The Difference Between a Hero and a Coward

Nobody is born phenomenal, we don’t start at the peak. Its a point that we meet after years of endurance, tests and often life getting the best of us in these attacks. Sometimes they come on all fronts, often they kick us while we’re down and herein lies the difference between the hero and the coward:

They both feel exactly the same, that they’re losing the Game, which isn’t by any means fair, its rigged what the hell, so who even cares? “It hurts, I’m in pain, I can’t go on, I’m afraid”. Its at this point however that their destinies split and it all comes down to one thing:

Mindset. It makes all the difference. The coward says yes, curls into a ball and weeps on the floor at the inhumanity of it all. The hero on the other hand answers the call, stands tall and keeps pressing on, keeps moving forward because he knows in the depths of his Soul he’d rather die on his feet than live on his knees. Do you see why I say its a mental Game because its all about how you perceive the signals coming in, decode then respond accordingly because excellence is like the peak of a mountain and much of humanity languishes in the valley, alternately talking ish about those who dare to think different and scale the heights of success – that is in any respect, not all battles come with spotlights and pay per views, some are purely for ourselves and the world generally hasn’t a clue about what you’ve done or been through – whilst they congratulate themselves for having taken a couple of steps or regale the tales of “back when I could’ve came up but, you know, I had to stick around and help get a cat out of tree” aka they were pussies because excuses are cheap and the facts stand strong:

Many are called but few chosen because like Napoleon we place the crown on our own dome as power isn’t given, its something you take. Whilst weakness is thrust upon and most accept it with a shake of the head at what could’ve been because the truth is even they are disgusted within. That is why they place such emphasis on other things as they know they failed the test and this is why the corkscrew peaks because the closer you get to success the sweeter they make defeat. Its easy to fall at the last hurdle when you’ve been battered and bruised mercilessly but that is when the inverse law kicks in and you need to double down and fight back harder than ever to beat… Beat what? I hear you say…

The only friend and enemy that ever exists is the one inside your head because unless you tame this beast he will make you his bish and run your existence from now till the end and even then beyond because you’ll be conditioned by the words which come from you at your worst, influenced as you were by all the hurt and the taunts, the jeers and scorns which the world heaps on all who are born into this beleaguered Game of Souls, with its heart is long cold and it wants the same for your Soul. To eradicate the glow so it can sell you a show in which the story of your life is written with anothers pen. Tell me that doesn’t sound like two steps from hell? Then take a look at your life and tell me if there’s a difference? See most people accept weakness because the Game conditions them to think they lack strength, will or resolve because it thats how it does whats best. Lxve is hate and so many things are far from what we expect when we transcend what keeps us locked in this dimensional experience that we were thrown in. And yet the key is ever present. Its no coincidence that Qi is energy, the Ether they tried hard to make vanish and a power which you yourself can find when you learn how to manage the way you breathe and think because both of these are actually reflections of the same thing and this goes back to the hero and coward because, bring it in to the physiological level, and you’ll see this:

They’re both on the canvas, both have taken some licks, both put up a good fight but we now see the difference as the coward believes the lies which the voice inside his head spreads as it amplifies his dread and dampens the fires within. look closer and you’ll notice he breathes purely into his chest, the ruler has abandoned the Lower Kingdom that lies near the belt as his diaphragm won’t descend and the interloper wages war, full steam in his head so he no longer claims the throne that sits empty in that realm as he escapes to the fort which he built in his chest in an attempt to keep himself safe from these threats but that in effect isolates him from his strength as his subjects witness their leaders weakness and thus turn on him. From that moment on this is how he must live and its a truth most cannot accept so they concoct so many tales that it would be amusing if it weren’t so sad that this creates the yoke which they then labour within for the rest of their existence.

The hero on the other hand is also half past dead,, but there is a difference which makes it all different. He knows his power is in his belly, he refuses to end the conquest which gives him the strength of the Lower Kingdom and he lies there and breathes, deep into his belly. the war in head still rages and the fort of his chest opens and directs the forces within to fight at his behest and they do, whole heartedly, because they see their leader is willing to lay it all on the line and stand tall when it counts and with this he commands, ready for one more bout and just that willingness elicits a roar from the crowd as they know, deep within, that could be them if their flesh was as willing as the spirit that animates their system, but, like I said, weakness is something they learned and most give in and thus have to live the painful lesson of being less than they could’ve been. His strength is long gone, pure will is now carrying him along because he fights not only external enemies but also the eternal, internal threat that requires constant vigilance and its at this point it all clicks.

“Can it be it was all so simple?” He says later as he thinks, there was only ever one opponent, only ever one battle and only ever one weakness. It was me and how I related to myself because if I ran then where to? How can I escape whats within but if I face it head up then all that seemed outside melts because its simply a reflection, or to be more accurate, a projection that originates within and then is seen again via a trick of the lense and perceived afresh without most ever making the link.

So he embraces the pain, finding a new strength which takes him to a place not marked on any map but familiar in its presence as he steps into the source of who he is, was and will be – in or out of this realm as he becomes the true player in essence and not just one whose played and this is where and how the metamorphosis to Warrior takes place because from that moment on, nothing is ever the same. It all makes sense, all the pain and suffering because suddenly you are translucent, the hardest yet most beautiful thing on the surface of the Earth that all wish they could own or possess:

A diamond in the flesh. And all of this is because you, like them, started as coal as well but took the punishment and never gave in or ceded your will to keep progressing up the hill of self directed evolution and the end result was nothing short of alchemical as you flipped what was soft, opaque and abundant into something hard, brilliant and rare but as the Warrior knows in his Soul, the fight doesn’t end there because now the next layer kicks in and this one is purely non physical where you in effect give birth to yourself to escape, forever, from this Game of Souls and it repeated life sentences but that is another topic. For now just rewind and digest this. Chew it slow, stop and think because I’ve just given you the keys to fulfilment as well as a huge hint on the nature of the alchemical process that ultimately powers all this. In effect its everyones inheritance, from the poor to the rich, and yet it sits languishing within so many lost Souls trapped in this Game, in a time of universal ignorance and so they will again unless they heed the lesson and choose to exist like the hero and keep on pressing, especially when everyone and everything says quit because the greatest loss in life isn’t death, that isn’t even the end, no the greatest loss is giving in. Especially when you were just about to win and all it would’ve took was a little more presence, a sprinkle of effort and dusting off your will and saying “I’ve got this”.

Till we meet again

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