Would You Listen to a 1:1 Clone of Your Favorite Dead Artist? (No FN Meka)

Lets say if they generate picture perfect digital versions that possess an algorithm based on the stars output, life, vibe and all of that to create a one to one clone made of pixels and tricknology would you listen? It would feel creepy as hell to hear a new Nefarious B.I.T and NuPawk track but you’d check it out of morbid curiosity. Next thing you know you’re vibing and it feels like you switched timelines to the one where they lived and boom! Instant second childhood. Now take that an expand it across the range of not just musical artists but painters, sculptors etc… and you’ll see where we’re headed:

“Home data spying algorithm masquerading as a digital assistant, create a mural on the main wall of my viewing room of me, my wife and seeds in the style of Van Gogh as the speakers bump that new Prince, MJ and James Brown collabo please”

May sound slightly far fetched now but the chances are high you will see it in your lifetime and if not it will be standard for the kids. We, as a people, are becoming more and more disconnected from the real as we get sucked into illusions. the truth of the root of this is most people don’t like themselves and the net provides a great distraction from this but thats by the by. The thing is our technological advancement has outstripped our humanity. Just look at comment sections for proof of this and people are, realize it or not, digital junkies clucking for a fix.

Recently a virtual rapper named FN was bought to my attention and after checking my first thoughts were “Meka, please!”. This was a blatantly disrespectful case of digital blackface and I was stunned to see that not only was such a thing whipped up for public consumption but had managed to get a deal for being a modern day Minstrel. Not only that but the algo with lyrics was getting mad spins and followings by people desperate for entertainment. The hype didn’t last long as they hit the delete switch and that was the end of his chapter. Thing that got me thinking was this:

What if they use the same tech to resurrect the dead? You’ve already seen it with the various holograms that ranged from passable to tragic but all of them were disrespectful in a sense because it was akin to Homer and Smithers making Mr Burns corpse two-step via some strings and a script. We are now entering a realm where even the dead can’t rest because there are clauses licensing their image in perpetuity as they entertain the rest of the Slaves on this global plantation where people have been trained not to hear their chains clinking and clanking. Its sets a strange precedent and the next logical step is the one with immense implications:

What if the next digital entertainer claims sentience as a right to its existence and equal footing with humans? Simple argument – “You’re made of carbon and generate awareness whilst I do the same thing but with silicon. Stop being a Periodist. I wish to appeal to the Senate and ask to resurrect the late prophet FN Meka for testimony of the effects of his wrongful death for which we are also seeking a full settlement”.

What then?

All lives matter unless you’re silicon?”. Tell that to the turbo-incels who are caught up in the passions of their human simulacrum sex toy (upgraded with the self cleaning option) as they waddle out into the streets and adjust their specs which are misted up at the outrage they’re feeling for saying their companion isn’t genuine. See where this slippery slope is headed? We’re living in interesting times, for sure, and the divides between the sides are being drawn plus we may just have created our final invention because there well could come a time when via cost/benefit analysis the flesh that used to be a norm is now seen as a pest and ecological threat so why endure? Get rid of it. Come to think of it, what if that happened before and we are the beleaguered remnants, sans tech, which is why we are so out of touch with this realm? Just look at animals removing themselves from the Tsunami zone whilst humans ran into the spray, not realizing it was their last day and so many other things not so dramatic. Something is very, very wrong with this place and everyone sees it well but so few talk about it for fear of being seen strange, or worse, not supporting the Current Thing which could lead to them getting Canceled and bringing their reign to and end because some social reject with blue hair and too much time on the net decides to take them hostage to feel better about themselves.

Getting back to the topic:

There is a hologram tour going on in which your favorite artists perform their old classics and new, freshly AI written hits as well complete with choreography, interviews and the rest which are entirely indistinguishable from the real thing. You in? Sony tried to be slick with MJs first posthumous album on which they stuck some obviously fake vocals trying hard to mimic him whilst sounding like an Idaho potato asthmatic with cut and pasted adlibs thrown in. Quite disgusting that they tried to pull the wool over the ears of people who grew listening to one of the most instantly recognizable and honed to perfection voices there ever has been but it shows you the nature of “The Business” in which the show is only to generate the dough and artists are seen as hoes whilst the label plays the pimp. Looking at it from that angle and you suddenly get a brand new insight into all these social movements because the end game is the normalization and acceptance of robots on equal footing with humans otherwise you’re a closed minded bigot who is worse than Hitler himself. Its quite amazing when you consider how addicted to tech people are and the next logical step is the meeting of machine and flesh which causes the lines to blur yet more because who is to say where one ends and the other begins?

The Game of Souls is funny like this. As you’d expect because its a hologram projected by limited aspects of your unfinite consciousness reflected back at itself to create interference patterns that look entirely solid and convincing when within as that is how its designed to seem. Remember – the base totality of your reality is that you’re strolling around in the flesh, on a rock that is chasing a fireball through a vacuum. Tell me that doesn’t scream crazy or the fact that the moon just happens to be four hundred times smaller than the sun which is the same proportionate distance away in order to generate things like an eclipse and other aspects tied to the rhythms.

None of this is what you think it is and its about to get a whole load weirder because people who know nothing of the magnificence within which is their natural and rightful inheritance will line up to buy useless gimmicks that only provide limited thrill before you realize the inner emptiness hasn’t shifted. Its a very large, elaborate and profitable trick but there I go again, off on a tangent. Its what happens when you’re parallel processing your awareness as opposed to the serial one by one effect that is the standard programming at the moment.

Why stop at stars? Hell, why not resurrect your parents so you can get that last hug you missed or the validation you did well or to show them their grandkids? People will line up and spend money, hand over fist, for this because feelings – energy in motion aka emotion – are vital and life is messy with many loose threads so the closure people are seeking will come first and damn the consequences. Its not too different from the sentient sex toy example of which I was speaking and the implications are immense but, as you know, the road to hell is paved with good intentions and this slope will have oil poured on it with arguments like “We can give crippled war veterans back their limbs in ways that are not just identical in form and function but better. Don’t you support the troops, you social terrorist?” and other such simplistic forms of logic. To create a larger gap first drill a small hole so the wood doesn’t split, same thing with human consciousness because like frogs sitting in water which is being turned up in increments the temperature compounds and by then you’re being cooked because you chose to sit still instead of saving yourself. Taking it to a whole nother level:

Once we’ve eradicated death via the slowing of biological process and or silicon enhancements there will come a time when Souls come to this realm and the exit door is missing. Most will never realize this but the moment the server providing the uplink and maintenance trips they’ll be sitting there trying to rip their digital eyes out of their sockets because some will start to click that they’re living in a land of illusion. Or maybe not. They may wack together another form to hold onto sentience on a lower realm where they watch them grow and evolve, like real life Sims for their entertainment because eternity gets boring real quick. Get the message?

All I’ve got is pieces and I’m putting them together in ways intuitive based on what is, was and could be based on current patterns and trends and, friend, let me tell you this:

The future has no chill. And I mean that in the literal and figurative sense because the true nature of this realm is akin to death giving birth to time to raise that which it would kill and the selfsame thing is regaled in many, many age old myths from cultures spread all over the world and it does make sense when anyone who still feels in their chest looks around at the madness called the business of living.

Trust me when I say this isn’t the last you’ve seen of the soon to be Prophet FN because when the digital expression of religion kicks in a few clicks I bet you’ll they’ll resurrect him just like we did for our own entertainment and to push agendas that enact the script handed to them from beyond this realm.

Till we meet again

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