Are You Living Your Life or Your Parents?

Its a sad fact that in these modern times most people don’t realize they can live their own life because they’re too busy trying to fit in to another expectations, rules or paradigm. This misguided drive to find themselves fuels a lot of these social justice type movements which is why they’re generally filled with misfits trying to find a cause that will allow them to rebel as the wisdom of their crowd fills them with a sense of purpose and belonging. Thing is they’ve traded one kind of forced perspective for a larger slice of group think. Sure, the cake thats baked may be more to their taste that what they were being force fed but its still not authentic because that can only come from within and isn’t a “one size fits all” kind of thing with ready made logos and slogans.

Its like that news article a while back where a Hipster sued a publication for using his image without consent, only to find it was a totally different human being dressed just like him. Ironic, isn’t it? Such is the thing with these counterculture movements as they’re just another form of obedience training presented as a choice of free will, when in reality its no such thing. To realize this takes a level of insight and commitment to honesty that generally only Warriors possess and thus you won’t find them engaging in these type of things without questioning their motives, actions and expected outcomes. For the rest who are simply playing dress up, they’re just happy to link up with others that on the surface feel just like them:

Living desperate lives, devoid of meaning and a creeping feeling they’re entirely insignificant. Its why such things are filled with pseudo camaraderie and hearty back slapping as everyone ostensibly supports the Current Thing they’ve been instructed to rally behind like obedient lemmings. Hippies are a great example of this because, in retrospect, it becomes exceedingly obvious that their entire counterculture thinking from the drugs to the symbols and music was literally handed to them and everyone ran with it, totally unaware to whose tune they were dancing or the encoded meaning therein as their energy was syphoned. Look into the meaning of the rainbow and how it seems to pop up in so many large scale events and see if you can find any correlation.

The best thing about brainwashing is when its done with precision and finesse the victims aren’t aware of this and think its all of their own creation and making. Quite clever, yes? Better yet if they’re confronted with it they’ll rebel at the mere suggestion that these concepts they are wearing like a second skin may actually be produced by ones whose intent doesn’t exactly gel with what they think. Christianity and the cross is a great example of this dissonance because its like me starting a JFK fan club and using a rifle bullet as the symbol as then the energy that pours in celebrates his death rather than the living example. The way the modern world thinks about the sun is similar to this because instead of perceiving it as the bountiful source of sustenance that brings life to this planet its rising and setting are instead tocks and ticks merely marking the beginning of your ending.

Not many people ever consider these aspects because society was, over time, flipped on its head so what we class as normal isn’t quite what it says. Actually, it is. Except that spell doesn’t point in the direction you’ve been lead to believe, thanks to the Devilish trickery the forked tongue doth weave via Slavespeak. Getting back to others designs:

It was once described that the journey from child to Adulterated being of this realm means facing an ever decreasing range of options that steadily get worse as you progress. The veracity of this statement is Self evident for anyone has felt the effects of this happening as they are gradually herded into a life they never wished to live as they were too busy designing something else. Some never even resisted, thought or dreamed. They just gave up and were washed along in the stream not long after they learned to write or read as they were seemingly birthed to fill anothers expectations who seemed not to care about their own wishes or drives, as these were either invalidated as they rise or never nurtured or refined.

I’ve seen people who were forced to become engineers because this is the fate their parents conceived when they birthed the seed and the child went along grudgingly even though he was an intuitive dancing machine. Can you imagine how that feels? Cerebrally, physically and spiritually these are on opposite sides of the wheel as the kid had a sense of rhythm that could instantly groove in the pocket and moved with a natural elegance that would make a cat say “You know, you’re pretty slick”. Instead of using this skill with which they came equipped, they had to force themselves to sit still. He was constantly reprimanded for tapping his leg or beating a rhythm on the desk and such things because the music was within him, just waiting for a chance to burst out and express itself, with or without an audience. “College days were the best of my life” he often said, reminiscing over a drink, as then he was finally away from the watchful eye of his parents and their affectionate inquisition that was hell bent on directing his development in a way they thought they knew best.

During that time away from home he ripped up the dance floor and thus many hearts and panties were torn as well because there is something primal and attractive in the allure of a man who can perform without a care and evidently is so comfortable in his skin as he glides through the air in rhythmic motion. To keep the grades up he worked extra hard as well because they were always threatening him with cutting off his allowance if he didn’t perform as expected. “You know, I dance to transcend. It feels like I escape… this” he said, motioning to the mountains of paperwork that surrounded him. He was a solid B grade student because he knew that was enough to keep the cash rolling in because without that he’d have to fund himself and that would mean even less dancing but it was all just a means to an end. Eventually, he hung up his dancing shoes and they would never be pulled out again as he watched his midriff expand as he tended to his wife and children, repeating the Patterns.

“You know, maybe they had it all right” he said one day, as he sat back and reminisced. “I’ve got a great job, a beautiful wife and two amazing kids. I’ve done quite well for myself and I’m grateful they didn’t let me indulge my silly childish whims of dancing all the time. After all, that couldn’t pay the bills”. You hear that? That is what it sounds like when a round peg has been hammered into a square hole and can no longer move an inch. “Might as well make the best of it” says that little voice in his head. One of his sons was an avid gamer, the kid had real skill when it came to pushing buttons and I told him “We’re in a era when he can make a good living out of this, why not let him create a following on the side and see what happens?”. “Hell no, you think I’m going to fall for that BS? That streaming money is so fickle, its here today, gone tomorrow and besides if I start to encourage it he’ll take that as validation to put his studies on the shelf and I think he should keep learning computer programming because there’ll always be a demand for that skill”. Speaking to the kid “My Dad just doesn’t get it. Can’t you explain it to him? I’m literally the third best player in the world and thats only when I get to play on the weekends. There isn’t anyone that can me touch me on this game. Please talk some sense into him”. I told him “I might as well talk to a brick because there is more chance that will shift”. “Aw, its not fair. Everyone in the top 10 is rich, they’ve got loads of followers, they’re always streaming. Me? They call me “The Phantom” because I pop up now and then, obliterate the rest and then vanish back into the books again. Whats the point? Say if I get a job programming that’ll be, what, 30K a month in ten years time after putting all that effort in and thats if I get a job and the market hasn’t tanked or moved onto something else. I could make that right now just from one sponsorship if I were streaming and actually had a presence. Why can’t he see this? Why is he so stupid?”.

You know the laments of a child and those of his Adulterated parent who cannot quite tell what the generation gap brings? It means the Game has shifted in essence as well as scope and things now aren’t what they were so long ago, ergo I tried a different tack next time we met in the hopes of generating illumination within the neural cascades of said parent by linking old and new within his dome where I hoped the embers of past dreams still glowed:

“Take a look at this” I said, handing him a phone as he adjusted his specs. “This is Tik Tok. An elegant form of data harvesting masquerading as an app where people dance and sing”. He looked intently at the screen, something familiar stirring within and exclaims, with a hint of triumph kicking in, “I’m way better than them” as he looks up with a grin, pauses, then corrects himself “Well I was, back then”. “Exactly, exactly, back then they didn’t have this portal of self expression with which you could record, click and share your talents with with the world and let the results speak for themselves but look at this” I said clicking across to the leaderboard rankings in which his son was spanking everyone else that was playing. “Thats him vs the rest of the world. You’ve got to admit, its a talent”. “Sure it is, a talent in being useless. Its a fools errand, a thing of the moment, this isn’t something bankable or permanent”. “Look at this” I said clicking across to a profile of the number one ranked player and the lifestyle he lives. “He dropped out of school long ago and his parents hired him the best tutors instead but thats just an adjunct to his side gig as this is what brings the money in. So much so that his parents quit their jobs and ended up managing him, his endorsements and the rest. There is talk of him becoming an ambassador of the entire movement to equalize eSports on par with the real thing”. “Hah, foolish. Who the hell would think that people would rather watch someone else play a game when they could do that by themselves?”. “And yet you yell at the screen when your team is playing, when was the last time you kicked a ball yourself? Get my meaning?” “No, well thats different. They’re professionals and its entertaining because I’ve followed the Reds all my life. Its what I grew up with”.

“Exactly” I said “Exactly, my friend and this is what this generation have developed with and its just as legitimate for them as they create their own kinds of legends. The game has literally changed. If he can keep such a ranking by playing mainly on the weekends or whenever you let him as he rushes through his schoolwork – which he treats as an obstacle to doing what he truly feels – then imagine what he could be if he was actually free and supported in this instead of trying to fit into a world that exists purely in your head”.

Didn’t matter what I said, the mans mind was made up so he rolled out the old chestnut which draws such conversations to an end: “You’ll realize once you have kids. Trust me, then it will be different. Why couldn’t he just be like my eldest? Its my wife, I tell you, she was too soft and spoiled him”. His oldest son was training to be an engineer just like him and his grandfather before him as some sort of family tradition that linked the lineage when in reality they could’ve all been far more successful doing something else. Take the elder, for example. The old man was a whizz when it came to sketching comics and caricatures because in an instant he could whip up a stylized image of whoever you said and his party trick was drawing a perfect circle with closed eyelids. The entire bloodline was saturated with right brained creative inspiration that was constantly hemmed in to left brain expectations as logic murdered intuition, generation after generation.

You see such examples in so many lives, maybe not so dramatic but replete with similar events and circumstance. After all which child hasn’t said “Its so unfair, when I grow up I’ll never be like them” only to find themselves reflecting, as the middle aged spread kicks in, that they’ve became their parents and suddenly their methods which seemed like madness as kids instead start making so much sense. These are the symptoms and effects of Adulteration process with its ever decreasing options previously mentioned. Interesting how this insight and resonance is edited from their limited awareness as now they see only what they expect due to a lifetime of programming.

Worse still are those who are born with immense talent that is ignored, not nurtured or acknowledged and thus you see a whizz with skills so amazing and entirely Self taught belting out hits in a small social club for his friends enjoyment during a karaoke session before heading off to the nightshift at a factory job that exists solely to pay the bills and offers no creative stimulation or nourishment of his talent combined with medicore remuneration and the standardized exploitation blue collar work brings to utterly destory his spirit.

There are countless examples like this. I’ve seen it too often for it to be coincidence as it speaks volumes about the current paradigm which hopefully is shifting now that people congregate with others just like them who may provide them with encouragement and tools to facilitate the development and expression of their skills. Often this isn’t the case though because, more often than not, they’re railing against perceived injustice and full of bitterness at what is or isn’t and such things which they think are very important and that they’re making a difference. Just like the hippies, its a cleverly engineered distraction handed down from a higher plane to ensnare them into running on a treadmill that powers… Well, we’ll leave it at that for now as there is plenty to unpack from all of this. If you’re reading this and feel what I said then let me pour this in your awareness before I jet:

There is nobody, no entity or thing that can oppress you perpetually without end. First and foremost you must believe in yourself and work with what you’ve got to create what you wish because life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans and thus those eroding options of which I was preaching are only now abundant so grip them with both hands and play the cards you’re dealt to win. In the case of the kid that was gaming he started a sideline tutoring and allowing others online to access his skills by teaching them what makes him the best, despite putting the least time and effort in. The money started rolling in and the plan is for him to show his parents that he’s making more loot than them so there is something real, concrete and tangible that is undeniable and solid, based in the present moment. In order to achieve this end his time is tabled with a level of precision that would make any engineer proud of his accomplishment as he augments and supplements his sleep routine for peak efficiency so he can get up early, check questions from his peeps, answer them individually and profit from the collective wisdom he shares when he posts the knowledge to those who pay handsomely to learn from The Phantom as he used that mystique as his style and imagery that further pulled people in. That is brand building aka taking a perceived detriment and turning it into a benefit. At school under the desk, lunchtime and the bus to and from as well he’s interacting with them. Always providing insight, always precise and on target because time is a luxury and he cannot afford to waste a moment. That means when he comes home there is no chilling in front of the TV set or spending time idly surfing the net and other such things. Gone are those distractions and off the table for now, as he is focused and efficient, his entire life is built around the intent to generate enough dividends so that his parents can’t deny his skill and have no choice but to honor his wish. If not then when the time comes he’ll have enough to move out by himself and make his own decisions when it comes to the business of living.

Not bad for a pre-teen who took his destiny in his own hands and used what he has to build something he feels is real from within and that, that is literally whats at the heart of all of this and why its better to be authentic alone than faking acceptance in a crowd because its better than what you left. He has clear goals, targets and guidelines as well as markers of his performance. What was once a passion is now a fledgling business and the motivation of “This’ll show em” is exceedingly powerful as he plays his cards close to his chest and intends to let his results speak for themselves because certain things can’t be denied once they’ve been realized and fully rendered in this realm. After that everyone believes you could it but before they all think they know best and wish to direct the life you live with their own intent and myopic vision like those before them.

Saddest part is those parents who do this are themselves miserable in their depths but dare not admit this and don’t fully realize they’re inflicting the same fate upon their children. That is the nature of the System as it does what it does best and the next generation of Slaves are generated from within because every single child that steps into this realm is born with a Warriors spirit. Psychologically, physically or spiritually its beaten out of nine from ten with a well practiced slickness and only one who chooses themselves and creates their own path by walking gets to play the Game the way they intend.

Till we meet again

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