Alan Moore: “Superhero movies are a precursor to fascism”

If I had an award that said “Most obvious statement ever that is ignored by all” I’d hand it to Mr Moore for this because it hits several nails on the head at once that will cause the modern infantile and regressed to yelp like hit dogs hollering. People simply don’t want to see it but to me it was obvious back when Harry Potter started getting major hits and every other Adulterated human was clutching at this book filled with magic, morality and hopefulness like modern day Bibles. It actually is scripture in a sense, just updated and flipped for the modern palette as the escapism is Self evident.

Post Two Thousand and One society hasn’t been the same since the global trauma games were dialed up to eleven, down to nine then back up again with a few repeating sevens thrown in for good luck because people simply don’t comprehend the wars that are being waged on many frontiers at once in order to ensure their awareness oscillates at the lower end of the scale where fear dominates. Can you imagine a thirty five year old man in Nineteen Eighty Six reading about the adventures of a schoolboy wizard and his friends? How ridiculous is that pic? It just doesn’t compute because the pieces don’t fit. Know why? They were far more healthier – mentally, physically, spiritually, take your pick – than modern generations who have been filled to the brim with various forms of toxins and pollutants since their inception and then marched out into a world that currently offers dopamine hits for the best performing circus animals who are willing to do whatever it takes for those likes. Once again, take it back to your parents generation of those before them – Can you imagine them gurning in photo like those Youtube idiots?

Infantile regression.

What shrinks on one side expands on the other as one strives for balance and the immense uptick in superhero consumption (which was originally a niche aimed at prepubescent boys to scratch that fantasy itch of stepping into the shoes they wished to fill and feel powerful) is a blatant symptom of this. Look around at the current generation upwards of twenty six and you’ll see exactly what I mean about the regression as the net has turned the world into a High School popularity contest with its bands and cliques. The nerds finally get their revenge as they make up the blue haired Cancel gang, the beautiful are praised for just existing as people follow behind them and way, way down at the end are the intellectuals who like to pretend they’re too cool for this. Its interesting that people don’t want solutions. They just want their worldview confirmed no matter how miserable it feels to live a life of inner emptiness due to constant image building to impress others stuck in the web and doing the same thing. Or how much they’ll deny the truth of this as they manufacture proof and lie to themselves.

Bread and circuses.

Nothing has changed since the Romans, except these days we crucify folks online from behind the safety of a screen as they’re ripped apart by digital lions that wouldn’t dare say a thing if they came face to face with the object upon which they’re venting their hate.

Its all within, as I’ve said. The entire Game of Souls takes place inside your awareness hence any time you point a finger at someone else and say “Him, he’s the problem” there are three pointing back at the true cause and solution. Dealing with this fills Slaves with an immense sense of dread as it requires swallowing the bitter pill that opens their eyes to their true predicament and this is easily hidden when others are echo chambering, back slapping and crusading.

What does this have to do with staring at a black mirror for ninety minutes as it shuffles pixels to rearrange your consciousness or diving into the world of wizards aimed at ten year old kids when you’re supposed to be fully grown but are actually Adulterated? Everything.

The collective has been traumatized, par excellence, and its all trundling along just as expected because Slaves are programmed in accordance with the wishes of their Masters who control all that enters their awareness and thus forms their concepts. Its actually an old pimps trick in which he would create the problem for his girl, await her reaction then swoop in with a solution. The original “superheroes” from Babylon are still present and correct and not a thing has changed since then because the oldest tricks are so effective and immense that over 81% of the populace fall for it. You included.

If you look at your choices in media consumption they can tell you a lot about the terrain of your inner realm. This is the underlying premise of religion, the original opiate of the masses, which has been switched for the digital dopamine factory instead. Its pimpin, pimpin! Ain’t nothing changed but the sprinkles and the suckers born every moment who fall for the tricks and one glance at what is popular tells you a whole load about the collective which is why I’ll say again:

Infantile regression.

Social media is filled with people throwing tantrums like little kids and its not just accepted and normalized but seemingly expected. Know why? It offers a vent. Its needed to release the pressure within as it allows one to project that the problem lies outside them when the truth is much different. Same with this uptick in superhero movies as it allows the old “God will save us, he said!” commandment to be itched via the same old methods in a new dress. Except this time it comes in ninety minute hits filled to the gills with flashy gimmicks that are built up on the skeletons of old comic tropes aimed at kids. What does this say of the collective intellect and general acumen?

People don’t want to hear this. They’ll rail, gnash and wail at what is Self evident for anyone with even a little insight into themselves because they enjoy their escapism. Thing is its just a treadmill. There is no progress. You don’t get anywhere because you’re not addressing the problem within which is the traumatization of generations and its consequences that created the world we’re living in. Just as intended.

Hippies were given a manufactured revolution that nipped their movement quick and with surgical, chemically assisted precision. The inner cities were handed narcotics and weapons for similar reasons. The fat of the land who had no real reason to rebel but still felt a nagging sense of discomfort within were gifted the internet and the rest is history in the making because it won’t be long before you’re jacked in at birth and carbon based lifeforms transition to silicon as the ultimate form of escapism.

Where does fascism fit into all of this? Simple:

Anything you don’t accept within Self can and will be used as a weapon of coercion and influence that will bend your intent to anothers whim and have you telling yourself this is how you wanted it. Mind control, par excellence, and thats a realm I happen to have first hand experience in because there are those of us who like to peep the code of the matrix and see beyond this realm in order to make sense of the paradigm which looks suspiciously like a fix because “Heads you lose, tails we win” is the sort of double bind they’re offering in this cosmic casino of the senses that rewards ignorance and punishes the one asking the right questions as those with possessions steal from those with less and call it good business.

The more and more brutal the world gets – or, to be more accurate, the more brutal they can make you think it is – the greater the need and desire for escapism. The net brings the demand for perfection to the forefront as well as the normalization of disfunction as a new global standard and add this up with the increased day to day stresses that all your streams and news can channel into your awareness along with your very own traumatic inheritance plus ignorance masquerading as wisdom and surface level solutions that manage symptoms without addressing the root cause of the problem and you get the world we’ve got where people are looking outside of themselves for solutions.

Movies prime the mind via fiction that then is repetitively ingrained into heads so that when the “real world” brings problems the pimps programming pops up and says “I know the solution” and uses that as a frame of reference. What is the equivalent of a superhero in this day and age? Aliens? Those who possess superhuman powers and resources? Magical abilities? The strength to punish the bad and protect the rest from their corrosive influence?

“Fear not, little regressives” the man behind the curtain says “We have the solution”. COVID was a perfect example of this because it showed how easily the collective could be manipulated to act in ways against their best interests and then deny what was actually happening due to the level of investment they’d placed in the official version of events that were programmed into their heads. Some are waking up to this fact as those previous “Heroes” of the NHS were told to get jabbed or get gone after their loyal service and now it comes out that said injections were next to worthless and actually injurious to your health as the restrictions vanish and its back to business as the collective await the next big thing that will have them urinating on themselves at the thought of extinction.

See why the superhero thing is way more than people currently suspect? Can you see the brave new world that we as a collective are building out of fear and ignorance for our children to inherit? The solution to all of this is complete, unconditional acceptance of the Self. Knowing you know nothing and being willing to question everything just like your inner child did back when is the key to the kingdom within. This is the kind of regression (and progression) I can get behind as it fixes so many ills because the foundations of your messed up state were laid in childhood and the tragic comedy of your existence as a Slave is built upon it.

Most flinch at the thought of this and this is why the System and its programming is so effective because 81% accept it without thinking. They Thunk instead. The other 11% had a chance of seeing the Game for what it is but chose to hoodwink themselves by enlisting in a paradigm known for parlor tricks, theatricality and deception but no real solutions or involution. The remaining 8% are hated by by the rest because they refuse to bend the knee and reject the programming and thus see the fact that Emperor is undressed as they don’t buy into the narrative the world tries to spin in your awareness as they see the Game for what it is and know they are an aspect of the unfinite that exists before and after this realm and its journey into the carbon based experience as told by the five sensory thieves and filters of consciousness.

That is involution. That is spirituality at its rawest and untainted. That is true growth versus being Adulterated and the lack of this generates a life in the Valley of the Plebs surrounded by bleating man-children (or whatever your gender preference) who are so caught up in the bread and circuses they never stopped to question “Who built this? To what end?” as well as the million dollar question that can unravel all of these loose ends that the narrative attempts to weave into a tight noose around the collectives neck:

“Who am I?”

And there we have it. What if I told you you were the superhero? That your current form and awareness possess powers that would seem miraculous compared to what you’ve been lead to believe? That via the process of spiritual alchemy one can transcend this dimension and experience the golden age within that never left but was Adulterated like water being added to milk so that which was once full and rich is now flat and thin. Tell me that doesn’t describe your inner realm? A tiny fraction of you reading this will be honest enough to nod your head at the behest of your chest which gets exactly what I mean because the fact of the matter is this:

The Game of Souls plays out inside your awareness. I am simply an aspect of you that is saying what you long suspected but didn’t have the courage to voice to yourself about your predicament due to having spent a lifetime being indoctrinated by the System which switched out thinking for Thunking as you rearrange preformed bricks of concepts and call that free will as the shackles around your awareness clank and tinkle as you sit in the Mind Made Prison. Freedom is an inside job and no one but your Self can break you from the cell of ignorance within which you sit. Your media choices reflect this real well so next time you indulge think:

“What am I gaining from this? What do I identify with? What is the itch being scratched?” along with “In which ways is this an inversion, projection and parallel of my own life at this very moment?”. This line of thinking can generate immense dividends and if it brings pain to your head or an angry internal narrative about daring to think like this then congratulate yourself as you’ve just bumped into the System and its programming that controls you from within and this is one and only true Opponent in this realm who desires nothing less than to make you his perpetual Victim by divorcing you from your strength in exchange for labels and projections as opposed to the real, unfinite experience and strength within.

Till we meet again

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