An Attitude of Gratitude

An attitude of gratitude defines your lattitude because it shifts the way you decode signals coming in and from these you weave your script and the experience it builds. What I mean is that in your expanded state your awareness processes at a rate of twenty million bits per second. Contrast that to the 40 bits you’re aware you’re aware of and you’ll bump head first into the filtering and why its in your best interests to control what you can to influence what you can’t because only then can you say you’re playing your part. Ever noticed when your friend gets a new car you see it everywhere whereas before the same type and model was invisible? Thats the same process in full effect so picture this:

The lens in your head is programmed to sense opportunities that are in your best interest. How long do you think it would take you to win and always end up smelling of roses? Not long I bet. There was a woman I met who lived this to death as it was her prime imperative. The song she sang in her head was “I’m the luckiest there ever is” because it was part of how she survived the life she’d lived to get to that point in her adventuring. Now, without fail, she constantly found money on the deck and I’m often talking bundles of notes with no one near or present. Not to mention randomly buying a ticket that wins when she never usually played such things because “I just felt lucky and gave it a spin”. The list of “coincidences” was immense and on the flip she was immensely generous as she often gave away what came this way because she was fond of saying “I’ve got plenty“. So she did. Truly an amazing woman and a very inspirational presence as she embodied the sentiment that if you’re going through hell, keep going as she was relentless in her quest to transcend the missteps and crooked hand fate had dealt.

How can you apply this? Its easier than you think. First of all do stop and count your gifts. If you’re reading this off a screen then obviously you can afford the tech, your bills must be in check, I’d hazard a guess you are in good health and all your limbs are present and correct, if they aren’t there are plenty with less, catch my drift? I haven’t even started yet but as you can see there is a lot to be grateful for. Now the more you do this the more your subconscious mind is influenced to provide more data that proves this rule because that is what its programmed to do.

On the flip if you’re a victim of social media induced ugliness in which you constantly magnify your flaws whilst comparing yourself to those who seem perfect, guess what you’ll get? Its why I said an attitude of gratitude defines your latitude because its how you take flight whereas low frequency thinking means you’ll be stuck to the ground, crying about “Life isn’t fair, why don’t good things happen to me?” and all of the other foolery people throw upon themselves in order to play the victim as they point their fingers at someone else. Like I’ve said since the jump:

The difference between a Warrior and Slave is the latter thinks they are small, tiny, powerless. Standing on a rock that is floating around in an abyss as it chases the sun in a thing called a solar system. Itself a little part of this whole universe in which they are such a pointless and insignificant creation just trying to make it make sense and pay their bills as they try to stay one step ahead of debts and carve a little slice out for them. The Warrior on the flip sees it from another lens, one that is truer, closer and far more accurate:

All of this, everywhen, takes place inside my awareness ergo I am the centre and the edge plus all things in between, even thee, hence the decree “You are another me, together we”. It’s a far better way to be and part of the structure the Path of Power reveals which we shall be unveiling shortly.

Meet again, till we

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