Would you Upload your Mind to the Net?

In a few decades or so when the web has closed its digital grip on the minds of those who still dwell upon this planet would you, if offered, jump at the chance to upload your awareness online. Full-time. The real you would be held in a suspended state just above dead that would prevent malfunction and ageing by freezing you instead. Your awareness however would live full time in the web for as long as your provider cashed the cheques otherwise they’d eject and throw you back into flesh. Into a world where the net is something you connect vs exist solely within.

Tim is 106 years old and he is quite rich. So much so that he was handpicked to try out this tech because he’d had a scare about his health. “The deal is this, Sir Tim, its like being given a second chance to live again. You know VR has progressed since the 20s when it was primitive, its now better than the real thing. Come on, lets give it a spin” says the Tech as he augments his awareness. “I can’t tell the difference” states Tim “Are you sure its working?”. The Tech just looks at him and grins then hands over a mirror to glance in. A young girl, Asian stares back at him. “What the…You mean to tell me we’re in…” he begins as his mind starts racing “But my pitch, I still hear the same…” “Voice in your head? Thats an old habit and now you’ve noticed it the shift will kick in” “Ah yes” Tim thinks, in a more feminine lilt, and jumps up with a spring. “I can’t believe how I’m feeling, I half expected the pain in my leg and its weird that its missing. Look how lithe I am, so supple and free. It all seems so real… And yet I’m still me. What amazing technology”.

The Tech smiled at Tim, he knew he had him as the slide to digital is so efficient because you can mimic almost everything within with enough pixels and processing. Plus the mind fills in the gaps not yet coded when it becomes part of the algorithm as it projects and extends the neural net with its own overlay and patterns. “I’ll take it” says Tim as they begin to prepare the process to freeze his flesh. “A second chance to live again, looking however I wish” he thinks to himself “I’ll look young but have the wisdom of experience. Sure its expensive but I worked hard for my fortune and the rest will still get an inheritance” then a new thought creeps in “Actually I might end up outliving them as my flesh will only age at 1/10th of what it usually did so who knows by the time I drop out of the web it might be so advanced that I can buy a new body as well. Its a win/win” he thinks, further selling the idea he’s already bought to himself.

The implications are startling but best believe its all happening. You can already see the hints as they’re not hidden or fake gimmicks based on pretending like science fiction on TV. The question I have for you is this:

Would you do it if you were Tim? Tech has progressed so he is quite sprightly in the flesh but that pesky telomere limit means the Jellyfish Program isn’t for him as he’s already snipped and can’t just rollback like these new modern kids who were born implanted with eternal life as a gift from their parents but always spent it all jacked in. “What a waste” he thinks. Only one way for him and thats death. “Within 2 decades at best” his pricey specialist had said.

What would you do, given the chance he’s tasted? Of trading one shell for the next but with a continuation of awareness in a pixelated reimagining of the world you just left. Sounds like a great deal, yes? Would you take it or object? Ask yourself whilst we head back to Tim:

“That’s a rather catchy name for your business” he says whilst the logo on top of the pod glistens as he prepares himself for suspension. “Yes” says the Tech “We’re rather proud of it ourselves as it does what it says on the tin when it comes to the human experience of living on a planet, in the flesh” “Yes, indeed” says Tim with a grin “Well, plug me in. The Game of Souls is waiting!”

Till we meet again

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