Never Had a Friend Like Me

Nothing in this world happens by chance. From that girl in your class you met, to the kids who became your friends as well as the enemies who resent. Day out, day in, across all seasons and never relenting. There is an underlying rhyme. A sign of the times that if you get a glimpse at you might just flip your lid because the implications are immense.

Reality follows a script. How much input do we have on it? I’d say it depends on your level of awareness. Most lack heavily in this department and are little more than meat puppets on a string due to how well they are plugged into this realm and at the same moment disconnected from their potential as well because they’re torn every which way but within. It really is quite amazing because people can’t imagine being any other way than they are. Much like water takes the shape of the vase its poured in, no questions asked. If you know about this, well then the sky isn’t the limit because you can shift the Game on a molecular level or influence the interference pattern itself that drives this realm.

There it is. The grand secret of the alchemical process of which you are both a cause and effect. This really is something mind-blowing once you comprehend the implications because there is a method to get a peep at the script and see what comes next because it all follows an oscillating pattern that rises and dips. Like an amusement park of the flesh. Question is, for whose entertainment? The Game of Souls really is something. Each day I uncover another one of its twists and it continually inspires me to think about the people I’ve met, who they really are as opposed to what they present. I have a question for them:

Have you ever checked, and I mean at real depth, why you believe those who told you what they said? Positioned you to pose a friend whilst being the opposite. Even change your name and heritage to portray a new image to ensure it would all click. All for me. When you were no one with nothing I shared freely the little I possessed. When the world turned its back on you who made those long trips regularly just to make you smile, tell you it would be fine and motivated you to rise again. They say you truly know your friends when you have nothing to offer them. Well, my history speaks for itself in that respect. Say less.

It is interesting as I sit and think the motivations for the way you’ve played your hand, my friend. And I call you this in exactly the same spirit because you are another me and it would be foolish to hate myself, even a remote component that reflects right back deeds I’d rather forget and blame on someone else. I cannot because I’m the prime cause for the effects. I stand at the middle, centered everywhen ergo I have to ask myself “What was the good in you doing this for my best?”.

So far you’ve helped me uncover the keys to this realm and in the process unlock myself from the double binds I was placed in. Kill em with kindness or murdered by our desires? One and the same thing in the end, eh? What have you gained from them? I hope it was worth trading because you know you’ve never had a friend like me. Just sit back and look through your history and I’m sure it will be clear to see that this man still speaks the truth, oh so bluntly. At times it may taste bitter because the worlds lies are so sweet but then who wants spiritual diabetes? Most do as they reach for another piece of self deceit wrapped up in trickery. So pleasing to the eye but what lies beneath? I see you, watching from a distance since then. Its why I chose to tap these keys so precisely.

I want you to ask yourself a question. What if the deal that you took was actually a scam that you fell for line and hook? The price of which will become evident once you have no more use to them. What then? Will it start to make more sense of why we sit on opposite sides of the fence because best believe before the Eight Veils have their due you too will experience my point of view as I know yours so well which is why I chose not to pledge my Soul nor let them steal it, despite their best attempts. You know how that goes in that repect. Although I will admit, they shattered it pretty well. Into so many fragments yet and still my spirit is pure, my essence is present and correct. At the start and end of the day it is my name she calls, make it make sense. Draw you own conclusions because, like I said, its all scripted. We’re just here to play our parts. Have you ever wondered for whose amusement was built this park?

Till we meet again

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