George Bush tells the Truth about Iraq

In retrospect we see easily that Bush taking his team to Iraq had little to do with what they said and the alleged nature of the threat, as the weapons of mass destruction didn’t exist. Some would even say this why Dr David Kelly is dead because he was foolish enough to be honest when dealing with crooks at best. Actually highly placed spiritual wickedness would be more accurate as that is what defines “them” who are spoken of in hushed tones all over this realm. Not all who walk in the flesh are truly human, as was philosophized by wise men once upon a when and its something you can detect yourself if you’re ever in their presence as you feel something else beneath the veneer and facade they present. But lets not speak too much of this, lest they think we’re schizophrenic. Thing is the nutter is the one who truly gets a handle on all of this and that, in part, is why they are treated in ways that justify their suspicions but that is a much deeper topic. For now, consider this:

The System creates programming that the vast majority of folks accept but .8% rebel at whats poured into their head and they see something else. A far truer vision because in a sense we live in a world of illusion, educated by delusion and exist in a state of confusion. Thing is the collective hallucinate in a way that is accepted at this stage of the Game because it involves you doing as they say. Santa, Dollars, spiritual fables and various tales. All figments of your imagination my friend but who stops to think when life is so busy happening? Much like a fish, the water within which they swim is totally invisible to them. Once again I’ve veered off on a tangent which itself is a hint of where we’ll be diving in as we float along in this stream of consciousness experiment of me tapping keys behind a screen then hitting send to see who gets the meaning and intent of the message.

Bush sent his team of merry men into Iraq to ensure that the rivers of oil that fed his empire of white, blue and red didn’t come trundling to a halt. Thats it. The beginning and end. The rest was pretence, window dressing and conflict framed as entertainment that most invested in, never questioned as they sipped the Kool Aid that was laced with a substance designed to dim that little light within that looks at the facts that don’t add up and says “Wait a minute!”. Dr David Kelly chose not to drink and we know how that played out for him. Amazing isn’t it that the man himself said he suspected this is how it would end. He confided his fears to a friend and then was later found dead, just as he’d predicted, not far from his homestead. Stranger still is he had a damaged right limb that trembled when he attempted a firm grip and thus couldn’t cut a steak with. Yet chose that to hold the knife with which he apparently slit his own wrist. All whilst leaving no prints without wearing gloves and on top of that he swallowed some pills (also printless) just to ensure his attempt was effective. Great success! Never has a suicide been executed with such dilligence. Even moreso when you consider his friends testified that he was unable to swallow medicine due to a condition known as dysphagia. Didn’t matter in the end because toxicology reports proved there wasn’t enough in him to kill him and penned it a heart attack instead and away it all went. Shady witnesses, manipulated testimony and 70 year secrecy order as well… “Move along people. Nothing to see here” was the message sent as almost no one wondered “Wait a minute, losing five pints of blood through an artery the width of a matchstick without clotting?” and the rest of the ridiculousness that marked this chapter in our collective Book of Ignorance aka Life in the 21st Cent, Dollars, Euros and Digital Biosurvival Tickets that they’ll soon usher in for those who wish to progress in this realm. None shall buy and sell without it when the Game kicks in to a new stage of techno-surveillance as hinted at by the merging of Social Credit and a new coin, as yet unminted, when their Fiat printed chickens come home to roost, only to find foreclosed nests and food shortages. As always it’ll be presented in your best interests as well as a choice you can’t reject or else you’re a threat to the rest who acquiesce. “Don’t be so selfish!”. Sound familiar yet?

Whenever a politician says or mentions “God” as a motivator slash justification of their actions whats truly meant is Guns, Oil and Drugs. Go look again at HIStory via this lens and tell me it isn’t correct as they refer to an acronym whilst you think it means something else and thats the Dual Reality Principle in full effect because they told then sold the deal openly whilst you bought in from a place of ignorance.

Dr Kelly shows and proves how they deal with their opponents and how everyone is expected to be pulled my one string, one motive, one intent. Who cares if the ends whip up questions where the answers don’t fit the narrative? “Relax, we modulate all the information anyway so we’ll handle it”. They bank on Slaves being too stupid to pick up on this and even if they do they can distract them with more of their dog and pony tricks as they are told what to think, how to move and exist. Remember the System and its programming? For A Slave a challenge to it is taken as one to self (small S, yes there is a difference as the other spots the trick in an instant hence Self). Its modulating your awareness right now as I share these concepts. See if you can spot it as it influences your opinion on the topic as you apply your own logic to the threads that were woven so well to convey but one intent: “Obey. It is how we say it is. No need to question anything”.

Today was the day where George Bush told the truth. In plain view of the world he admitted the nature of his ruse and what all the death, suffering and pain was all about. Thing is they’re all the same. None of them care about their Slaves. They just need them to do what they say and believe the fairy tale they weave into their awareness. Most of all, don’t think. Never ever think. Do not adjust your signal and maintain the regularly scheduled programming. Thats why things like this which may seem like a Freudian slip are actually planned and intended because its the Dual Reality Principle in full effect. “Well, I told them the truth. They’re the ones that chose to do nothing” says the one pirouetting on the rink of an ice cold karma which he’ll skip because the people who signed up to fight and died “Well, thats on them. No one had a gun to their head”. No but you did put one in their hands. Amazing isn’t it how back then the Iraqis were “Insurgents” and “Terrorists” whereas now in Ukraine they’re “Freedom Fighters” instead. Are you seeing the nature of the spell and the way words weave knots in your awareness? Putin and Bush are the same thing. Both of them are just reading from a script when it comes to the end of it because anyone who cannot spot the true nature of what we’re within is doomed to die in ignorance, expecting to meet their once upon a when. Only to get slammed into the flesh for another spin. How’s that for recycling?

It is, and always will be, about your free will. That is why so much is poured into influence and shaping how you think because there is an official narrative and people who question it often end up dead. Like Dr David Kelly. You really should look into this because his misadventure and the tangled web will offer an insight into the realm Messers Bush, Blair et al operate in because without gnosis you voluntarily condemn yourself to ignorance by accepting the role they penned when you were first taken in by the System that did its thing and shaped how you think. Right upto this moment. There is always a choice. Consider your options. Have they, so far, served your best interests by creating a life you’re truly happy to live or are you just existing? Whiling away time hoping one day that recognition of your skills and potential within bursts to the surface to the sounds of applause and mass adulation? The trick with Slaves is to give them enough hope not to be hopeless and as much bread and circus as they can digest so they never take a moment to look within as they may question the narrative that keeps them pinned down in this realm.

Till we meet again

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