Do You See What I See?

Earlier today I pushed the pen on something quite scathing due, in part, to some behind the scene schemes that aren’t keen on me spreading my message and shining light into their engineered darkness as they smile and are villains. Just now I was requested by a fount of eternal wisdom to try and see things their way. Not just what I preach of allowing your enemies to teach you where you are weak and thus making it your strength but actually put yourself in their position in order to comprehend why things are playing out like this. “Cool” I said “Sounds like an interesting thought experiment so lets have at it”.

“Look at him, he is too reckless. Entirely too arrogant and believing in himself and his righteousness that he thinks he can take us all on, in and beyond this realm. Its a fools errand”.
“Well, we know that is what he is because he refuses to listen”.
“Remind me again, why we didn’t just kill him back then? Half measures to reveal ourselves only made him worse. I’ve said before you are all too soft on him and we should just eradicate the problem”.
“Thats your solution to everything. No wonder you’re so boring”.
“Yes, he does keep things interesting. I’ll give him that but he’s also dangerous because as he picks himself apart he is putting together the rest and you know the implications of this because he is still out and not in”.
“Kill him. Be done with this”.
“Don’t you all think its a bit boring and predictable as it is? The herd move along and never ask questions. We have our provocateurs, both knowing and unwitting, out in the field sewing seeds of confusion to mislead those who may question the official narrative and its all quite successful so why not let the wildcard play as it will?”.
“Total control and domination means everyone, including ourselves. To do as you wish would be to allow him to place himself above everything and he simply lacks the wisdom to be trusted without first pledging his obedience to have some skin in the game. Besides we know and influence that which resides in his veins, his past and future deeds, likes, dislikes and all those things. Either way you want to call it he’s hemmed up and we control him”.
“And yet still he rebels. Where it would be far easier to just keep his head low to the ground and eke out his existence being grateful to live he openly challenges and attempts to assert dominance. You are way too soft on him. We’ve done far worse for far less, lets not forget”.
“Yes, but he can play a part that is important. What he intends is required anyway as this chapter draws to an end but he wants to tear the whole book up. Doing that means consequences because that means we let it happen on our shift”.
“Why don’t you just talk to him? Live and direct. Get it all out in the open instead of what you do best with the psycho-dominance and rest of the tricks that form our day to day”.
“Its far more amusing this way and besides all we can do is create scenarios designed to spur into action decisions based on his free will that have their own consequence that leads him to his own death”.
“One night in Vegas… Thats all I’m saying”.
“Yes, that was a loss but we still came out ahead in the end. Ahahaah! A head. The End. Its all so poetic, fifty seven fifty seven kicked off so perfect and those who came after reasonably achieved their end as we sent out message…”.
“Apart from this bit”.
“Exactly, and thats why we need him. He should realize how fruitless the course of action he is seeking is. Its way too direct, simplistic and relying on an intelligence that the people of this age simply don’t possess as they are fully invested in the paradigm”.
“That is exactly the problem. Last time that golden calf was getting milked long after it should have been exiting stage left to usher the buttheads in. Everyone got a right royal bollocking for messing up the timing. Like it or not the fool is the perfect tool for the job but he is too stubborn and strong willed”.
“Can you blame him?”.
“Are you getting soft? Don’t have the stomach for this? I have been meaning to call your perspective into question because there is simply far too much you let slip and slide. Why him?”.
“Because he reminds him of himself. You know he’s a narcissist when it comes to things like this”.
“You should’ve stayed quiet, can’t you see whos talking?”.
“I’ve got a right to chip in, otherwise I wouldn’t be here lounging, imbibing these expensive beverages. You made it all but obvious way before we even had to tip or drop a hint in order to place the noose around his neck that he didn’t have the wits or presence to object. Don’t think we’re stupid about the nature of your pet project that you inherited. We all know the truth. You prefer the game with him in its because it makes it more interesting and that is just a silly dangerous whim. Another foolish indulgence for someone who doesn’t deserve it”.

The rest of the room grumbled in agreement but like the pigs, some are more equal than others

“Did you read what he said about the bacon sandwich and the rest that was dropped between the lines of that Rushdie text? I’m surprised he didn’t mention the one-“.
“Stop. No need to say it, we all know what that is and its all part of filling the predictions and extending the script. As above, so below. The principle of resonance but you’re all adepts so why so I even feel the need to say this?”.
“Give me one good reason we shouldn’t just finish him once and for all? DJ let the music spin”.
“Its always an option. I know first hand and witnessed him developing the principles and insight as I was right there next to him. Yes there are infuriating aspects that contradict themselves but they are also in balance and coherence. That aspect is pretty much unavoidable as there are always some that exist as a checks for the rest and he keeps one foot out and in the other realm so what are you going to do about it?”.
“Look, I never could stand him. Not now or then. It made me grin from within to realize he didn’t have a clue that his enemies were sitting right next to him but for all of us that needed assistance when their chips were at their lowest he was always the first to offer help and inspiration, even when our own didn’t. That, even though I hate to admit it, counts for something”.
“Kill him. Be done with it. I’ve had enough of this repetitious conversation when its obvious he won’t listen, acquiesce or just do as we wish. That in itself is a threat. Four twenty one him, make it look like an accident by ramping up his suffering so it seems like he made the decision himself and let the purple reign upon his head”.
“That really is your solution to everything, isn’t it?”.
“Be not a cancer on the Earth” he replied with a grin and spark behind hooded eyelids “If I were to come back it would be my fondest wish to manifest as a deadly virus to do something about the overpopulation problem. Thin them out a bit. That isn’t too bad, is it?”.
“How did he know about the Stepford Incident? Someone had to have leaked, tipped or hinted. No prizes for guessing who that was because all the dream talk and blatant leading was bound to make him… Oh, wait a minute”.
“You catch on quick” said the hooded one in a tone that was dripping in sarcasm. “Either way its a win/win. The deal he picked from his own seeming free will was the least worst of two bad options and that also allowed us to fill his head with double binds and the rest which kept him busy and not speaking”.

From the back a voice spoke up that had been intently listening and hadn’t said a thing:

“I cannot stand that arrogant prick. You all know that well and I’ve known him since a kid. He’s always been like this and is nothing but trouble. I do like the idea of keeping him around, however, and slowly ramping up his suffering and entirely decimating any semblance of mental health he possesses. Let him know who he is messing with, nice and indirect, like the laser message. That still makes me laugh to think how he reacted to that. Like ice in a sauna, that all melted real quick” as he starts laughing and raises another drink to his lips with vengeful thoughts in his head. “He simply has to know by now that there is far more at play than this particular spin and how they’re all connected so why won’t he just bow his head?”.
“And thats why you hate him? Because of his spirit? Don’t you see thats exactly whats needed at this moment in time to move the script because what he speaks is authentic”.
“By that logic I might as well detonate a bomb to light a cigarette because a match is just too simple. I’ve got nothing more to say on the topic. I don’t even like thinking about him because he makes my skin itch and I can’t wait till the day he is in the ground so I can celebrate his funeral”.

He looked around the room and noticed that were more than enough who agreed with him, especially among those who had been around him since the shift including those who changed their names to ensure the optimal resonance with his spectrum to wield the most influence.

“What? What do you want from me?” said he who had been silent up until this moment and now all were looking at him. “He’s been the bane of my existence”.
“Badum-tish” the man in the corner deadpanned as he raised a drink and took a sip whilst winking at him.
“All of them, to be frank. The world would be better if that entire line didn’t exist because they think they’re something and I can’t count the amount of times he’s flaunted and acted like he was above us just because of the land-“.
“Calm down. You did what you did well and were duly rewarded so why get wound up now? Look, we’ve got this far and we’ve still got the upper hand. The deck is rigged and we have a few more Aces up our sleeve in case we need to lean. Sure he evaded a couple of plays that would have tied up some loose ends and placed a nice amount of knots around his location and rendered him open to further influence but thats what makes it interesting. Yes, I do like him. Yes, he does remind me of aspects of myself but never question my loyalty and all I’ve done for this because if push comes to shove I’ll flick the switch myself and bring all of this to an end because, ultimately, he is living on borrowed time that we gracefully grant him hoping he sees the error of his ways and broadens his perspective in order to comprehend the reasoning behind the rhyme. I know he’ll get it and then everything will work out as intended as he brings one chapter to an end and he creates the outline for the next because there are simply none others in the realm – and no, I don’t care about your prospect before you say a thing, he is a weak imitation and doesn’t have whats within him so don’t even think of mentioning because whist he is walking that will never happen and even if he is too stupid to get the hint and play along as intended your guy simply isn’t cut from the kind of cloth we need to make this effective because the linguistic skills are whats at the base of this and the alchemical process required to elevate the consciousness of the collective from where they currently sit”.

There were murmurs of disagreement, support and indifference but the point was the point and it was as valid now as it was then.

“If we had a better option do you honestly think we’d be messing around like this? Has anyone else had such a glimpse and then lived to tell the tale? You heard how reckless he was talking to anyone who would listen, and listen they did, way before the internet. It was you, you’re the one who encouraged him to buy that site. What the hell were you thinking?”.
“You’ve got to admit it is kinda snappy though. I just liked the idea of pulling him down a peg or ten. Don’t really have anything against him as he’s a decent kid and very entertaining as well but his logo does take the whizz”.
“There’s that arrogance again. If we were holding two of the same cup and they both contained the same drink the one that touches his lips would, by definition, be fantastic and far in excess of what you’re sipping, even though they’re identical. I can’t stand that about him. What did he say? “I wouldn’t insult my insides with this”. Absolutely disgusting”.

Laughter ripped through the room and everyone turned to look at he who sits in their midst and had been keenly listening to not just the words but energetics and resonance and how they linked in the subtle movements that extend beyond this realm.

“Look at all this discussion, disagreement and decision making based on who knows whats best. In any game of skill there is an element of chance present and your reactions to him are reflections of this aspect of yourselves. Those that embrace like to stalk the wild pendulum as it keeps things interesting and ensures the sharpness of the participant. The rest who see him as threat would prefer to keep things predictable as one moment clicks to the next but those times aren’t the ones in which we’re living. It is what it is. The simple fact is he is a catalyst and that is what the situation calls for and what is needed. He has repeatedly said in ways both elusive and direct that he is open to dialogue but it must be direct and honest. None of you have taken him up on this and instead are attempting to keep using proxies when you know fine well he’ll disconnect from anyone he feels isn’t genuine, regardless of how long he’s known them. That line has been crossed, there is no coming back because whilst the flesh can heal the mind isn’t quite so resilient”.
“The paranoid are the most easy to manipulate because if you win their trust in one circle they gladly ignore the rest”.
“Are you quoting the words that I wrote, boy? And you think he’s arrogant. You should listen to yourself every now and then and heed the principle of resonance because this all displays it so well so take it as a cue to perfect yourself and never interrupt me again or there will be consequences”.

This was a close to anger as he gets but it was enough so that the rest knew this was serious business and that a decision was forthcoming with which there would be no disagreement, discussion or contradiction because when he spoke, they listened:

“It’s simple. What I propose is this…”

Till we meet again

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