The Dual Reality Principle

A Slave thinks of themselves as a person, whatever that means by their definition. Usually it goes like this:

“I am son/daughter of <insert lineage> and they call me <name>. I like <things> and <stuff> but am not to keen on <something>. Things that make me unique are <what everyone else says> “. The end.

Or put another way, “What I see in the mirror I am as I represent another link in earthly chain of ignorance that extends back to who knows when and I define myself mainly by external things”.

Here’s a thinker for you though my friend, what you see in the mirror is an inverted reflection, make sense? That means that no one else on the planet actually sees that image as its flipped so right is left and so on.

A subtle yet ever present deception which means you’ve actually invested in an illusion, a delusion would be more accurate. In a nutshell most people think they are the flesh and then heaped on top of that are a load of other tales, some true, most false which influences how they think. Consider a kid, someone before they’ve seen 6 summers on the planet, ask them who they are and they will with joy point to their heart as they grin and exclaim simply “Me!”.

Notice the difference? Internal reference with its obvious simplicity driven as it is by the feeling of presence, the experience of being me. Like who else would I be? Take that same seed and fast forward twenty or more and we’ll see a laundry list of criteria, all of which are defined defined externally:

“Well, I’m a Doctor of Medicine according to my PhD but my degree was initially in Philosophy but lately Buddhism has been calling me as well as the whole gender inequality, so a male feminist certainly….”

And so on they drone, saying a whole load of nothing. Sending everyone to sleep, if they weren’t already dreaming, in this Game of Souls as lost sheep amongst the wolves who salivate with greed each time you repeat anything but “Me!” as the answer to who you be because that means they’ve won and you lost, lost your centre and that means instead of one there are two states living, eternally opposed and of course this leads to a conflicted life which means you are by definition weak. Hence the need for external reference to help shore up this shaky identity. Don’t believe? Here’s a clue, its literally spelled out as you speak:


Tell me that isn’t you. “I don’t know what came over me!” “She’s usually never like this” “When he’s been drinking its like he’s someone else” and so on goes the list. Know why you never noticed it before? Because you’re a Slave and ignorance of Self is the nature of your business. Know everything about anything and nothing of your Self. Yes thats with a capital S and yes there is a difference. Speaking of capitals did you stop and think why anything that comes from the system and has your name written in BLOCK CAPS in black ink always, always, always contains a financial link, usually a bill? Try it for yourself, take your mail and arrange it in two piles. One with Your Name written like this and the other with YOUR NAME and you’ll see exactly how this dual reality principle is something they inflict on their Slaves blatantly and yet, most never see because they’re walking through life with closed eyes but convinced they can see perfectly well because of what the screen, the world and other people have said.

A Warrior on the other hand sees through these pathetic schemes and knows well the nature of the beast because if you ask them who they be they point at their chest, smile and exclaim “Me!” so happily as they are Centered in Self, the only place you can be:


Once you get to grips with what you think is inside your head but actually isn’t because your awareness has no end and thus everything plays out within its presence things suddenly start making a lot more sense. This is how you transcend, did you notice them doing it again? To End the Trance one must transcend and yet each time you walk through a door you’re Entranced again…

Its why I say freedom is an inside job because you’ve got the key but can’t see the lock. You feel it for sure but without words there is no frame of reference and nothing you can do beside serve your life sentence thanks to your ignorance of Self and the nature of realm where we find ourselves.

It is why it’s said that house divided can’t stand and thats exactly why Slaves fall for anything, time and again because they lack that internal strength and thus use shifting externals to define themselves. This means they’re the mercy of the realm as the elements can and will be flipped which often upsets their script as they bemoan “I don’t know who I am any more” and other similar things as they scramble to make sense of the shifts. A Warrior reads from another script, one he pens himself because one of the key differences between them is their role in land of the living because one is simply trying to get ahead. The other intends to bring not only their head but chest and abdomen as well as they contain within them everything you could wish and thus one is centered within and therefore defines himself, always constant, aware and present therefore unwrapping the gift of living in the moment and all the fun this brings.

These elements are present and correct in all human beings but, as a rule, Slaves never look within and don’t even suspect the presence of these energy centers and what it means to be a multidimensional freeing. Thats like a being, but different.

Till we meet again

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