Addiction Is a Symptom of a Deeper Affliction

The truth of addiction is its just a symptom of a deeper affliction as there are wounds deep within that weep tears we can’t see but most certainly feel. To escape these and the pain they bring people will do the most illogical, self destructive things for a glimpse of remedy to keep their sanity and just make it through the day, only to do it all again until there is nothing left to give.

Its easy to judge from outside looking in but those who know of where I speak comprehend what is said due to the nature of resonance that dwells within their chest cavity and the desire to break free from a misery that you carry around privately. Society as a whole will not speak about this because its the dirty little secret that makes the tills ring and thus whats good for business never gets a solution, only symptom management. Sure they may play with the stem, say they invented some covers for the thorns or new pills you can take if you’re allergic to the pollen the flowers bring but they’ll never pull it out via the root because true healing is bad for business and then the next question is:

Who placed the seeds? What was the formative event? Why does this keep happening again and again, generation after generation?

Pain and suffering is what makes the wheel of life spin. Slaves will deny this with a vengeance because the implications are too big for them to allow themselves to comprehend what happened to that childlike innocence that was fractured into a thousand bits and now, adulterated, sits there drinking the pain away, just trying to make it through another day. A hollow shell compared to what it was and could’ve been.

The comedian is an alchemist in that sense because he uses what drags him down to uplift the rest because he can spit raw facts in jest that amuse the surface whilst soothing that which dwells within as the pain thinks “At last, someone else who gets and pays me some attention”. For a small slice of time when we laugh we can forget the injuries we’ve sustained in this realm. Narcotics allow us to prolong this state at greater costs as does the net and such contraptions. Ask most people to sit quietly in a room with no distractions by themselves for minutes over ten and they’d lose their minds real quick. What does that tell you about how much they actually like themselves?

At the end of the day, however, all you have is you and your Self which is why I prefer to chase the pain and befriend what is in no way shape or form an enemy because that, that is what picked you up and carried you couldn’t move your legs but still had to press. To turn your back on and hate this valuable ally is a form of murdering yourself that so many blindly engage in because, by and large, people do not speak on these topics because, once again:

Pain and suffering is what makes the wheels of life spin.

The aim is to find the meaning then use that to transcend. Much like the principle of coals turning to diamonds when faced with pressure that won’t relent so if you’re going through hell, keep going. Until we heal ourselves we will keep polluting the main example for the kids who are birthed into this realm as they mimic their parents and thus end up just like them only to do it all again. How long shall we choose to engage in this? Until big business says “Hey, I’ve got a solution” and mentions the topics about which I’m speaking? Don’t hold your breath. They have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo, just as it is and besides, you’ll be long microchipped and hybridized into NuMen as the wave of consciousness steps from Carbon to Silicon because that is where the race is heading. The current spate of fascination with screens is paving the road nicely to the day man becomes machine and the Game shifts to a different type of decree in which ones and zeros do their thing and people no longer have the option of disconnection as they are perpetually logged in.

What? You think things like this have your best interests at heart? You are a Slave, my friend. A product that generates many revenue streams out of ignorance and thus they are simply protecting their investment because once money dies you’ll comprehend data is the new coin of the realm. Bet you look at your “Loyalty Card” a bit different once you realize the implications of what I’ve said. Whats in it for them? All hail the algorithm!

Till we meet again

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