Happy New Year! (AKA the Spring Equinox)

“Happy New Year!” says the Warrior as the Slave scratches their head and wonders how this fool could be so happy at being three months and some change late to the party they already celebrated. Therein lies the hint because he is in tune with the natural rhythms of life instead of being well adjusted to a society profoundly sick. “What the hell are you talking about?” said one such beleaguered Soul as they considered if it would be worth continuing reading, well let me ask you a question:

When does the year feel new to you? January first or March twenty first? That much should be obvious, yes? After all the former is still as cold, grey and miserable as the month previous whereas now its obvious you’re walking with a spring in your step. This is what I mean about natural resonance and how so many things in your life have been flip turned upside down and I’d like to take a minute so just sit right there and I’ll show you how today is the true new year:

Since way back when we observed nature like modern man does a television because it was essential to predict what was coming and how to move accordingly in this realm. They noticed with a quickness that there were four major events – two equinoxes, two solstices – that were as regular as clockwork and marked the seasons shift:

The Spring Equinox occurs around March twenty first and its when things begin to bloom as life eternal once again springs from the Earths womb where it was hidden during the chill. The Autumnal Equinox kicks in around September twenty third and, true to its name, we see the leaves falling as the cycle of (seeming) death follows the earlier resurrection. During these days the periods of sun and light are almost equal.

The Solstices occur in Summer and Winter around June twenty first and December the same with the former getting the longest slice of daylight and the latter the most darkness.

By observation of nature the ancestors created ways and methods of living within sync of these rhythms and it was all good till the Romans stepped in and offered a remix. Haven’t you ever wondered why the months that carry the names from seven to ten aren’t actually sitting where they should be present? September, October, November and December is quite a pretty big hint that something has been played with but, like most truths that aren’t hidden but placed right in front of your eyelids, seeing them is impossible as you were raised to accept and not question.

Back in Forty Six BC ya boy Ceezy added sixty seven days with a click of his digits so that Forty Five BC began on January first rather than in March when scheduled. The people who didn’t believe the hype and remembered the old traditions of wisdom that synchronized their rhythms to the cosmos were called “Aprils Fools” when celebrating the shifts of the seasons and its rolled on since then, unquestioned. As I’ve said before in missives previous you are misdirected, misinformed and kept in the dark whilst being fed BS and thus the average human is much like a shroom in that sense:

Totally unaware of their potential for enlightenment due to being perpetually finessed by a game (within the Game) which is as old as the empire itself. Stop and think for a moment:

What is your life actually aligned to? How natural is that way of living? Do you like how it feels? What does it truly bring? Why have you never considered the alternative?

Its all about disconnecting you from the Source of all and everything within, messing with your resonance and requesting that you place your power outside yourself via various forms of manipulation, indoctrination and coercion – none of which have your best interests beating in the chests of those who weave these tangled webs. That is why your life is such a mess because you lack knowledge of Self and therefore live a second hand life one step removed from your own experience.

This process I call Adulteration (in contrast to Inner Sense which every child brings with them in abundance upon entering this realm only to find them divorced from it real quick once the System gets a grip on their awareness with its programming) and ignorance of it is why the world is such a mess. Exactly as intended hence why 81% of the populace are Slaves due to their unquestioning loyalty to straight up wickedness that masquerades as guidance when in reality all it does is line the pockets of the 11% that pedal this confusion to their followers as they profit from their investment in your misery. The remaining 8% are Warriors and we see through the code to decode the true meaning and this is the game I’m sprinkling in your mind when I say that now the year is new its time to escape the trap because none of this is what you think and your mind is behind enemy lines so question everything.

Till we meet again

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