If you could see what was wrong with life, the root cause of all the pain and strife, misery and shame would you place your bet against the house, irrespective of the stakes or would you play it safe, tuck tail and try and blend with the sheep as the wolves stroll around looking for whom to eat?

They say if you want to make enemies, try and change something. Well, like it or not we’re living in times of change. The truth of the matter is its the only constant in this world, the only thing that remains the same is that everything does and must change. The thing is there are those in this Game who have a vested interest in making it bend their way because the very nature of spin is it either uplifts and ascends or draws down and locks in. In the middle of the storm there is nothing but peace as it transcends polarities and its this thin golden line I call the Path of Power, upon which each step unfolds your magnificence and reignites your sense of wonderment versus the state of government you’re currently within, living at either edge.

Knowledge of this is a threat it seems because they already tried to erase yours truly when I used to stand on the street and preach to those who had nothing and thus listened intently. See, if you’re surrounded by poverty you already know the deal because for you to have so little whilst another lives in excessive luxury means there must be a thief. Its also why I despise deceit as those who speak lies wish to steal my reality and this isn’t something I forgive easily.

What does this all mean? We’ll find out shortly as I roll the pair of dice life bequeathed me and spin the wheel with my Soul on the line because, yes, the Game is deep and expects to beat those who come to play as they’re mere men encased via the machine which dictates all they think, see, do and perceive. Transcendent is he who realizes the scheme and what it means when he says “Me” or in reverse sounds “Em” which is the letter 13th aka the only one that makes you vibrate internally consistently. Its why its often the first word out of the mouth of babies but lets just skim the surface for now before we dive deep into and pierce the veil of reality. So here’s the deal:

I’m going to keep doing what I did previously. For some speed bumps in life mean the end of their journey. Not so for me as I use them to take off and break the surly bonds of gravity and as I sit here tapping keys I’m soaring high above 3D, alone in my own zone. Free. It feels absolutely spectacular and I wish to gift the methods of gaining this inner experience to thee because you, you my friend, exist inside Slavery and thus all of your concepts – especially those of Self – are warped masterfully by those Masters who keep you on your hands and knees, begging for mercy from the brutality they heap on thee. Some feel it, some don’t allow themselves to know what it is they already suspect as the force that cornered the world and says what goes but they dare not speak of it in anything more than whisper because then its “off with his head”.

Me? I don’t care, you can’t contain nor harm the unfinite and this is what the Warrior says, lives and breathes as he is the embodiment of wisdom in essence. Don’t worry if it doesn’t make sense yet, its a whole new way of seeing things which means you’ve left behind all the rites, slipped the ties of the past and evaded the nets the future swings in order to unwrap the gift of the presence, in all of its opulent magnificence. And where it leads? Whew, that is something else that I hope you get to experience hence transcendence.

Here’s your starter for 10, lets see if it clicks:

24 * 7 = 168 hours in the combination of what they call a “week” and “weekend”, correct? You’ve unknowingly heaped these spells upon your head by your own tongue to try and make sense and impose a structure on the rhyme and reason of living but have you ever stopped to think:

Why is it that the elderly lack strength? Matter of fact why is that there is an obvious downward trend that seems to have all the hallmarks of arrested development, especially in the West but becoming more prevalent in the world as this mode of thinking spreads like the mindvirus it is, that you mistakenly call ageing due to your ignorance. Imagine instead one who says that Monday to Friday is called a “Strength” and those other two are a “Strengthened”. Why you would expect he to get better and better as he ascends for each passage of 168 hours brings him closer to a state of excellence by building on the best of what is his previous experience.

Did you get what I just said?

If you did then you’ve just met the weak daze within which you dwell aka the Master hypnotists spell that keeps you divorced from your strength by proclaiming weakness instead and then, at the end, to let off some stress you engage in certain acts that leave you weakened as well before its once more into the breech my friend and, like groundhog day, you do it all again. Each time getting back less than you put in. And this is how you choose to spend your lives? Slaves. Simple and plain.

And your Masters? I haven’t forgotten about them:

You should’ve finished me when you had the chance because now the power shifts and I’m the king of my inner realm, a sovereign in the flesh who overflows with limitless potent and I’m coming for your heads for even daring to think you could get the best of the best this world has ever seen. Away with your parlour games and trickery, they mean nothing to me because we both know freedom is never given voluntarily but taken forcefully from those who profit handsomely from the ugly business of engineered global misery aka the Game of Souls, playing out live and in 3D.

You are hereby warned to cease and desist immediately all forms of influence, oppression and tyranny against me, past, present, future, eternally, internally, externally and all points in between as I am a resonant aspect incarnated in flesh of the prime, divine point of origin that creates, maintains and sustains my awareness and the free will bequeathed upon me rejects all offers, schemes, deals and tricks, in this lifetime, future or previous. Indeed I take this moment to break all forms of ties and links between us, both tacit and explicit. So mote it be.

Again, till we meet

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