Why Will Slapped Chris + What it says about You

A man murders another in ancient times. The only witness to the crime is an actor. The courts of the day shake their head and say “Nay, for he is a professional liar and we can’t be certain of the truth he’d state”. Makes sense when you think about it because its all literally a huge charade and these folks are masters at making it seem one when it could be something else. The better they are the less evident it is.

What does that have to do with Will Smith having to rock Chris? Perception can be easily tricked and the real deal, on and off stage, is most certainly not what you think. Sure there are certain aspects that can’t be denied as they’re self evident because coming up as kids our role models are parents and they form the blueprint for roles we either accept or reject. Everyone is an actor in this sense because men have three faces in this realm:

One they show to the world, one they show to friends and a third they never reveal to a soul. Not even themselves. This is a great tragedy as its the truest representation of Self and thus people are doomed to live their lives in ignorance of the magnificence within as they attempt to fill a paradigm they didn’t design and thus doesn’t feel real or authentic. Actors in every sense of the word and the world is the stage thats set, ready for their performance.

Every once in a while however, the masks slips and this is what we witnessed and its why the whole world drew a breath and didn’t know what to think because Will has always been “safe”, in the sense that he came up in an era when rap was first starting to kick the doors of mainstream perception in with its street poetry laced with threats that many of the artists actually lived. Smith on the other hand was the opposite to this as he was comedic, non threatening and entertaining as well. A mix thats sure to make people invest in the image he was only to happy to sell because it was the soul he wished to possess. But that wasn’t the hand he was dealt but an attempt to edit the narrative that was already etched in his awareness before he turned 6 and by 10 was cemented in, just like you and everyone else who lives the life unexamined, as its upon this rickety foundation your house of glass rests which is why the world is fascinated with this event. Not because of Will but because of what it says about yourself because there, in the midst of the chaos within there is something silent that identifies with the act, the actor and acted upon because pressure needs a vent and in the Game of Souls they’ve been turning up the temps since way back when so its evident someone will trip, short circuit and flip the table containing the image they’d been working so hard to build. If not to convince you then at least convince themselves.

Will, my motto is there are no accidents, only opportunities, my friend. We both know you should attempt to parlay this into a Presidential bid and get into politics because Reagan already set the precedent and you’ve both got intimate knowledge about the fake aliens. Anyway, that’s as and when because I say that to say this:

Denzel Washington was present and correct and he knows the Game well, as well as the nature of system we’re within but he plays it closed lip to the public with advice given only in private as well as the occasional hint to those who comprehend why he wasn’t recognised till he was cast as villain when there are far greater roles he’s bought to life with his talent that were never even considered or in the running, making sense? Maybe if he’d worn the dress things would’ve been different but “The N They Couldn’t Kill” was always too smart to compromise himself and sip from the poisoned chalice they gift in exchange for making you rich.

See at the end its all about corruption and the exploitation of broken souls who run out West seeking something they can’t give themselves:


And like a pimp with his hoes, they know all the tricks and there is nothing, not one thing which isn’t significant because everything has a link in a world where energy is ever present. What are the chances of Chris making a documentary about Black women who want to straighten their hair and fit in with Becky’s image because thats what “the good hair” is and then bumping into Smiths will like this?

Putting in perspective this is akin to Wayne Brady questioning whether he’d have to choke a bitch because its so out of character but then thats the truth, isn’t it?

If the world is a stage and we’re all actors, caught up in the mix, then those in the business take it a whole nother level of meta existence by acting as they act hence they can’t be trusted to witness as their very cachet is deceptive tricks designed to make you think something when in reality its something else. In many ways the entire world lives like this because you’ve been told since you were a kid, in ways both brazen and indirect, that you aren’t any good as you are and for acceptance you should be like this.

There is the first brick, usually instilled by parents which swiftly chips at your innate “I Am-ness” as it now has to justify its existence whereas before it was never even a question as my radiance is testimony to my alignment as evidenced by my innocence as I’m fully connected to my inner sense. This is the great secret of why children are born shining and become as dim as their parents only to do it all again and why everyone feels like something is missing from their lives that was once present but they can’t quite put their finger on it or say what it is. It’s the Process, as designed by the System. What you think the Game of Souls doesn’t have a vested interest in managing your perceptions and how you think? Why wouldn’t it be? After all it all takes place in your awareness so one divided against Self can never truly rise nor become a threat and thus you’ll spend your life investing in a range of foolish things designed to distract yourself from looking the only place it can begin and end:

The awareness of your awareness.

Oh, now that is something but its beyond the scope of this at the moment but I had to sprinkle it within to give you something to think because the cautionary tale of Will Smith could become a vehicle of enlightenment for all those suffering due to the inculcation of mass ignorance that defines the current paradigm because your greatest ally is within, as is your true opponent. Most never question, never venture and thus don’t know the difference as they hop from the light to dim then back again in a curious strobe effect without questioning the narrative that usually says “You are useless” “You need more shiny things” “If you’re really nice to everyone they’ll think you’re that within”.

These words are actually based in the energetic imprints of your parents as a kid, both what they said and what they felt because a child’s sensory world is exquisitely rich and detailed before the intrusion of the System that is swift to kick them down a notch or ten as the training process begins via the educational tricks which are designed to bore you into submission and reward your repletion of whatever they wish to inflict as the current narrative. reality? Hah, it doesn’t come anywhere into this because strength is ignorance and slavery is freedom. Especially when the chains are jingling within and people are scared of their inner realm.

Getting back to Will it goes a little something like this:

Kid is born overflowing with talent, confidence and presence (as everyone is who steps into this realm). The child is alive in every sense because they are fully embodied and present. Thing is their parents glow is long dimmed and what they see and witness is a threat which shines light into the shadows of their inner realms where the ghosts they tried to silence are suddenly given presence and, in their ignorance, they project this to the kid who they see as the irritant. Don’t worry this process for most is totally invisible but its exactly how it is. Its why one can be the golden child and do no harm or ill because they have learned to fit into the mould of what is expected and thus are ensured to end up as miserable as the ones who birthed them due to the nature of the mimic who forgets their own inner realm in order to pretend they can fit into the reality box they’re expected to sit to ensure another comfort with them.

Does it make sense why the world is the way it is? Driven to drugs, distractions and drinks? When this doesn’t work there are always plenty of other things but the last place people will look is within because that would mean ripping up the foundations to see what is and what isn’t. Let me make it nice and obvious:

Imagine you had to live a script that was written in scrawled ink by you as a kid between the ages of six to ten based on your experience up to then. Keep in mind that sensations are way more intense. If you’ve been on the planet for the same amount of fingertips extending from one wrist then the scale of relative impact is immense when contrasted to someone who has lived five times more experience and became exponentially more numbed in the process. So what is another day at the office for parents can carry horrifying implications for the child within the family environment as he links that and that and this to something wicked and thinks “I don’t want to be like this.” and thus negates an aspect of himself that is authentic but will never be expressed, pure and direct, as self deception kicks in and it becomes something else.

Consider Michael with Joesph, a man who was loud, domineering and arrogant. Simmering with violence and the barely masked threat of “Do it as I say, or else…” and then think of MJs almost complete absence of masculine presence and wish to escape into fantasy which became the secret of his success as well as undoing and you’ll get a glimpse into Will.

Most stars are one of two things. Military kids or regular civs who were born with talent. Both are broken within which is just what the pimp expects because how else would he talk you into selling your flesh and bringing home the bacon to him? The System is a very ugly thing but its upon this premise the entertainment edifice is built and its required to keep the Slaves from revolting as well ensnaring those who actually came to this realm with a mission to uplift into a paradigm designed to weaken them and steer them in other directions. See the next head of the New Afrikan Panthers as a kid and how he died before 26 by being railroaded into a script designed to perpetuate ignorance and the destruction of those he wished to uplift. Yes, its Mr Thug Life himself aka the third participant of Will and Jadas relationship but that comes later as we delve into what tipped the Fresh Prince over the edge and made the whole world sit and scratch an itch in a place they’d been reminded to forget and now simply can’t quit until they get an answer to what this is and represents.

Now remember I said everything is linked and there is no such thing as coincidence, well there is no need for tin foil on the head to stop their pernicious influence as its way more subtle yet twice as evident. I’m speaking of this:

Ain’t that something? The boys just managed to whip up a treatment for alopecia and then we have the whole world transfixed on Jadas bald head. You can’t buy this type of advertising nor how it penetrates and links patterns in the Slaves awareness because the Game of Souls at its core is about energetic influence and ensuring the players ignorance of their true magnificence because this makes the tills ring and keeps them distracted as those who look within and become activated quickly find something that can transcend all this. Get it? Trance end aka bring the dream you’ve been sold to an end so you can see the real image but this involves a strength most don’t believe they possess due to learned helplessness (Which I covered in this bit).

It truly is sick, evil and twisted but lets get back to Will, lost in the whirlwind, which is ironic as thats the place its at is calmest and I’m willing to bet it felt quite magnificent to get a glimpse at his true Self as Chris took it all on the chin.

Can you imagine how that felt for someone who is autistic? Its hard enough getting from A to Z as an emotional dyslexic as the context is all stripped and details not rendered in but best believe it becomes obvious when your head starts to spin and, get this, everyone is comforting Will whilst ignoring him. “What part of the game is this?” he thinks as he scrambles to pick up the unravelling strings in order to stitch the tapestry of his awareness into a coherent script. Speaking of which there is talk that he improv’d it whilst others say it was written. Strange methods of obfuscation like Will was asked to leave, no he wasn’t. All of this at the time when it was the first all Black production of the Oscars which, ends in the immortal words of Rick “They should’ve never gave you Ns money” because this is what happens.

Truth is its perfect for them because it most certainly is a black and white thing, no matter how badly hidden because the nature of yin and yang is what powers this realm but thats deeper on the metaphysic tip and we’re currently talking about Will:

Almost the best and closest to the worst day of his life at the exact same time so much like Denzel who won by playing the villain, and that alone should give you the hint of why everything in the world softly sings “Black = criminal” because that helps the “White = pure” narrative, as discovered by Malcom X when he first started to think and question the nature of the script within because he realized it wasn’t written with his best interests and felt, for the first time, the bars of the Mind Made Prison within which you currently live, in a state of desperate ignorance.

Like I said its all linked, everything is built on one pattern and when you master this knowledge the lotus of wisdom blooms and your awareness shifts beyond the surly clutches of the third dimension within which you’re currently trapped, a stranger to Self. But enough hints about the business of living and lets get back to Will:

As a child to feel defenceless and powerless as your father attempts to kick your mothers head in leaves an imprint in which the inborn spirit does shift from victor to victim because you feel so useless and helpless in the moment. And thus are shaped the bricks people use to wall off their feelings but just because they’re buried alive doesn’t mean they’re dead or that they won’t surface because this is what we saw that night with that event and its the same thing that resides inside you, at this moment.

Will didn’t slap Chris because of what he said. He slapped him because of what his Father did and the immense discomfort this brings raging up to the surface causing the mask he’d worked so hard to build to slip, which isn’t surprising because for the few its been open season on Will as the clown prince of cuckness as the whole world has been up in his biz and all the dirt that got dished as the world “entanglement” entered the collective consciousness.

Its the same reason parents go out to work, have a hell of day, miss an appointment, get let down on this, misplace something and then get out to their car to find a puncture to fix as it rains and they forgot their umbrella at their apartment. 45 minutes later they come home, drenched, and just at that moment their kid spills a drink near the TV set which gets wet and they start wailing on him to vent their frustration as the crime and punishment have no link as one is small yet the reaction is immense.

Same thing with Chris.

We’re literally witnessing the human condition as it stands at this moment play out in the flesh because remember what I said:

These are actors acting an act and thus the most ignorant of Self because their entire business is pretending to be someone else and no one in their right mind wants to do that. But when its the only option left then off to tinseltown you head where they’ll pour fuel on the fire of your lack of confidence. Build you up to tear you down and build you up again, all the while profiting from your pain and suffering as you are forced to lie to yourself as you sit in your mansion wondering “Is this it? Really? All the blood sweat and tears for this? I don’t feel any different”. Its why drugs, sex and all types of excesses are so prevalent as well the risk of an early death because the environment is so sick. Its why Martin Lawrence said people were trying to kill him, why Britney shaved her head, why so many celebs seem like they’ve been taken to the edge and then pushed off it before being reeled in, repackaged and sent out again.

It an old pimps trick thats been working well since the inception of the Game we’re living in because traumatic imprints can be used to direct the behavior of the ignorant and they’ll never comprehend that their true enemy is within due to the clever system of exploiting their weakness.

For a moment think of this:

Before the Smith went to work on the Rocks visage there was a similar incident in which a German comedian met the five fingers of a rapper who said “Everyone has a plan till they get slapped like a bitch”. Realistically, what are the chances of that happening? Actually forget that, what are the chances of this happening:

If that doesn’t give you an immense hint about the business of living and true nature of this realm then maybe you should slap yourself and try and loosen some of that ignorance that holds your awareness in such a firm grip because I don’t believe in coincidence but resonance is something else. Synchronicity is when the universe winks its third eye and hopes you catch its drift because there is a benevolence that never left and always wants to help but can’t directly do a thing until you do something. Such is the nature of free will but Im getting metaphysical again. Sometimes its hard to stay locked into this realm when you’ve tasted death and removed the lens from your awareness to see the Game as it stands and your position therein as the centre of everywhen, but it is what it is, you’ll take it how I give as thats the only way I know to enlighten your darkness because that like this, is all interlinked.

So lets just look at this:

Different actors, same script, different motives, same ends. You know what the silent message is? “Comedians, shut your lip”. Way back since when it was all “Off with his head” the court Jester, the Joker in the deck would sit next to full house filled with royals and bootlicks and tell it how it is. He bought the levity and reality to their otherwise sycophantic experience thanks to his brevity and wit that expressed what everyone intuits but no one has the balls to admit. That is the power of comedy, my friend, and when one looks around at the general absurdity that is given official stamp and license and one cannot criticise or even question then you can see why this is a hint to those in the business of making amusing observations “Best watch your lip because now isn’t the time to make a quip”. Otherwise those who veer off script may experience an “Off with their head” moment like JFK once did. What is wrong with this pic?

The precedent has been set and this marks a new limit about what can be said when it comes to comedians being able to even make the attempt at joking about events. Its all due to Dave Chappelle who saw the System for what it is and they tried to flip it on him and say he was smoking rocks and things only for him to triumph on his own terms and ride the edge of current affairs with a razor wit that is so impeccable they had to send the message to those within their paradigm that “We have ways of dulling your edge”. Oh I’m showing you the business, my friend, because the true gangsters aren’t rapping about it in the Top 10 but chose to sit instead behind the lens and this brings us back to Will:

He can, if he choses, go independent but that won’t happen as the screws are deeply within him. Damned if he does and if he doesn’t? Dammed as well. They certainly enjoy these kind of double bindings in my experience as my head was filled with them as well until I exorcised their presence so know this fully well. They turn you against your Self and you’re so busy fighting within, in a war that you can only lose if you win, that you never even stop to pause or think “Who profits from all of this?”. Not for nothing is that word spelled different to symbolize the presence of one here to offer guidance from a higher plane of existence. Isn’t that a strange thing?

Just like most never click that a “Tell Lie Vision” does exactly as promised and yet people heavily invest in this false image as the real thing and the web just ensures this hits the pleasure centres up so quick that most don’t care what the content is as long as there is a fix which is why its all got so narcissistic and vapid due to the total lack of depth.

Junkies and addicts can’t be counted on to do whats best for themselves when they’re in grips of a compulsion that feeds on their destruction which is, paradoxically, a way of preserving the little integrity they have left. This is the same war that rages in the heart and chest of 81% of the planet, even if they’d like to pretend they weren’t damaged way back when their world was blown to smithereens and slowly but surely they stopped the feels and this is where movies stepped in to fill the void.

A rather cunning ploy to temporarily fill a hole with a little of what you want and a whole load that you miss because a good show is entrancing and its with this they rewrite your script. Next comedian who says something you deem as insensitive will now be met with a “He should button his lip before he gets smacked in it” and thus the greatest tool in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed. Knowing your inner realm means you become a threat and this is where you tread on the Path of Power instead as that means coming face to face with your inherited ignorance, seeing it for what it is, dismantling the walls you built around the radiance in your chest in order to fit in to the script you’re parents were already living, like round pegs in square holes, deftly hammered in to something most unnatural.

This is your world, this is how it is. There is way more we could get into but first just take a few breaths and feel what I said within and if you can’t do this then that should give you a hint of why this situation played out as it did and why its actually an immense gift to the entire world if they have the presence to unwrap themselves and feelsee within. If not it will just be another click that adds another layer of censorship to the last truth tellers left which was also why dislikes on YouTube came to an end because there are many methods to achieve one goal and those who fall once and chose not to rise again become victims of the moment and thus the lies they tell themselves cause them to spin the masks I said:

One face they show the world, one face they show their friends. The last they hide from everyone and yet its the one that truly represents the Warrior within and by embracing this you become a victor as his motto is “Fall down 5, get up 6” and thus he conquers his ignorance by bringing light to the darkness within thats got him living a script that was penned by a kid, written in pain and suffering, thinking there was no one to help when in truth you are something so special and magnificent that I fully intend to help you transcend and see the Game of Souls for what it is.

Till we meet again

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