Lucky 21? Challenge Accepted!

If you’d ask me previously I’d always said “Don’t speak about it, be about it” meaning:

Let the results talk. Be not one of them that flaps their gums without end and never delivers anything as they think words equal deeds when its no such thing in reality. On one level at least. On a higher plane the implications are immense because sound is what causes creation and its all about resonance but thats a deeper topic we’ll broach as we progress.

See, thats exactly what I meant. There is so much that I haven’t said on the web as I prefer to kick wisdom face to face because energetics is where I am and I can’t feel a thing staring at a lens or just tapping keys as there is no third party to engage with an tailor my message precisely in a way they can feel. Then again I now see this as a challenge because the fact that I don’t want to reveals that that is an area within which I’m weak ergo it would be in my best interests to make it a strength therefore I’ve decided that from today I shall update this site daily with new content for the next twenty one days. Lets see what happens but for now back to the topic in hand:

The reason I don’t speak but do to show and prove has little to do with me and much more to do with you. See when you know the shadows depth and perceive the selfishness that resides in the chest of most people in this realm its best to keep your cards close and plan ten moves ahead because your friends may do you in if they feel you’re a threat, or that girl batting her eyes may be there just to set you up to get rolled by a hidden team of foes. Not to mention that jealously is such a thing and if you’re being honest with yourself you’ll know your friends and family don’t really want you to progress and outshine them because of what it says about their self esteem and position where they sit when it comes to social dynamics of existence. Everything is interconnected:

Its very strange because I always celebrated wins like it was me who bought the Benz, the new business or mansion. Often I was happier than them because it makes me buzz to see people ascend and unwrap their potential and genuinely thought the world was like this as well. It is. For a while. If you’re all on the same plane with the same resources and playing the same way but woe betide one who decides to flip the script and do something completely different because then they’ll take that as threat. Especially if you do it well as they force up a fake grin and inside pray for your end. You may say “No, not my friends” but I assure, them as well. Its a sign of the times. Its the nature of the Game. People need you stay in the box within which they placed as that is how they they rank themselves. Upon this fundamental is modern civilization built.

“I am fat because she is thin” “He is poor because I am rich”. Its a very simple algorithm that runs in most peoples heads and when I became aware of this I realized that a lot of folks run around with a nagging emptiness inside their chest and thus are totally uncentered. Then it all made sense. Why I was not like them and they weren’t like me. We have a tendency to project out reality onto others as we expect them to be as we are and this is what the Bard means when he speaks “One can smile and smile and be a villain”. Indeed. That I can confirm with certainty because like I said in my last thread we’re stuck in a realm where we wear masks to fit in and because no one questions their presence we all act like its normal even if we don’t feel a thing within. Except bitterness and hate which is the defacto currency these days even those most will never admit as they are manufacturing proof as they lie to themselves.

Where were we? I got sidetracked with this. Oh yes, I used to be “Don’t tell anyone a thing and let the results speak for themselves“. If you’re fat and tell your friends (who will most likely be fat as well) that you want to lift and get thin they’ll ridicule and discourage your intent because of what that says about them. If on the other hand you start eating less, getting some exercise in pretty soon you’ll look trim and they will notice and either want to join in or keep doing what they’re doing. No friction when the acclimatization slowly kicks in as they adapt day by day, like live frogs dipped in to a pot filled with water which is chilled and then turned up in increments.

Grizzly visual for sure but it accurately represents what is happening on this planet during this controlled demolition designed to usher the new order of the ages in. Funny how back when this was seen as tinfoil raving and now the same terms are said by heads of government and the events are rolling out just as predicted. Validating in a sense but also sad as well because the collective could leap and save themselves due to their powerful legs as they surely feel the heat but would rather just sit within, getting cooked due to their ignorance.

Sidetracked again, you know I can’t help but sprinkle wisdom whilst we get to where we get. This time I’m trying something new which is a public challenge.

Here I’ve already stated that for the next twenty one I fully intend to push new content on to the web in order to enlighten those who browse this site with my own perspective on things. This should be interesting because I’ve been meaning to do this, after all its called for that reason as it does what it says on the tin and as I said previously:

You are another me. Together we. Simple, isn’t it?

Thing is I’ve been handling so much in the flesh and spiritual realm as well that this whole thing with the net has taken a backseat to my adventuring. That isn’t really fair on the rest of the world as they need to hear the message because many are called but only few choose themselves as its easier to be Slaves and play the Game as they say than rise to the challenge and unleash the Warrior within. After all, what do you have to lose beside the fear of fear itself?

Now this is an interesting diversion so lets ponder for a moment because I’m sure it will reveal a great deal about yourself. The coward and the hero feel the same thing, they are both afraid in the moment but its their actions that are different and that is what defines them. From what I’ve seen of the general populace, entrained as it is by Learned Helplessness, is that they’re not afraid to lose as much as they are to win. Can you picture this? If you did then you’ll see how it loops back entirely to their social circle and how so few people genuinely want to see you better yourself.

Well, I do. And you will. You know why? Because I believe in you like I do in Self and if you weren’t capable of it you wouldn’t be here reading this rambling rhetoric in which I laid out my intent and threw down the gauntlet to challenge myself by doing the exact opposite of what I’d did previously. So now that that is said I must fulfill my bit and upload something fresh and tasty as one day turns to the next for an entire twenty one in sequence. That really is something because my updates have been sporadic at best since the inception of this project which is why I asked myself:

“How can I change this into something more attuned with being the best version of me?”

And voila. This is what you see, what inspired me to tap the keys and create what you read upon your screen. A prelude so to speak and now my intent if out there and I must deliver, on time and promptly, and this serves as testimony.

Meet again, till we

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