an understatement. Much like the aforementioned hypothesized extremists that should be really peaceful and not wielding blades of death or a “tick, tick boom” kind of presence I always found it amusing that these people preach and demand tolerance yet will brook no discussion, counter argument or any kind of well reasoned dialogue about what they think, its implications, overall meaning or intent.

I am, first and foremost, a philosopher in the truest sense and have been gifted with having met and conversed with hundreds of thousands, if not a million, people in the flesh so far in my adventuring as we kicked the bobo on an immense amount of topics where I, often in the spirit of mooting, would take the opposite position just for the hell of it and to sharpen my skills of empathy when it comes to stepping into the world view of another and seeing it via their lens. I once argued that Coke secretly owns Pepsi (or exerts a huge influence hidden from the rest) because the best way to protect your own interests as the number one of any realm is to control the second spot as well because that way anyone who comes for your head has to take theirs off and this allows you time to prime, respond and rethink to whoever caused fresh blood to spill into a new blue ocean. Just saying that to highlight that this skill can be used on topics both important and frivolous but the end result is always interesting as people can get really vexed after a few hours of debating something they didn’t previously care about one bit but have now threw their weight in and are fully invested in the win because to doubt what they said would make them look stupid and ignorant. Nobody can handle this. Nor quietly admit to themselves they may be wrong because they are invested in the position and what it says about them.

That hints about a deeper, underlying process and principle that so many operate within but are entirely unaware of its pernicious influence as the hook of the idea rips through the lip of the fish of their awareness and its hurtled through an entirely new and foreign steam of consciousness. At first it rejects the impingement, the pain this sharp alien object brings to its sense of buoyant free will but then it does shift as it enjoys the thrill of speeding through the currents at a speed far in excess of what itself thought capable previously. Up until its bought up on the deck of the boat, gasping for air, out of its element and is slapped around the head and finds death at the end of its adventure as it is stripped, cooked and then fed to those out fishing. There are levels to the Game, my friend. Back to the Alphabet Gang who seemingly won’t rest until all of our tresses are blue or purple and their enemies pronouns are were and was:

Out of all of the industry and media personages who gladly bend the knee and agree with the deal that pee pees and foo foos are ridiculously simple ways to define your role in this reality as there are far more options than binary there are a couple who don’t acquiesce or give as much as an inch. Dave Chappelle countered the movement with a joke about the large Black man that identifies as a small Chinese within:

And we all laughed at the foolishness of his predicament because the truth was Self evident. Of course, some people got up in their feels and they attempted to bring Daves chapter to an end for daring to be so offensive when, in a historical and cultural sense, the jester is the only one in this realm who is allowed to make the attempt of poking fun at that which may be considered sacrosanct and that is the drive they are intent on censoring. Thanks, Will Smith! You started this trend of people thinking they can run up on stage and meet words with violence because before that people stayed in their lanes but I’ve spoke about your motivations and implications therein previously at length. Interestingly this is, I feel, a butterfly effect we’re witnessing and what lead to Rushdie getting shanked in the neck because in a parallel timeline where Will didn’t slap Chris due to marrying someone else who wasn’t still pining for the spirit of and outlaw, long dead, and sporting a bald head that almost led to her husbands career ending in a shambles during what should have been his crowning achievement, things played out real different. Enough metaphysical rambling and lets shift from the Black man hated by the rainbow coalition and glance at their other target, the one, the only JK Rowling:

Here is a White woman who embodies the rags to riches tale which resulted from the immense joy and entertainment she brings to the masses about a little wizard kid and his friends that tickled the imaginations of both Adulterated and innocent. Although still young she seemingly had a senior moment where she apparently forgets what we used to call people who menstruate. Whoops, silly ancient relic but of course a certain crowd that spends all day and night on the net and are the equivalent of digital crickets in the sense that they’re quite small as a percent but their noise is immense and were insanely offended so they rushed the gates of her digital castle with QWERTY pitchforks in hand.

Much like Salman said about the poetic disses that were published when Mahound was pushing his narrative about there being one divine aspect that has no equal or representative beyond him in the book we mentioned there was a terf war burgeoning. Just like the Blood and Crips that lead to the untimely deaths of Chris Wallace and his former friend Tupac in hails of bullets that remain unsolved and uninvestigated when words crossed the line and were met with violence as the divide between art and real life dimmed. As I said previously, all of this can either be taken at the surface or examined at depth as it hints about the schism that rests in the fractured psyche of the collective as any adept of their inner realm will attest:

There are no enemies without, only teachers who are pointing toward what exists within so why wrestle with shadows? You simply can’t win. Instead one needs to grab their non binary testicles and woman up to face what is obscuring their illumination from within as this is the true cause of the dissension. Man, people do not want to hear this. They want something that confirms the narrative that “They, they are the problem and once we eradicate them all will be well”. That will never happen. As intended by those who have a controlling interest in this level of the Game of Souls we’re currently living because pain and suffering are the true coin of the realm and what makes the wheel of life spin.

I used to push poisonous products to the populace for profit and business was booming because people who are suffering will do anything to vent and ease the grip of the tension they feel within. There were two rather effeminate men who were handing over their notes and preparing to leave with their intoxicants along with their lesbian friends whom I’d previously met as they were repeat customers. I noticed the man standing behind waiting his turn was looking at them with a scowl and disdain which I thought was quite strange because he too was one of them. “The usual?” I asked him as I picked the various substances he would always purchase. “Whats the problem? I thought you people were all friends, hugs, rainbows and tolerance?”.

“What? Me? Them?” he almost spat with derision. “I’m nothing like them I’m a proper English cigarette, they just pretend and are playing dress up on the surface as they beg for acceptance”. This led to an interesting conversation that spanned across various business meetings where he’d pick up and expound on what he’d said previously until one day I never saw him again. Turns out he’d killed himself. Did you know the suicide rate in the gay and related communities is immense? I didn’t either but evidently it far outstrips that of the rest of the populace and that should help shed light on what I’m about to say next which is a condensed and edited version of our conversation that went like this:

“I’ve been gay since long before it was fashionable. When the fascist forces that blight this kingdom were fighting people with your skin tone and attempting to kill those of us who preferred the company of men. I came up in the struggle these pretenders adopted and if they were on fire I wouldn’t spit on them”. The vehemence was palpable and I was surprised to hear this as my lesbian friends never once spoke of this as they sang song of tolerance and shared a great many tips of how to extend the pleasure of a woman that were gratefully noted – shout out to the Army of One when you read this. This dude, on the flip, painted a far darker and more vivid tale of what goes on behind the curtain that was exceedingly lurid and made a lot more sense than what I’d previously based on limited knowledge, little interest and willful ignorance. It went like this:

There are real meatballs and fauxmo-sexuals who aren’t actually, truly into it but are actually engaging in the lifestyle to get back at their parents, as a way to deal with rejection from an ex or because they’re lonely and want friends who on the surface will accept them and shower them with affection, alcohol and sex. Those two who got served and left, they’re as fake as a three bob bit and I can’t stand them as they’re the loudest and proudest. Drama queens, the lot of them, they just do it for the attention and aren’t truly gay from within”. I asked my lesbian friends and they shared tales about college lesbians who then grew up to get married and have kids who write off that part of their lives as an experiment. Apparently it was quite common. They also corroborated the tensions within the movement as well as the excess of drugs, unprotected sex and completely shallow vanity that is only interested in the surface and image presented. Its why they generally kept to themselves and had very little to do with the movement because “We know who we are and don’t feel the need to have to convince someone else because we validate our own existence”.

That was really interesting because it linked back to exactly what the much older guy and veteran of street fighting for the right to stick his D in the A of other men back in the 80s would attest. Notice this narrative is almost entirely missing from the sanitized PR mission and the perceptive among you would have linked this to Salmans missive and its real world influence.

Islam preaches unity and equality but was divided from the moment Mohammed drew his last breath. There are Sunnis and Shia and they’ve been at each others neck since then even though they believe ninety nine point nine percent the same thing. For fourteen hundred years this war has been raging and shows no sign of abating. Not just Islam but all of the patriarchal denominations and so many other movements have this same schism and tension within where they have in and out groups, believers and infidels. It is my experience that this manifestation is simply a symptom of something deeper within the minds of women and men, irrespective of what they think, believe or are invested in and will find some way to vent and manifest this tension by pointing a finger at “them” whilst ignoring the three directed back at themselves as the true cause lies within ergo its pointless to wrestle with shadows when you should direct your attention at that which obscures the light within that you were born embodying.

These fakes are taking D in the A to get back at Daddy for saying he wouldn’t cut the cheque they wanted to start their own business or when he wrote him out of his will for not following in his footsteps or that girl who rejected him and he was crushed so he decided there and then to play for the other team instead. They generally are unaware of this but we, we can spot them and these pretenders have been multiplying exponentially since the push for public acceptance of what was once classed as unclean and deviant”. He glassy eyes were flashing with glimpses of the rage and energies he carried within and even though we’d never talked that much previously when transacting business I knew he’d been waiting to vent and I’m as good at listening as I am at talking so I let him carry on over the course of a few conversations until he bought his own chapter to an end.

In a nutshell he was saying that there are primary homosexuals who were quite literally built like this and then there are those who dye themselves in the wool for ulterior motives. Much to his chagrin the fake outnumber the real and are far more vocal because they’re championing a cause they hope you believe in because they want to believe in their own self deception. I checked with my lesbians and once again they affirmed all of this and I asked why they never mentioned this. “Well, you’ve got to be in it to know these kind of things. Its very cliquish and besides we come to you to get high and for a laugh, not talk politics”. Made sense as I served up what they needed and got back to business.

Its easy to be all lxve and acceptance when you’re filled with a heady mix of dissociatives , hallucinogens and empathogens on Saturday night and the club lights are twinkling. Everyone is your friend and all holes are a goal because everyone knows the score of the pleasure principle but when those Tuesday blues kick in and your sitting at home staring at the ceiling by yourself then that rope becomes tempting as you realize how shallow and empty it all is” he said in ways that eerily hinted at what would follow when I discovered of his death. “This is what attracts them. The sense of belonging is immense to those who feel so rejected and have spent so long rejecting themselves as they then leap, head first, into this rebellion as they stick two fingers up at their parents, society or their religion and freely indulge their whims in a culture which is inherently narcissistic and toxic”. He says this from having been in it since the beginning, way before it was fashionable and apparently there were loads who agreed with him and saw the politification of their movement as something entirely abhorrent and an immense distortion of their own principles. Apparently its not all sunshine and rainbows in the land of the alphabet squadron just like it isn’t in the land of the righteous and pious living as decreed by a book penned by someone back when. Interesting resonance, yes? The Satanic Verses picks at this thread and unravels the narratives to bring some previously unthought of questions to your awareness, should you choose to read it or are you simply following behind a battle cry based on something that issued not from your inner realm, experience and wisdom but someone elses knee jerk reaction who probably hasn’t read the text themselves. Back to JK Rowling:

Her book and its theme were popular with everyone ranging from kiddies with imaginations still present and correct that could dive into a world that was so much more interesting than school lessons all the way up to their Adulterated parents who enjoyed the narrative and liked the way the lady pushed her pen. Trans folk also found a lot of solace about the tale of an outsider finding a place to rest and be himself in a supportive environment as it satisfied an itch within they wished to scratch. Fiction is amazing in how it can do this just like in the inversion – Rushdie poked at a soft spot some folk would rather not visit. Interesting, isn’t it how all of this is linked with invisible threads that are woven through time and space as highlighted by this narrative. The implications are immense if you ever stop and think because that alone could change your perspective about the Game of Souls (which is what I call this realm and the Earthbound experience of the flesh as manifested by your prime awareness that it all plays within).

Harry and Hermonie were quick to speak out against what they perceived as insensitive comments against the people the Trans and said things like how she tarnished and diminished her books via her comments. Like it or not, its the Current Thing and you better support it or else face being cancelled. Thing is Rowling has “F You money” meaning she can write her own ticket and doesn’t have a boss who can threaten her way of living or exert any kind of influence. Its knowledge of this that drives so many celebs to throw up a hashtag here or rainbow aware this because just like the fauxmos previously mentioned their allegiance is but on the surface and is motivated by other actions ie. keeping the cheques rolling in and appealing to as many people as possible whilst creating more lucrative opportunities by seeming progressive when in reality their views may be quite different. Businesses do the same thing, surely you noticed all the pandering and blatant kowtowing just to increase their market share and leverage like the enforced retirement of Uncle Ben and various other antics like rainbows splattered on everything and many other cynical attempts at viral marketing designed to capture your attention as they virtue signal with reckless abandon.

Remember, Hugo Boss, Volkswagen, BMW, Kodak, Siemens, IBM, Bayer, The Associated Press and a great many other conglomerates threw their hat in with Hitler way back when and best believe history would read way different if the men who were paperclipped across the skies and welcomed with open arms into US intelligence had actually won the war because then the landscape of modern times would be something else. The ledger of previous events is written by the pen of those who survived using the blood of the dead in order to present themselves in a light that is flattering and this highlights beautifully how the interpretation of the Current Thing can change and shift quite dramatically as the zeitgeist does its bit.

Like fish in water people often cannot see the true nature of the paradigm they were born in and as my near death experience attests there is far more to this realm than dreamt of your in your philosophies, my friend. You’ve got to leave and come back aka get on the hook and off again because your mind literally isn’t your own at the current moment but lets get back on topic:

JK stands firm on the virtual insanity she sees grip and wield its influence, especially across the West. The place where Salmans tales took place aren’t quite as effusive when it comes to all this. I’ve got to hand it to Rowling though because they’ve used many tools that are so underhanded like misrepresenting what she says, fake Tweets and edits along with so many devious things because she sticks to her guns and opens fire directly at the whites of their eyes when they press her back against the wall and thats quite admirable, regardless of what you think because as the old fable says:

Only the child, filled with innocence, saw and said the Emperor was naked. Imagine if instead he self suppressed the wisdom of his natural inner sense and bought into the externally mandated narrative? We’d all be accidental nudists convincing ourselves of something that didn’t exist beyond a stealthily injected scam designed to induce confusion and profit someone who then cashed the cheque and was gone with the wind, seeking his next victim. The oldest tricks are often the best because so many fall for them. People want to buy in and feel a sense of kinship with those who were born into this realm of isolation and ignorance that champions the destruction of innocence as it fosters an almost complete and total disconnection from Self, the planet and the hyper-dimensional potential of which we’re all capable.

Rowling liked a Tweet comparing hormone therapy to antidepressants and those who watch her like a hawk, waiting for a slip were predictably livid and Tweeted their indignance that just confirmed her bigoted ignorance as seen through their lens. She responded to this with what I thought was a well balanced and reasoned message that raised points that were not only valid but also drew attention to the long term consequences of cross-sex hormones and side effects they bring. Lurking behind the shadow of all of this is the pharmaceutical complex that profits handsomely from this as they sell the pills for both gender shift and depression so there most certainly is a link that very few speak about or mention.

Hagrid from the HP universe is one of the few who came to her defense and stated the obvious about “A whole Twitter generation that stands around waiting to be offended” and this hits the nail on the head, no matter how hard those invested in the farce wish to deny it. The anger you see on these social screens in based internally as I’ve said repeatedly. It needs a vent, someone who dares think different and stand against the Current Thing. Whether thats Chappelle saying he identifies as Chinese as he slants his eyes with a buck toothed grin as a satirical reference to the image that Hollywood sanctioned and projected of the East since way back when before its hundred and eighty degree shift that aims at breaking into the Asian market which is responsible for the huge uptick in pandering and was responsible for the immense success of the film Warcraft which bricked in the US but was still somehow the most popular movie of two thousand and sixteen. How? Lets examine as this blip sheds light on what I’ve been speaking about to those who wish to know what goes on under the skin of reality management:

It made over two hundred million in China, which more than recouped its budget and went to clock four hundred and fifty million in total. Interesting, yes? China generates nearly twenty percent of the global box office taking but to get your flick on their screens their requirements are quite strict because they only allow thirty four foreign movies a year in. This quota can be circumvented if you bring native co-producers in because the goose step is cool if the geese can also be seen gandering and profiting from the investment in imagery and perception. Next step, sprinkle some Asian faces in but make them look heroic and they must always win. A far cry from white men in yellow face with slanted eyes and large teeth they’d pushed previously but then this the the same team that picked Ben Kingsley to play Ghandi and, most shocking to me, the Indian in Short Circuit was actually white even though his caricature was ridiculously funny. “Oh. five number Johnny! For the sake of Pete” indeed as well as the Gods of Egypt being as white as can be. Anyway, you get the point so lets get back to the movie and the rise of the dragon which will be leading society as move into a new global way of being and the dominance of the West recedes.

“We’re all part of the same hypocrisy” the Godfather said cooly and he was entirely right when he came to this because the industry is in the business of showing whatever generates dividends and attracts your attention. That in itself is an immense influence and not for nothing did the Druids cast spells using wands from the Holly tree. Hollywood is where the magic happens, just ask MK Disney. Whoops, thats Mr Disney. But we’ll leave the typo for posterity.

Famous man in a dress, Eddie Izzard came to Rowlings defense saying she doesn’t think the author is transphobic but the most worrying part of all this was those in the community that took such offense from her comments that they literally wished her death and sent threats of pipe bombs, rape and stabbings. You really couldn’t make up this level of intolerance and the saddest fact is those who perpetrate this are the same ones who say they’re victims and are only standing up for themselves. My friend you do that by leading by example and not projecting the worst of your experience upon those you think are impinging on your narrative. That isn’t cool in any sense and anyone who engages in things like this really should have their head examined.

Chappelle, once again, got drawn in as he supported Rowling because hoo, do they/them hate him for daring to express that gender is a fact as well as his previous sketch in which he mentioned a potentially overdosing trans women in a dress had her penis showing. Notice how nicely that ties in with what I earlier mentioned about drugs and excess that form the underbelly of this movement and are rarely spoken of as well as the implications of what it means to need to get high constantly to feel content within? I’ve spent a large portion of my life dealing with fiends and probing their awareness with insightful questions designed to help them question their motivations as well as drawing an end to their suffering as I came to realize there are only two ways to be on this planet:

Self Constructive or Self Destructive. Thats it really. Every single action, thought and deed can be sliced neatly to sit on either side of this polarity and once you comprehend and apply this then the rest shifts as you have a framework within which to unravel the narrative. Frank and honest discussion, not promises of cancellation and death threats are what is truly needed the heal this schism that manifests as the veil of unification that hides a deeper division as embodied by social movements, religion and yes, even your beloved internet because the latter brings us together whilst enforcing our separation as we click, click, click another dopamine hit to distract us from the pain of being ourselves.

I’ve got ideas and solutions. Thats why its called willhelpme because it does was it says on the tin and as I mentioned previously you are another me, together we. There is no division once you’ve transcended the illusory nature of psynthetic reality that profits handsomely from the same misery it engenders then sends you to rail against. Either you are aware of this and its Opponent or you aren’t and become its Victim. Knowledge and application of this is what differentiates Slaves from Warriors and the Slave Masters know this well and see me as a threat for sharing this wisdom hence their many attempts to remove my flesh from the surface of the planet and prevent the spread of my message.

I don’t care about your race, skin, pronouns, belief systems and anything else because I know the truth of you far better than you know yourself as you are currently alienated and disconnected from the kingdom within in which your Inner Child dwells, a living hostage kept like this due to your self imposed ignorance. Bring and end to this and the Game of Souls shifts because we are co-creators of our experience, this isn’t a passive process as the Dual Slit experiment attests.

We are inside something akin to a living piece of artwork designed to look like heaven but actually feels like hell due to the presence and influence of energies that don’t have our best interests as heart because that particularly human cavity and the potential for empathy it brings is entirely missing in them. They want nothing less than for you to be like them and forget your greatest treasure and potential as you get caught up in the whirlwind designed to take your mind off the chaos within that manifests as a beleaguered planet that is being purposefully wrecked for the meek to inherit, as promised, while the elite who select themselves jet off into the red and start terraforming the new Earth to do it all again as the Game of Souls keeps spinning. I say that to say this:

Most of what you believe and invest in is BS. What else do you call a Belief System because the word coincidence doesn’t exist in my lexicon as I don’t speak the Devlish language into existence. All of this is a distraction from the inner coherence, beauty and unconditional acceptance of Self that you were born sporting as you stepped into this realm. Its a sickness that claims billions and every moment a new one is born to be fed to the System except the process now is more subtle than the previous Current Thing called a burnt offering in which parents would feed their seeds to a flame filled effigy in exchange for prosperity and safety:

I keep repeating the links in the hope that that which is pure and still dwells within gets the hint because only you can choose to transcend the limited aspect of self you currently identify with as that is the cause of your problems and its cause is the schisms that happened way back when and still reigns in the heads of those living today as they pass it on to their kids. It no measure of health to be well adjusted to a society that is profoundly sick and as the King once said:

If you want to make the world as better place take a look at your Self and make that change.

Thing is that can be interpreted and actioned in two ways. Self Construction vs Self Destruction rears it head again. The rest of the tale is up to you because you create the path by walking, I can only share what I’ve done, seen and learned along the way with the intent to alleviate your suffering and bring sanity back to a realm engulfed in madness and totally estranged from its magnificent beauty and the true potential within due to its fixation on division. Us vs Them.

Till we meet again

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