This is your Life

“All I saw was my life flash before my eyes. I was certain I’d died but then there was a bright light at the end of a tunnel that was radiating pure lxve that I was drawn toward. I felt like I’d been welcomed with open arms. There was something so familiar yet totally new, like observing an unknown view I somehow already knew…”.
Says every near death experiencer, ever. Get the picture?

In between minds and in the mean time add in all of the familiar elements and signs that are mimed, well and often, outside to prevent you breaking the spell of the five sensory thieves. Designed by the fourth realm processors to render into play a three dimensional algorithm that splits your unfinite awareness into two opposing polarities of spin, encased in DNA, like a metaphysical prism which isolates aspects of the inherently indivisible to give birth to the one life of limitation you’re currently only partially aware of living.

You now realize: This is the Game. This is what you’re within. Being in and of it have differing implications as its all about wavelength and where you sit on the spectrum of Self. Only one, still in the center, but many mill around the edge finding their heads spin at the implications of what they just read…

How many times have you remembered to forget death? How many times have you inserted another credit instead of heading hearting for the exit? How many lives have you read this piece of text? Care to recollect?

Till we meet again

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