Can You Sacrifice Yesterday for Tomorrow?

That really is all it is when it comes to success. Its not even a case of deferred gratification, even though its a part of it, because this is more than a mindset. Its a lifestyle. One that knows to shine one must grind because it comprehends the journey is actually more vital than theContinue reading “Can You Sacrifice Yesterday for Tomorrow?”

What Is Your Reason for Living?

Everybody came here to do something. You can call it your Souls fondest wish, your reason for living or that special purpose you feel is calling. Whatever you name it the aim is the same because you sense this impulse, deep down within, that says “Lets do this!“. Problem is life gets in the way.Continue reading “What Is Your Reason for Living?”

The Greatest Makeover Begins From Within

The modern world as it stands is like the finest champagne fizz. Ephemeral and entirely bereft of depth, used primarily to signal the presence of something that is lacking to the rest by way of status, reflected prestige and a myriad of coping mechanisms. I’ve often said that the world is half crazed and twiceContinue reading “The Greatest Makeover Begins From Within”

How to Speak to Your Inner Child

Take this as a preview of whats to come as its a very simple but exceedingly effective method of reconnecting with your inner child whose pristine presence still dwells within the depths of your Adulterated awareness. You will require a notepad and two pens. One with black and the other red ink along with theContinue reading “How to Speak to Your Inner Child”