Confessions of an Internet Addict

I spent all yesterday on the net. Can you believe this? From the moment I rose, before a drink had touched my lips or a brush the teeth within all the way through till the dark knight said “I think its time for bed”. Crazy, isn’t it? It was an absolutely beautiful day outside. The heatwave was in full effect and me, what was I doing? Staring at a screen, tapping keys, watching my life go click, click, click as I engaged in repetitive behaviors designed to elicit a dopamine hit. Junkies by another name who line up for a digital fix. Are you one of them? I know I was, once upon a when. Every now and then however, old habits kick in.

Its like that old wisdom that says “There is no such thing as an ex anything. They are simply waiting for a chance to relapse again“. So true, so true. You ask anyone who smoked, sniffed, danced with a syringe, popped pills, had sex with anything and everything that was remotely wet and accepting and then claims to be saved and resurrected. They still miss it like crazy. The engine may no longer rev to the red but best believe it still ticks within and the moment something comes up that they can’t handle, then vroom! Gone with the wind, off on another binge.

You and me, we’re just like this, you know? Oh sure, people don’t think net addiction is a real thing and most would baulk at the concept of being compared to a dope fiend but you and I know whats going on. Not long ago you could buy brown and yay off the shelf in your standard day to day. Doctors are modern dealers and their scores proliferate as they decimate the lives of those they ostensibly claim to be helping when in reality its no such thing. Thats a deeper topic for another investigation because right now we’re talking about the digital syringe that the screen represents and how it elicits the happy happy, joy joy feelings from your brain in exactly the same way as any of the aforementioned. This is your Limbic System:

It sits in the middle of your head and handles a great many things like the generation of emotion, memory, learning, various types of executive function and, oh look – what is this – addiction as well. Interesting blend of things, yes? It also is responsible for smell which is why an old sniff can make you time travel in an instant as you remember things and events you couldn’t even attempt to recollect without the push and shove certain aromas bring in recruiting various interconnected nuclei to do their thing. This also hints at the process within via which every single event, no matter how small or big, is meticulously recorded which in turns makes one think of the “Be Kind, Rewind” effect everyone reports from near death as their life flashes behind their eyelids. The implications of this have been remotely touched upon before and will be gently caressed again as we progress in our adventurings. For now back on topic:

There are three brains within, actually five as your stomach and chest are filled with glial cells that do their own kind of processing hence “I’ve got a gut a feeling” or “My heart tells me to do this”. Language offers hints, live and direct about the nature of man and the Three Kingdoms within that are patiently awaiting the return of the king to push the usurper off the throne as you reclaim your inner plane and that really is all the Path of Power is. A modality, a series of tools, ways of thinking and being that are designed to assist you navigating your inner realm because I’d be willing to bet you know plenty about everyone else and external events but absolutely nothing about your own inner realm. Now, back to the brain – which we will cover in far greater depth on another day but for now lets concentrate on the mid level phase and how it generates addictive tendencies that keep you stuck to a screen like a digital dopefiend:

Imagine its like an office which handles loads of calls and signals so the operator patches that and this in order to best direct the impulses as it sits in the mid between a far larger and busier floors which is filled to the brim with people who deal solely with survival and keeping the flesh animated and entwined with Spirit in this realm and just up the steps is the penthouse within which live the artsy fartsy creatives who take the excess and refine it into various forms of expression, introspection and the communication this brings. All of this is happening, right now, in your head. You are, in effect, the supreme being of your deal, or in the case of most Slaves, a tyrant slash absentee landlord. As you’re bound to see once you release and free your awareness from the shackles of the Mind Made Prison it currently dwells within there is more, far more to this than has ever been spoken for oh such a long time on this planet. Ignorance of your Self is how and why we got into this mess and it can be painful to realize that all you think you know about what you truly don’t is a lie. There isn’t a polite way to say that you’ve spent your life investing in an illusion but there are some simple questions you can ask yourself and see what answers rises from within:

Is your life working out as you intended? Do you feel a sense of contentment within knowing you are actualizing the best of your potential and living in a state of abundance replete with free flowing creativity and the ability to uplift peeps just with your presence and natural being? Are you happy, just as you is, with no plaques, trophies, achievements or shiny things that you point at and claim “I am this”?

I’d be willing to bet the answers for most if not all across the board on these three were the opposite of yes. There it is. Thats all you’ve got to lose. Your mind, in a sense, because its built up by conditioning and repetition designed to engender a disconnect from your inner realm and this is what the The Three Kingdoms represent as there is great power within your flesh, simply awaiting the ascent of your awareness out of the pit of ignorance aka Valley of the Plebs within which you currently dwell. Mildly uncomfortable, not quite totally miserable and in dire need of distraction from this. Hence addiction to the net.

Its beautiful, isn’t it? They first created the problem. Awaited your reaction then offered the solution. Where I’m from the process is known by a different term. It’s called a protection racket and it goes like this:

Man opens a bar. Its his first time business and he wishes to sell drinks, socializing and merriment to those whom he calls patrons. Across the road there is a man with bad intentions and an evil glint who sends his friends from out of town in with some beer tokens and instructs them to start drinking then start fights which end by smashing the place up. The man with the bar sits and frets as he looks at the mess wondering how to fix this because the troublemakers vanished before the police responded and most of his regular clients are now a little wary due to what happened. Next Friday, same thing. A few days later, another beating. Then on a Thursday night as he’s standing behind the bar he feels the energy shift. It had been a great day so far, people happily drinking and business was booming.

In walks a man who must be at least six foot ten. To say he was big would be an understatement. And yet he seems so affable with a ready grin and everyone seems to know him as he hands out countless handshakes and offers to buy drinks. They start talking and the man says he’s in the security business and noticed the bar had just opened, how the guy who ran it previously was a close friend and wishes him the best of luck whilst leaving him a business card should he wish to call him.

Not long after a new bunch of delinquents roll in and start increasing the tension and handing out random acts of violence and just before it all kicks off again our hero steps in, hands out a few digs and sends the ruffians scampering. What follows next is an intricate plan to extract in a plausibly voluntary sense a percentage of his profits as a sort of tax to run his business without any worry or stress. Should he pay then all goes well because everyone in the manor knows who stands behind that symbol on the door and what trouble it brings as his name rings bells and his deeds are that of legend.

Now, from our lofty perspective the jig is up as its all so self evident. “You’d have to be stupid to fall for this” most sane people would think. The thing is you’ve fell for the same trick, the oldest in the book and still working perfectly eight out of ten times with no question, as that is what was used, in a sense, to trick you into living the life you live.

What does that have to do with your Limbic System? Good question. The R Complex tucked beneath knows this, your own traumatic experience that smashed up your internal realm as you evacuated your Kingdom in order to protect your Self. Like an elephant it never forgets and also vows to suppress and avoid discussing this event and anything like it ever again so whenever a signal clicks from it upstairs to the place that processes memory, emotion and addiction. Well, it should be obvious what happens. Distraction, diversion, denial. Anything that works to take your mind off of this and that is where the big bad giant known as the internet steps in.

Each time you get a like, each time you set off on a research quest to discover something, each time you’re stimulated by sounds or an image you get a dopamine hit which is the same thing cocaine pimps. Exactly the same process except its a click not a sniff and the effects are not as intense. Because the highs aren’t as high you can’t OD in that sense and thus can, like I did, spend an entire day doing nothing but distracting yourself in fruitless pursuits that generally signal the turmoil in your inner realm you’re doing your best to pretend isn’t happening. Now, stop and think about what I said.

There are parts of you, elements at play at this very moment, that know more than you think. Things that are hidden from your regular awareness that still wield immense influence and often make you act in ways that aren’t in your best interests. I know my inner realm in ways far more intimate than the rest and yet and still got sucked in to an extended click and scroll session but I pulled myself out of the pit to type and share my experience in the hope that it shines light in your darkness because I’d be willing to bet you do the same thing.

See, in the Global Plantation the corporate thugs who run this Game are no different to the gangster I mentioned as they exist to extract and specialize in tricks. Theatricality and deception are their bread and butter. Thing is I’m gluten and lactose intolerant so I don’t digest that BS because I don’t allow it to trespass upon my inner realm. You too have this option. Thing is you’ve got to realize you’ve been tricked and that you’re currently being pimped as the thing you think is your mind isn’t your friend but is actually an Agent that works for them and was designed to suppress your potential by usurping your rightful place in the Kingdom thanks to a skilful and elegant deceit thats been perpetrated since back when man dipped to mankind and we started writing.

Think back to the three questions I asked you to ask yourself:

Is your life working out as you intended? Do you feel a sense of contentment within knowing you are actualizing the best of your potential and living in a state of abundance replete with free flowing creativity and the ability to uplift peeps just with your presence and natural being? Are you happy, just as you is, with no plaques, trophies, achievements or shiny things that you point at and claim “I am this”?

You know who answers yes to all three with an overflowing sense of glee, energy and happiness that is so contagious you can’t help but grin in their presence?


Now maybe the piece about adults actually being adulterated clicks as I’ve mentioned this previously at length. Its like someone took a supply of milk and gradually added water in until its rich thickness wears thin and whilst it may be fluid its no longer what was intended. That is your life, at this present moment. Don’t worry there are billions like this in the Valley of Plebs where Slaves dwell never questioning the narrative that plays in their head or who pushed the pen to write the script they live that often makes them miserable but rarely allows them a chance to feel anything like the completion they once did when they first stepped into this realm.

Now, most of them will live and die like this. As will their children because Slaves beget Slaves by passing on the mind virus to their children and this is enforced, encouraged and mandated by the thing I call the System. The System is all around you and yet it renders itself invisible because its blatantly in front of your face, like the Emperor undressed, but you’ve been instructed to see something else. Its all mind control, my friend. Be ye as little children. Not for nothing was that said. To come to your senses you must be willing to lose your mind because that is the false design you are attempting to live and its intended to be unfulfilling as its covertly draining you from within. Remember the protection racket and its example? Same thing. Someone else gets rich from your effort as you pay to remove the stress they themselves actually inflict. Sick and twisted genius, hats off to them, those hosts of spiritual wickedness.

Now Slaves will go to their grave, denying with great vehemence the truth of what I’ve said because of its implications about them. No one likes to admit they’ve been tricked or that they’re stupid and invested in illusions designed to exploit them but the litmus test is the three questions I asked you previous. The Warriors are more honest and willing to tread into the darkness of their inner realm in the only quest that matters:

Get free or die trying. There really is no other way to live. So start now, question everything. Just like you did as a kid when “Why?” was the first thought that came to mind and then lips as you flip turned concepts around and looked at them from every single angle inside your imagination. Contrast that to the fixed perspective they’ll then be forced to acquire as they live and think of that now poor barman who exists purely to pay the dividends his Master of coercion demands to prevent the threat of violence being levelled upon him and his premises and you’ll start to form a clearer image that the only fear that exists is fear itself as well as the nature of the trick that was designed to leverage and instil an exploitative process that lies at non feeling heart of these people.

Slaves will run for the hills, screaming “Get thee behind me Satan, I wish to hear not of your wickedness” as they remain totally ignorant that the one who taught their virtue is the same who enslaved their children and them. The Warrior on the flip thinks “OK, this is interesting. I wonder where he’s going with this because I’ve often suspected something is very, very wrong on this planet and no one says or does a thing about it”.

Well, now is the chance. You are the one you’ve been waiting for all along. The power resides in the only place it can in this realm and thats within. I will help you access it, the Path of Power is this gift. Class is in session.

Till we meet again

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