Wasted Talent

One of the worst things in life is wasted talent. To be born with the voltage and not shining or, worse still, hiding your light is the greatest insult one can give to the gift you possess. Right now, as you read this, there are countless millions (if not billions) around the world in this predicament. On the flip there are also those without a modicum of talent or skill that is innate in any sense who are constantly plugging away at it in order to make their dreams happen.

Lets imagine for a moment that my Deja Vu Hypothesis is correct and we live, die, insert credit and are born again into the life we’ve just left. Lets say on the last spin you actually honed your talents and became that which you know you can be but then decided the pressure was too big and zagged where you should have zigged and ruined everything. Worst of all, you believed this proclamation and thus never again attempted to ascend from the ditch you’d grow comfortable in and thus you played out the rest hating yourself and constantly wondering “What if?”.

One near death experience later you were slammed back into the flesh as a different sperm met the egg and you grew to be another version of your Self. This one stepped in with that mission etched in his chest and people recognized the innate skills and talent since you first made your presence felt. What they didn’t see, but was felt, is that you had an immense sense of hesitation and stress around the topic. To them, that seemed mind boggling as not only were you precociously skilled you were also already angst ridden like them. All without the negative feedback and conditioning they’d received via the System and a life unexamined.

Such children can be nervous, flighty or highly strung. They’re often divergent to their peers and have an intense interest from early on in one specific area of attention. They may be misunderstood, get bored quick and school and thus cause trouble. They can be even worse and turn to drugs, sex and alcohol at a young age, often as they blossom. See, for a part of them this is all new but a deeper, wiser aspect already knew what was to come from this rigged deck hence the immense sense of discomfort about what was coming as it felt “Damned if we do, dammed if we don’t'”. Usually they aren’t aware of this. They often fight, inside themselves, about how unfair it all is, how they just want to share their gift and why no one seems to understand them. The truth is it is they who do not innerstand themselves themselves hence the challenge of this level they’re currently facing because a lot of this, I’ve seen, is about removing the obstacles in order to allow the free flow of the voltage.

There are huge implications about all of this world as I see it as it means no man is an island and everyone is a link in the chain of their own suffering hence you heap these burdens upon yourself due to what is given and accepted without question and then acted on without introspection. It certainly is a recipe for misery and it makes me wonder about the real deal because nobody has placed these words you read in this order before me to reach the conclusions I’ve reached then share them freely. I know why that is. You can say I too have been fighting the same demon and when it comes to freestyling something life changing in a conversation of the record I’ve knocked out all comers, again and again and again. And yet, as I sit here typing this on this evening of the First of April I realize my complications when it comes to doing things on a grander scale, realizing the true vision instead of being happy with a fragment of my Self dazzling whilst the rest is kept hidden. In many ways everything I write is autobiographical. I am my physics, I am my metaphysics. Along the way I’ve also helped shine a light within to the darkness of the ignorance found inside those suffering as they retrace their steps through this carbon based prison for their awareness known as existence in the Third Dimension.

I know I mastered this on the last spin. I remember that death and what followed then and I also know the steps I’ve taken to get to this point where I stand as well as those who formed an alliance against as they insist I desist from persisting in this option. See, there is a class of people who aren’t truly human (who, ironically, class you as less than them) that are great at pretending they have your best interests in that void where should beat a chest. You cannot see them, yet. I have first hand experience and thus can identify the tells. To them my existence is a threat as all they’ve built in your heads rests on sand which is why you’re programmed to press onwards and up (but never look down) as then you’d see that loose thread which brings it all tumbling down.

For many this is a fate worse than death. Its like following a malfunctioning GPS that is taking you further and further away from your destination. You class this as progress. Even though it keeps chirping that what you’re seeking is just over the horizon. The astute of you will have clicked that when its said the meek inherit the Earth whats actually meant for those waiting is they’ll one day assuredly be lowered into its grip. The end. Insert credit to continue. Come back and do it all again. And again. And again.

I’m actually scared right now about what I’m about to do in that respect because its all been training wheels up until this moment. Now I intend to let em have it but the problem is this:

I know you won’t like this and they’ll weaponize your intent against me as you rush to protect that which enslaved your awareness and prevents your actualization as you keep doing what it says and making no progress. Its like being offered a glimpse of a heaven without realizing you’re living in hell as the maths won’t do itself and its up to you to solve this problem. Actually, keeping it a buck, that doesn’t really cause me much stress because I know I can handle it. What is holding me back is the abuse they are heaping upon my inner child as I roll around this realm, whether conscious or at rest, as they have a set of hooks deep inside my awareness as I fell for a sweet seduction I call being Dirty Diana’d. I uncover this in my first seasun and as I type this I have the intent to create a share a few videos then publish this to see how I did.

Both will be in the reeleyez seasun. One will dissect the truth of Die Hard and the story which has been right in front of your eyes since back when and it has interesting implications. The next will be a deeper look into The Game itself which will offer you a detailed glimpse it exactly what happened to me back when after being nearly hypnotized to death, sex magicked, drugged and interrogated. I know what you’re thinking: “Motion picture ish! Ahahahahaha!” and yes, that would be most accurate except this isn’t a flick and I’m actually living it so its kind of stressing when you know that its you, standing alone against this realm, and they’ve not only rigged the deck but have stuck their stooges at their table to prevent any wins whilst also using various tricks to ensure you remain on tilt, not centered.

Its pretty wild because I haven’t had any rest but have been bathed in stress and various threats both overt and implicit designed to dissuade me from taking these steps. They’ve built up an empire in the shadows of your awareness and its exceedingly profitable as each bought in answers to the one above them. Power rolls up hill and they accept their roles without question because there is no way out, bar death, once in. This is what I’m up against and thus I can say with a quiet confidence that the weapons they used against me are ones they themselves felt, if not quite as engineered or dramatic. That in itself was very interesting as it offered a glimpse behind the veil of reality in a way that would render most schizophrenic because none of this is what you think.

The higher the level you’re playing, the more is at stake and the tolerance for errors grow ever thin. Of this I’m certain as much as I know the solution is within as I am, in effect, fighting phantasms that gain strength as I rail against them. Children know this well when the mares of the knight come galloping into their resting awareness and cause an immense rise in their stress levels, hitherto unknown due to how little time they’ve spent in the flesh, and when they turn to their parents for confirmation and support they are met instead with negation of their experience.

I’ve just given you a huge piece of the puzzle. Do you think you can dissect then digest it? All I’m offering is my perspective on this Game we’re playing. Right or wrong I simply ask your respect what I’ve said and please consider what happens inside your awareness as we progress as my intent is to leave this place better than a I found it and if my presence helps to ease the suffering of another in this realm then that is reward enough itself. The grander mission is nothing less than to change the Game itself by allowing you to realize what you’re playing as well as gaining the gnosis of who you are, in and outside of this realm. That is the end goal. That is why my presence is a threat because a great deal of energy can be invested in sanctified foolishness that perpetuates suffering from those lacking any form of Knowledge of Self. Its something that was prized dearly on previous levels but we are playing on a harder level of challenge in the flesh on this spin. As far as I can tell it keeps getting harder, especially for those like myself that beat it and were home free but came back again for the rest who are ready and willing to listen.

What I’m going to say is radically different to anything you’ve known but I’m certain that a lot of you will have suspected various pieces and segments, wether out loud with friends or privately to yourself, in previous events. Nobody has strung together the bits into a lucid and cogent narrative that ticks more boxes than it misses and brings a clean cloth to the fogged lens of perception you’re currently sporting.

I do wonder if I’m wrong about this. I really do. Its like I’ve discarded the GPS and am relying on an intuitive form of navigation that is powered from beyond this realm to heart me in the direction I intend to actualize in the flesh. You are welcome to come along and see what happens because from this moment on you’re going to witness my adventure in the flesh as I double down and bet on Self (and thus against the house which is designed to win, by means fair or crooked) with the intent to shine light into the darkness whilst offering it what it needs to draw the links and comprehend so we can step out of this repetitive carbon based hell that mangles your awareness then rewards you for thinking as programmed. “The less effective the better!” is the mantra they’re chanting. I’m up against something that existed way before I wore this flesh and intends to stay living long after I reclaim my Soul and jet from this realm because, as you’ll see, Earth is a plantation. Humans are the crop. What could they be farming? Not for nothing is the mind mined as the Devilish tongue spells well. Are you aware of the nature of the threat that a Warrior brings to the land of those who are enslaved in every sense but refuse to admit it, even as their chains are jangling whilst they pay dearly for every step they take but don’t see it this way due to the conditioning of the System that molds their awareness like a square watermelon.

A totally artificial constraint that is generated and maintained via stress to suit the whims of one who sees it as nothing else but a product, a commodity to be used and harvested as they wish. Not for nothing are prophets and profits interlinked. Its so Devilish, friends.

So if you too can feel something that glows inside your chest. Know you came to this realm with a sense of purpose and can intuit the shadows depth as you’ve had enough of fruitless coping strategies that just mire you further in the mess then take inspiration from what is coming because its either going to be a cautionary tale, par excellence, of what happens when one stands against billions or my life will become the stuff of legend that flips the script of what the rest think it means to wear flesh around their awareness as they wander around this realm playing a Game which uses their Soul as a credit and places an enemy inside their head that they currently think is them and its design is simply to ensure you don’t realize this scam.


So that you live, die, come back again. And again. And again. And again. Comprehend this:

Fear debilitates. It holds you back to create regret as opportunities slip through your fingertips and you pretend you’ll do it next time instead. Well, examine your past. Look at your track record. That will prove exactly what I said about the faulty GPS that promises you nothing but death. Life is a choice. Its active. Its something you must fight to make happen in this realm because they’ll very happily sell you a zero calorie alternative that doesn’t quite fill and brings its own host of problems. Exactly as intended.

Till we meet again

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