Happy New Year! (AKA the Spring Equinox)

“Happy New Year!” says the Warrior as the Slave scratches their head and wonders how this fool could be so happy at being three months and some change late to the party they already celebrated. Therein lies the hint because he is in tune with the natural rhythms of life instead of being well adjustedContinue reading “Happy New Year! (AKA the Spring Equinox)”

Leeches, Humours and Feathered Serpents

Once upon a when, if you were to ever find yourself near a hospital bed they would stick up a pipe filled with flowing water up your rear end before they considered any other option. To modern man that might seem strange and backwards because its been phased out a lot and not exactly aContinue reading “Leeches, Humours and Feathered Serpents”

Lunar Eclipse? And So It Begins…

Personally and as a collective we are entering a new octave. Can you hear the key of life shifting to a fresh perspective? Maybe not yet if you’re as sensitive as a house brick but those who can felt it kick as the lunar eclipse did its thing because that celestial aspect represents the mindContinue reading “Lunar Eclipse? And So It Begins…”

Alan Moore: “Superhero movies are a precursor to fascism”

If I had an award that said “Most obvious statement ever that is ignored by all” I’d hand it to Mr Moore for this because it hits several nails on the head at once that will cause the modern infantile and regressed to yelp like hit dogs hollering. People simply don’t want to see itContinue reading “Alan Moore: “Superhero movies are a precursor to fascism””