Nearly Hypnotized to Death

In this life your friends are actually enemies, and enemies best friends because one accepts your mediocrity where the other offers a challenge. Just as one avoids the soft spots whilst the other prods relentlessly in order to make you defend, rise up, gather your power and marshal yourself.

You see where I’m going with this?

Not yet?

You will.

See entropy rules the day in ninety nine point nine percent of peoples lives. It’s also why they’re dissatisfied as nothing great ever came from lying on the couch, passing time. Just as working nine to five always ensures you get less than your worth as you bake the pi of life and in return they offer you a slice. But thats another tale.

The seductive allure of the rut lined with velvet as it is represents modern life and all its convenience. We amuse ourselves to death with myriad distractions and things, all the while obscuring the fact that time is passing. Like an arrow it flies one way which, for most gets duller due to inaction.

Your friends encourage this. Misery loves company says it best. “But what? that makes no sense. I have the best times with them. We smile, sing and dance among many other things, whilst my enemies make me wince. I feel sad and upset then my friends help protect, so prove what you said”

That is a challenge I accept. It is in our very nature to put the least effort in. We scrape by with the minimum for the vast majority of things. Very few attack menial tasks, like the cleaning of dish with wholehearted focus and laser like intent. Yet if they did, they’d discover something.

A vast reservoir of power that was there, within. Quietly awaiting for your call, to come to attention. This state is your birthright, your true inheritance and with it you can do absolutely anything. But we are so lazy. Creatures who enjoying comforting. Whether habits, shortcuts or excuses – we’ve wrote the book, because we can. And these are the secret codes so many live their lives within because “Everyone else does it, so I might as well”. Hence friends

You choose and coalesce due to the similarity of views. A commonality that runs through due to say, sharing a class at school and, for the most at least, we seek pleasure and attempt to flee from any kind of pain or injury.

Within friendships there is a subtle, often unspoken hierarchy as there is one who leads and others who follow behind he. Call it strength of personality, charisma, good looks or usually all three. Its the way that it is and will always be as most people are surrounded my averageness and mediocrity so the unusual and exceptional seems most shiny. The other side to the coin is no one wants to be alone, we thrive in company as the combined energy of two peeps is way more than they are singly and this multiples exponentially with a group, know what I mean?

The thing is that crabs in a bucket mentality that slowly but surely creeps onto the scene between repartee as envy is a thing that permeates reality. The same that liked grow to hate because they can’t be what you are effortlessly and this is why I say the best friend you can have is an enemy because they both carry the same hate within but at least the latter is honest.

They’ll tell you you’re a mess and how you haven’t done a thing yet when you’d rather sit back and look at your success. They drive you on to do more because we are naturals when it comes to being competitive. It’s a winners win kind of thing, if you aren’t you won’t comprehend.

With all that said, simply try it for yourself. If you’re fat there is a high chance you have fat friends. See what happens when you start changing your way of eating and how quickly the phone rings less. “Oh, she’s so full of herself with this idea to get into that dress.” “She’s not the same these days” are the kind of things they’ll say because you trying to change represents a threat to their unspoken hierarchy and thus their very identity.

What does this have to do with me and my NDE? Everything and nothing really, just another stream of consciousness captured for thee… If anything it represents a new beginning, see? As between then and now via the sweat of my brow and more than a sprinkling of metaphysical things I saw what kicks on the other end and then came back again with a new and improved perspective on myself and insights into the nature of reality as well.

If death isn’t the end then life must shift because so much of everything is built on the fear of an end or potential rewards we may get and thus the veil of ignorance can and must slip so that we catch a glimpse of our true self. Once you witness for yourself the rest becomes self evident and then the real fun begins as the anagram funeral hints. Just a little something to make you think…

Till we meet again

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