Do Adjust Your Thirdeyevision

Welcome to the Game (show) of life.

None of this is what you think it is
We’re witnessing the intermission
between seasons
That’ll lead to a different everything
Because in life
there are no accidents
only opportunities.

And fortune favors the bold
as they resonate at higher frequencies
than those fed a Twenty Four Seven diet of fear porn
and low vibration entertrainment.

Getting concrete, heres what you’ll see shortly:

The death and rebirth of currency
as money ceases to be a thing
and becomes instead a key
that is your passcode for a new digital reality

In many ways nothings changed
as this is how its always been
except this time you’ll see
the shackles and how they cut deep

physically as well as mentally
when they change the guard of this energy
and bring forth whats known colloquially
as a new mark on an old beast
when carbon and silicon meet.

Simply put
everything will be freed
except you.
You’ll be tethered for infinity

via the same tech
which currently powers chips
only this time they’ll be embedded in flesh.
Why do I say this?

Simple money has always been
for all intents and purposes worthless
a way to keep everyone in check
via the debt it represents

as its created by a process
so simple it boggles the mind
whether Yen, Euro or Dime
it literally falls out of the sky

with absolutely nothing behind
nothing except your faith
that is
which is blind
because this ticket represents

the solution to everything
“Give me the paper” it screams
digits on a screen
“I want to believe!”

Consider reality as a script
in which you were born to play one role
but were coerced from the word go
to perform in their show

Ignoring the silent cries
of your ever present Soul
and this is the real reason
why so many are unfulfilled.

Whether they dwell on skid row
or living it up at the Ritz
very few transcend
and see the bigger pic

of the world and themselves

so the series as it was for millennia
is drawing to an end

hence all the theatricality and deception
as they want to give their loyal viewers a thrill.
So prepare for more spills and chills.

I say that to say this
exit paper
enter chips.

The dollar becomes worthless
and like California it falls off the edge
deep into the abyss
and as a phoenix rises from its death
another cycle shall sink its claws into flesh
because the show must go on
so many depend on it to exist
as it defines their everything.

“I spend therefore I am”
springs silently from their lips
as per the script
installed deep within the waves
of what they call subconscious

which actually marks the point
their personal no mans land begins
and thus the best place to hide
their truth from false self
which is right now
disbelieving this message
as it knows the threat it represents
to its manufactured ignorance.

Like I said
way back when
none of this is what you think it is
simply because you’ve never thought
in the real sense

as you’ve lived most of your life
like a puppet on a string.

Well this system shutdown and reboot will represent
the ideal time to meet your Self
as you no longer have to spin
the wheel you called your life
and whilst you’re not running around outside
you can instead bring a sense of calm to your mind
and start to unwind
the tension which fuels profit
and causes you to recite lines like
“Death is the end”
“I put all my faith in…”
and other such simple things
that spring from whats taught
and now what you’ll find
as you experience the depths of your Soul
and what it means to wear flesh
in this exceedingly real Game (show)
we’re currently within.

Stop for a moment and reflect:
You’re in a body
on a planet
which flies through a vacuum
as it chases a fireball.
This is the base totality
of what you call reality

as everything else is built upon its design.
Sounds crazy, right?
And yes
its all designed.
After all you can see clearly in the sky
as the sun and moon appear to be the same size
even though one is Four Hundred times larger
and the other is Four Hundred times closer
to align and create the magic of an eclipse
because in this Game
everything is implicit
which is why its so vital that you think
as everything is mental
especially the insanity that the world presents.

Right now you can choose
to ignore this and click away
let the chips fall where they may
as the new season takes shape
or you can leave your comfort zone
and escape to a place where the real magic takes place
as you realize you’re far more than words can ever say
and your embodied form has features
which can enable you to create
totally different ways of playing this Game
which you actively co create

What if the true secret of power
is knowing you know nothing
as it creates an open system
instead of the closed loop of ignorance
and this my friend is the key
as it represents the difference
between how a child lives
and the behavior being Adulterated brings
to the table of existence
or more accurately subsistence
where they fight and claw for the crumbs
that fell from up above
this is the money, all made up
that I’ve been talking of
and heres the rub
you were never born to eat
from the fat cats trough
whilst working like a dog
and crawling like a worm.

Nope, no never.
None of the above
but whilst your attention is held prisoner
by the bonds of indenture
you can willfully choose to ignore
the plenty which is all yours
and remain internally poor.

A quick parting thought:

All will agree a child is born pure
filled with innocence
which pours forth
in all they do and say in this world
until slowly their glowing core
is plugged and from then they trickle forth
not what they were before
and we say they’ve matured
when in reality its not, of course
as the truth was there all along.
To Adulterate is to introduce
an impure element that wasn’t there before

with this I’m sure you’ll agree

hence the circular inner child dies
as the cubic outer adult is formed.

Except this is a process you can reverse
right now
whilst the world is caught up in distractions
free yourself
from the comfort of your own home.

So come with me on this journey
as willhelpme unfolds
the knots you know so well
that prevent your outpour
and along the way discover riches
untainted by brand logos
as they are unique to you
and take your place at the table
that serves the finest meals
five courses
of whatever you want
as the fifth seasons draws to a close.

Welcome to the end of the world.

Or you can ignore all of this
stick to their prewritten script and
live in programmed ignorance
as you run away from this dish
which was crafted with pure intent
and would melt on your lips
as it provides the nourishment you wish
the rich mans crumbs could represent except:

News flash

They never have nor will
because them and their meals
are very hard to digest
as you weren’t made to act ignorant
and as such it takes effort
to crawl within their limited bandwidth
whilst kneeling at the feet of midgets
because you’re truly a giant.
Unfinite awareness.
Wisdom in essence.

I mean
ask yourself

Can you sit quietly in a room for ten minutes?
By yourself
with no distractions
or anything else?

Just you
your mindbody and Witness.
Go ahead, try it
see how long you last
as this offers clear proof
about all I have said
because if you spend your life
running away from your Self
then who profits
from your investment in ignorance?

The money may be fake
but the blood, sweat and tears it creates
are the real thing
and the side effect is this:
You aren’t actually a friend to your Self
as you chase an image
that doesn’t come from within
but is instead stuck on from without
like a mask over your visage.

Adulteration be its name.
Welcome to the Game
that eight billion currently play
and the only way to escape danger
is to choose instead
to become a changer.

Unleash the Warrior within.

Between now and
Two Oh Five Oh
The Game is going to change in ways
so far beyond the current frame
that you’ll look back on these days
as Victorian level quaint
with its heady mixture of ignorance
and stupidity
due to whats coming.

Like a second wave.

Watch and see.
Reality is scripted.
Let this serve as testament
because I’ve already lived it.

Future memories
in full effect.

Play on, playa…

Till we meet again

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