How to Break Through the Glass Ceiling

Question yourself to develop inner strength. You are much wiser than you think, actually thats wiser than you allow yourself to know because of a simple trick played upon you by the System which placed an invisible ceiling over your head. When you, as a child tried to jump with the full strength of your developing intellect you smacked into it. No one can see it, no one else said a thing so you thought it best not to question it and instead accepted its limits.

Thats how a flea circus is trained and why they never think to escape the box they’re within because they don’t know the strength of their own legs. In your case its your intellect, all of those latent talents that weren’t part of their curriculum that trained your inner genius in how to fit into a constrained paradigm that also captured your parents attention, way back when. “Run the wheel, human gerbil” says the programming in a million ways, as insidious as it is indirect. Its intent? To divide you from the true power of Self, hence “individual”. More at the link to break that spell.

This is why it’s said “Freedom is an inside job” my friend because none but ourselves can free our minds. I invite you to try something:

Grab a pad and pen. Yes, you heard correct. Tapping keys on a screen won’t work in this experiment because the movement and activation of neuromuscular connections this creates is in many ways the secret sauce that allows the spell to be broken. A good time to give this a spin is just before you turn in. As you’re lying in bed just allow yourself to drift and think of questions you’d like the answers for. Areas where you are seeking solutions. Anything productive you happen to be wondering. Then capture it in ink. The amazing thing is now that concept is real, its out here in this realm and thus your mind can consider it from all aspects due to the increase in perspective.

Thats it. Leave it at that. Rinse and repeat as you wish, some like to check it again as they drift back into consciousness when they rise the next day feeling fresh. A keen few take that moment to write new questions and then take a moment to flick over the past and see what pops into their head as this rested state brings with it an expanded state of awareness and you’ve already primed your consciousness by pushing the pen before you went to bed.

Try it for yourself, it can be a most profitable investment. I’ll give you your starter for ten in case you can’t think freely yet:

What am I missing about this?
What is my best option?
How to overcome this challenge?

And so on, you get my drift. Not only will this shift you away from looking at your phone first and last thing it will also forge a deeper connection between you and your embodied wisdom as you ask questions and it answers. The more you do, the greater the trust builds and soon you will discover the wonders of your inner realm as you commence, happily wandering down the Path of Power to find your Self and obliterate the glass ceiling of limitations placed into your head as you learn to transcend the Systems programming to actualize your highest potent in the flesh by seizing the moment and unwrapping the gift of the present.

Till we meet again

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