Heart Centered Awareness

None of this is what it seems
this cosmic reality show
aka the Game of Souls
Where if all you know
is what you’re told
then you truly are lost

and far, far from home
The irony of this all
is that the way is within
and by reconnecting to Self
you cause a paradigm shift
Which is happening
by the by
only this one is to your design
and you’ll truly like
what it brings to the table
of embodied experience
As who you are extends
much further than
your face
and the choices you make right now
can have profound consequences
for the entire race
So think
Ask yourself
“Do I still feel the same as I did
back in the days as a kid?”
What differentiates your awareness now
from the original childhood grace?

The answer reveals a truth so simple
and magnificent
innocence is what changed
aka inner sense did fade
Like I said, external focus
Its stock trade of the game
because then you will run, skip and chase
behind whatever they say
hoping that one day you’ll feel the same
as you did when you still played
Well I’m here to tell you
you can reactivate your primal state
Once again allow it to reign
Live life from within
Embody the inner child again
It all begins with a choice
A question to ask every day:
Who am I?
Who am I?
Who am I?
The more one invests
the quicker the nonsense
unravels with each step
and thus we gain an inkling
of what the Path of Power brings
for those who walk upon it
because ultimately
it’s a journey back to Self
Reconnect to the chest
transcend the head where
we’ve spent so long
stuck within
and were trained
to accept labels
pointing at experience
as opposed to the real thing.
Fully bodied sensation
can be yours, my friend.

Till we meet again

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