Ready or Not Here I Come!

We like who we like
mainly due to chemical reactions
and mathematical angles
at its most fundamental axis
and on top of this
we dress everything else

as we see fit.

“I do this for that and the other for me”
Life truly is a dream
or maybe a wheel
within a wheel
as there are elaborate schemes
underpinning the whole deal
that makes me wonder
What is real?

Who to believe in a world made of lies
As you are deceived by your eyes
ears, nose and all other senses as they conspire
to render solid that which was just information

via the condensation of data that is then given depth
length, width and various other measures
as fundamentally its all just points
doing their thing
but from our level it appears
quite solidly engaging

Yes, the matter is amazement
which due to its very nature
pulls us in closer via engagement
as we lay a trail of breadcrumbs
of what has been to mark what is to come
and thus we get lulled into the sleep of the mortal
who is fully convinced he is awake as he gives the performance
of his life to an audience entirely enthralled by this
this speck of a world
and its macabre arts
running through a season thats quite dark.

Laced with intrigue and ignorance
as well as larceny in hearts
where beauty is skin deep
and the individual is a sheep
thrown out amongst the wolves
dressed up as the good.

Where truth is misunderstood
as lies have been propped so long
that the difference of the songs
is lost on those who cry
“This is what I believe
and this is what they say
shall happen when you leave”
little realizing the scheme
exists solely to fleece the sheep.

None are so fooled
as those who allow
themselves to be deceived
by disavowing their greatest ability:

Thinking critically.

Your mind is the ultimate weapon
if not used correctly.
So which side is your team?
Either Victim or Opponent.
Choose wisely.

See, if you dare to ask
this question itself deeply
then the truth is revealed
as in the midst of a good Opponent
the Victim never suspects his role
and thus the Game unfolds
until its time to pay the piper
with the dark night of your Soul.


Enjoy the rest of your lives
as you sit there, bewildered
trying to comprehend exactly what began
that lead to this end.

Now on the other hand
in the same situation, my friend
if you realize the jig as you dance
then it becomes something else
as then you
you become the Opponent
and those railing agains? Your Victims
and even if you choose to do nothing
you still learn a lot about it.
It being
whatever was the name
of the game you came to play

It really is quite engaging
because it was designed this way
for all types, creeds and races
“Come one, come all! Get faces”
and we’ll start trading.
On the one hand you can be
whatever we tell you to be
as backed by your friends,
family and society
or whoever elses authority
you need to believe
whatever it is we said
is what you should be.

Or, or on the other hand
you can regain that
with which you came
but most forget and leave in this realm:

Who I am

What it means to be me
the simple truth of all that was, is and will be
some good old fashioned Inner Sense
before it was kicked out of your chest
via the socialization system
that imprisoned your awareness
in the Mind Made Prison
where it currently dwells
reading this.

It really is something else
when seen from the edge
and quite different from the middle
as you sit and they spin
or you rush as they chill
“To and fro, must pay the bills”
mind full of worries
body wracked with ills.

So much fear and pressure
the urge to comply and fit in
as well as the desire to be different
“Craft your own lane and image
inside the Reality Tunnel you’re given
but question not the intent or direction.
Stop thinking! Yours is to do as directed”

Yes it is a tightrope
on which many currently walk.
One end far off in the distance
is all you’re promised you could hold
either in this world or when gone
via the journey beyond the globe
and its a long and very thin rope
with so, so far to go
and so long you could fall
and yet
there is always another pole
one most never seek
as its so well hidden
that is the point to all of this, you know?
the inner wisdom which speaks
in the Psylense
and makes all of this possible
for it is you, in and beyond the flesh.

Your true point of origin.

That which is lost in the whirlwind.
Sold, traded or forgotten as you’re caught up
in the business of living and its myriad illusions.

Induced to forget then tricked to disconnect.
As you are reading this text you start to recollect
that you are playing a game.
The Game

Of cosmic hide and seek.

In which you are that which is
and also what isn’t.

The trick is knowing the difference.
Practice discernment.

Till we meet again

Nothing Exists Without Me

I think you may be
one of the few alive
that comprehends my style
as I feel there is more
way more to this world
than daily meets the eyes
as the physical it speaks
oh so silently and says
“All is a lie because the truth
would blow your mind

which itself is a construction
of the forces of spacetime
because who and what you are
beyond its confines
is something that shines
bright from the eyes of a child
as we’re born intuitively grasping
we are the sole axis
around which everything spins

before confusion sets in
and we’re relegated to the edge
and thus off centered in this realm
and prone to illusion”.

This age, in essence,
where mired in delusion
people worship illusion and pretend
they comprehend the depth
of what it means to draw breath
as ignorance is their master
and avarice their best friend
The learned have motivations
not much different as well
as the institutions are corrupt
and steer men from from themselves
as misery loves company

So they all daily sing
of the pains and unfilled needs
that reverberate within
via the fake smiles and engineered wiles
that define modern life

as they pose socially for the medes
screaming quietly
“Please accept me.
it is the gift I cannot give
yet need so myself
as this immense unrest
fueled by ignorance that swells
dictates my each step
along with the ragged breaths
that underpin my concepts
of who and where I am,
alone in this realm.
Oh, please accept me I beg
as I cannot accept myself”.

Yet if you turn and tell them this
they think you’re crazy
in extremis
even though it shines from their core
their motivation, du jour
and I see it all over
Like its written on their face
the half blind and semi crazed
that think everything’s OK
because they are so well adjusted
to a society profoundly sick

due to ignoring the wisdom
that always dwells within.

Tell me something, my friend
for there is no such thing as strangers
in my experience
when we are of one essence
does what I’ve said make sense?
In some way resonate?
Do you ever think this way?
Or is this just my perspective
from the eye of the storm
as I’m open to interpretations
as that is all one knows
in a world of uncertainty.

Till we meet again

Why I’m Going to Keep My Videos and Content Intact

Who I am now isn’t who I was then. Nor is it who I am becoming and will be. And yet, through all of this, I am unchanging. That, my friend, is lifes little contradiction and if you can find the calm inside the storm, the tranquility in the whirlwind and comprehend what I said by visceral experience then you have laid claim to Self and everything shifts. I say that to say this:

I contemplated deleting the videos I’d made along with all the content published in order to start again after my hiatus. Why? There are some things I would have said different, some perspectives best left private and various vents to get off my chest what I was feeling in the moment as well as the rage and hopelessness that saturated my consciousness when I first started to push then pen and unfold this project that I’d have left within, or at least not shared via this medium. Thing is they’re out there now. You can’t put the bullet back in the gun once its been struck with the pin so it is what is. I’ve sowed and shall reap.

And yet those statements were also a cause as well as effect. Are you seeing the trick yet? Lets say I didn’t make them, matter of fact didn’t make any more or speak out in public. Lets pretend I spent the rest of my life as an investment of my credo of “Get free or die trying” then actually achieved my ends of permanent liberation from this realm as I collected all of my Soul fragments, liberated my ancestors and helped all those I came in contact with without any expectation of getting anything back from them. All abuse and badness was heartily appreciated but to ensure the pain was minimal I kept my circle very tight and close to my chest.

What would happen then?

Believe it or not this was the life I planned, wanted and intended. I’d scoped out an isolated island away from all of this and was making the moves needed to stack the chips required to ensure it happened when fate intervened, as it has a habit of doing. Long story longer, that card was removed from the deck by various shenanigans that culminated with my latest brush with death which motivated the first video I recorded. The rest flowed organic and it amused me to see the resonance in between such disparate threads and that I took as the hint to let them rest for posterity because whats done is done and whats next is coming.

Who I am now isn’t who I was then. Nor is it who I am becoming and will be. And yet, through all of this, I am unchanging. I am the thinker, the thinking, the thought. I am the Witness that sees all from within as it makes all possible and yet is nigh on impossible to spot as it is actually the canvas upon which the art of life is painted as well as the seer that take it in. Ah, such an elegant trick because its like a riddle wrapped in a paradox surrounded by mystery. Imagine you lived in a world that was as flat as can be. Two Dimensional in all respects was the length and breadth of your reality till one day you somehow popped off the page and found it rested on a desk in the world we live in currently. This added frame of reference changes everything in ways ineffable yet so visceral as you swiftly find the limits of language which are exceedingly at odds with that which is perceiving these higher states of awareness.

Then lets pretend you were back on the page again, stuck in that dimension with the rest of your friends. What would you do next? To tell them and you’d seem like a madman. Especially if they were the same who plotted and planned to take you out of the Game the page of spacetime represents. Your anger would overflow and whistle to find a vent as you struggled to process the events as an ever increasing sense of isolation and loneliness crept in to taint your existence. Even something as simple as trying to share a sphere with those who only know circles would generate fear and derision in those listening as they’d think you’re waffling about something that is so far (and yet so close) to their awareness. That is me, my friend. At least it was.

Who I am now isn’t who I was then. Nor is it who I am becoming and will be. And yet, through all of this, I am unchanging. The older version of me back then in contrast to the one currently typing have vastly different ways of relating to the energetics of the situation. If this trends, and I suspect it will, that also means that I’ll flip the script on this perspective as I progress because its all about the spiral which ascends out of this realm. Along the way the steps bring us into contact with variations on a theme seen from new angles which then shift interpretations and this information motivates new movements and this, this is truly living. This is the Path of Power. Contrast that to your square existence where the four predictable corners of North, East, West, South bring the world to your mind via the screen, TV set or various practices that all worship the same thing:

I’m talking hyper-dimensional to those trapped within a flat frame of reference and thats quite insane because many people have lost their minds from such a near death experience and yet I’m grateful. In many ways its all unfolding as ordained because free will is an illusion that is as persistent as this fake realm we mistake, again and again, for reality itself. What am I saying? One of the first statements I made when I first tapped the keys and hit send was this:

There are no strangers. There are no enemies. I have befriended the entire world“.

Little did I realize then as I walked under the scorching heat which showed no mercy that I was sprinkling seeds that would grow into the trees which currently shade me as I sip fresh waters from the oasis where I’m resting and extend you an invitation to extend your perception.

In many ways spiritual development is a solo sport and yet this contradicts us all being connected. With that in mind would I be here now, this moment, with this perspective I’m intent on sharing without the events detailed in the first SeaSun of the willhelpme project? No, not a chance hence the content stays as it is from now till the end of the web and by then the underlying truths we uncover will be etched upon the Souls of the 8% to inspire the next generation to protect the Inner Sense of the children which step into this realm and allow them to sit behind the wheel of guidance for the Adulterated can only beget those as emotionally dead and suffering as themselves, even though they’ll deny it. The truth is obvious:

There is something very wrong with this planet and the people on it. The fact this madness is so widespread, unquestioned and accepted means that one who goes against the grain will be seen as insane and treat accordingly speaks volumes, doesn’t it?

On this spin that happens to be me. One day it will be you. In many ways this is a space to be filled and whilst each will manifest the script in their own way the end result will be the same and can be expressed in a simple sentence:

Me against the worlds.

It really feels like this when you step into this realm with the intent to reclaim your Soul, collect the fragments, liberate your ancestors and decedents whilst assisting those who wish to ascend along the way by speeding up their evolution so you can finally step out of the Game and go back home again. Never to don the Earthday suit again via the tricks of reincarnation. No more links or connections to this realm, debts to be serviced for contracts signed in ignorance without reading the small print or falling for the tricks which promise the world when it isn’t theirs to give as they plunder your temple and loot the riches as you let the thieves in.

Exit stage left, I’m hearting home. The prime, the preexisting, no named I call Psylense is waiting but even that is just a label and I’m speaking of an experience. Does this sound like spheres for fears of those trapped on a flat surface? Am I amusing you or just confusing you? Am I who you visualized? If real eyes realize real lies which seem true does that make the wisest one who isn’t fooled by the world drawn over their eyes as they are whirled round since they step in and accept the dizziness as equilibrium. Doesn’t that make sense? After all they say the world spins at speeds astronomical and yet nothing but static is felt. Did you feel that? Hear the Psylense which said how Self evident this is because the outer is within due to that which manifests ie you make the path by walking and thus without you there to listen to to the tree falling it would be silent and might as well never happen.

The Observer Effect they call it. The hint about how powerful the primacy of consciousness is because everything is sentient, in its own frame of reference, as its all vibration. How we process these signals. What we filter and reject, the bits and how we stitch them together to form our narrative. That is whats important. Except it isn’t at the end (or beginning) as you are none of this but that which looks aka the Witness. Formless, silent, ever present. Unchanging yet never the same. The hero with a thousand faces, all of them an illusion as we play the great cosmic Game which is akin to hide and seek where divinity finds itself and shines light into the darkness which dwells in the chest of the disconnected who comprehend it not.

“Look, its like that circle, right, but there is more of it. It gets, ah, how do I say this? It gets fat and thin. There is just more dimension, they call it depth. It allows perspective and nothing is the same once you’ve seen it” says the man who left flatland and came back again as those who can’t relate think its the ravings of a madman who flipped his lid and should be medicated quick. “Ha! What an idiot” they said, after walking away to a polite distance. “He thinks the world is piece of paper, whatever that is, that sits on a desk in what he calls the really real world and in that realm there are things like this but far more complex and posses a depth and solidity we can’t imagine. Tsh, pshaw and nonsense!”.

And yet to us, here, now, that frame of reference is Self evident as its so easy to imagine them in this predicament and this is why I with you’ll afford me and my perspective the same empathy for the one who stumbles and bumbles to express that which the denizens of flatland simply do not possess the frame of mind or language to express but could comprehend if they see what he did during his journey beyond the limits of what they call the edge of their world.

Without my Opponents this never would’ve have happened. How can I hate them? Denigrate or speak out against them when they, in effect, handed me the keys to my very own vehicle of liberation. An interstellar spaceship that I’d only began to intuit before they conspired to spell my end via various incantations that were intended to bring my death. And yet, he is risen. Its a miracle!

The Game, man, the Game truly is something else. Without you it would be nothing and it convinces you of the flip so you believe you can’t live without it. Its like being born a bubble, so round and perfect as the tension level which gives you form is so efficient that there is no stress or fear within and then you’re slammed between two sheets of paper and left to dry onto the page which is now saturated with your previously free experience. Trapped in place, things have changed and are different but you can’t express what it is because part and parcel of the equation is speaking the local language which lacks entirely these frames of reference which speak not of bubbles, only parchment. Flatland. One dimensional living. That is you at this moment.

From a larger perspective we the desk, the crayons and various papers with scribbles as the sun shines in and a child runs around blowing bubbles for amusement. Each breath breathes life in to something which is intuitively formed and perfect. Isolated, yet connected till its hits the desk and absorbed into the page which is simultaneously being heated by the rays of the sun which cause the process we know as evaporation but they call death and fret as the end.

Can you hear the Psylense? Feel what I’m saying? Walk with me for a while. See the Game from my lens. Take what works, leave the rest. Test reality as it stands versus what you think because the results are not only profitable, they’re also quite amusing.

Till we meet again

Excellence Happens in Isolation

Excellence happens in isolation which is why its easy to be mediocre in a crowd because thats how they get down. Stop and think for a minute and I’m certain it’ll click because the principle of resonance is universal in that respect. If you’re spending your day with four crash test dummies in training it doesn’t matter what your level of talent or potential is because with them around it will be nigh on impossible to realize it. It’s a cold Game but that is exactly how it is because even though we’re social due to what beats in our chests sometimes you’ve got to go for Self and dive in that chrysalis in order to reincarnate whilst still living.

Its a concept that many wish they had the strength to live because its akin to taking the worst from the past and alchemizing it using the gift of the present then watching as the seeds spring to create the orchard of the future. Oh for sure it takes effort and dedication. It will push you to the limits of your sanity, believe my testament. Not everyone is cut from this cloth they stopped making long ago. Some of us can feel it flowing through our veins and know deep down within that nothing changes until we do. Well, if thats you then this is your cue. Get to it because time and tide move on their own vibe so when the stars align and its time to shine people will notice the coal that went missing in action only to come back as a diamond.

Then its amazing how those that never believed quickly flip into “We knew you had talent, it was always obvious”. Once again this is the principle of resonance in effect and why they say a raising tide lifts all ships. It is what it is. Now if you manage to form a circle with no squares in it and everyone is grinding with their own intent then the side effects are the progress is immense. Let me give you an example:

Three friends doing three totally different things. One sings, the other programs and his boy is a chef. In training. None of them have made it. As you can see their interests are wildly disparate and yet there are three things they have in common. Getting high, getting girls and lifting. The musician said “Listen, I’m going to stop getting blazed because its getting in the way of me practicing these scales” to which the chef responded “Say less, I’ve been working on these edibles so there’s that handled”. The tech chipped in and said whilst he appreciates the focus that toking brings and how it allows him to hit the off switch when his head is buzzing he’s starting to forget more than remembering and suggests they all knock it on the head. “Come on man, lets take it as a challenge. If we all keep each other in check for three months then we’ll take a trip to Amsterdam and get real lifted as a celebration”.

What started as a simple thing turned into an immense conversation, as things are wont to do when under the influence, as they sketched out a battle plan for ninety days that saw them stripping back all non essentials. “No weed, no ladies, no clubs, no gaming” said one as the other chimed in “Yeah, yeah, yeah I like this. Lets take it to the next level so the aim is for all of us to obliterate our personal best and one rep max as well whilst dropping some BF and getting into the best shape there is”. Nodding the chef says “I’m with it. Amsterdam won’t know what hit it” as he took notes on napkins.

The next day upon rising something clicked and it all felt different as they’d said it and now were going to do it. You’ve got to bear in mind that for three kids from various degrees of broken homes, failed social systems and schools that didn’t give an F about them discipline was something that usually came when you got caught and sentenced. Up until then it was every man for himself but on that night the stars had aligned and instead of just BSing at the end of another day flying quick they each intrinsically knew they were going to make it happen.

Not that there wasn’t grumbles when one rolled up and the other two checked. “Tell you what” tech said “If you can beat either of us in race round the block them we’ll all join in and if not we’ll take what remains and give it away on return, bet?”. They took off in earnest motivation but it wasn’t long till the cheese grater on the lung effect kicked in and they were bobbing and wheezing from the effort.

“Man, how can we be so unfit?” the singer said “It ain’t like this in the gym because then we go mental”. “Yeah, thats the preworkout talking. Sober sprints are a totally different thing”. “Addendum, adding another challenge. Every day upon rising we’ve got get round the block quicker than the last spin for the entire ninety day period. If we pull this off as a bonus I’ll cover the costs for the hotel on our trip as I’ve got a bonus coming”.

He didn’t have to say it twice as they made a leisurely pace back home. Each went off on their way to do their own thing and they met up again that evening at the gym to handle some pressing business. “Alright, listen. I’ve got an idea” the singer said “The best way to get in shape real quick is boxing circuits as they use every single aspect and doing it will boost my singing performance”. “Yeah, yeah I like that but I’m too good looking to risk get punched in the dish besides didn’t you quit because you wanted to be a ladies man instead of fighting?”. “Thats why we’re doing circuits. Three sessions instead of weights because I remembered how tired I used to get and the sleep was amazing. We’ll need something now as there’s no more toking”.

The chef was on board, the singer was all in but the programmer never liked any kind of violence and wasn’t about to risk his wrists. “Man, I don’t know. All boxers have hands like bricks and I’m not into that kind of thing”. “Bruv, shut up! Get a few drinks into this man and the Rocky theme starts playing. Don’t think that we forget how many times we’ve had to step in because you get peevey reckless. We’re doing it, lets just try a session”.

After they were wasted without any THc in their system. As they sat around eating and ripping each others performance a new way of doings things stepped in as each started upping the ante by adding on an extra challenge as well as raising the stakes on what they’d get on their trip.

Next day it was raining and two didn’t want to leave the building but one insisted that it was essential before he took it there and started dissing their lack of follow through with various off color remarks about their apparent lack of testicles. The clock ticks, the block spins and they barely make it in at an acceptable time as they’re still sore from the gym.

During the next ninety days they sprinkle more and more things in. Some are ludicrous like spending a day without saying a word to another person after they’d all threw in a hundred each with winner takes everything up to ideas that were verging on genius as they left their smart phones on the shelf and rocked dumb terminals instead.

“Bruv, my focus was on a hundred, thousand trillion” said the programmer as they flew through their circuit of bobbing and weaving and segued into some sparring. “Its like I could see what was coming and code round the problem before it even happened. Like real time debugging, I’ve never felt so amazing”. “Tell me about it” the chef said “I was sitting there doing what was needed in the kitchen and someone was talking about throwing a party for their kid and I told them I’d cater it because I knew I wasn’t going to be sitting round getting blazed with you idiots from Friday till Sunday so bring the paper in!”.

By the time came for the trip none of them felt like smoking any more as the lifestyle they’d built was far more beneficial with its constant competition and encouragement as each pushed the limits of the other whilst accepting any challenge. Pride wouldn’t let anyone back down and all three had stacked more paper, dropped weight and increased the breadth of their vision due to the principle of Incremental Betterment in full effect that they decided to take the money they’d saved for the trip and make a little speculative investment based on what the programmer said.

“Listen bruv, I’m telling you this is going to be the next big thing, right. We were just going to take this loot and waste it on getting wasted, yeah?”. “So what, we just waste it on this instead? Man, what the F is a bitcoin? That ish makes zero sense because its just straight madeupness”. “Why because there’s no queens head on it? Thats what I’m saying, bruv. This crypto wave is the future. Tell you what we’ll put it all in and if it doesn’t kick off within a year I’ll give you both back fifty percent out of my own pocket” the programmer said, then added with a grin. “If it does you both owe me fifty percent of your profits”.

“Hold on, hold on, hold on, G. If mans is that confident then its got to come up, innit? Dude is the original skinflint as he’d smoke the roach till he burnt his lips” said the chef as they fell about laughing. “Man, look I’m with it if you think its something that can work because we’ve gained way more than we’ve spent and we’d only have blown it on the trip so lets bang it in the pot and see what happens with this bitcoin ting, yes?”.

The year was Two Thousand and Thirteen. Bitcoin was trading at around eighty dollars per unit. Within a year it leapt to ten times this as three friends who rose the challenge were doing backflips in the best mental, physical, spiritual and financial shape they’d ever been.

Having this resonance and friendship is the rarest element on this planet as its easy to be Self Destructive in a crowd as that is often what links so if you can take this as inspiration for your team then make it happen because when you change the rules on what controls you you, by default, alter what you can influence hence the principle of Incremental Betterment. If you don’t have a team that gets down like this and pushes you to be more together than you could by yourself then it might be time to break out, go solo and put that work in with the same level of dedication and attention. The net is big, you’d be surprised how much easier it is to find that level of motivation and challenge with those in resonance but once again, that is rare, so do not expect it.

Learning to exist in the depths of solitude whilst still keeping the engine revved generates its own rewards as I’ve done what I’ve said in nigh on total isolation so prepare yourself for the rise of the diamond and witness the excels he brings and manifests with his presence. Never tense, never hesitant but will leave you ment uplifted real quick without toking, smoking, joking or just hoping things happen as this is the real deal, uncut motivation pouring straight into your cerebellum.

Till we meet again

Wasted Talent

One of the worst things in life is wasted talent. To be born with the voltage and not shining or, worse still, hiding your light is the greatest insult one can give to the gift you possess. Right now, as you read this, there are countless millions (if not billions) around the world in this predicament. On the flip there are also those without a modicum of talent or skill that is innate in any sense who are constantly plugging away at it in order to make their dreams happen.

Lets imagine for a moment that my Deja Vu Hypothesis is correct and we live, die, insert credit and are born again into the life we’ve just left. Lets say on the last spin you actually honed your talents and became that which you know you can be but then decided the pressure was too big and zagged where you should have zigged and ruined everything. Worst of all, you believed this proclamation and thus never again attempted to ascend from the ditch you’d grow comfortable in and thus you played out the rest hating yourself and constantly wondering “What if?”.

One near death experience later you were slammed back into the flesh as a different sperm met the egg and you grew to be another version of your Self. This one stepped in with that mission etched in his chest and people recognized the innate skills and talent since you first made your presence felt. What they didn’t see, but was felt, is that you had an immense sense of hesitation and stress around the topic. To them, that seemed mind boggling as not only were you precociously skilled you were also already angst ridden like them. All without the negative feedback and conditioning they’d received via the System and a life unexamined.

Such children can be nervous, flighty or highly strung. They’re often divergent to their peers and have an intense interest from early on in one specific area of attention. They may be misunderstood, get bored quick and school and thus cause trouble. They can be even worse and turn to drugs, sex and alcohol at a young age, often as they blossom. See, for a part of them this is all new but a deeper, wiser aspect already knew what was to come from this rigged deck hence the immense sense of discomfort about what was coming as it felt “Damned if we do, dammed if we don’t'”. Usually they aren’t aware of this. They often fight, inside themselves, about how unfair it all is, how they just want to share their gift and why no one seems to understand them. The truth is it is they who do not innerstand themselves themselves hence the challenge of this level they’re currently facing because a lot of this, I’ve seen, is about removing the obstacles in order to allow the free flow of the voltage.

There are huge implications about all of this world as I see it as it means no man is an island and everyone is a link in the chain of their own suffering hence you heap these burdens upon yourself due to what is given and accepted without question and then acted on without introspection. It certainly is a recipe for misery and it makes me wonder about the real deal because nobody has placed these words you read in this order before me to reach the conclusions I’ve reached then share them freely. I know why that is. You can say I too have been fighting the same demon and when it comes to freestyling something life changing in a conversation of the record I’ve knocked out all comers, again and again and again. And yet, as I sit here typing this on this evening of the First of April I realize my complications when it comes to doing things on a grander scale, realizing the true vision instead of being happy with a fragment of my Self dazzling whilst the rest is kept hidden. In many ways everything I write is autobiographical. I am my physics, I am my metaphysics. Along the way I’ve also helped shine a light within to the darkness of the ignorance found inside those suffering as they retrace their steps through this carbon based prison for their awareness known as existence in the Third Dimension.

I know I mastered this on the last spin. I remember that death and what followed then and I also know the steps I’ve taken to get to this point where I stand as well as those who formed an alliance against as they insist I desist from persisting in this option. See, there is a class of people who aren’t truly human (who, ironically, class you as less than them) that are great at pretending they have your best interests in that void where should beat a chest. You cannot see them, yet. I have first hand experience and thus can identify the tells. To them my existence is a threat as all they’ve built in your heads rests on sand which is why you’re programmed to press onwards and up (but never look down) as then you’d see that loose thread which brings it all tumbling down.

For many this is a fate worse than death. Its like following a malfunctioning GPS that is taking you further and further away from your destination. You class this as progress. Even though it keeps chirping that what you’re seeking is just over the horizon. The astute of you will have clicked that when its said the meek inherit the Earth whats actually meant for those waiting is they’ll one day assuredly be lowered into its grip. The end. Insert credit to continue. Come back and do it all again. And again. And again.

I’m actually scared right now about what I’m about to do in that respect because its all been training wheels up until this moment. Now I intend to let em have it but the problem is this:

I know you won’t like this and they’ll weaponize your intent against me as you rush to protect that which enslaved your awareness and prevents your actualization as you keep doing what it says and making no progress. Its like being offered a glimpse of a heaven without realizing you’re living in hell as the maths won’t do itself and its up to you to solve this problem. Actually, keeping it a buck, that doesn’t really cause me much stress because I know I can handle it. What is holding me back is the abuse they are heaping upon my inner child as I roll around this realm, whether conscious or at rest, as they have a set of hooks deep inside my awareness as I fell for a sweet seduction I call being Dirty Diana’d. I uncover this in my first seasun and as I type this I have the intent to create a share a few videos then publish this to see how I did.

Both will be in the reeleyez seasun. One will dissect the truth of Die Hard and the story which has been right in front of your eyes since back when and it has interesting implications. The next will be a deeper look into The Game itself which will offer you a detailed glimpse it exactly what happened to me back when after being nearly hypnotized to death, sex magicked, drugged and interrogated. I know what you’re thinking: “Motion picture ish! Ahahahahaha!” and yes, that would be most accurate except this isn’t a flick and I’m actually living it so its kind of stressing when you know that its you, standing alone against this realm, and they’ve not only rigged the deck but have stuck their stooges at their table to prevent any wins whilst also using various tricks to ensure you remain on tilt, not centered.

Its pretty wild because I haven’t had any rest but have been bathed in stress and various threats both overt and implicit designed to dissuade me from taking these steps. They’ve built up an empire in the shadows of your awareness and its exceedingly profitable as each bought in answers to the one above them. Power rolls up hill and they accept their roles without question because there is no way out, bar death, once in. This is what I’m up against and thus I can say with a quiet confidence that the weapons they used against me are ones they themselves felt, if not quite as engineered or dramatic. That in itself was very interesting as it offered a glimpse behind the veil of reality in a way that would render most schizophrenic because none of this is what you think.

The higher the level you’re playing, the more is at stake and the tolerance for errors grow ever thin. Of this I’m certain as much as I know the solution is within as I am, in effect, fighting phantasms that gain strength as I rail against them. Children know this well when the mares of the knight come galloping into their resting awareness and cause an immense rise in their stress levels, hitherto unknown due to how little time they’ve spent in the flesh, and when they turn to their parents for confirmation and support they are met instead with negation of their experience.

I’ve just given you a huge piece of the puzzle. Do you think you can dissect then digest it? All I’m offering is my perspective on this Game we’re playing. Right or wrong I simply ask your respect what I’ve said and please consider what happens inside your awareness as we progress as my intent is to leave this place better than a I found it and if my presence helps to ease the suffering of another in this realm then that is reward enough itself. The grander mission is nothing less than to change the Game itself by allowing you to realize what you’re playing as well as gaining the gnosis of who you are, in and outside of this realm. That is the end goal. That is why my presence is a threat because a great deal of energy can be invested in sanctified foolishness that perpetuates suffering from those lacking any form of Knowledge of Self. Its something that was prized dearly on previous levels but we are playing on a harder level of challenge in the flesh on this spin. As far as I can tell it keeps getting harder, especially for those like myself that beat it and were home free but came back again for the rest who are ready and willing to listen.

What I’m going to say is radically different to anything you’ve known but I’m certain that a lot of you will have suspected various pieces and segments, wether out loud with friends or privately to yourself, in previous events. Nobody has strung together the bits into a lucid and cogent narrative that ticks more boxes than it misses and brings a clean cloth to the fogged lens of perception you’re currently sporting.

I do wonder if I’m wrong about this. I really do. Its like I’ve discarded the GPS and am relying on an intuitive form of navigation that is powered from beyond this realm to heart me in the direction I intend to actualize in the flesh. You are welcome to come along and see what happens because from this moment on you’re going to witness my adventure in the flesh as I double down and bet on Self (and thus against the house which is designed to win, by means fair or crooked) with the intent to shine light into the darkness whilst offering it what it needs to draw the links and comprehend so we can step out of this repetitive carbon based hell that mangles your awareness then rewards you for thinking as programmed. “The less effective the better!” is the mantra they’re chanting. I’m up against something that existed way before I wore this flesh and intends to stay living long after I reclaim my Soul and jet from this realm because, as you’ll see, Earth is a plantation. Humans are the crop. What could they be farming? Not for nothing is the mind mined as the Devilish tongue spells well. Are you aware of the nature of the threat that a Warrior brings to the land of those who are enslaved in every sense but refuse to admit it, even as their chains are jangling whilst they pay dearly for every step they take but don’t see it this way due to the conditioning of the System that molds their awareness like a square watermelon.

A totally artificial constraint that is generated and maintained via stress to suit the whims of one who sees it as nothing else but a product, a commodity to be used and harvested as they wish. Not for nothing are prophets and profits interlinked. Its so Devilish, friends.

So if you too can feel something that glows inside your chest. Know you came to this realm with a sense of purpose and can intuit the shadows depth as you’ve had enough of fruitless coping strategies that just mire you further in the mess then take inspiration from what is coming because its either going to be a cautionary tale, par excellence, of what happens when one stands against billions or my life will become the stuff of legend that flips the script of what the rest think it means to wear flesh around their awareness as they wander around this realm playing a Game which uses their Soul as a credit and places an enemy inside their head that they currently think is them and its design is simply to ensure you don’t realize this scam.


So that you live, die, come back again. And again. And again. And again. Comprehend this:

Fear debilitates. It holds you back to create regret as opportunities slip through your fingertips and you pretend you’ll do it next time instead. Well, examine your past. Look at your track record. That will prove exactly what I said about the faulty GPS that promises you nothing but death. Life is a choice. Its active. Its something you must fight to make happen in this realm because they’ll very happily sell you a zero calorie alternative that doesn’t quite fill and brings its own host of problems. Exactly as intended.

Till we meet again

The Dumbed Down State of Man

I’m typing this from the bottom of the barrel that I’ve been scraping for the past year and some change. Congratulations are due to the Opponent and his various factions. Not only did they break me then shatter the fragments they almost managed to grind what was left into a dust so fine that I forgot my Self. Almost. “But almost doesn’t get the job done, Prime” filtered through my awareness as a remembrance from the days of Inner Sense as I lay on the floor curled in the fetal position taking another spiritual beating from those I set my position against.

Today marks a turning point in that respect. Two simple exercises from the Path of Power that I’d abandoned bought me back from the brink of dissolution and reminded me again for what I’m fighting, why I live like this and the meaning of having been thrown in the ocean in order to learn how to swim, This isn’t for everyone but all can benefit as we’re all up against the same thing that wishes nothing less that the complete and total colonization of your Self by making you believe its inverted image that is impressed upon your consciousness via various modes and tricks for they are legion.

Its so effective that 81% accept, without blinking (or thinking) the defacto programming. Just like their parents before them. 11% are picked either due to innate talents that can be turned into weapons against the rest of the populace or to prevent their own true awakening as well as the fact they can be used as points of resonance to trap, trick and inveigle the remaining 8% for whom the Systems generic programming isn’t effective. I’m of the latter percentage and thus know what happens when you make an enemy of what you currently think is your best friend.

Looking back I can’t believe how I got to this position where I just gave up, stopped fighting and chose to slump to the deck as they got their metaphysical licks in. Who knows what the consequences of this will be in long term or interim as I feel the damage is ways I never did. Or maybe that was the point? The silver lining to sipping from the poisoned chalice as it bought me far closer to the suffering within that I was artfully evading whilst serenading. At my lowest point it was my Inner Sense that came and offered comfort. Crazy, because that is what it wanted and I could not fully furnish because when I felt good, which was nine out of ten due to the various modes of stimulus designed to hide my problems by fronting, I would quickly ignore the inner suffering by focusing on the pleasures but during this recent sojourn to the pit even that was rendered ineffective so for that I’m grateful to my Opponent because I see the lay of the land how it is:

Mankind has been dumbed down at an immense rate in order to profit from its suffering by offering pointless solutions that cannot change a thing but are accepted as canon by those who would rather die than admit the way they feel within. Thats what it truly felt like, you know? Like I was dying. I truly lost the will to live. Relinquished my grip on existence and felt the resistance overcoming the voltage as vital processes like digestion, respiration and excretion that had been steadily slowing were now juddering and almost grinding to a halt. In many ways I welcomed it. I know death isn’t the end and would gladly face it with a grin because whilst suicide is never an option (for reasons metaphysic as its akin to owing a debt that places you in the pocket of one quite wicked) I had simply had enough of living.

Can you imagine how it feels to be the loneliest man on the planet? Let me put it to you like this:

A child is born and soon learns the art of crawling before he is show how to walk upon two legs by those who previously mastered this. Now, lets pretend they themselves never learned this and instead spent their whole life rolling around on hands and knees and accepted this was the way it is. In that world, in that timeline, a man lies alone and reflects as he stretches his limbs and wonders what else is possible. He is no longer a child as he has served hard time in this realm and thus has acquired many bad habits that are almost engrained as the way it is. Still, there is a rebel spirit within that knows something is very wrong about this unbalanced equation as he feels like a giant kneeling at the feet of midgets. He is alone and isolated because those to whom he spoke of these thoughts rejected the concepts as blasphemous, impossible or just straight up delusion ravings or a man quite stupid. “To go with them into the madness of crowds or strike out by myself?” he wondered, even though it was not an option. “Dolo it is” he said.

He tried to gain that sense of balance, the feeling of being Centered in Self that could elevate him to a higher state of being but the surly bonds of gravity taught him many painful lessons as he fell, again and again, and often bled from these endeavors. People saw him less and less as he maintained a distance as he felt their resonance was at odds with what he was learning about himself but that doesn’t mean there weren’t those who were watching with interest. The aforementioned midgets that instructed the rest to kneel as they lorded over them. They knew fine and well the validity of what he said and saw it as a threat to their entire operation and set various things in motion to ensure his transcendence was as painful as it could get.

One day, just for a fleeting moment, he takes a couple of steps and as he hits the deck he is both euphoric and aware of an immense numbness that prevented this mode of locomotion and the heightened perspective it brings. Now he knows its for real and throws his full weight behind his instincts as he knows what he is seeking is genuine as he nibbled at the pudding which provided proof itself to what he suspected:

“Mankind is a dumbed down version of man that has been corrupted from within to accept a totally unnatural way of living. Acceptance of this is at the root of all their problems but because they accept the programming they can’t see this as the alternative doesn’t exist as an option as its been hidden and thus none think to seek for it”.

Over time, with dedicated effort, he learns the fine art of balance in a state of near total isolation. Near total because those who came near him did so with the intent of posing as friends whilst working as spies under the guise of deception as they reported back what they witnessed about what he was discovering. “Its quite painful to move like this” he thinks one day, as he strolls around his apartment on two legs. “I wonder how it feels to crawl again?” says the voice in his head and he decides to give it a spin. Soon, gradually, in imperceptible increments his face is in the dirt as he spends his days and nights on his hands and knees and almost forgets the experiment. No one checks for him as he long ago disconnected from them. Privately and publicly its said he flipped his lid and what was once just eccentric and imaginative is now full on schizophrenic and talking gibberish therefore best avoided.

Lying there, on the ground, is a man who once directly witnessed an elevated perspective that validated his hypothesis about the dark shenanigans designed to create a kind of man called mankind that is the same in essence but totally different in application from the true intent of the original. Call it genetic memory, a powerful intuition or the gift of thinking different, whatever it is he has it in abundance. Or did. “I’m so tired” he says as he reflects on what he’s been, seen and experienced as well as the waves of sadness that wash over his awareness because others lack the frame of reference to comprehend their potential.

The Slave/Masters, that active 11% of pernicious influence that are set dressing this stage of hell presented as heaven in the flesh for those serving a life sentence are prematurely congratulating themselves for snuffing the light of Self realization from another Warrior who saw through their tricks and raised himself up his full potential. They, who hobble around with sticks provided to them in exchange for silence and obeisance, realize not how they are actually tools of suppression designed to dumb down the rest and how what they possess (or, to be more accurate, are possessed by) is nowhere near of what they’re capable.

Lying there he takes his isolation to the logical limit and removes the stimulus of food and his senses as well as he steps into the void and embraces the silence as he wants nothing less than for this to all come to an end. Except, it doesn’t. After standing, falling then standing again something has changed within the depths of his nervous system. There are opportunities for connection and operation he previously never accessed but just now intuited as he looks to the left, then to the right and uses the last remaining vestiges of his strength to pull himself up the wall where he grasps the ledge. Suddenly he starts bouncing and feels an immense surge of energy flowing through him as a huge grin bursts through his lips and he starts laughing as he is no longer crawling but not yet truly walking either. A state in the mid, much like that fugue you experience in bed when no longer dreaming nor fully conscious which is actually an opening to a powerful state of healing as it exists between worlds and is much like the silence that renders music possible but is also just as invisible to those not listening.

Exhausted from the effort but exhilarated as well he falls to the ground and deliriously says “I’ve got it, it all makes sense now, this is how I can show them what they’re missing” because that true higher perspective, the natural unfoldment of the truth which lies within is such a vivid and powerful thing. “All they’ve got to do is crawl against an obstacle to overcome it and the side effect is you gain a new perspective which shows, quite clearly, how the world was tricked to kneel at the feet of midgets as they are actual giants who are capable of far more than they suspect”.

11% of you reading this know what I’ve said is quite true and obvious but hate for your little secret to be exposed to the plebs and will thus fight its spread and influence upon the populace as you like sense of power you’ve gained by hoodwinking yourself in exchange for the use of walking sticks and false elevation they bring – hint they’re only of any use in this realm and we are actually multidimensional as you’ll find after death. The other 8% are in various states of comprehension as some are being ravaged by the System and others have taken it to the next level as they’re flying on the wings I intuit we possess as the crawling was actually a dumbing down of walking which itself reduced running that was simply a remainder of soaring which was a facet of omnipotence. Therein lies the hint of our true state of opulence and magnificence that is the natural state of Inner Sense when not twisted and damaged by the vagaries of this Game on this particular level.

The remaining 81% for whom this concept will range from the gibberish ravings of a madman who makes no sense up to tickling a scratch they’d been trying to itch without successfully finding are welcome to test what I’ve said from themselves. All you need is you, your body and ten minutes where you stand on two legs and bounce up and down whilst feeling your flesh and being present in the moment. Once thats done then stay perfectly still for about twenty and see what happens to your awareness.

I’d be willing to bet you right now that those who keep it up will discover a far more elevated, free and freeing perspective on embodiment they never previously suspected as they take their nascent steps on the Path of Power that leads to greater knowledge of Self as that is the antithesis of being well adjusted to a society profoundly sick that has you kneeling at the feet of midgets by ignoring your own latent magnificence and strengths.

Till we meet again

Happy New Year! (AKA the Spring Equinox)

“Happy New Year!” says the Warrior as the Slave scratches their head and wonders how this fool could be so happy at being three months and some change late to the party they already celebrated. Therein lies the hint because he is in tune with the natural rhythms of life instead of being well adjusted to a society profoundly sick. “What the hell are you talking about?” said one such beleaguered Soul as they considered if it would be worth continuing reading, well let me ask you a question:

When does the year feel new to you? January first or March twenty first? That much should be obvious, yes? After all the former is still as cold, grey and miserable as the month previous whereas now its obvious you’re walking with a spring in your step. This is what I mean about natural resonance and how so many things in your life have been flip turned upside down and I’d like to take a minute so just sit right there and I’ll show you how today is the true new year:

Since way back when we observed nature like modern man does a television because it was essential to predict what was coming and how to move accordingly in this realm. They noticed with a quickness that there were four major events – two equinoxes, two solstices – that were as regular as clockwork and marked the seasons shift:

The Spring Equinox occurs around March twenty first and its when things begin to bloom as life eternal once again springs from the Earths womb where it was hidden during the chill. The Autumnal Equinox kicks in around September twenty third and, true to its name, we see the leaves falling as the cycle of (seeming) death follows the earlier resurrection. During these days the periods of sun and light are almost equal.

The Solstices occur in Summer and Winter around June twenty first and December the same with the former getting the longest slice of daylight and the latter the most darkness.

By observation of nature the ancestors created ways and methods of living within sync of these rhythms and it was all good till the Romans stepped in and offered a remix. Haven’t you ever wondered why the months that carry the names from seven to ten aren’t actually sitting where they should be present? September, October, November and December is quite a pretty big hint that something has been played with but, like most truths that aren’t hidden but placed right in front of your eyelids, seeing them is impossible as you were raised to accept and not question.

Back in Forty Six BC ya boy Ceezy added sixty seven days with a click of his digits so that Forty Five BC began on January first rather than in March when scheduled. The people who didn’t believe the hype and remembered the old traditions of wisdom that synchronized their rhythms to the cosmos were called “Aprils Fools” when celebrating the shifts of the seasons and its rolled on since then, unquestioned. As I’ve said before in missives previous you are misdirected, misinformed and kept in the dark whilst being fed BS and thus the average human is much like a shroom in that sense:

Totally unaware of their potential for enlightenment due to being perpetually finessed by a game (within the Game) which is as old as the empire itself. Stop and think for a moment:

What is your life actually aligned to? How natural is that way of living? Do you like how it feels? What does it truly bring? Why have you never considered the alternative?

Its all about disconnecting you from the Source of all and everything within, messing with your resonance and requesting that you place your power outside yourself via various forms of manipulation, indoctrination and coercion – none of which have your best interests beating in the chests of those who weave these tangled webs. That is why your life is such a mess because you lack knowledge of Self and therefore live a second hand life one step removed from your own experience.

This process I call Adulteration (in contrast to Inner Sense which every child brings with them in abundance upon entering this realm only to find them divorced from it real quick once the System gets a grip on their awareness with its programming) and ignorance of it is why the world is such a mess. Exactly as intended hence why 81% of the populace are Slaves due to their unquestioning loyalty to straight up wickedness that masquerades as guidance when in reality all it does is line the pockets of the 11% that pedal this confusion to their followers as they profit from their investment in your misery. The remaining 8% are Warriors and we see through the code to decode the true meaning and this is the game I’m sprinkling in your mind when I say that now the year is new its time to escape the trap because none of this is what you think and your mind is behind enemy lines so question everything.

Till we meet again

Is Oxygen a Hallucinogen?

If you’re reading this I wish you well. Truly I do and I mean it in every sense and respect because you never know when the inverse of the straw that broke the camels back principle may kick in and these words on a screen just may make the difference to someone thinking there’s no point to this.

Well, I’m here to tell you there is. The first step is knowing that all in this realm is transitory therefore there really is no point in stressing about anything because its always in motion. What you can do is have a rough destination in mind, trim your sails, capture the wind and see what happens. Easier said than done for most but therein lies the hint because if you’re rigid in thinking then I’d be willing to bet your body is the same.

Throughout my days of practice dealing with many people who were swerving in various lanes one thing I noticed, again and again, was how few of them could breathe correctly. Its quite wild when you stop and think about it as its a pretty vital part of life and yet we’ve been trained into thinking that ties around our neck and belts on our stomach are the way it is and should be when the symbolism of such is actually quite crooked.

Have you ever noticed your breath whilst having sex? There is a definite resonance between it and your energetics which in turn influences your awareness and causes a feedback loop to spin. You can leverage this insight by varying your in and exhales for a bit. Try it in multiples of nine and for best effect use thirty six as you’ll definitely feel it by then. Have a play around with it. Use your imagination and see how much of your belly, back, shoulders and chest you can fill whilst sipping breath in via your mouth before exhaling to emptiness via your nostrils until it feels like your navel is kissing your spinal column. Or try a triangle so you may pick something like four in, seven hold, eight out or a square with five in, five hold, five in, five hold. How about a circle? The inspiration is unlimited once you start thinking about what you can do with your standard equipment as it can do some fascinating things. Consider this:

Its the most intimate exchange you have between the inner and outer realms. Used correctly it can rapidly point out the illusion of perception and its not for nothing some have said in jest that oxygen may be a hallucinogen that fuels this lifelong trip in the flesh because there is a remarkable similarity between a babies brainwaves and those of the Adulterated under the influence. Things like this make it quite fascinating as well as offering you a change to adjust the variables because once you realize that your current mode of breathing is but one from an unfinite range of options then you’re starting to shift gears into alternate perceptions and this is where things can get really, really interesting.

There is a technique I’ll be sharing which takes minutes forty five to ninety, depending, and its effects are quite dramatic as it can vary from screaming to crying or writhing in bliss whilst sporting a huge grin. Whats even more interesting is the level of resistance people have had when it comes to attempting it. Almost like there is a status quo mechanism within that has no wish to upset the apple cart of discomfort that they’re dragging around inside their predictable click-whirr existence where they pray for change but resist its invitation when it calls their name.

It made me aware that each of us is actually a nation in that sense and there are many, many fragments of our awareness within that are attempting to make up for our lack of coherence by enforcing totalitarian thinking. Thing is there is only one wheel aka the Witness to steer the vessel of your flesh and thus these aspects rise and fall, moment to moment depending on the task at hand, and direct your attention to wherever they think is best, safest or suits their own bent.

Explaining this to people can often be met with a blank stare or a light clicking within as suddenly they realize they aren’t the thoughts they’re thinking but that which is looking and makes it all possible. By its nature its invisible and yet responsible for everything. Quite a contradiction, yes?

By paying heed to your breathing you can start getting good hints about which version of you is currently at the wheel and how many of your resources they can marshal. Its why you can be effortlessly witty around friends you’ve known since back when as your respiration is at its most natural and, I’d guess, is being taken at depth as you’re not holding your stomach in to look thin or stifling how you express yourself. Take the same person and place them in a mode of stress and the first thing you’ll notice is the shallowness as shoulder breathing with a birds chest often becomes the standard which leads to their Pre-frontal Cortex going offline for the moment and thus no higher order of thinking is available. This is the reason why people often think of the perfect comeback at two AM in bed when they froze in the moment when tested.

Its also why its better to chase your stress than run from it because you’ll acclimatize and find ease in the discomfort. The greatest limits one can push is the ones they unknowingly placed upon themselves or accepted under duress and then never examined again. Breathing is a great way to test the resistance so try something different. Its also why sitting in chairs, staring at screens screws with that process so terribly as well as causing unnatural tension on muscle groups that further impinge our respiration. Modern life is a one two punch when it comes to radiance as all convenience comes a cost. The first casualty of this war is often sensation and not for nothing is it said that most are walking around comfortably numb because there are levels to this observation as many people truly can’t feel anything below the neck.

Body language, as in how you relate to your own energetics in the present moment, is something you end up learning intuitively as you step upon the Path of Power because its a side effect of Centering in Self. After all, where else would you find you but within? Strange, isn’t it, how we look for solutions in places in effective. Like losing your keys and returning to a spot where you know they aren’t only to be disappointed. They say the definition of madness is doing the same expecting different. Being honest with yourself, how many areas of your life are you doing this in right now? Sobering realization, isn’t it? And yet so elusive. Until we decide to face it and that is one comprehends the nature of this convincing illusion that takes your awareness then paints this dimensional experience upon it as all is truly within ergo I am a figment of your imagination telling you what you already knew anyway.

It can get quite meta in a sense because if you and a friend synchronize your breathing for an extended period you’ll notice a resonance forms in your heartbeats as well. If you then continue strolling along and maintaining this rhythm very interesting things can start to happen that hint at the true nature of this dream within a dream as the wheel within a wheel spins and you can start playing a game of “Black or Red?” where you take it turns to create pictures in your head that involve all of the other senses (after all the division and decoding of various ranges of the EM spectrum is itself an arbitrary illusion that has no ned to exist within so why limit?) and create a vivid experience. The other may feel a chill whipping around their awareness or the sight of the sun shining on closed eyelids and various other types of sensation that offer hints about the true nature of consciousness.

And it all starts with breath.

Run free, breathe easy and experiment.

Till we meet again

Can You Sacrifice Yesterday for Tomorrow?

That really is all it is when it comes to success. Its not even a case of deferred gratification, even though its a part of it, because this is more than a mindset. Its a lifestyle. One that knows to shine one must grind because it comprehends the journey is actually more vital than the destination for the experience it brings.

The modern world won’t tell you this.

Its actually the best kept secret of every “overnight success” because it often takes the outer a while to catch up to the inner vision of one who marches to the beat of their own drum. Sometimes it doesn’t happen in their lifetime, take Van Gogh for example or Tesla even to whose concepts back then we still haven’t envisioned as a collective. I’m not saying the Path is easy but its up to you to decide whether to step on it and make something happen or just keep strolling along the treadmill with the rest of the Slaves on this global plantation as they amuse themselves to death and every conversation begins with “Remember when?” because the best of times are behind them.

They’d never admit this but the defeat within makes it presence felt in a myriad of ways for those who are willing to listen because not everyone will make it and nor are they intended because we’re playing the Game of Souls on its highest difficulty setting which is why you should relish the challenge.

Use haters as fuel. Its all energy in that sense. There is no force than can oppress you Twenty Four Seven without end and even if that happens what you’ll discover via the process of discomfort is that old coal becomes a new diamond and then its time to start shining. The question is can you sacrifice yesterday for tomorrow?

Even that is a trick because they are just concepts that don’t exist as there is but now. That ever present gift that most are too busy running from to ever unwrap and peek within. Imagine a fish that swims through an ocean where the water is invisible and you’ll get how we relate to time in the Third Dimension and this is why its said the best time to make a change is yesterday.

The second best is today. And for those that don’t listen, tomorrow never comes as they lounge around with regret, trying so hard to pretend they didn’t have any other options than the barrel bottom scraping that passes for an existence.

See why I call them Slaves? Its not a token of disrespect but an accurate marker of their inner realms and how they relate to Self as they accept power for truth and offer to sacrifice their Inner Sense for a stable existence which is two stops away from misery and costs an arm and a leg to keep riding.

They won’t admit this, not even to themselves, which is the saddest aspect because as any addict will tell you’ve got to spot the problem before you can find a solution and this involves change, from deep down, within. None of this surface level, lipstick, pop-psych trash for the Warriors of this realm. “Oh hell, no!” they said as they rise to the challenge and execute their bad habits with a shot straight to the head in order to release the energy within that they use to fashion tomorrow from their thoughts, deeds and actions in the present moment.

Don’t get it twisted, this realm is akin to hell for one living without a purpose and drifting from that to this but the Game specializes in playing tricks in your head so most think its heaven itself because to grasp the opposite would fill them with an immense sense of dread and thus don’t expect the rest to comprehend your response when the call to action starts to ring and reverberate inside your awareness:

Lets do this!

There are Twenty Four in a day. Lets push Eight out of the way to rest and recuperate. What you do with the rest is up to you once you’re obligations have been tamed and sated with the frame of mind you must give them in order to maintain the previous boundaries of your existence aka the small pond which is a big fish senses as false limits as it craves the abundance of the vast, blue ocean and thus sets its intent in motion.

I’ve often said that a plan without a goal is a wish and this is the greatest secret that lies at the heart of all success because without a barometer which says “I’ll do this by then or give up this and reattempt with greater precision” you’re simply fooling yourself. Remember, tomorrow doesn’t exist. Only now. That is your gift. Its all you possess and once you’ve divided what goes when the remainder is yours to utilize as you wish because you’ll only get back what you put in in this realm as its all just recycling the same energetics which is why directed attention and incremental betterment are the breakfast of champions.

Let me speak on that last one in detail, in case you’ve never heard it:

Do you know why New Years Resolutions fail for most of the populace? Its because they want too much, too quick. The subconscious isn’t wired like this. On the flip take someone who is dedicated to training. Rain, sleet, hail or snow they’ll find a way to get their session in. This is the subconscious doing exactly the same thing but propelling you in another direction so don’t imagine you’re going to leap off the couch and climb Everest.

Sure that is a good goal, a good intent but it will take a few yesterdays spent dialing down the basics before you make that ascent and this is the principle of incremental betterment.

Add in a little something, something every day. Break it down into smaller steps so in the case of the newcomer to a gym, don’t sign up for that January membership when everyone else will come piling in only to start dwindling, just as quick. No, play it smart. Be intelligent.

Go out for a walk instead. Get that basic level of fitness up a notch or six. Then, how about some sit ups? Fresh and breezy upon rising. Maybe some stretches. The foundation is built as its been a month or two and the motivation of conquest is rising as you proven, time and again, you’re rising to the occasion to your subconscious which says “OK, cool. If this is whats happening then lets do it!” and it propels you further in that direction.

I’ve always advised clients it will take a month or two of incremental betterment to start creating new habits. After days Twenty One most people notice a difference in their levels of motivation and after that it just keeps compounding as they’re no longer forcing it but actually crave the challenge for what it says to themselves about them and the direction they’re hearting.

That is the most beautiful aspect as its akin to a lotus unfolding upon the filth of their previous existence that they, quite often, thoroughly detested but couldn’t find the exit. Its here, now. Where else?

Can you unwrap the gift the present moment? Can you sacrifice yesterday for tomorrow? Now, that is the question.

Grab a pad and pen. Keys and screen ain’t the same level of neural connection so don’t cheat yourself. Write down a list that splits the Twenty Four you’re allocated into those aspects you cannot shift and thus must be handled and then take what is left and rearrange everything around the principle of incremental betterment. Take your large goal, the mountain you intend scaling, and break it down into its constituent components. Now take these elements, place them in a bag along with a secret blend of herbs and spices and season well before glancing at the page to meet your recipe for success. Then go do it.

Thats really all it takes. If you’ve been putting off that change then consider this your call to action as I’ve just given you the keys to unlock your potential from within, change your mind and keep it that way because now you grasp what happens within and this is how you make new habits that stick and shift your paradigm.

Incremental betterment. Two words that make me grin. I hope you too get to Witness the same experience after you’ve felt, first hand, the immense benefits they bring to one who wishes to take it to the next level.

Till we meet again

Food Doesn’t Come in a Bag or a Box

In life there are those who know what goes on under the hood and those that don’t care as they never looked. “Why would I?” says one “If there is a problem I’ll take it to someone who knows”. Lets use a car as an example as its easy to get my drift.

Lets say you know nothing about nothing and are proud of it. That means you won’t check the tyre pressure, top up the fluids or care for much more than getting around in the ends as you do your thing. That also means you won’t spot something thats off, just a little bit, until you’re forced to pay attention to the warning light thats blinking as you whip starts to limp and you trundle off to a mechanic who hands you a bill. With a grin. Because its people like you that keep him in business.

Now switch out car for body and mechanic for the medical establishment and you’ll start to comprehend the nature of Self ignorance.

People use their bodies without a care for maintenance and because they live entirely in their heads they’re also disconnected from the subtle signals it sends from within about whether or not it likes this or has a problem with your fuel choices. Actually, nutrition is a great aspect because a lot of the crap sitting on shelves that is ultraprocessed and designed to be addictive as it passes your lips and then becomes a poison within. Poly unsaturated fatty acids for example that are in absolutely everything and over consumed by billions of people who don’t seem to click the delayed onset of the problems they bring. Switching metaphors for a second:

A new petrol station opens across the street from your mechanic and they’re way cheaper than the one you’ve been using. Not only that but they give you a cool gift each time you’re spending so you think “Win/win” and gladly give them your business. You tell everyone who’ll listen as you show off your trinkets and pat yourself on the back at your wise decision and how much you’re saving. Then, after year or two, you notice your car isn’t running quite as smooth as it did. “Meh” you think as you keep on trucking until one day smoke starts pouring from the bonnet whilst you’re driving. You call up the mechanic who sends out some help and your broken down vehicle is bought to his building.

“I don’t know whats wrong with it” you said “It was all perfect and then this happens”. “Ah yes” says the mechanic “We’re seeing quite a lot of this. See there is a build up in your engine that clogged up the pistons and then the…”. “Look, I’m not technical. Just tell me how much to fix?” you interrupt as he replies with a grin. “Well, its going to be expensive” before launching into a pitch about how they can lease you a brand new vehicle with all maintenance included and how it would be oh so perfect etc…

In this case they’re speaking about your immune system which is what the pharma industry wishes to co-opt next but what they never mentioned is they’ve long since been in bed with big business which lobbies politicians to support its decisions on additives and chemicals that lace products sitting on shelves which are designed to be addictive, generate huge profits, have low spoilage and generate a boat load of health issues due to the increased doses they’re consumed in.

Don’t believe? Think it all sounds it should be spouted by a head wearing foil tinned to keep out the mind control signals? That is exactly how it is because its called the Hegelian Dialectic in which they produce a problem (cheaper fuel that is filled with additives designed to damage your engine), await your reaction (“I don’t know what happened! Can you fix it?”) and then present their solution (“Here is some insulin for the rest of your existence. Remember to pay promptly if you wish to keep on living!”).

That model actually underpins everything in this realm which emanates from the 11%, well 1.1% actually because the rest are just useful idiots bought in to do their bidding from a position of false enlightenment, and then sold, told and shown to you as the way it is, was and should be.

Take a glance at the food pyramid and you’ll see its based on whats good for Big Business and not your health because in that sense its actually quite detrimental. Proof of this? Look at all of those waddling around, short of breath as they struggle to squeeze into what would be a Nineteen Eighties XXXL but is now vanity badged as a medium. Not for nothing have the sizes of vehicles ballooned in between now and then along with furniture as well in order to hide the truth of this from those not looking. Just check some old footage and it becomes quite obvious or obtain something vintage and feel the difference.

There are many strings, pulled all at once, to keep the illusion of progress moving when anyone can note that the health of most is flowing backwards as they’re the true fat of the land but too busy consuming themselves to death to notice or care one jot. Its all as planned really. “Drive yourself to extinction whilst making our tills ring as we sell you the poison and then the cures which create their own problems” said the men behind the curtain.

The current aim of business is the outsourcing of your immune system to a subscription based model in order to keep on living. Covidiots around the world bought the fable, hook, line and sink, and would rather die than question their investment. Which is apt as that is whats currently happening and scientists, who can tell you what a mummy from ancient Egypt had for lunch, are “baffled as to the cause”. Are you seeing what I’m saying?

The Slave/Masters Game in a nutshell is this:

To encourage your toward your own destruction by prompting you to make the worst possible decision.

The Warriors Game is the flip:

To think, feel and reason for oneself based on a blend of the data available, intuition and knowledge of the lay of the land as it stands and the participants in Game who wish to play Opponent and thus intend to make one their Victim.

Thats the difference between taking it to a mechanic to get fixed or learning the rudiments, doing your own maintenance and pondering “Hmm, that garage has just started leasing vehicles and has also built a super cheap petrol station. I think I’ll avoid that and pay a little bit more for premium”.

These are the same folks who’ll be running smooth as silk as long as they roll about this realm as they realize whats cheap often ends up expensive as those on the other end of the strings of public opinion think of no one but themselves and their own profits.

Don’t expect the government, corporations or some mystical sky daddy to fix your problems when the answers are within but require a bit of effort and gumption to do the mathematics of the equations life presents.

That is why Warriors and Slaves see the same thing but get answers totally different:

Which one do you think offers the best return on investment? Why do you believe what you do? How has it been paying off for you? If it hasn’t, why aren’t you thinking different and exploring other options? Or will you, knowing what I’ve just said, keep trundling along the aisle filling your trolley with garbage, destroying your immune system and feeling like partially warmed up death as your vehicle is coughing and wheezing under the pressure of the filth you keep piling in.

And thats before we even get onto the corrosive and toxic influence of mass media and all it brings as well as the way you think, breathe and rest. Oh yes, being a Warrior is a Ten Eighty thing as you’ve got to play the Game on three levels at the same instance to comprehend the depth of what it means to walk around in this realm encased in skin because the odds are stacked way against you and then a crooked hand is dealt which is why its so sweet to win and why the house hates those who think like this and make proactive decisions for living, experiment with the options to see what fits and, most crucially, think for themselves.

And by that I don’t mean watching a video online that confirms what they think and taking it for gospel but actually developing that felt sense that tells them “Nah, this ain’t it” as well as what does put a hop, skip and jump in their step as there is no one size fits all in this realm and you must tailor your livit to your Self. Remember:

Food doesn’t come in a bag or a box. I know what you’re thinking “That’s most of what I buy from the shops!” and that is exactly what you must stop because these food like substances are the perfect deception as they’re delicious on the tongue but numb your highest potential as they act like poisons within once digested. Much like the rest of what you take as gospel but don’t dare question because the Game is all mental.

Till we meet again