Stream of Consciousness

Here I am, tapping keys, looking at a screen as I prep the video I’ve just made that will change your frame of mind and with that hopefully your life. A large thing for some but small in the great sense when one realizes just what they isn’t because in the grand scheme of things this, this illusion of knowledge is what prevents you from seeing your Self. Notice the capital S, there? Oh yes, it makes a differences. Language is something we’re sure to cover, or uncover in the literal sense as its stomps around in peoples heads messing with their conceptual realm and quite literally the world is under a spell.

All this because I didn’t create the vid I thought I would when I lifted the lid on the lense and said “Lets make a film about death as per my experience”. As you’ll see when I hit send I’m simply not in the mood to speak on that yet as I’m feeling so smooth that nothing can interrupt this groove. I’d hazard a guess and say thats based on todays events which left me high but not dry as I’m hydrated well and floating on a higher level thanks to the arrangement within of my neurochemical soup in this instance.

The best dealer in the world lives inside your head and did you know with a certain breath, posture or event you can unleash higher and higher realms of coherence that feel absolutely magnificent. Most people don’t know this because most people are three fifths dead but too stupid to get it until the fat lady sings. Oh yes, no PC madness on this end with “plus sized vocal talent” to perform like a verbal gym. You’ll get it raw and direct like she did with her 4th helping of pudding to put down her first payment on 6th chin that oscillates as she’s warbling.

Not a nice way to speak of death but then that really is the topic and once again I’ve went off on a tangent, like a tangerine. Amazing how those segments stuck together beneath a durable shell that offers protection and nourishment against the elements and how you can consume, plant and consume again. Where is the death?

Isn’t the something? Life in a nutshell my friend and why there is no such thing as the end as the example illustrates and as we’ll get into in detail on another day.

Till we meet again

The Devolution Will Be Televised

Twice upon a time there was a boy who died and much like life he met it with a smile. All because his internal light still shines all the while as he embodies the bright with no modifying flaws or slight, real or imagined. Unlike the shade that’s thrown around most peoples souls as they proudly proclaim they’re grown. In other words adulterated. Impure. Say it isn’t so? And so they go to the grave unaware of the riches with which they were born, an inheritance ignored as they choose instead to be slaves in a world so war torn because they can’t rule their thoughts. Their abundance unknown as it can’t be bought or sold only shown and allowed to unfold.

I’m grateful because long before they came for my dome I knew and suspected there was a letter hidden within, a sacred message that I yearned to decode when I came into this world back when it was still analog connections. You could fine tune then, see? Like a missile of awareness let go to hit the target. Bang! Done. Bingo! Find the space in between to heed the message, the divine one. The silence of soul from which awareness is born.

Whereas now that option is long gone, son, because the devolution is televised with lies told to your eyes by those who know no better than whats transcribed. With trance being the operative state of mind because the tricks are out here tricking and there’s no treats in sight because between a one and zero you play out your life. In the blink of eye it can be good night and unlike I you won’t survive. Because you weren’t ready to die the first time and thus can’t begin your second life with third eye shining bright sharing these omens I describe from the vision that gives sight beyond sites seeing through this here and the so called after life, as well as a small slice of proto-time and what it means to be alive and caught up in the lie that you can die. Like light in a prism which divides, you’ve got to reverse the process. Go back and unify and that’s why you see the “be kind, rewind” life flash in front of your eyes at the moment you expire because the only key that fits the lock is the one you run from. Lets break it down, one time:

Prana, Orgone, Cosmic Energy, Chi, The Ether all these things they tell you are lies, vestiges of a foolish past and simplistic state of humanity. Don’t believe, right? Wrong. Your so called knowledge is the bond which prevents you from holding your own because they stole a piece of your soul way before you mastered the system and its lies. Except, nothing can be taken. Nothing is ever less than whole. But if they hide it behind the wall you yourself formed then the shadow is all you know. Alienated from your own glow. Another one claimed by the Game of Souls.

Look within your core, see past the pain you’ve endured by diving straight in and not trying to numb yourself to what hurts. This world is a test for those born into a unfinite circle of awareness and then taught to seek out corners where none exist. All because “So and so said there must be some…” so they run on in quest that absorbs their very essence due to what they ignore. The pure and silent call which cannot be heard or discerned any more. Not when noise reigns loud and strong in their dome, telling them how to perform.

And on trudges the herd. Flaunting the ignorance which powers the system that holds them stupefied and enthralled. Trying to make it so you contort, conform and adorn yourself with the outer things they say you should want even though they don’t make a lasting difference at all. You’ve known the truth all along.

See the square I’ve outlined and why I don’t bother running round because I’m the center of the world. You all spin around my core as my awareness is the canvas upon which I paint the picture of life. I am the artist, breath is my ink at least that’s what I think.

You’re welcome to try it for yourself. Start by asking yourself this:

“Am I breathing as I should or simply as I can? Am I living within limits that shift like the sands and always seem to be out of reach no matter how near or far I am? But the goals seem so tempting and they always do mention how I’ll feel much better when <fill in the dream> so I acquiesce even though the processes itself is intolerable. A veritable living hell. All around me do the same and are generally miserable. Am I different? Is this who I am? A bit player in someone else’s plan?”

If on the other hand you see the nature of the carrot dangling free but whose pursuit costs everything indeed then you realize the parable of ignorance that devours this reality. We could all stop running this instant and say “Hey friend, why don’t you eat this carrot stuck to my head and she realizes the same thing and suddenly we see we have enough for everybody to feast and then, and only then, can the real fun begin. Because artificial scarcity creates inflated demand much like the diamonds which they sell and laugh as they glisten on your hand. Symbols of the dreams they tell you and you not only believe but buy in, wholeheartedly with no going back but never think of the scam and quite how underhand the entire thing is. Nope. They never suspect a thing.

Everything is like this. every single thing in this stage of the game called reality where sanity is a rarity and collective insanity rules the day.

There isn’t a thought you’ve had until now that came from the mainstream that was designed in some way to keep you weak, poor or afraid. Listen to what I say:

Weak is the one who doesn’t know his innate strength.
Poor is she who thinks wealth is currency and not the mind that creates the reality and afraid are those who were told and think that’s how it goes without the insight to question “Wait, were those who taught me this my friends or foes?”.

See this type of thinking can lead to many things because the path is your own and you make it by walking. Then and only then will you get what it is that I’m talking about because I’m coming from a place that doesn’t currently exist on your map.

The promised land if you will.

I’m here to call you back. Back to yourself. Within.

Freedom is an inside job.

The devolution will be televised.

Look. You can see it occurring as we speak.

Till we meet again

Statement of Intent

Since I was a child I’ve been motivated to uncover truth. Of this world. Of the people in it. Of myself. The question of “Why?” is a powerful one and there is a reason its followed in the alphabet by Z because most are lulled into a slumber before they even progress. Yes, its a very stealthy state of affairs when it comes to the Game of Souls we play here on this planet and now, on this auspicious day, at this auspicious time surrounded by auspicious portents its time to actualize the concept.

The aim is nothing less than transcendence, in every sense of the word including those you may know and never even thought because there is immense power in the sound that comes out of your lips. Just as the entire process of your eyes taking in the light of these glyphs and stitching together what I expressed in this sentence. Its a miracle, if you think, but like I said most people catch Zs not long after Y makes its appearance. It costs nothing to pay attention but its very expensive to remain ignorant.

I intend to share working solutions based on my insight and experience along with my observations on things. None of this is how you think it is, especially if you don’t think and simply accept what others opine about everything. My approach is very different because I’ll give you the tools I use and allow you to make your mind up for yourself. At its most fundamental level its about reconnecting within to that inner kid who still lives no matter how much you pretend to be grown (whatever that is) as your essence itself can never be adulterated. The question is how far along the stream do you sip the waters of consciousness? Does the awareness that caresses and embraces your presence run pure from its point of origin or along the way has someone built an industrial ecosystem which spews its share of poison in so you’re forced to subsist on liquid filth as you think “Its not what it was, but its better than nothing”.

See therein lies the trick. The first step in all of this. Responsibility. For everything. That means no blame, pointing fingers at her, him or them because the three that point back present the hint – “Look within”. Thrice Great he who comprehends but, lets not get too deep and drown you in the seas of awareness before you’ve even learned how to swim. I’ve guided countless in the flesh and this is my first step into the web, hence why the concept is called because it will. If you let it. Check:

You are another me, together we. There is a beautifully elegant simplicity behind reality, on both sides I may add, and once you see it can’t be unseen no more than a thought can be un-thought. Once its done that vibration rings out into the cosmos and the same tone reverberates within as you, yes you, are the ultimate source of all that is right and wrong with the world. Like I said, responsibility. Its the key to set yourself free and freedom is an inside job plus the locks, whilst hard to see, are easy to perceive because we wrestle with the principalities where flesh, bone and spirituality meet. That last one also doesn’t mean what you think it means…

The end result is more fun. More laughter. More energy. More of what you want and less of what you don’t because whilst you don’t have any free will (No, really you don’t) you do have control and its this paradox that is the enigmatic power behind the throne of what you currently don’t know you don’t know. Its a game of three halves alright and best believe someone is keeping score but its not the zeros in your bank or how many follow, no. Those are mere distractions from the true gold that’s stealthily minded from your minds with each passing moment and why children lose the glow from their eyes as they march out into this world which is red in tooth and claw thanks to the ignorance of those who came before.

We’re witnessing an interesting sojourn when it comes to this reality show I call the Game of Souls. What we do collectively at this moment defines the world that is yet come and it all comes down to choice:

Action or inaction. Taking a stand or being swept along.

The journey of a thousand miles begins one step at a time. I refuse to sit back on the side and let life keep passing me by.

And with that said I place my own crown upon my head, heart and plex as the guardian of the three kingdoms within and invite you to join the conquest, crusade or simply an adventure in the flesh for that is, at its core, is all this is hence the Game of Souls.

You will remember this moment for the rest of your lives.

Till we meet again