The Greatest Makeover Begins From Within

The modern world as it stands is like the finest champagne fizz. Ephemeral and entirely bereft of depth, used primarily to signal the presence of something that is lacking to the rest by way of status, reflected prestige and a myriad of coping mechanisms. I’ve often said that the world is half crazed and twice as stupid. The way it stands you’d be hard pressed to deny this as its becoming more and more Self evident. The other side of this proclamation of the state of play is a solution that is simple as it is difficult, far reaching – yet intimate, effortless but oh so powerful. The six words you’re awaiting to free you from this life sentence shall now spring into your awareness:

The greatest makeover begins from within.

Take that principle, apply it to anything and you’ll see how obvious the truth of this perspective is because you can be rolling around chubby with a couple of extra chins you’ve been diligently investing in (in case of famine or maybe you’re enamored with the whole Rubenesque thing) or wasting your talents and potential by choosing to spend days and nights mindless scrolling watching other people living or any number of things from an ever growing list of false solutions. The root cause of this is people are looking for a quick fix. Folks refuse, en masse, to comprehend that their problems came slow and often go the same route. That and they don’t want to change what made them fat, sick or depressed in the first place. This doesn’t stop them chasing abs in five minutes or trying to “get rich quick with this one weird trick“. Even the pseudo spiritual fake a state of non attachment as they pledge to a fellow offering to sell instant enlightenment in nine easy payments. At least this one does what it says on the tin as there is a definite difference in the weight of your wallet after purchasing…

Do you know whats common about most of these things? Apart from being ineffective, that is? Its that those who invest are hopelessly weak (even though they dare not admit it) and even after buying said gadget or method will use it once or twice then throw it in a pile with the rest as they look for the next attempt. The next failed solution. The next foolish investment.

See why I say the greatest makeover begins from within?

Its all mental.

Literally and metaphysically. Change your mind, change your life. But before you can flip the script you must first accept the lay of the land as it is. The wise can take a further step and question how it got like this because there was a time when it when it was better and that devolved to what it is. This is where one can take this bundle of energetics (which seems like a problem but can become a gift) and recycle it. Much like roses produce agreeable odors by feeding upon excrement you can do the same thing as it all springs from being honest with your Self.

I highly recommend keeping a journal. Old fashioned, paper and pen. It activates totally different neural circuits as a form of expression that tapping keys, screens or dictating and it has the added benefit of being “out there” now. This gives it a realness. A tangible presence that often allows one to generate a fresh perspect they didn’t previously imagine as they were carrying around a shadow that blocked their brilliance. Have you ever noticed that when a friend comes round and is filled with dread about a problem you instantly see a solution that cheers them up no end but when the roles are reversed you can’t do that for yourself?

The nature of the mind is like Velcro for the bad and Teflon for the good. It is how it is as the brain is designed to ensure the survival of the flesh and the tale of mankind from now to back when has been all about traumatic inheritance. This, in effect, is what built the world in which we live and it exerts an immense influence that is all but invisible as the man behind the curtain who pulls the strings to manipulate your consciousness.

We are creatures of habit, yes, but we are also reprogrammable. It took a lifetime to make you who you are but its a castle built on sand and this is why it never feels real, you always need something else because then finally, it might just be enough. Well, I’m here to tell it never is. At least not in my experience and those who I have spoken on my adventures which includes the kind of folk people would offer many of their appendages to live the lives they possess. Private jets, top models, power and influence as well as those who sing the kind of hits that get you grooving and are draped in hot fashions with all flavors throwing it at them.

Know what they all said when questioned about the nature of their inner realm? That they’re still searching. That day hasn’t yet come. Even though the outside signals they have all they could want (and they flaunt it as well) the inner is as constant now as it was then. Think about this when you imagine how your life could be different if you had millions because it wouldn’t. Thats the trick. Thats the scam. Thats the allure of the false promise that deceptive liars spin in your awareness as they poisoned your subconscious to make an enemy out of Self as they slipped a mask over your visage and convinced you to invest in the illusion.

All over the world people manufacture proof as they lie to themselves. This is the true epidemic and social media took it to the next level as now we have echo chambers of fakeness designed to lure in the next as people beg for and give away the most important thing in this realm:


The greatest makeover begins from within. Change the way you think and you’ll change the way you live. Drag out your old concepts and preprogrammed click-whirr mechanisms that I call the Thunk Process as its akin to rearranging the same old same old and trying to make something new from it. That isn’t possible. Innerstand what I’ve just said and you’ll leap far ahead of the rest because in times of universal deception being honest with yourself is a powerful thing. Freedom can’t be given by external aspects. It must be taken from within as your Witness is currently being held hostage by a false self that, even now, is denying the truth of what I’ve said and has discouraged you from reading as it knew what was coming.

Oh yes, its a slippery bish. That much is certain. Its also very effective because it has you pretending under the pretense of being it when you aren’t hence, the greatest makeover begins from within.

Next time, instead of reaching for that third helping, indulging yourself in some off beating or primping and preening for a screen via likes from people you’ll never meet stop and question: “Why am I doing this? For what reason? What end?” and then ask it again. And again. And again. Keep going till you get to the crux of the subject and you’ll start hearing answers like: “I just want them to like me”. “They said I’d never be nothing”. “Why did they do that to me? I was just a little kid”.

It can get quite brutal and very harrowing. This is why only 8% of the populace will ever have the guts to take back their internal Kingdom whilst the rest will be glad to live within a fiefdom that sells them the illusion of freedom.

The greatest makeover begins from within.

Change your mind and your life will acquiesce as it all forms around your intent. This is why I say the Game plays out in your awareness as its malleable and a small change within can bring huge shifts without. All it takes is the dedication to stop, listen and examine as the body is always speaking but the mind pretends to be deaf to its calls. The world tells you to run after these external goals as its well versed in breaking Souls into fragments then selling them insurance for an event thats already happened but is repressed from their consciousness. Its a great scam. The best, as its so very old and equally effective.

The gods said “What if we hide their greatest powers high up on a mountain? They’ll never survive the elements to hike so far beyond their level”. “Nay” one replied. “They may be simple now but it won’t always be like this. We should sink it to depths of the ocean where it becomes biologically impossible for them to even examine”. A third chipped in “Even that challenge they will best. It is in their nature to triumph when it comes to external things which is why I propose we hide it someplace else…”. They all turned their heads and listened to her speaking. “What I’m thinking is we hide it within. Behind their fears, dreads and thoughts they simply will not allow themselves to think without generating an immense sense of threat mixed with ambivalence. Instead their investment in the outer realms will become even heavier with this deception as all is equalled by an opposite reaction”.

Leaning back, she grinned as the rest nodded their heads at the dastardly brilliance. “You’re certainly going to make them work for it on this level, yes?” he said, with a look of consternation. “What happens if they all fail?”. “Then we send them back again. And again. And again. Its a test they must pass and class is always in session”. “You know what” another said “That might be the best idea yet because anyone who says this would seem like a madman as their fears would work against them discovering the beauty of their inner realms and we could use this ignorance as a weapon against them because the greatest tool in the hands of the Opponent is the mind of his Victims“.

How radical are you willing to be in order to get free? Don’t you want to re-member how that feels as Inner Sense saturates your presence and you shake off the resistance of old Patterns and with it the resistance that edits your consciousness before sending you off on a quest to chase whats worthless and provides no lasting solutions beyond the distraction.

You already knew this. You may not have admitted it as clearly as this but the thoughts had been bubbling under the surface, calling for your attention as you roll around this planet living a life akin to a numbed callous that exists solely to protect what is delicate and hurting beneath the image you try so hard to project. The lie most would die to protect.

The greatest makeover begins from within.

Once you comprehend this then the Path of Power opens and its walked by putting one foot in front of the next under the guidance of truth as that is the fuel of Inner Sense and when that numbed and deadened skin falls off to reveal the place your power had been hidden you’ll feelsee the same radiance you did back when you were a child that was filled with the spirit of adventuring.

The greatest makeover begins from within. Consider this a nutshell so lets get it cracking.

Till we meet again

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