Make Smarter Choices

Haven’t you ever questioned why its like this? Why so much of life is locked behind paywalls and at the same time you’re never taught how to release your potential from within? How many thousands of years have people done what those before them did, even if it is in no ones interests than the ones who first beat your ancestors into submission to exalt themselves.

A man got married to his fine young wife and promised her the best of times and an all round great life. Not long after he gets a raise and brings home some steaks to celebrate. She gets to preparing them and whips out a blade, trimming off a few inches from each lean cut. He doesn’t wish to ruin the day so lets it slide but can’t help but wince as she throws it away. They eat, drink and fornicate. “Life surely is great” he says. Not long after he is promoted again and decides to get the same and some posh wine as well. This time he picks larger cuts and when he gets home notices that once again she chops off and bins a few lean inches but couldn’t bring himself to question as she looked so happy as she cooked. The mans curiosity needs to be sated. “I work hard to generate these wages and each time we celebrate seeing her do this enrages” so he decides to purchase some steaks for no reason.

He comes home and says “Guess what we’re eating?” as he swings the meat in her direction and she replies with a grin “Pay increase again? They should because my man is the best in the kingdom“. “But wait” he says with gentleness, not wishing to offend or ruin the celebration “Please tell me why you trimmed what is already the best cut? I tried to figure it out but it just makes no sense” “Well, growing up I noticed thats what my Mum did so I do to” she says, feeling uncertain of the question “Is there a problem?” “Phone her this instant and ask her the reason” he says, almost too intensely because for so long the question had been swirling round in his head, infuriating him with its presence.

She picks up the phone and dials hesitantly “Mum, when Dad bought home steaks why did you always cut a couple of inch pieces off the edge?” “Huh? Why thats simple, we only had a small frying pan when you were kid and I could’t fit them in. Why are you asking?”.

It really is that simple, my friend. To get the best answers learn to ask the correct questions. Otherwise the script in your head that was penned by you as a kid in a state where observing was acceptance was the main thing will run your existence via its programming. I’ve given you a template that you can now apply to so many things as a lot of what you experience is repetition of old patterns. It’s why one ex is just like the last even though they seemed so different at the beginning. The only common link in the equation is yourself so it really makes sense to self examine otherwise the click-whirr mechanism that exists in your head will do the same again, expecting different results. That is the definition of madness.

Till we meet again

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