Freedom is an Inside Job

You were born magnificent and that potential still exists within. The problem is you’re scared of it now because you’ve been dumbed down. Indoctrinated and driven half crazed by a combination of factors designed to keep you weak, entrained and lame. Much like those children born to foreign parents, in lands far away, who break their legs at a young age so they can generate more cash by begging as they prey on the sympathy of tourists so their family can survive another day.

Exactly the same.

The proof for what I say is literally staring you in the face because you feel it every day. All of those aches, pains and strains that seem to vanish only to re-appear again. But oddly in a different place, that medicine just can’t erase nor can your Doctor explain. I wouldn’t say its a conspiracy, even though you’d be aiming in right place. Its more akin to a tragic comedy of errors that you were born into and didn’t realize you could change. Just stop and think:

Look at the world and the people in it. All creeds, races, faiths, rich, poor, ugly, beautiful – throughout all polarities and frames and you’ll find one common thing running in their veins after they’ve spent a couple of decades in the Game:

They feel empty and unfulfilled, like “Is that it? It can’t be, there must be more to this”. Now I don’t expect everyone to get it. No no, people go to great lengths to mask this simple truth and the world happily obliges as it provides many forms of escape, distraction and entertainment to help scratch this itch whilst simultaneously pushing it below the surface. It’s quite a clever trick, where one hand washes the other as the cleaned pours dirt on it.

Repeat business, the key to any successful hustle.

And a hustle it is. In which, should you choose to deal with, you’ll always receive the short end of the stick but because you’re too entrained to think different you’ll not only put up with it, but glorify it. Like a Slave rewarded with a silver chain who turns to his compadres who wear iron and says “Look at me, I’m progressing, of higher status, oh this is all so great” when we, who apparently know freedom would look at them and say “Are you crazed? A chain is a chain is a chain, a restriction of freedom so it matters not of what its made”. They’d shake their heads in dismay because their internal operating system and yours are literally night and day.

The links you make, they simply refuse to compute because it would need them to rearrange their meaning, purpose and station as they gain awareness of the Game they’re playing. As well as the nature of ignorance as a weapon.

Admit it, to you that problem and its solution seems simple, right?

Except how can one born into bondage truly know the meaning of freedom as they are surrounded by a system that they will try to bolster their damaged self esteem by any means that are presented, as long as they remain within the bullpen. To illustrate the difference between what you and I think lets bring it up to spec as the whips and chains from back then have given way to new instruments which achieve similar ends on this global plantation we’re living in:

“Look at me, I’m progressing, of higher status, oh this is all so great” you exclaim as you find out you’ve just been approved for a mortgage “Fixed rate” you say with a smile on your face as your friends all congratulate and prepare to celebrate “Yay, you made it” they say, whilst I look on, unfazed, and exclaim:

“Are you crazed? A chain is a chain is a chain, a restriction of freedom so it matters not of what its made”

Are you starting to see the nature of the Game? Or are you a happy Slave?

Like I said earlier this is but one facet, a small drop to drink from what is in fact an ocean of awareness in which I swim and call home way beyond this dimension whilst you, don’t. Yet. But might. If you want, as we roll…

I’m not saying what I say for you to agree with, nod your head and exclaim “You know that makes sense” even though a lot of it will. No, I state what I state to first and foremost make you think because that isn’t a crime, yet.

But will be soon enough.

The cattle are being herded along in plans that were laid well in advance by those who know your strengths, weaknesses, fears and doubts and tailor the story to ensure what comes in and what goes out fits perfectly into the box of the world. Odd because everyone is born circular, with no beginning nor end, totally encompassed within a sensation of connection until life pulls them in, squares them off and the new Slaves are formed into roles for which they weren’t born but were in all senses of the word taught and off they trot, like their parents before them:

Ignorance in human form. Believing a whole bunch of nonsense, because thats what they were told and yet they’ve never stopped and thought:

Who designed the mould? Why do I no longer feel at home inside my body like I did when I was a kid? Why do my thoughts seem to hold me hostage with their words, feelings and pictures that I witness but can’t control? As I move back and forth to a tune not of my own but pay the piper nonetheless as I sweat, toil and perform for way less than I’m worth. What’s going on?

If you’re scared, good. What you decide to do with that sensation makes all the difference because the Game is strange in that they hid your strengths behind your fears. Well placed, eh?

Who would ever think of looking for power behind what they spend all day and night
pretending doesn’t exist and even if it did they don’t care “Oh look, something new on TV, lets binge watch this” then sleep less, rise and caffeinate into a job you hate. Only to do it all again.

Such an unfulfilling existence or subsistence better said.

That is how most of the world spends their daily bread, oddly consuming that to which they are intolerant as they lack all common sense due to the total abscence of its prime cause: Knowledge of Self.

Wave your chains high in the air, oh Slaves. Feelsee what I’ve said. Not just in your head but chest as well. Break the chains of self imposed ignorance that limit your awareness in this realm and embrace your true Self and all it represents.

Freedom is an inside job. But before you take this step you must realize that the death of ignorance can only mean the rise of wisdom in its stead because nothing can remain hidden if you dedicate yourself to searching for it in earnest. Then and only then will what I’ve said become self evident because I’m not here to offer mere words. No my intent is to get you on my level with the hope that you progress by rising to even greater depths and together we do it all again and collectively ascend.

Right now that may make no sense but once you comprehend that enlightenment comes by venturing into the darkness within yourself to see what you find in the dusty corners of your mind you’ll swiftly realize that polarities are part of the trick but you have to visit either end to find what sits in the mid and its from this point of perfect balance that ascension spirals and that is when the real fun begins.

Till we meet again

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