Sign O The Times

If you change with the times, how will you know the times have changed? Let that reverberate around your brain next time you chase a trend, attempt to fit in or do what everyone else is doing. In many ways the current mess we’re in is due exactly to this and the rift it brings as many thousands of years later the aftershock is felt by those who aren’t entirely numb to the present. Not only that but consider this:

In the pyramid those sitting at the top are less whilst there are a few more influencers in the mid who do as instructed in order to keep the cash flowing. Beneath them the herd congregate, en masse, as they run first this way then that. Know why they do this? Because they have nothing even vaguely resembling a Centre. No knowledge of Self. No point of reference that is fixed. Sad, because each child is born with this ineffable presence that defines their every thought, deed and action before life beats, trains or cajoles it out of them. This is how Slaves are built because we are all Warriors when we first step into this realm but very, very few manage to keep the frequency rising and thus they sink low, play their position and hope one day to ascend to a position of prominence which brings false satisfaction at best as “Is this it?” reverberates around the heads of those who heavily invest in what someone else tells them is the way to live.

Anyone who hands you a belief system is a not a friend. Everything in your head is distorted at best, if not downright fabricated and you are currently your own worst enemy in this realm. Some of you may have realized this. The rest will not comprehend even if they come face to face with it. If you won’t then leave and never come back again because you’re about to witness the strength of willhelp as me, we, you – Its all one and the same thing.

You are another me, as we once said.

Till we meet again

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