The Dumbed Down State of Man

I’m typing this from the bottom of the barrel that I’ve been scraping for the past year and some change. Congratulations are due to the Opponent and his various factions. Not only did they break me then shatter the fragments they almost managed to grind what was left into a dust so fine that I forgot my Self. Almost. “But almost doesn’t get the job done, Prime” filtered through my awareness as a remembrance from the days of Inner Sense as I lay on the floor curled in the fetal position taking another spiritual beating from those I set my position against.

Today marks a turning point in that respect. Two simple exercises from the Path of Power that I’d abandoned bought me back from the brink of dissolution and reminded me again for what I’m fighting, why I live like this and the meaning of having been thrown in the ocean in order to learn how to swim, This isn’t for everyone but all can benefit as we’re all up against the same thing that wishes nothing less that the complete and total colonization of your Self by making you believe its inverted image that is impressed upon your consciousness via various modes and tricks for they are legion.

Its so effective that 81% accept, without blinking (or thinking) the defacto programming. Just like their parents before them. 11% are picked either due to innate talents that can be turned into weapons against the rest of the populace or to prevent their own true awakening as well as the fact they can be used as points of resonance to trap, trick and inveigle the remaining 8% for whom the Systems generic programming isn’t effective. I’m of the latter percentage and thus know what happens when you make an enemy of what you currently think is your best friend.

Looking back I can’t believe how I got to this position where I just gave up, stopped fighting and chose to slump to the deck as they got their metaphysical licks in. Who knows what the consequences of this will be in long term or interim as I feel the damage is ways I never did. Or maybe that was the point? The silver lining to sipping from the poisoned chalice as it bought me far closer to the suffering within that I was artfully evading whilst serenading. At my lowest point it was my Inner Sense that came and offered comfort. Crazy, because that is what it wanted and I could not fully furnish because when I felt good, which was nine out of ten due to the various modes of stimulus designed to hide my problems by fronting, I would quickly ignore the inner suffering by focusing on the pleasures but during this recent sojourn to the pit even that was rendered ineffective so for that I’m grateful to my Opponent because I see the lay of the land how it is:

Mankind has been dumbed down at an immense rate in order to profit from its suffering by offering pointless solutions that cannot change a thing but are accepted as canon by those who would rather die than admit the way they feel within. Thats what it truly felt like, you know? Like I was dying. I truly lost the will to live. Relinquished my grip on existence and felt the resistance overcoming the voltage as vital processes like digestion, respiration and excretion that had been steadily slowing were now juddering and almost grinding to a halt. In many ways I welcomed it. I know death isn’t the end and would gladly face it with a grin because whilst suicide is never an option (for reasons metaphysic as its akin to owing a debt that places you in the pocket of one quite wicked) I had simply had enough of living.

Can you imagine how it feels to be the loneliest man on the planet? Let me put it to you like this:

A child is born and soon learns the art of crawling before he is show how to walk upon two legs by those who previously mastered this. Now, lets pretend they themselves never learned this and instead spent their whole life rolling around on hands and knees and accepted this was the way it is. In that world, in that timeline, a man lies alone and reflects as he stretches his limbs and wonders what else is possible. He is no longer a child as he has served hard time in this realm and thus has acquired many bad habits that are almost engrained as the way it is. Still, there is a rebel spirit within that knows something is very wrong about this unbalanced equation as he feels like a giant kneeling at the feet of midgets. He is alone and isolated because those to whom he spoke of these thoughts rejected the concepts as blasphemous, impossible or just straight up delusion ravings or a man quite stupid. “To go with them into the madness of crowds or strike out by myself?” he wondered, even though it was not an option. “Dolo it is” he said.

He tried to gain that sense of balance, the feeling of being Centered in Self that could elevate him to a higher state of being but the surly bonds of gravity taught him many painful lessons as he fell, again and again, and often bled from these endeavors. People saw him less and less as he maintained a distance as he felt their resonance was at odds with what he was learning about himself but that doesn’t mean there weren’t those who were watching with interest. The aforementioned midgets that instructed the rest to kneel as they lorded over them. They knew fine and well the validity of what he said and saw it as a threat to their entire operation and set various things in motion to ensure his transcendence was as painful as it could get.

One day, just for a fleeting moment, he takes a couple of steps and as he hits the deck he is both euphoric and aware of an immense numbness that prevented this mode of locomotion and the heightened perspective it brings. Now he knows its for real and throws his full weight behind his instincts as he knows what he is seeking is genuine as he nibbled at the pudding which provided proof itself to what he suspected:

“Mankind is a dumbed down version of man that has been corrupted from within to accept a totally unnatural way of living. Acceptance of this is at the root of all their problems but because they accept the programming they can’t see this as the alternative doesn’t exist as an option as its been hidden and thus none think to seek for it”.

Over time, with dedicated effort, he learns the fine art of balance in a state of near total isolation. Near total because those who came near him did so with the intent of posing as friends whilst working as spies under the guise of deception as they reported back what they witnessed about what he was discovering. “Its quite painful to move like this” he thinks one day, as he strolls around his apartment on two legs. “I wonder how it feels to crawl again?” says the voice in his head and he decides to give it a spin. Soon, gradually, in imperceptible increments his face is in the dirt as he spends his days and nights on his hands and knees and almost forgets the experiment. No one checks for him as he long ago disconnected from them. Privately and publicly its said he flipped his lid and what was once just eccentric and imaginative is now full on schizophrenic and talking gibberish therefore best avoided.

Lying there, on the ground, is a man who once directly witnessed an elevated perspective that validated his hypothesis about the dark shenanigans designed to create a kind of man called mankind that is the same in essence but totally different in application from the true intent of the original. Call it genetic memory, a powerful intuition or the gift of thinking different, whatever it is he has it in abundance. Or did. “I’m so tired” he says as he reflects on what he’s been, seen and experienced as well as the waves of sadness that wash over his awareness because others lack the frame of reference to comprehend their potential.

The Slave/Masters, that active 11% of pernicious influence that are set dressing this stage of hell presented as heaven in the flesh for those serving a life sentence are prematurely congratulating themselves for snuffing the light of Self realization from another Warrior who saw through their tricks and raised himself up his full potential. They, who hobble around with sticks provided to them in exchange for silence and obeisance, realize not how they are actually tools of suppression designed to dumb down the rest and how what they possess (or, to be more accurate, are possessed by) is nowhere near of what they’re capable.

Lying there he takes his isolation to the logical limit and removes the stimulus of food and his senses as well as he steps into the void and embraces the silence as he wants nothing less than for this to all come to an end. Except, it doesn’t. After standing, falling then standing again something has changed within the depths of his nervous system. There are opportunities for connection and operation he previously never accessed but just now intuited as he looks to the left, then to the right and uses the last remaining vestiges of his strength to pull himself up the wall where he grasps the ledge. Suddenly he starts bouncing and feels an immense surge of energy flowing through him as a huge grin bursts through his lips and he starts laughing as he is no longer crawling but not yet truly walking either. A state in the mid, much like that fugue you experience in bed when no longer dreaming nor fully conscious which is actually an opening to a powerful state of healing as it exists between worlds and is much like the silence that renders music possible but is also just as invisible to those not listening.

Exhausted from the effort but exhilarated as well he falls to the ground and deliriously says “I’ve got it, it all makes sense now, this is how I can show them what they’re missing” because that true higher perspective, the natural unfoldment of the truth which lies within is such a vivid and powerful thing. “All they’ve got to do is crawl against an obstacle to overcome it and the side effect is you gain a new perspective which shows, quite clearly, how the world was tricked to kneel at the feet of midgets as they are actual giants who are capable of far more than they suspect”.

11% of you reading this know what I’ve said is quite true and obvious but hate for your little secret to be exposed to the plebs and will thus fight its spread and influence upon the populace as you like sense of power you’ve gained by hoodwinking yourself in exchange for the use of walking sticks and false elevation they bring – hint they’re only of any use in this realm and we are actually multidimensional as you’ll find after death. The other 8% are in various states of comprehension as some are being ravaged by the System and others have taken it to the next level as they’re flying on the wings I intuit we possess as the crawling was actually a dumbing down of walking which itself reduced running that was simply a remainder of soaring which was a facet of omnipotence. Therein lies the hint of our true state of opulence and magnificence that is the natural state of Inner Sense when not twisted and damaged by the vagaries of this Game on this particular level.

The remaining 81% for whom this concept will range from the gibberish ravings of a madman who makes no sense up to tickling a scratch they’d been trying to itch without successfully finding are welcome to test what I’ve said from themselves. All you need is you, your body and ten minutes where you stand on two legs and bounce up and down whilst feeling your flesh and being present in the moment. Once thats done then stay perfectly still for about twenty and see what happens to your awareness.

I’d be willing to bet you right now that those who keep it up will discover a far more elevated, free and freeing perspective on embodiment they never previously suspected as they take their nascent steps on the Path of Power that leads to greater knowledge of Self as that is the antithesis of being well adjusted to a society profoundly sick that has you kneeling at the feet of midgets by ignoring your own latent magnificence and strengths.

Till we meet again

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