Real Eyes – Realize – Reel Lies

The hardest things to see are those right in front of your eyes. Especially if thats a rite in front of your eyes because the Devilish language is certainly packed with tricks designed to make you think its something when its actually quite different. The Dual Reality Principle in full effect.

People are programmed by the programming that issues forth from their television set that tells lies to their awareness and yet they don’t comprehend whats so obvious. Its a very elegant trick. Deceptive and quite evil but thats what makes it addictive because the badness generates cravings for something different to the dull edge that is your predictable existence. Its quite stunning how a black mirror across which dance pixels of blue, green and red can exert such an immense influence as I previously mentioned and its with this in mind we start a new seasun.


Real eyes, realize, reel lies. Not for nothing do movies come shipped on “reels” even though all they contain is fake scenes designed to make it seem like one thing when its another entirely. Schemes within schemes as ReelEyez will reveal because so far you’ve looked, but not seen. Take cartoons. They’re aimed at kids, yes? Back in the days of ancient Egypt the Ka was the part of the Soul that stepped into the Game and played its position via the flesh so its interesting that this should be “tuned” and have its perceptions moulded by entertainment, yes? Methinks there is a plan behind this and its aim is to divide you from your Self and in the process lose your purpose, mission and intent in this realm. Take this for example:

Why would a cartoon aimed at kids be packed to the gills with information esoteric about the internal energetics and chakra system? What if the children who absorbed this were actually sent as divine messengers to spiritually uplift who then watched this external projection, fell for the tricks the tell-lie-vision spits and settled in to a boring life of middle management as their true purpose was extinguished before they’d even had a chance to develop it? Can you imagine how this type of life feels? Worse still, does it reflect yours at this instance?

ReelEyez presents a different perspective as we’re going to delve into the subconscious that works on symbols, associations and is magnificently powerful should you choose to claim the reigns and sit at the helm. As we all know, nature abhors a vacuum and Hollywood is more than happy to step in and make your mind up for you as who owns the flower if they’ve claimed the roots? Better yet who decides what gets poured into the heads of the next generation via the entertrainment process that holds billions in the grip of its abusive relationship.

Food for thought, scrape the dish.

Till we meet again

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