Work Like a Slave to Live Like a King?

Work like a Slave to live like a King”, ain’t that the song so many in this realm sing? Yeah there’s some truth to it meaning – you get back what you put in but its mainly nonsense because this, all of this, is but a distraction to stop you claiming what you could inherit and that is the kingdom within.

People fighting for scraps, all clambering to get in to a place someone else built and thus decides who passes the entrance. “Entrance” what a word, one that reveals everything when it comes to this way of thinking. Entranced, meaning under the influence of an altered state of mind and this they think is the only way to be. Sort of like a dream, when you’re asleep and seeing what you see behind eyes closed, counting sheep or whatever it is you perceive. At the time it seems real and the bizarreness of the deal is only self evident when you come to your sense in the world of the “real”. The quote marks here mean no, thats just another bum deal as this, like Ezekiel’s wheels within wheels is a dream within a dream and its such a beautiful scheme that most never get around to questioning the deceit their own mind feeds them each day as they get caught up in a Game they never wanted to play.

But it all comes down to that building, the one in the prime real estate, with views that go this and that a way. No one has personally seen but we hear its great, spaces are limited, do whatever you can to get in. All the while ignoring the “What if?”. “What if I built it for myself? Used my own effort instead of sustaining what they say is the thing I should be lusting?”. After all, everyone on that quest is busting at the seams with stress and if they make it then keeping it becomes the thing.

This is the difference between how a Warrior and Slave thinks because the former does for Self as he perceives the nature of the Game whilst the latter does what he’s told as she’s programmed and operating from parameters designed to keep them stuck in a position of weakness in which strength is something externals give. “If I get into that apartment complex, then my living standard will show them. They’ll know not to mess with me as I’ll finally be something” is what they think because all they know is what they’re poured in. Entranced, remember this as you live your nightmare existence spread thin in pursuit of a dream that is ultimately unreal.

The Warrior on the other hand is lucid, he looks around the scene and thinks “Ah, five sensory deceit designed to hide the real which is me as the prime cause of all I perceive” and thus he turns the key in the lock within the dream and sets himself free to do what the Slaves can’t imagine, let alone perceive as they believe, so firmly, that if they can get their little piece across the board then it will all change dramatically. Like the psychosocial battlefield they call home in their dome will suddenly become a garden of Eden, hence the dream logic which means its a delusion, not at all real. But shh, don’t say it too loud because you might wake them from their sleep.

Another deep irony because a wake is what is held for the recently deceased and yet they do it every day as they meet, what do you call it? Oh yes, a morning or is that a mourning? See what I mean? The Slave is dead to the Warrior they could be because they bought a dream about it costing an arm and leg to live on their knees, like this will make them happy. What a crooked deal thats cheap to sell but hard to live for those foolish enough to let it rent space inside their head. Worse still is those that invest in this way of think then run to get themselves a tiny apartment in the building these thieves erect in the centre of their awareness and this is why they say the house always wins because those who place bets in this crooked establishment know the deal when they step in and thus voluntarily skin themselves, all in the name of free will, thinking they can somehow win when thats not how this is built. The Warrior sees the trick and builds his own amusement park and says “You’re all welcome” but the Slaves are too caught up in buying ever shinier chains to signal their enslavement to come and ride the roundabout of freedom or sit in the swings of peak experience to see what pleasure they can bring.

Victor or Victim? It’s not how you start but how you end that makes the difference.

Till we meet again

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