Know Thyself

There is only one question worth asking in this world and its the one that holds the answers to all that you seek.

Who am I?

A simple question but like so many other natural things it’s been obscured beneath layers of deceit that have been weaved so tightly to make you believe things as they aren’t instead of what they’ve always been and can still be.

This simple question, it holds the key that only you can turn and set yourself free. So take a moment and ask yourself, at this monumentous time in your life, who are you really? Deep down inside?

It takes a lot of self honesty to walk upon this Path when delusion is the lingua franca, defacto coin of the realm. So take a moment and ask yourself how much do you have invested in this limited concept of yourself and then step back and ask why do you believe these things? Do they help? Do they limit? Do they allow you to live as you wish to live or is there a nagging emptiness below the neck that nothing ever truly seems to fill even though you try your best to keep it hidden?

We are about to get in to a journey which covers the depths of the lies that mankind has denied haven’t been fabricated by those who’d rather they toe the line than claim their heritage for what you will discover within is something that can’t be denied. A gram of experience over a kilo of hearsay, every time, in my eyes, veins and mind. Once you reconnect to Self then you’ll know exactly what is meant by a higher state of awareness as the state is self-evident in contrast to what you currently possess. That question once again:

Who am I?

From where do the ideas about this concept spring? From our family, friends, neighbours and associates? The media, the press, movies and what some “stars” said? A deity via religion with either guidelines or commandments you’re expected to color within or be punished at the end? How has all of that been working for you? Be honest with your Self.

This simple loose thread in our lives represents a powerful wind that can both blow gusto back in your sails and bring an end to the structures of deception aka the house of cards built to hide the truth within. Reality is an illusion that makes sense only when witnessed through the forced perspective it is mandated you live. A shift that way or this is like a gust of wind that brings it all toppling, leaving you wondering why you didn’t think to question the nature of the illusion you’re trapped within.

Solutions cannot be built at the same level problems were created. Transcend to ascend, my friend, by looking within and asking yourself:

Who am I?

Three words that hold the key to your connection to your Self, the relationship to your body, your friends, family and the entire realm with all things with, way beyond the boundaries which were placed in your head when you met the System. So ask yourself:

Who am I?

Listen to what is said then question it again and again until there is only one answer left that you can certainly express then we shall commence upon an Inventure to come face to face with your inherent magnificence, as well as the true nature of this realm. Liberate from within all about which I’ve been speaking since we commenced this experiment and you’ll find a strength you may be surprised to realize you possessed, creativity unfinite as well along with a real mode of being, not just a mask and a shell. No more fabricated image needed once you have emancipated Self and are embodied in resonance.

Till we meet again

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