Food Doesn’t Come in a Bag or a Box

In life there are those who know what goes on under the hood and those that don’t care as they never looked. “Why would I?” says one “If there is a problem I’ll take it to someone who knows”. Lets use a car as an example as its easy to get my drift.

Lets say you know nothing about nothing and are proud of it. That means you won’t check the tyre pressure, top up the fluids or care for much more than getting around in the ends as you do your thing. That also means you won’t spot something thats off, just a little bit, until you’re forced to pay attention to the warning light thats blinking as you whip starts to limp and you trundle off to a mechanic who hands you a bill. With a grin. Because its people like you that keep him in business.

Now switch out car for body and mechanic for the medical establishment and you’ll start to comprehend the nature of Self ignorance.

People use their bodies without a care for maintenance and because they live entirely in their heads they’re also disconnected from the subtle signals it sends from within about whether or not it likes this or has a problem with your fuel choices. Actually, nutrition is a great aspect because a lot of the crap sitting on shelves that is ultraprocessed and designed to be addictive as it passes your lips and then becomes a poison within. Poly unsaturated fatty acids for example that are in absolutely everything and over consumed by billions of people who don’t seem to click the delayed onset of the problems they bring. Switching metaphors for a second:

A new petrol station opens across the street from your mechanic and they’re way cheaper than the one you’ve been using. Not only that but they give you a cool gift each time you’re spending so you think “Win/win” and gladly give them your business. You tell everyone who’ll listen as you show off your trinkets and pat yourself on the back at your wise decision and how much you’re saving. Then, after year or two, you notice your car isn’t running quite as smooth as it did. “Meh” you think as you keep on trucking until one day smoke starts pouring from the bonnet whilst you’re driving. You call up the mechanic who sends out some help and your broken down vehicle is bought to his building.

“I don’t know whats wrong with it” you said “It was all perfect and then this happens”. “Ah yes” says the mechanic “We’re seeing quite a lot of this. See there is a build up in your engine that clogged up the pistons and then the…”. “Look, I’m not technical. Just tell me how much to fix?” you interrupt as he replies with a grin. “Well, its going to be expensive” before launching into a pitch about how they can lease you a brand new vehicle with all maintenance included and how it would be oh so perfect etc…

In this case they’re speaking about your immune system which is what the pharma industry wishes to co-opt next but what they never mentioned is they’ve long since been in bed with big business which lobbies politicians to support its decisions on additives and chemicals that lace products sitting on shelves which are designed to be addictive, generate huge profits, have low spoilage and generate a boat load of health issues due to the increased doses they’re consumed in.

Don’t believe? Think it all sounds it should be spouted by a head wearing foil tinned to keep out the mind control signals? That is exactly how it is because its called the Hegelian Dialectic in which they produce a problem (cheaper fuel that is filled with additives designed to damage your engine), await your reaction (“I don’t know what happened! Can you fix it?”) and then present their solution (“Here is some insulin for the rest of your existence. Remember to pay promptly if you wish to keep on living!”).

That model actually underpins everything in this realm which emanates from the 11%, well 1.1% actually because the rest are just useful idiots bought in to do their bidding from a position of false enlightenment, and then sold, told and shown to you as the way it is, was and should be.

Take a glance at the food pyramid and you’ll see its based on whats good for Big Business and not your health because in that sense its actually quite detrimental. Proof of this? Look at all of those waddling around, short of breath as they struggle to squeeze into what would be a Nineteen Eighties XXXL but is now vanity badged as a medium. Not for nothing have the sizes of vehicles ballooned in between now and then along with furniture as well in order to hide the truth of this from those not looking. Just check some old footage and it becomes quite obvious or obtain something vintage and feel the difference.

There are many strings, pulled all at once, to keep the illusion of progress moving when anyone can note that the health of most is flowing backwards as they’re the true fat of the land but too busy consuming themselves to death to notice or care one jot. Its all as planned really. “Drive yourself to extinction whilst making our tills ring as we sell you the poison and then the cures which create their own problems” said the men behind the curtain.

The current aim of business is the outsourcing of your immune system to a subscription based model in order to keep on living. Covidiots around the world bought the fable, hook, line and sink, and would rather die than question their investment. Which is apt as that is whats currently happening and scientists, who can tell you what a mummy from ancient Egypt had for lunch, are “baffled as to the cause”. Are you seeing what I’m saying?

The Slave/Masters Game in a nutshell is this:

To encourage your toward your own destruction by prompting you to make the worst possible decision.

The Warriors Game is the flip:

To think, feel and reason for oneself based on a blend of the data available, intuition and knowledge of the lay of the land as it stands and the participants in Game who wish to play Opponent and thus intend to make one their Victim.

Thats the difference between taking it to a mechanic to get fixed or learning the rudiments, doing your own maintenance and pondering “Hmm, that garage has just started leasing vehicles and has also built a super cheap petrol station. I think I’ll avoid that and pay a little bit more for premium”.

These are the same folks who’ll be running smooth as silk as long as they roll about this realm as they realize whats cheap often ends up expensive as those on the other end of the strings of public opinion think of no one but themselves and their own profits.

Don’t expect the government, corporations or some mystical sky daddy to fix your problems when the answers are within but require a bit of effort and gumption to do the mathematics of the equations life presents.

That is why Warriors and Slaves see the same thing but get answers totally different:

Which one do you think offers the best return on investment? Why do you believe what you do? How has it been paying off for you? If it hasn’t, why aren’t you thinking different and exploring other options? Or will you, knowing what I’ve just said, keep trundling along the aisle filling your trolley with garbage, destroying your immune system and feeling like partially warmed up death as your vehicle is coughing and wheezing under the pressure of the filth you keep piling in.

And thats before we even get onto the corrosive and toxic influence of mass media and all it brings as well as the way you think, breathe and rest. Oh yes, being a Warrior is a Ten Eighty thing as you’ve got to play the Game on three levels at the same instance to comprehend the depth of what it means to walk around in this realm encased in skin because the odds are stacked way against you and then a crooked hand is dealt which is why its so sweet to win and why the house hates those who think like this and make proactive decisions for living, experiment with the options to see what fits and, most crucially, think for themselves.

And by that I don’t mean watching a video online that confirms what they think and taking it for gospel but actually developing that felt sense that tells them “Nah, this ain’t it” as well as what does put a hop, skip and jump in their step as there is no one size fits all in this realm and you must tailor your livit to your Self. Remember:

Food doesn’t come in a bag or a box. I know what you’re thinking “That’s most of what I buy from the shops!” and that is exactly what you must stop because these food like substances are the perfect deception as they’re delicious on the tongue but numb your highest potential as they act like poisons within once digested. Much like the rest of what you take as gospel but don’t dare question because the Game is all mental.

Till we meet again

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