The Simpsons Predicted the Devolution of Society

I don’t think there is anyone in this world that watched the inception, peak and descent of The Simpsons that wouldn’t agree that the shark was jumped around about the time Homer started becoming a barely functional idiot. Not just regular dumb but supremely stupid and almost stripped of all humane characteristics till we get to the place where we are now and people wonder “Whats the point?”. And yet it lurches on.

Trading on old glories and institution, much like the real life bundle of buffoonery some call a monarchy. Its perched in a place where no one really cares enough either way to let them be or take it round the back of the barn and shoot it in the head as a final act of mercy.

And yet we all know The Simpsons predicted everything so there’ll be some out there saying “Put some respect on its name, its earned it and no one stays on top of their game forever”. But here’s the most amazing thing:

The Simpsons indirectly predicted the entire era we’re living through now, as we speak, with meta commentary ease. What do I mean?

It all starts with the scene where Homer decides to try beastiality. How did they get to that point? Simple by needing to one up the antics and out stupid the last jape until all semblance of intelligence has been stripped away and what we recognize from the face has been entirely hollowed out from the within. All in the name of entertrainment.

If you look closely you’ll see the devolution of society as we become digitized writ large not just behind but under the scenes, permeating invisibly. Walk with me:

In the early 90s there was no one on the web but nerds with questionable hygiene due to spending all day and night staring at screens. As the 00s kicked in we started seeing everyone else take an interest in the web as it became more accessible, broadband did its thing and it all started to flourish.

Note this was the exact time Homer was being raped by a panda. This will be important later and yes there will be a test.

From this point on the shock value required to keep Homer fresh meant that he had to keep on pushing the envelope again and again until he was lacerated with paper cuts and bleeding out in front of our eyes. Like a thousand monkeys at a thousand type writers it was the best of times and it was the worst as people around the world dove head first into the cyber seas and frolicked with pleasure thanks to these new frontiers of technology and as the decade progressed the convenience rose so that people could tote a connection via screen wherever they happened to be.

Enter: Smartphone. Exit: Intelligence.

In the real world The Simpsons was also mirroring this level of vapid self obsession, almost to the point of parody, as a way of disguising the misery that lies underneath but we’ll get to that

All of a sudden the net which had been about us, collectively, became “me me me”. A distinct regression in the nature of humanity where the mental age of crowds may once have been five now its quite easy to see that inner two year old being unleashed, digitally:

“Wah, cancel this”. “Boo, he is bad”. “Hiss, she hurt my feelings”. “I want my milk and stories”. Forget nuance, introspection, spirited discussion or any form of empathy as those faculties have been zapped from the collective and various forms of echo chambering combined with proactive triggering, as well as those roaming around looking for something to find offensive in order to get some attention in a quest for social justice (fueled by angry typing) that usually means tearing another to shreds and enjoying the process before doing it all again without taking a moment to think: “What fuels this? What is the secret pay off for acting like this? What is hiding in the depths that makes this course of action so vital to my existence?”.

I’d be willing to bet there is an immense and unaddressed reservoir of unhappiness undulating in their subconscious from the life they’ve led up until that moment. But its far easier to project onto “them” as opposed to examining their own thought process and true nature of their inner realms. Instead they choose a rage filled existence on the web which usually counterbalances an almost invisible and exceedingly meek real world presence. One can only imagine the level of suffering that generates, accepts and normalizes behaviors such as this:

Yet if you were to ask any of them what they thought of the old Roman bread and circuses of the gladiator in the lions den they’d wrinkle their nose up at such barbaric practices as a sign of a decrepit civilization, best left as a relic, without seeing they’re engaging in the same old same old but in a new socially sanctioned dress via the web. Same difference and the baying crowds must be fed and well distracted unless they clock the Game is rigged and the true nature of the Opponent within. Not for nothing is it said that the peasants are revolting and they truly mean it as they sit there, hidden, pulling strings and convincing people its all of their own free will.

Thats where we are now. The Simpsons is a long dead carcass filled with maggots that make it seem like it breathes when in reality the fetid aroma is enough to let anyone know its deceased and that ladies and gentlemen is the exact state of humanity as well, yourself included if you’re trapped in the web, don’t strive to better your Self or take time out to disconnect and look within.

Simple test: If the last thing you do at night and the first thing pon rise is to log on then the Matrix has you, Neo. Or, to be more accurate, you’re giving yourself to the Doestrick, Peo. I mean Peon. With mind awash in digital urine and no greater conception of whats going on or the reason for the stench that pervades your subconscious. Hint: Its due to your consumption as frequencies and resonance go arm in arm when it comes to spinning the yarn from when you’re born till you buy the farm and beyond.

Among you there will be the astute that will wonder, exactly how can one show mirror the nature of humanity for so long, so well?

They say art imitates life but more accurately life imitates art. After all, if young girls around the world think that all it takes is a sex tape to make their wildest dreams come true then they’ll happily bust it wide open in the hope that they break through. There is a massive deviation in effect. People, like Homer, are stupider, devolved reflections of their equivalents in the past. Except of course asking the character to realize why he is this way is the same as asking you why you hate your day to day but do the same anyway whilst purposefully shying away from any meaningful change.

If you actually had the answer you wouldn’t need the question and this leads back to what I said about emotional regression and the mass stupefaction of the nations of this world via the insidious nature of tech that makes you dance to dark intent without questioning the narrative of these Trojan gift whores in whose mouths you find solace as an escape from being dead bored in a sad, predictable life zapped of vim due to the machinations of the System and the various unacknowledged sufferings it inflicted.

Another interesting aspect is that of Homer representing the decline of the masculine element as we see “Girl power!” and the whole strong female lead thing in all types of scenes but the man is usually a straight up, barely functioning imbecile. This alone is a huge topic as we could get into things like xenoestrogens, the decline of testosterone and how most modern males are little more than overgrown children as the boom in toys and games consoles being fueled by them attests and thats before we get into various types of strangeness like those who obsess over My Little Ponies and the entire simp process. A conspiracy theorist would say that if one wishes to take over the world with little resistance its best to first target the men and remove them from the equation so there is no choice but to acquiesce to those who wish to mold and direct your existence from behind the curtain of entertainment and subtle influence. The numbers speak for themselves and the world reflects the current levels that set the trends:

You can’t boil a live frog by dropping it into hot water, bubbling, as it will make a break for it due to its survival mechanisms kicking in but certain things done slow and increments can seem most seductive. Especially if those born into it don’t know what they’re missing due to the normalization of the process in which the temperature shifts over generations until they’re cooked. “Served fresh! Come and try the special!”

A clearer, more accurate view of this tool that allows you to flatten the world to Two-D and fit in in your palm – what an ego trip, eh? “I am the god of this reality!” (or sub Reddit) is what everyone means and those like shares and retweets validate this as people live out their own fantasies of being an omnipotent deity on the web, surrounded by loyal adherents.

After all, if someone shares online and no one comments, did it really happen?

Think on that for a moment as we get back to our yellow friend who once was unique and captured everyones interest with all he expressed then became a homogenized version of himself. Let the dead bury the dead as was once said and it happened, right in front of your eyes and its also happening again but it works like this:

If we think we’re perfect we can imagine others are wrong if they contradict our perception, yes? Thats basic projection, we see in others what we can’t stomach in ourselves and this is in many ways why the escapism of a screen is so popular it allows people to be not who they are but who they want to seem by sharing what they want you to see to craft a reality they aren’t actually living. Sneaky, sneaky…

You’ll note that Homers original character, his innate goodness, decency, flashes of intelligence and creativity were slowly whitewashed out until he was a blank canvas for stupidity. The punchline of a joke and no longer a reflection of humanity. Or was he? Because at the exact same time in the decade thats just been we’re seeing more and more people who look the same thanks to plastic surgery as they replay and ape what they see on screen hoping it will make them seem as happy as those who stream lives of excess and luxury.

Except they’re not. Not at all because the very fact they need to do that belies the insecurity which goes back to what I said earlier about “I’m god… at least via this screen and you are my minions, my creation whom I observe silently. Praise me”. Much like The Simpsons where we looked into a world like yet unlike our reality and witnessed the exploits of these characters it is now us who are the seen but ask yourself this:

Who is actually writing and producing this scene because if you’re trying to convince the viewers this role is who you are and we both know you aren’t then where at what point did you get lost in the merry dance with devil by the pale screen light?

There’s way more to this. I may get into it another moment but for now take some time to think and ponder the the links between what Homer was, is and becoming and then look at the world as a collective and see if you can spot the resonance before predicting what this says for the coming generations who inherit this ignorance as people amuse themselves to death without ever stopping to question if the path paved in ignorance can ever beget wisdom for the collective or is it the equivalent of dumping toxic waste in a landfill and saying “Meh, someone else can handle it”.

Till we meet again

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