What is the Game of Souls?

Achievement or fulfillment. If you could only have one, which one would you pick? Stop and see the spell, then tell me what you think:

Achieve or fulfill?

Can you feel it yet? Well “ment” is of the head, the question is whats in it then? Achieve to me is of no interest, so I’ll leave that to the rest. To fulfill however… Wow that is something else. My cup overfloweth, so full I can fill yours to the brim and together we all drink.

Can you imagine a world like this? Well for one thing you wouldn’t need advertising as there’d be nothing you could sell to those who aren’t walking around cold with a sense of emptiness within as they think “It shouldn’t be like this”, but don’t say a thing, so they bear it in silence. With a fake grin.

Victims of a prison, that they were born within thanks to their parents and those who came before them, in the literal and metaphorical sense, that never stopped to think:

“Fulfillment or achievement?”

What a tragic thing it is to have inherited ignorance and follow in the footsteps of them that deeply felt a sense that something was missing and yet did nothing to prevent their children from the same end. Nay, they in fact encouraged them:

“Go to school, make something of yourself” which translates as: spend your days doing what you hate in order to pay the bills and service debts incurred trying to impress others trapped in the self same web that spins the Mind Made Prison, most try hard to forget.

Fulfillment marches to the beat of a different drum. One we’re all born intuitively in step to, till life does a number and capitalizes your name by which I mean to say:

Go and look at all the post that came, then into two piles do arrange:

One written in all capitals and the other has mixed case because you’ll notice something strange, a way of telling whats inside before you’ve even glanced at the page. For every rhyme there must be a reason. Can you tell what it is yet?

Fulfillment on the other hand has no need to impress. It knows from its depths a simple truth that life will try to hide, yet each child is born living:

“I’m amazing”. “I’m really something else”. “I’m going to do great things” and yet so many of them go on to achieve little more than capitalized bills, in a dead end job with a repetitive life as they spin corporate wheels and try to numb what they can barely feel. They once dreamed of escape and now happily suffice with a little bit of peace, distraction and entertainment

Bread and circuses rule the day and on the global plantation most are simply Slaves. Programmed to obey and believe straight up absurdities as their once colorful inner realm gives way to shades of gray until they find themselves in a dark place after which the raven says:

“Never more”.

And that is the entirety of their stay. From born till mourned, as they were full when formed, like we all are, but only very few manage to keep even so much as a drop once they get this far along. Such is the nature of the plot. So they’re driven by a thirst, one that nothing in this world can quench. On the contrary, the pursuit actually feeds the inner emptiness and makes it worse.

What a quandary. What a pickle, the entire race is in because here’s another secret they won’t preach in their system:

If one is suffering across the planet then collectively we’ve failed and that in turn unleashes a protocol that is now the stuff of legend but can, and will, one day rise again. Yes, we’re living in strange times. That much all can comprehend. But so few wish to do what it takes to make that change as it means looking within and they’re deeply afraid. Scared to core of what insight may bring because they’ve been conditioned something vicious to think of enemies as friends as they know nothing about themselves and only what was poured in to their head as their awareness was learning how to take its baby steps.

There was an experiment conducted way back when which comes to mind due to its resonance in which they took some dogs and locked them in a cage then tazed them night and day. At first they tried to scatter and seek means of escape but after a while they gave in and let the experimenter do his thing. Their will was broken so even if the door was left open they wouldn’t lift a leg to make a break for it.

That self same trick has been pulled on the populace who dwell in ignorance which is most certainly not bliss because they can feel it under their skin as they brush their teeth and pay their taxes that “It shouldn’t be like this” and “Something is missing from this pic”. And yet they will not do a thing.

Spirits broken. Just the same. Learned helplessness is the phrase and the cure to it is simple:

Take control when the opportunity presents. Wipe the dirt from your lens. Better yet throw it away and see the world for yourself. The true state of play. The nature of this realm. The thing I call a Game that you pay and play with your Soul because then you’ll comprehend why I say:

81% are Slaves

11% Slave Masters

and the remaining 8?

We’re enemies of the state. Literally and metaphorically in this case.

Warriors is who we are, so walk with me as I share my thoughts about this rock, flying through a vacuum called outer space, as it chases a fireball, which is, if you think about it, the base totality of your reality. In which you either play or get played.

Welcome to the Game of Souls, my friend.

Till we meet again

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