The Scam

It’s amazing how much panic one man can spread when a legion of hypocrites are busy doing what they do best. The craziest thing about this is when the resonance kicks in, they make others like them because then to them too you become a threat. People are so caught up in falseness, the lies they tell themselves about who they are, where to head and what they expect that its akin to the Emperor walking around with no threads. People know what they’re seeing but they don’t want to admit it because to do so would reveal their own flawed investment and they just can’t handle this.

The fact of the matter is the scam is as old as the hills. People fall for it again because they don’t believe it can be so simple. Take money for example, everyone wants it and thinks it will bring them endless layers of contentment and happiness. Which it will, for a while, but then the novelty sinks and what you’d attempted to hide under the surface pops up with a grin. That in itself is another topic entirely and its all about the silent war that rages inside thee but we’ll examine it later. For now, consider this:

Someplace, someone sits who literally prints the money you covet out of thin air and then sells it to the rest. Tell me that isn’t an amazing business? Amazingly dishonest that is but if people are dumb enough to buy in then is he wrong for selling or are they the ones who don’t question the entire narrative. After all its called “Fiat” for a reason and its why each generation more buys less. People don’t seem to grasp this concept because there once was a time when one mans wage could have a whole family living comfortably and a few generations since people work day and night and the ends haven’t met yet. Parents farm their children off on strangers to raise because they’re too busy getting it in and thus dash their most precious investment which is the next generation.

Don’t get me wrong, there are two things in this realm that if you don’t possess misery is certain. One is health, the other wealth. But having them on hand doesn’t mean you’ll be the happiest in the land. Here’s something to think – the ratio of earnings to home prices back when to now looked a little something like this:

Observe Gold in a similar time frame, an asset that has intrinsic wealth as opposed to paper being printed out of thin air then sold as debt:

That should offer you a blatant hint of where we’re headed which is “You will own nothing and like it” because if an Englishman’s home is his castle then what is said of the tenant who simply must grin and bear it when living expenses all start to shift to a higher level due to these shenanigans. We are collectively headed toward a global fiefdom which is the actual reasoning behind these massive runs on currency which they print because soon enough we’ll witness another Weimar Republic where a wheelbarrow of notes buys you a loaf of bread and then, following the usual Problem, Reaction, Solution model, they’ll usher a new fully digital method of spending in once the paper is revealed as worthless.

Its amazing isn’t it how well people switched from cash on the hip to their flexible friend handling everything. Not to mention that random splurging on the net, with delivery so quick, doesn’t feel like you’ve spent at all, does it? All because you’re not paying attention. But it does cost because ignorance charges dearly and in a world full of distractions it’s very easy to lose yourself. Especially in the Valley of the Plebs because intellect isn’t something they train nor wish for their wage Slaves to possess because then they might just be a threat and call out the trap they’ve set. Stop and consider for a moment and you’ll see why costs are going up, just because they said. There are the fact then there is the narrative. “Oh see the pandemic did…” fill in whatever excuse you wish. The end result is actually more profits for big business as you pay extra for less. Its why portions are always shrinking, ingredients are getting subbed out for fillers and components inexpensive plus preservatives. Not to mention bad for your health, just check out how many different types of oil are pumped into almost everything and then look at all the people waddling around and out of breath and see if you can draw the links of the bigger pic before you’ve had your chips.

They look at Slaves like cattle. A resource to be fed and fattened then slaughtered when is best, for the most profit and return on their investment. In your lifetime you’ll witness a culling of the crowd so immense that it might even make Slaves consider the true nature of this realm by their own inner motivation as its going to be blatant. Of course there will be a narrative. They’ve already let loose the threads they intend weave into a statement which explains everything and points the blame elsewhere. Which in a sense is correct because if the people are too stupid and enamored with whatever some celeb says than raising their own awareness then thats on them. But what if they’ve been intellectually crippled by the way they were raised and are unaware of the bars of the Mind Made Prison they languish within? “Why thats good business, freund von mir” the fattest of cats says “They’ll line up for more, time and again and make the tills ring in order to fend off the threat that the thought “Life shouldn’t be like this” represents”.

And this brings us back to one man whose presence causes panic because he represents a threat to both ends of the spectrum as neither knows the meaning of being centered which is itself a crime and tragedy because that means they live life unbalanced, walking around with a scratch they can’t itch that says “Something is very wrong about all of this” as the TV loudly states “Spend, Spend, Spend! You’ll look and feel fabulous!”. Yes, maybe for a moment but that glow never lasts, you know this well. In order to enlighten yourself one must be willing to tread into the darkness within and it can be a frightening experience, especially for one who dwells in a land of cerebral illusions, firmly under the spell of what society says defines them and thus totally lacking in knowledge of Self.

I’d be willing to bet that pretty much all of what you know isn’t in your best interests. I’d also be quite certain in saying that you’ve questioned less than a tenth and the rest you’ve accepted as gospel, even if it doesn’t make any sense. Especially in some cases because a lot will defend the most ridiculous beliefs with the strongest vehemence because anything that contradicts this is a threat to their crafted self conception which stepped into the abyss in an attempt to fill their limitless supply of ignorance with the appearance of wisdom. Consider this as things aren’t what they may seem at a glimpse:

If what you’re thinking worked as well as they said you wouldn’t feel the way you did, correct? We are, if nothing else, the sum total of our thinking processes as memories define events which we use to build a narrative and from this we extract a story which we tell ourselves. If you look into a Slaves head you’ll find a remarkable similarity in this sense because they all think they’re different but they’re as mass produced as an item on a shelf due to a combination of Systems that did their thing when they were most impressionable.

Warriors on the other hand are Self made, meaning made by the Self which chips away daily at what we think we think – the tale we tell ourselves, what we have been, seen and experienced. It examines the new data pouring, seeking patterns and links via a mind honed to a keen edge and thus avoiding resonance with collective ignorance by the use of astute questions and observations because they comprehend that that which is sought is the same as what is doing the seeking. Let that one marinate and as it eases into your thinking because the illumination it brings really is something once you catch my drift and develop an inkling of the strength you possess which is currently trapped under so many layers of conditioning.

This represents your first step onto the Path of Power because awareness is everything. Literally, my friend. Literally.

Till we meet again

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