Here’s to the Crazy Ones

Everyone has someone who is crazy in their family, they may not be locked up in a padded cell with psychotropics pumped into their flesh to dampen their madness but there is always one who is different. They march to the beat of a drum that is heard only by them and everyone knows who they are as they make no bones about it. To them they’re just being themselves in a world full of people who pretend to be what someone else tells them.

Ain’t that something?

And we think they’re mad. Here’s a little test, I want you, so called sane ones, to examine on an average day with regular events who is happier. You or them? Ahh, see… Can it be so obvious? Why is the so called crazy the first to pop a grin? Best believe they’re way more creative and can get more done with less than you can with the world at your fingertips. Sure, they may occasionally wield a sense of righteousness and anger because they feel no one gets them but you’ve got to admit they bring a shine and colored lights to what would otherwise be a very dull realm because they are simply something else but check it, for a moment imagine they are simply true to themselves whilst you’re pretending to like the socially acceptable mould you were poured in.

See, therein lies the difference because you were formed, your mind built brick by brick, whilst they, on some level, rejected this process and chose to be authentic out and in. Sure to the rest their ramblings and intent may seem odd and chaotic but thats only because you’re living in a realm of standardized madness which the majority accept even though it makes them miserable and feel, every day, like a little bit less of themselves.

So here’s to the crazy ones who intuit the true nature of the System and bring some illumination to their kin purely because they think different. Sure they may not get it but they appreciate it nonetheless as you bring an indomitable spirit that is refreshing to a world thirsting for a drink called being authentic. Whilst they may not be able to express the nature of the System in a way that eloquent that can be poured into your rigid head so you comprehend – after all the amount your mind can flex is reflected by the mobility of your arms, legs, neck, hips, torso and the rest because limits in one impinge the rest.

Back to the loons, you may think they’re missing a nut, bolt or screw in the head but its actually you who is wound so tight that you can no longer engage in the looseness which is your birthright and natural gift. The System is built on rigid shapes with straight lines whilst we were born to be circles. Somethings gotta give… Thing is they know this and the fact that your awareness can be poured into anything and take its shape is what makes us stick because then they drop the temps within as the glow dims, people are frozen solid whilst the crazy heads come equipped with spiritual antifreeze that wouldn’t let the Game do its thing. Therefore they still flow with a freedom which doesn’t fit into a world that runs like a large scale version of Tetris.

Take a moment and remind yourself, it’s no measure of health to be well adjusted to a society profoundly sick. The question Slaves never wonder is why it is like this because if they did, they’d flip the script. Take it away, Carlin:

Till we meet again

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