The Opponent Inside Your Head

For those that decide to spend the next six months challenging themselves they may notice that this is the first time they come face to face with their Opponent who has spent his entire life enusuring they are his Victim. What do I mean by this? Simple, you know exactly what you need to do to feel fulfilled, what the key of life is for the song you wish to sing as the lyrics were etched into your consciousness before you’d even taken a step. What prevents this from manifesting? What provides diversions, time and time again? What makes you think you can’t do it so why even attempt?

The Opponent.

Your Opponent.

This is what will separate the wheat from the chaff within the next six. Those who speak about it from those who be about it and make it happen. See, the Opponent sees the world but the world sees him not. Apart from the Warrior and small child (there really is no difference) as they spot the pretender attempting to wear a mask that looks like them, talks like them and directs their attention. This is part of what I spoke of previously as The Dual Reality Principle aka the world thats been pulled over your eyes and keeps you comfortably miserable and numb to your true potential. Thats the song you wish to sing. Thats the steps you know well but haven’t danced yet. Well, here, now, at this very moment the cosmos is blowing favorable winds that will help you if you attempt but I thought it best to mention this because some will face the Opponent early on so they won’t even attempt. Others will take a few steps and then become discouraged a few will really want to realize their Higher Self but will be mystified as they keep on pouring their energy, day out, day in, into totally frivolous things.

Some may find their anxiety ramps at the thought of this and they’ll reach for the crutch of drugs, sex, alcohol, masturbation, video games, excessive net browsing and whatever else you use to distract you from your purpose.

Many are called but only a few choose themselves and take what they think they know about what they think to know to war. If that sounds a bit dramatic fear not, it isn’t. It sums it up perfect because if you, right now, are not living the life you always envisioned and know full well you are capable of creating then it shows the problem is how you’ve been going about it based on whats in your head. For all Slaves this is one hundred percent garbage as this is the manure upon which the weeds of the Opponent feed and choke off the roses that once filled the garden of Inner Sense you’ve long forgotten. These are deeper topics and bridges you’ll cross as you progress but in reality its all interlinked. Like that Ether, the stuff that makes your Soul glow but only if you know how to remove the blocks that impede and create the Adulterated beings who walk around aimlessly as they’re a few spots below the frequency and can’t vibe to the words they’re reading. If this describes you then leave. There is nothing here for you at your current state of devolved awareness.

If you’re still reading and feel what I’ve said inside your chest and know you are capable of far more than you’ve manifested so far in this realm then remember what I said about meeting your Opponent. Some people have found it handy to keep a log of its tricks as they can vary from person to person but one you spot its hooks sliding in and the shiny lure thats dangled you can exercise your free will (actually that is Free Won’t – we’ll uncover that truth as we go) and pick a better option.

Either way those of you who rise to challenge will be undoubtedly awakening the Warrior within and thats when things get hyper-dimensional and very, very interesting as you see what a crock of ish is poured into most Slaves heads as they mistake accepted ignorance for wisdom and why this realm is such a mess. But, all thats to come. Its up to you to take the first steps so remember to make your prime point of focus and motivator of actions to be based solely around that inner talent, skill, ability or power it is you wish to bring to this realm as you do what is needed to crack the egg of limits you previously lived within. Sure it can be scary to leave the velvet lined rut of a predictable existence but without that how do you hope to grow and spread your wings?

The Opponent is the one who wishes for you to live and die with your music within, unexpressed, but it is also the same force that turns coals to diamonds for those who can handle the pressure which is exactly what will be coming to this realm within the next six so batten down your hatches, keep your focus, stay on your purpose and declare war on any old limits, habits, distractions and anything that isn’t in your best interests. This includes people as well. Drop em like a bad habit. Its time to become Centered in Self.

Actually, thats a great hint about the Opponent because you’ve be indoctrinated to think that one who is that is bad, greedy, selfish and such things but you ask any martial artist, kid who learned to ride a bicycle or even one who took those first steps and they’ll tell you its all about balance. And how do you find this?

By being Centered in Self. So if you fall, dust yourself off and get back on it again because there is no failure in this realm, only feedback. At least, thats how the Warrior sees it.

Till we meet again

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