How to Speak to Your Inner Child

Take this as a preview of whats to come as its a very simple but exceedingly effective method of reconnecting with your inner child whose pristine presence still dwells within the depths of your Adulterated awareness. You will require a notepad and two pens. One with black and the other red ink along with the intent and dedication to take twenty to forty five minutes every day at the same time, the same place for twenty one consecutive days to take the foundational steps to rebuild your relationship to the child within. You are them, they are you and together you can be more powerful than you ever dreamed. The protocol works like this:

The black pen is held in your dominant hand and the red in the other for your child to reply. Spill the ink and introduce yourself, speak how you would to an actual little one with the same care, compassion and attention. Start off with something like “Its Twenty Twenty Two, December Thirtieth and I’m sitting here at my desk at Eight Fifteen, PM, writing this to you, my beautiful child within” or whatever comes to your awareness, feels best and most natural followed by a question. Then pick up the red pen in your other hand and answer it.

Thats it.

Thats the complete protocol in its entirety but don’t let its seeming simplicity fool you as its as a very powerful tool that I’ve often used as baby steps for those who wish to explore their inner realms and unlock the skills within once they step upon the Path of Power as its all fueled by Inner Sense.

At first it may be slightly awkward but be not discouraged. Stick to it with a sense of empathy and wonder because that child hasn’t written since way, way back when and they’ll need some practice to get back into the swing of things but when it clicks you’ll be unable to stop grinning. Or weeping. Or remembering bright visions of which you didn’t even have a dim recollection of previously as well as an almost unlimited amount of other options. One things for sure and two for certain is that they’ll be vivid and honest in ways that may surprise your currently Adulterated consciousness as Inner Sense can only tell the truth. Unvarnished and direct.

The next step is entirely optional but very much recommended and that is to start paying attention to your dreams following these sessions. People who’ve never recalled dreams previously suddenly start getting very vivid messages and recollections of past events as well as hints of whats to come. Keep a pad next to your bed and note them. Use these for content in the next session because you can ask this previously silent but now sparkling aspect of your Self about them and unwrap the meaning of the symbols. I’d recommend you record not just the images but the feelings as well, both in the dream and when you rise as its all important because your Inner Child will use your dreams as a way to communicate with you now that you’ve taken the basic steps on the Path of Power and discovery of your hidden potential.

Children really like stability and predictability so set aside a time to vibe. Maybe make a thing out of it so there is a clear line between the rest of the day and these moments of exploration in your inner realm. Some like lighting some incense to set the mood, a candle or oils essential. Whatever it is it should only be used as a gift to mark out this time of gently focused attention on your child within because the sense of smell is very powerful. A lot of people have accelerated their success by using something that reminds them of that time period. In general you want to approach this with a sense of play and patience like you would when handling a real, live frustrated child as they’ll pick up on your mood and feel it too.

If you slip and forget at some point in the twenty one then please restart the process as the effects are cumulative so please select your time well. Many have chosen just before bed. They’ll place their phone on silent somewhere else, take a shower, wash off the day and walk to their desk laced with welcome fragrance and settle in to a conversation with themselves for forty five minutes then go to bed and continue their adventures in Self discovery inside their dreaming awareness.

The process is simple but very effective and the dividends it generates are immense as investing in knowledge of Self is one of the best choices anyone in the Game at the present moment can make as its totally lacking on this level and the true root of the worlds problems. You are the solution. This is the process. Can you hear adventure calling from within?

Till we meet again

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