You’re not in Shelbyville any more, Toto

I previously spoke of a man piecing together a puzzle in the dark. He sits there alone, on the floor of his palatial home waiting for a glimpse that will assist him in making sense of his predicament when, right on cue, comes a flash of the inner light which changes the way he views everything in life. It’s a moment of wonder, to be sure, and not one most can digest as folk are loathe to question or dive in to the depths and examine the thoughts and concepts that make them. One could extract from this its why we immediately dislike anyone who is like ourselves as aspects of our individuality feel the implicit threat to their supposed uniqueness. The Simpsons illustrated this well:

Matter of fact there is so much wisdom packed into what people call entertainment that many just miss it. Notice how boundaries, imaginary lines and permission are such a big thing for the boys looking down whilst the girls attention is skyward and enjoy every minute without hesitation or limit.

This speaks on deeper topics of the differences between the ways men and women see things and we’ll get into this when we delve into the nature of relationships and what it means when Yang meets Yin because that really is the key that underpins existence. For the moment, consider this:

As it too speaks volumes on what I said about the nature of identity and how it perceives threat due to resonance of subconscious concepts. See most wander through this realm wonder why another doesn’t “get them” when in reality it is they who don’t comprehend themselves. It’s like I said previously in a vid “Fear is a street sign on the way to power” so success manifests when you overcome the lowest aspects of your self as that is when you have the comprehension to shift into that higher state of consciousness. You could reason that everything is as intended. But even that statement has immense implications for anyone who wishes to dig into why the System conspires to shape and influence the lives of those wandering this realm with their unfinite awareness tamped in to the Earthday Suit they know as them.

Best believe everything is connected, the trick is to spot the linkage and decode the signal because todays events have offered me insight and inspiration about new directions for both myself and this project. Yesterday offered a hint about the journey within your temple and getting to know your Self in the most intimate sense. Today offered a preview of a deeper glimpse into the riddle of self concepts as defined by the media circus that we shall fully delve into as and when, but for now consider this:

There is a deep psychological need that your favorite TV show or movie fills which, if you stop to consider for a moment, can offer you a great hint into the depths of your awareness as all is a projection of your inner realm. Put it like this, if Bruce Wayne were sitting and chilling in his mansion by himself after a dark night of fighting crime he’d most likely be watching something like The Notebook or Jerry Maguire to assuage the relationship void within that his life choices and imprints won’t allow him to access and yet still need to be fulfilled.

This is a hugely important topic when it comes to this stage of the Game. For best return on investment see what happens when you apply this template I’ve just penned to your own awareness and choices in entertainment as there is inversion, introjection and projection at play. To become familiar with the process is to loosen it’s grip on the immense and naturally abundant resources hidden within. So take heed and apply then allow your wealth to rise and shine as you share your magnificence, optimism and confidence as you manifest the change you wish to gift to those who most need it.

Till we meet again

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