RIP Kanye West

You know, those behind the scenes couldn’t make a dollar trying to sell you a dream if it wasn’t for the talent and presence of the one they pimp via their System. Stop and think about it and you’ll see its quite Self evident. Michael Jackson enriched countless people with his life and even in death generated billions as well as a legacy that will continue to make tills ring even though the man himself was quite miserable at being misunderstood, persecuted and the victim of a type of loneliness that no one else on the planet could comprehend.

People in the press, legal fields, production, arts, directing, clothing and various other tangents are sitting on fortunes that can be directed attributed to the presence of one man. Isn’t that amazing? Without him so many lives would be different and yet its often the artist that gets the least out of this even though the entire thing is based on his performance.

I recently read something about Kanye West having issues about his kicks and whats next as the truth of what Sway said kicked in as he prepares to do for Self because if you are the draw then why not leverage what this brings? Why not? Because you may get Sam Cooked. Thats why. The entire world is ran by gangster pimps and they’ve been in the business since before Jesus was a figment of your imagination and they have an exceedingly long reach but are mighty thin when it comes to creativity as they can amplify (or distort) what is for fun and profit but they cannot whip nothing into something because that is the gift that imagination brings. A nation of magicians who fell for the spells of anothers weaving. Tragic, isn’t it? Getting back to the business:

If it wasn’t for the talent there would be no industry just like if there was no you or me there wouldn’t be a Three-D because the observer creates it all via his presence as the quantum realm attests because that is the only way potential becomes actual. You look at this model of pimping and you’ll see its imprint in everything across the realm from the very concept of taxes up to the money they print then charge you to access and all points in between. And yet if it wasn’t for the icing which tastes sweet the bitter layers of the cake would be revealed and no one would take a bite because it reeks of stupidity to even get close to this as its so obviously not in your best interests.

I’ve got to hand it to them. They know how to dress hell up and make it look like a couple of steps from heaven so the people just keep stepping on the treadmill and never question their lack of progress because everyone else is also shuffling toward death. Thats what passes for your existence? Slaves who prove it again and again when seen via a Warriors lens.

If it was just them on their lonesome there would be nothing in this realm. We are the ones who bring the power because we co-create but solely originate that most vital spark which allows the sensate to calculate the twisted tale woven in your head about the way it is. Its why I’ve said you’re a commodity that generates multiple streams of income, in both life and death. You came here to serve out a sentence and hard labor is on the ticket for most who dwell within the confines of the Mind Made Prison they dare not question because the implications would rock their world and the dimension it floats in. Ask yourself this:

Do you get paid what you’re worth or what they know you’ll accept? If there is a pointy end of the stick you’re on the receiving end nine times out of ten, yes? Don’t you think its odd that whoever is directly ahead of you in the chain of command is almost always woefully inadequate for the task at hand and yet they sit at the big table and rake in the bonuses. Its all by design, my friend, gangster pimps doing what they do best. With a gun and wink, no less. Carlin once said “Its a big gang and you ain’t in it” in reference to those who built the System and profit from the ignorance of those caught up in making it spin without realizing they weave the the mill that will crush their descendants to dust just as it is doing them and their parents before them.

Its pimping, pimping! How many people do you think have got rich off Kanyes efforts? How many people do you think can’t bear the thought of him setting the precedent that he can do it without them and thus taking away their leverage? Look into Sam Cooke as I already mentioned and you’ll notice what happens when people move for independence out of this cruel and narrow money trench because then the gangster pimps that created it make their presence felt and do what they do best. Am I saying he’ll bend the knee or meet a tragic end? Stranger things have happened and I’m just tapping keys on intuition as I do at most moments because I had no idea this would be the topic but thats how its unfolded so lets see where its going…

All around you you see rising bills and yet no one is suspicious about what this signals when it comes to the steadily eroding levels of ownership and independent businesses that are feeling the crunch kick in (yet again) as well as those who will be soon given the option of “Take the Zero Hour contract or jet” just before the automated process kicks in and makes them redundant. We are living through some very strange times in which you are going to see the nature of what was previously hidden stealthy revealed blatantly because they know you are too stupid and scared to do a thing. Those in the business know exactly of what I’m speaking as they’ve felt first hand the might of those who claimed a chunk of their Soul for themselves and then made a bundle from what they bring whilst handing them a small percent. Gangster pimps, describes them well. On a smaller scale your life is no different because its exactly the same thing across the board because a) they aren’t creative and b) they’ve got a perfectly working algorithm that fools over ninety percent of the populace at any given moment and thus suckers are drawn in via the process of resonance and never stop to question.

Those of us who are cut form a different cloth are isolated, silenced or discredited via attempts that were engineered to make it look like something else if we cannot be purchased, controlled or directed:

I’m not saying I wouldn’t be surprised if Kanye ended up dead but I’m fairly certain you won’t see him undependant because he generates too many dividends for them to let him wander off the global plantation that marks the limits and edge of the Game of Souls at this moment as ordained by the gangster pimps who hold aloft a golden crucifix and emblazoned chalice whilst asking you to be generous with your donations. Haven’t you ever stopped to question why this is the way it is? Why the homeless are brushed away from the pavements of churches and not allowed to dwell within the lavish excess they exhibit or why the poorest give the most and get the least back in exchange?

No, of course you haven’t because the System didn’t teach you how to think or question. It taught you how to acquiesce and then congratulated you for accepting its ignorance as wisdom. Gangster pimps who said “Go out and sell it like this and bring back all the money or else” via various visions and tricks designed to influence your awareness.

I know the Game well because I was born into its depths and saw what probably should never have been witnessed by a kid by those so caught up in the mix they didn’t care who or what they were teaching but it is what it is. I’m still standing and sharing my perspective, raw and unfiltered so lets see what happens.

Till we meet again

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