3 Months A Slave

Deep within our brains, running through our veins is the life of pain we’re trying hard to pretend we haven’t lived or wasn’t as we think, even though our entire existence is proof of this, in ways both obvious and subtle – to others and ourselves. Most profess ignorance but privately know full well what I mean as the nature of this reality is to hand out raw deals for the feels which means under whose intent to we enter the tutelage that leads us to be this way? That’s an intricate question which we’ll answer as wade deeper into the charade of what we say when we mean “Me” as that truly is at the heart of reality. For now, know this:

You are a product in this realm that generates immense wealth out of ignorance and then unhappily gives its away for a base level existence and this is what you pass on to your children thanks to what you think and accept as the way it is.

Like I said they hand out raw deals to those who were once able to feel and then they’ll try their best to pretend that it isn’t what it is as they attempt to evade the discomfort via all manner of self deception and image building in others heads with the hope that “If they believe I’m this then hopefully I’ll feel that as well”. There it is, the secret truth of antisocial realm that spins its web and draws in via its influence those who beg from others what they can’t give to Self:


Anywhen, upon these shifting sands rests the edifice of modern society and its progress where no one questions why its like this. Why suffering is the universal language we all speak within and yet is never uttered upon our lips unless we’ve had a sip or are so stressed that the mask slips.

I’ve had enough of it. The dishonesty with myself. There isn’t a type of wickedness in this realm I hadn’t witnessed before I hit double digits and since then I’ve seen various permutations designed to lift my despair to new depths that rack my frame with tension and thus make it hard to pay attention as the flesh which hosts my awareness couldn’t concentrate for an instant as it was filled to the brim with pain and suffering. So my mind was driven to distraction as outside I’m alive but internally long dead, just waiting for life to bring it all to an end.

The saddest part is I’ve seen the code of the matrix. If I share or spill the entire thing not only will the spiritually wicked be pissed but the pure of heart as well because it involves them, their awareness and the concepts within.

I write this to you from the depths of solitude I exist in. Since you last saw my visage I gradually disconnected myself from almost everything I’d been. That means no more steps on the Path of Power with its various tools and tricks designed to ease and circumvent the suffering we find ourselves in due to the intent to liberate the Warrior within. No, I chose instead to end that aspect and sink into my pain and ignorance. The loss of innocence and all this brings as I’ve been stomped and kicked by those with vested interests to ensure I don’t say a thing because my very existence is a threat to them and their operation where the greatest sins are committed by the gloved under cover of darkness for one can smile and be villain, as a group of people once said.

A glimmer of light is enough to bring their reign of dimming potential to an end as well as lay the nature of the false illumination they bring bare because its easy to see what it is once you’ve removed the societal programming lenses from your head as the raw signals that pour in are then easily decoded by your awareness. “Why are my eyes hurting?” they said “Because you’ve never used them, my friend”. The tech and other symbols of progress serve many ends, one of them is the comfort it brings by reducing tension as it reinforces programming and steadily erodes your pleasure centers as well. Like a junkie looking for a fix most will deny this with vehemence as they clutch their phone like a beacon of salvation as it helps their fractured awareness feel a semblance of presence. All hail the dark geometry that lies hidden in plain sight as your screen because most of the species worships it daily.

This process serves to further enrich them whilst disconnecting you further from Self and this is exactly as intended because you are a product. Cattle is what they said and like them you generate profits in life and death as there is so much to sell. Let this be the realest I ever wrote. All facts, no show. You will hate me with a ferocity you didn’t know you possessed if I were to show you the inner workings of all this as your mind isn’t your own. It hasn’t been since you stepped in to this life sentence. Since before you were born its all been programmed to ensure a perverted script, designed to adulterate awareness, is the inheritance you get from the well wishing and brainwashed idiots who never questioned a thing as they lived as miserable meat marionettes.

You turned from the wisdom within that was and is your birthright and instead started thinking as they did as feeling began to dip. Everyone wants to fit in and we unconsciously adapt the patterns of our Family System and the roles they beget before the larger one does what it does best and tangles you up from within whilst messing with your head and how you define things because words are weapons if you don’t know their intent. Consider lxve spelling evil when flipped and how three little words spoken in affection are actually a curse which sends an evil eye at them.

Poison is given which has been dipped in socially sanctioned sweetness for your lips. The true effects of this are only known once it enters in and invades your private realms and thus the script is flipped and what you came to experience is instead supplanted with “Get more of this”. Addicts know this well. Slaves deny the nature of their own living hell, even if its self evident to those who’ve looked within and questioned their motivations and why nothing they’ve been or done since being kids seems to last or feel anywhere near as thrilling. The definition of madness is not getting the results you wish and yet engaging in the same behaviors again. Ringing any bells yet?

All I have is bitter pills that, should they make it to your depths, can have a transcendent effect to liberate your awareness as their golden glow spreads and shifts the Self deception you previously dwelled in and dispels the ignorance that caused your inner realm to dim.

Why did I do this? Why leave behind what works so well in order to descend into my personal hell? I had to know for myself that I was truly making progress by comparing now to then. Was this Slave and Warrior thing actually true or a delusion I perpetrated on myself and those who had listened? I’d been so long a Victor I couldn’t even imagine how a Victim thinks and exists. Or at least I didn’t. Lets say those old tricks came roaring back with a vengeance the moment I left a chink for them to get in as they’d been sitting, patiently waiting like timeless demons who feed on human suffering and expand anything that makes you feel terrible.

I did initially suspect “What if the Path of Power is another trick? A matrix within a matrix, designed to capture those who would escape by making them think they’d made it?”. I can now safely say its not this as there are only two directions this all spirals and thats either deeper in to the programming or towards the freedom of gnosis. In the middle of all this sits the unchanging and silent glow of your pristine awareness, the witness who sees but doesn’t say a thing. The difference between seeing via a programmed lens and psy-lense is immense as one is focused on this dimensh whilst the other is constantly linked to your prime point of origin. Ask yourself, in both of of those options where do you think the power dwells? Slaves never question this. They seek their fortune in bio-survival tickets and various accolades of this realm as a way of filling the emptiness within whereas the Warrior transcends the grift of living in a body on a planet by unclogging the blockages which gradually tamp down the spring that once powered your steps.

The darkness I’ve witnessed during my descent was immense and the strength I possessed to face it started wearing thin and eroding all I’d built as the accoutrements on the Path of Power must be constantly replenished just as the negative coding of Slave is perpetually reinforced by the net, news, and social programming. Thats why one of the steps is disconnecting yourself from this toxic, low frequency influence which broadcasts on alternating spectrums of fear and cheap thrills to those who are pretty much walking dead as they can no longer feel anything else and are addicted to all they get. Never do they question this. Those are the kind of Slaves that long ago gave in struggling and accepted what it is as they drifted into the abyss and in the process lost themselves to ignorance.

At the last moment for me as I found myself acting like them something clicked and said “Enough of this foolishness. You came to look in order to help but ended up identifying with the suffering whereas before you’d jettison the imprint now you strapped in and went where directed”. Yes, its a seductive and destructive process. Its all really about resonance. Think of it like this:

You move from one town to the next where they have a very different accent. You don’t like how they sound because its so dim and stupid whereas your own tones are bright and crisp so you attempt to resist the influence to acquiesce. How long do you think you’ll persist in this before your will is worn away by what washes in and over your presence, day out, day in, as you’re the only one in this town with that accent. Thats why misery, its said, lxves company my friend. You become what you’re around via a process of osmosis as we have these things called Mirror Neurons which emulate the influence of those who’ve already given in and this collective resonance becomes a prime weapon in all of this. Consider your original accent the language of light you spoke within that wasn’t taught nor instructed. Some mothers intuit this and form a deep bond with their kids as they provide just what is needed. Others are threatened by it as it touches places in them long dead and make them feel a strange ambivalence as the Wounded Womb does its thing and damages the seeds it begets. Thats a deeper topic but know its all connected.

Thanks to my Higher Self intervening as I was careening down into the abyss, feeling helpless to resist this I can now empathize fully with your predicament. Its also exponentially increased my wisdom as I realized far more effective ways of using the Path of Power and its teachings as I needed to sink down to this realm in order to see how the modern world lives and why they think what they think so I’m grateful for the experience. Better yet is to ascend, its only been a minute since I made the shift and I wrote this, the first piece I’ve flown since I sank to the depths of ignorance and away from the golden glow of Self.

Granted due to elaborate mental tricks and the convoluted belief systems (that most dare not question) they attempt to rationalize that all is well even though they live in a place that looks like heaven yet feels like hell. Such is the disconnect that lies at the root of all of this as a glimpse at their faces warped with tension thanks to the sadness within that has no socially sanctioned method of expression or existence. Come to think of it this is why they pop pills, feel shifting pains that jump from neck to leg then back to their spine as well that nothing ever seems to fix. These are trapped emotions, Warriors know them well and liberate them from within to allow a sense of freedom to rise again. Slaves contort themselves so they may feel less and this why old folks in Western civilization walk stooped over and lack in flex. Heck even modern kids are like this as the screens quickly do their thing. A picture is a thousand words ergo visual brainwashing is intense and it effects cumulative. Think of this as you surf the web, the content you ingest is the poison dipped in honey I previously mentioned and voluntarily withdrawal from this will prove how addictive and corrosive it is and a key component of enslaving your unfinite Self.

Anything to take your mind off this is surely welcomed in this realm because people look outside of themselves for someone, anyone to save them. Its why we have a government, religion, institutions and all these things. They are symptomatic of the chaos within and the deep seated need for something solid and unchanging. They are also dead, disconnected and, ultimately at the end, figments of your imagination as everything is in this realm which is why the control of thought is the cornerstone of any dictatorial paradigm. The life of pain which is lived forms the foundation of the edifice mentioned and it needs to be constantly nourished otherwise the house of cards thats built can collapse in an instant. This corrosive influence poisons the rest of the concepts and thus the efficient machine of the System ticks by providing socially sanctioned checks and balances that ensure control remains within its sphere of influence and the Slaves caught up in will defend to the death their right to enslavement as the thought of freedom goes against all they’ve been programmed with since they stepped into the flesh, way back when.

I now get where you’re at as its a place I’ve just been and the familiar nature of predictable misery and boredom interspersed with bouts of anxiety that needs distractions frequently is something I comprehend. Its a strange existence but I can see its appeal as well because the complacent normalcy is like a teat most aren’t willing to wean themselves from as the thought of “Having to fend for self? On top of all this stress?” fills them with a panic they can’t fully express but its nothing like this. To disconnect means the poison stops pouring in so you can start to cleanse your inner realm. This is where the Path of Power helps as there are many tools and hints designed to reactivate your resilience and allow the golden glow within to once again circulate in your presence. Then instead of stress life becomes an adventure in the flesh, a state that is familiar in its newness as you once dwelled exclusively within as a kid before the System did its thing. Thats what it really is and all I’m truly offering:

On the one hand you have your life how it is. You can see it quite clearly from now till the end. Its mostly predictable, safe and generally unfulfilling. You work hard to build an image but its not genuine from within and you feel this, one some level. For those with kids you’ll have noticed they’re born natural confident and exuberant then that glow dims as they become enslaved, just like their parents. The Path of Power offers a chance to break out of this paradigm but first you must comprehend what you’re within and that requires a level of honesty that most simply don’t possess at this moment because they’ve spent a lifetime lying to themselves and anything bar the sanctioned narrative feels like a threat, even if its designed to make them question why they don’t still possess that which they came with in this realm:

Inner sense. Why do your concepts and presence not seem to dip below the neck as you spend your life reading labels provided by your head as opposed to full bodied sensations and total presence? Poison seems sweet to those suffering royally from self inflicted misery birthed of ignorance then dressed in pretence that is socially reinforced and sanctioned. Those who accept this are in effect suffering, in degrees which varying how intense from moment to moment but make no mistake, its the underpinning current that defines everything. Its not pleasant in any sense whereas the Path of Power is about reclaiming your inner realm and seeing the terrain for what it is as this then causes a commensurate shift in the outer aspect as well because as I’ve said many times:

The Game of Souls plays out entirely in your awareness. Victors know this as they’re resting in position, centered in Self. Victims think the world, galaxy and universe is immense and they are small, insignificant and powerless as they wander around a planet eking out an existence with a head full of concepts that truly don’t make sense and a nagging sense of emptiness within that nothing on offer can truly fill.

Up until now you may not have been aware of this but the thing about thoughts is you can’t unthink and now this gnosis has dripped in you’ll become aware of the options which were previously hidden due to you not wanting to see them. Freedom is an inside job, none but ourselves can free our minds.

Till we meet again

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