Heart Centered Awareness

None of this is what it seems
this cosmic reality show
aka the Game of Souls
Where if all you know
is what you’re told
then you truly are lost

and far, far from home
The irony of this all
is that the way is within
and by reconnecting to Self
you cause a paradigm shift
Which is happening
by the by
only this one is to your design
and you’ll truly like
what it brings to the table
of embodied experience
As who you are extends
much further than
your face
and the choices you make right now
can have profound consequences
for the entire race
So think
Ask yourself
“Do I still feel the same as I did
back in the days as a kid?”
What differentiates your awareness now
from the original childhood grace?

The answer reveals a truth so simple
and magnificent
innocence is what changed
aka inner sense did fade
Like I said, external focus
Its stock trade of the game
because then you will run, skip and chase
behind whatever they say
hoping that one day you’ll feel the same
as you did when you still played
Well I’m here to tell you
you can reactivate your primal state
Once again allow it to reign
Live life from within
Embody the inner child again
It all begins with a choice
A question to ask every day:
Who am I?
Who am I?
Who am I?
The more one invests
the quicker the nonsense
unravels with each step
and thus we gain an inkling
of what the Path of Power brings
for those who walk upon it
because ultimately
it’s a journey back to Self
Reconnect to the chest
transcend the head where
we’ve spent so long
stuck within
and were trained
to accept labels
pointing at experience
as opposed to the real thing.
Fully bodied sensation
can be yours, my friend.

Till we meet again

Never Had a Friend Like Me

Nothing in this world happens by chance. From that girl in your class you met, to the kids who became your friends as well as the enemies who resent. Day out, day in, across all seasons and never relenting. There is an underlying rhyme. A sign of the times that if you get a glimpse at you might just flip your lid because the implications are immense.

Reality follows a script. How much input do we have on it? I’d say it depends on your level of awareness. Most lack heavily in this department and are little more than meat puppets on a string due to how well they are plugged into this realm and at the same moment disconnected from their potential as well because they’re torn every which way but within. It really is quite amazing because people can’t imagine being any other way than they are. Much like water takes the shape of the vase its poured in, no questions asked. If you know about this, well then the sky isn’t the limit because you can shift the Game on a molecular level or influence the interference pattern itself that drives this realm.

There it is. The grand secret of the alchemical process of which you are both a cause and effect. This really is something mind-blowing once you comprehend the implications because there is a method to get a peep at the script and see what comes next because it all follows an oscillating pattern that rises and dips. Like an amusement park of the flesh. Question is, for whose entertainment? The Game of Souls really is something. Each day I uncover another one of its twists and it continually inspires me to think about the people I’ve met, who they really are as opposed to what they present. I have a question for them:

Have you ever checked, and I mean at real depth, why you believe those who told you what they said? Positioned you to pose a friend whilst being the opposite. Even change your name and heritage to portray a new image to ensure it would all click. All for me. When you were no one with nothing I shared freely the little I possessed. When the world turned its back on you who made those long trips regularly just to make you smile, tell you it would be fine and motivated you to rise again. They say you truly know your friends when you have nothing to offer them. Well, my history speaks for itself in that respect. Say less.

It is interesting as I sit and think the motivations for the way you’ve played your hand, my friend. And I call you this in exactly the same spirit because you are another me and it would be foolish to hate myself, even a remote component that reflects right back deeds I’d rather forget and blame on someone else. I cannot because I’m the prime cause for the effects. I stand at the middle, centered everywhen ergo I have to ask myself “What was the good in you doing this for my best?”.

So far you’ve helped me uncover the keys to this realm and in the process unlock myself from the double binds I was placed in. Kill em with kindness or murdered by our desires? One and the same thing in the end, eh? What have you gained from them? I hope it was worth trading because you know you’ve never had a friend like me. Just sit back and look through your history and I’m sure it will be clear to see that this man still speaks the truth, oh so bluntly. At times it may taste bitter because the worlds lies are so sweet but then who wants spiritual diabetes? Most do as they reach for another piece of self deceit wrapped up in trickery. So pleasing to the eye but what lies beneath? I see you, watching from a distance since then. Its why I chose to tap these keys so precisely.

I want you to ask yourself a question. What if the deal that you took was actually a scam that you fell for line and hook? The price of which will become evident once you have no more use to them. What then? Will it start to make more sense of why we sit on opposite sides of the fence because best believe before the Eight Veils have their due you too will experience my point of view as I know yours so well which is why I chose not to pledge my Soul nor let them steal it, despite their best attempts. You know how that goes in that repect. Although I will admit, they shattered it pretty well. Into so many fragments yet and still my spirit is pure, my essence is present and correct. At the start and end of the day it is my name she calls, make it make sense. Draw you own conclusions because, like I said, its all scripted. We’re just here to play our parts. Have you ever wondered for whose amusement was built this park?

Till we meet again

The Scam

It’s amazing how much panic one man can spread when a legion of hypocrites are busy doing what they do best. The craziest thing about this is when the resonance kicks in, they make others like them because then to them too you become a threat. People are so caught up in falseness, the lies they tell themselves about who they are, where to head and what they expect that its akin to the Emperor walking around with no threads. People know what they’re seeing but they don’t want to admit it because to do so would reveal their own flawed investment and they just can’t handle this.

The fact of the matter is the scam is as old as the hills. People fall for it again because they don’t believe it can be so simple. Take money for example, everyone wants it and thinks it will bring them endless layers of contentment and happiness. Which it will, for a while, but then the novelty sinks and what you’d attempted to hide under the surface pops up with a grin. That in itself is another topic entirely and its all about the silent war that rages inside thee but we’ll examine it later. For now, consider this:

Someplace, someone sits who literally prints the money you covet out of thin air and then sells it to the rest. Tell me that isn’t an amazing business? Amazingly dishonest that is but if people are dumb enough to buy in then is he wrong for selling or are they the ones who don’t question the entire narrative. After all its called “Fiat” for a reason and its why each generation more buys less. People don’t seem to grasp this concept because there once was a time when one mans wage could have a whole family living comfortably and a few generations since people work day and night and the ends haven’t met yet. Parents farm their children off on strangers to raise because they’re too busy getting it in and thus dash their most precious investment which is the next generation.

Don’t get me wrong, there are two things in this realm that if you don’t possess misery is certain. One is health, the other wealth. But having them on hand doesn’t mean you’ll be the happiest in the land. Here’s something to think – the ratio of earnings to home prices back when to now looked a little something like this:

Observe Gold in a similar time frame, an asset that has intrinsic wealth as opposed to paper being printed out of thin air then sold as debt:

That should offer you a blatant hint of where we’re headed which is “You will own nothing and like it” because if an Englishman’s home is his castle then what is said of the tenant who simply must grin and bear it when living expenses all start to shift to a higher level due to these shenanigans. We are collectively headed toward a global fiefdom which is the actual reasoning behind these massive runs on currency which they print because soon enough we’ll witness another Weimar Republic where a wheelbarrow of notes buys you a loaf of bread and then, following the usual Problem, Reaction, Solution model, they’ll usher a new fully digital method of spending in once the paper is revealed as worthless.

Its amazing isn’t it how well people switched from cash on the hip to their flexible friend handling everything. Not to mention that random splurging on the net, with delivery so quick, doesn’t feel like you’ve spent at all, does it? All because you’re not paying attention. But it does cost because ignorance charges dearly and in a world full of distractions it’s very easy to lose yourself. Especially in the Valley of the Plebs because intellect isn’t something they train nor wish for their wage Slaves to possess because then they might just be a threat and call out the trap they’ve set. Stop and consider for a moment and you’ll see why costs are going up, just because they said. There are the fact then there is the narrative. “Oh see the pandemic did…” fill in whatever excuse you wish. The end result is actually more profits for big business as you pay extra for less. Its why portions are always shrinking, ingredients are getting subbed out for fillers and components inexpensive plus preservatives. Not to mention bad for your health, just check out how many different types of oil are pumped into almost everything and then look at all the people waddling around and out of breath and see if you can draw the links of the bigger pic before you’ve had your chips.

They look at Slaves like cattle. A resource to be fed and fattened then slaughtered when is best, for the most profit and return on their investment. In your lifetime you’ll witness a culling of the crowd so immense that it might even make Slaves consider the true nature of this realm by their own inner motivation as its going to be blatant. Of course there will be a narrative. They’ve already let loose the threads they intend weave into a statement which explains everything and points the blame elsewhere. Which in a sense is correct because if the people are too stupid and enamored with whatever some celeb says than raising their own awareness then thats on them. But what if they’ve been intellectually crippled by the way they were raised and are unaware of the bars of the Mind Made Prison they languish within? “Why thats good business, freund von mir” the fattest of cats says “They’ll line up for more, time and again and make the tills ring in order to fend off the threat that the thought “Life shouldn’t be like this” represents”.

And this brings us back to one man whose presence causes panic because he represents a threat to both ends of the spectrum as neither knows the meaning of being centered which is itself a crime and tragedy because that means they live life unbalanced, walking around with a scratch they can’t itch that says “Something is very wrong about all of this” as the TV loudly states “Spend, Spend, Spend! You’ll look and feel fabulous!”. Yes, maybe for a moment but that glow never lasts, you know this well. In order to enlighten yourself one must be willing to tread into the darkness within and it can be a frightening experience, especially for one who dwells in a land of cerebral illusions, firmly under the spell of what society says defines them and thus totally lacking in knowledge of Self.

I’d be willing to bet that pretty much all of what you know isn’t in your best interests. I’d also be quite certain in saying that you’ve questioned less than a tenth and the rest you’ve accepted as gospel, even if it doesn’t make any sense. Especially in some cases because a lot will defend the most ridiculous beliefs with the strongest vehemence because anything that contradicts this is a threat to their crafted self conception which stepped into the abyss in an attempt to fill their limitless supply of ignorance with the appearance of wisdom. Consider this as things aren’t what they may seem at a glimpse:

If what you’re thinking worked as well as they said you wouldn’t feel the way you did, correct? We are, if nothing else, the sum total of our thinking processes as memories define events which we use to build a narrative and from this we extract a story which we tell ourselves. If you look into a Slaves head you’ll find a remarkable similarity in this sense because they all think they’re different but they’re as mass produced as an item on a shelf due to a combination of Systems that did their thing when they were most impressionable.

Warriors on the other hand are Self made, meaning made by the Self which chips away daily at what we think we think – the tale we tell ourselves, what we have been, seen and experienced. It examines the new data pouring, seeking patterns and links via a mind honed to a keen edge and thus avoiding resonance with collective ignorance by the use of astute questions and observations because they comprehend that that which is sought is the same as what is doing the seeking. Let that one marinate and as it eases into your thinking because the illumination it brings really is something once you catch my drift and develop an inkling of the strength you possess which is currently trapped under so many layers of conditioning.

This represents your first step onto the Path of Power because awareness is everything. Literally, my friend. Literally.

Till we meet again

An Attitude of Gratitude

An attitude of gratitude defines your lattitude because it shifts the way you decode signals coming in and from these you weave your script and the experience it builds. What I mean is that in your expanded state your awareness processes at a rate of twenty million bits per second. Contrast that to the 40 bits you’re aware you’re aware of and you’ll bump head first into the filtering and why its in your best interests to control what you can to influence what you can’t because only then can you say you’re playing your part. Ever noticed when your friend gets a new car you see it everywhere whereas before the same type and model was invisible? Thats the same process in full effect so picture this:

The lens in your head is programmed to sense opportunities that are in your best interest. How long do you think it would take you to win and always end up smelling of roses? Not long I bet. There was a woman I met who lived this to death as it was her prime imperative. The song she sang in her head was “I’m the luckiest there ever is” because it was part of how she survived the life she’d lived to get to that point in her adventuring. Now, without fail, she constantly found money on the deck and I’m often talking bundles of notes with no one near or present. Not to mention randomly buying a ticket that wins when she never usually played such things because “I just felt lucky and gave it a spin”. The list of “coincidences” was immense and on the flip she was immensely generous as she often gave away what came this way because she was fond of saying “I’ve got plenty“. So she did. Truly an amazing woman and a very inspirational presence as she embodied the sentiment that if you’re going through hell, keep going as she was relentless in her quest to transcend the missteps and crooked hand fate had dealt.

How can you apply this? Its easier than you think. First of all do stop and count your gifts. If you’re reading this off a screen then obviously you can afford the tech, your bills must be in check, I’d hazard a guess you are in good health and all your limbs are present and correct, if they aren’t there are plenty with less, catch my drift? I haven’t even started yet but as you can see there is a lot to be grateful for. Now the more you do this the more your subconscious mind is influenced to provide more data that proves this rule because that is what its programmed to do.

On the flip if you’re a victim of social media induced ugliness in which you constantly magnify your flaws whilst comparing yourself to those who seem perfect, guess what you’ll get? Its why I said an attitude of gratitude defines your latitude because its how you take flight whereas low frequency thinking means you’ll be stuck to the ground, crying about “Life isn’t fair, why don’t good things happen to me?” and all of the other foolery people throw upon themselves in order to play the victim as they point their fingers at someone else. Like I’ve said since the jump:

The difference between a Warrior and Slave is the latter thinks they are small, tiny, powerless. Standing on a rock that is floating around in an abyss as it chases the sun in a thing called a solar system. Itself a little part of this whole universe in which they are such a pointless and insignificant creation just trying to make it make sense and pay their bills as they try to stay one step ahead of debts and carve a little slice out for them. The Warrior on the flip sees it from another lens, one that is truer, closer and far more accurate:

All of this, everywhen, takes place inside my awareness ergo I am the centre and the edge plus all things in between, even thee, hence the decree “You are another me, together we”. It’s a far better way to be and part of the structure the Path of Power reveals which we shall be unveiling shortly.

Meet again, till we

Sophias Story

There are two. One is the abuser, the other abused. The latter, due to being born into it, very rarely questioned and accepted that “Thats the way it is”. Unwillingly she slid into the role of victim because she was unaware imperative and narrative at play or the fact she could say “Nay” and facilitate change. But when one is artfully broken and offered to the world as a token by one who says “Look, look at this. I am demonstrating my gift, our collective team skill because I may seem one but this truly is a group effort” as he stands back with a proud grin its hard to think like this because survival is the only thing she thinks and ways in which to reduce her “punishment” for being such an evil thing.

With a totally skewed set of judgements and perceptions of Self she alternately attempts to comply to requests before they are even fully formed as a way of preempting the vent of rage and destructive emotions from the one she feels stuck with. Other times she rebels and wishes death upon all, mostly herself, because it would bring an escape from this life of torment and suffering. The natural forces of nurturing and care within have been corrupted and twisted so much that often she barely recognizes herself. Just a fractured shell, going through the motions.

To the world an image is sent that is totally different to what lies beneath the carefully engineered veneer of he being a business man slash charitable deed doer extraordinaire. For he is rich, rich enough to live without a care and fully secure in the fact no one would dare disclose what kicks in the privacy of his residence or the fact that he allows his pillar of the community friends to come through and commit wickedness upon the poor miserable wretch who just quietly takes it. Never fights back, never says a thing. This makes him grin to know that her spirit is entirely broken and that she belongs totally to he. “A God I may not be but I’m goddamn close for she” he bellows and screams as his team, decked out in gloves so dainty, place the beats and then feast on her agony with pure delight at the entire scene.

Eyes wide shut to the true nature of the beast people think these men to be something they’re not due to the image they’ve been crafting in the minds and lives off all they meet for one can smile and smile and be a villain, indeed. This team has mastered this scheme to a level of infamy and thus whats done in the light needs a vent in the dark, especially when the entire cause has larceny in its heart. So it seeks out one they can mold at their will and whim in order to suppress the gifts she possess which are bountiful in their essence as she came equipped with a sense of empathy that could flip the entire nature of the village in which they live. She could look at people and with a glimpse they would warm in her presence as they felt the sincerity within and with a few words she could change what they think and felt as well, as their old belief systems were pulled into the glow she presents and they would become flexible and return to their essence like an ice cube placed on a ledge in direct sunshine which melts.

To these men of business that was a threat. They after all ran everything in the village and it all worked mighty well. The Chemist thought “Who would buy all of my pills, powders and potions that need constant redosing if they could simply sit with her for a moment and pull out the weed within, root, flower and stem. Never to be seen again?” “No, we can’t have this” said the massage therapist “People come looking for a quick fix when what they actually crave is contact thats intimate. I’m happy to sell the image of this but if she provides the authentic without pressing their skin so they can simply feel the change in her presence? Why that would be bad for business” he said. “I agree with him” said the purveyor of alcoholic beverages “They need a little something to dull the edge of living, a harmless habit that some find reason to over indulge in” “For good reason” I may add said the Mayor with a grin at which point they all started laughing as they knew the true nature of a wretch who was seeking Spirit and ended up drowning in spirits instead and the benefit this brings as the victim places themselves in a detrimental positions “We all know pain makes tills rings. We’re all in the business of selling remedies to suffering these fools don’t realize we’re inflicting” said the man who sells company for the night to lonely men from the stable of women he calls his “We engage in a most profitable business, both legal and illicit as both are different sides of the coin they must flip and either way, we win”. “We most certainly do” said the Banker, needing to chime in “By the way the time has come to sift some of what we’ve been syphoning, I’ve spoken to the Vicar and the Builder so were going to make it look we’re doing a drive which intends to rebuild the roof of the Church and once they pile the money in we’ll hit up our man in the Council to put his in and under the guise of donation we’ll flip our covert profits in and extract them via the businesses which are, as usual, going to get the contracts to build and renovate these things” he says with a glint in his eyes as almost as much as money he adores the position in which he sits as the “The left hand of God, talks too much methinks” said the Chairman with a grimace. “What if someone were listening to the little confession you’ve just shared” and he was right because she was there, even though no one paid her any attention and she knew the whole script, outside and in. How these men were nothing like what they seemed and truly wicked in every sense. But if she told she was scared that they might bring her life to an end. That in itself didn’t mean nothing because she wasn’t truly alive in any sense but the fact that none would believe her because of the image they had built, so well crafted and the way they controlled everything, anyone with any power was given by their decree, no matter how it may seem because they ran the entire community.

As they had done for centuries because so long ago a man deigned to conceive a scheme that would appeal to the vanity and greed of those within the village with a bit of power and some money to obtain more by signing on to his deal. Twas a most risky plan initially, one that had to be floated with great subtlety in which first he invited in all of these wealthy men under the guise of guidance and ensuring the prosperity of their little community realm. At first it was all harmless, how so and so isn’t doing so well so we all collectively will rally around him and give his business a lift and such similar events. It was easy to see why word spread because who doesn’t want a friend that opens their wallet to them and individually the contributions were small but to the one who gains the favor so immense that they were forever thankful and more than willing to pledge whatever their benefactor would accept.

Slowly those were picked who had a greater role to play and more influence as they were inducted one by one into the business of square dealing, so called because each angle was the same and geometrically perfect and this is how they wished to conduct themselves with everyone seen as vital as the other, irrespective of their current real world standing because the hymn they’d sing is “We are chosen and choose ourselves as well therefore all within are equal”. Which ensured they’d invested heavily in the fact that they were special and privy to a secret which brings more power to them, like it did to their fathers before them and who are they to question the tradition which well served them?

Flash forward to modern times and the Chairman sits pondering at the miserable wretch who, beyond everything, is still ticking when she should’ve long since drowned in the misery they surround her in. Simple, effortless, there in an instant when she was communicating with anyone as they felt her sincerity from within and it made his hatred toward her so much more intense till one day she turned to him and said “I know why you do this and there is a truth in here you won’t accept. You can claim and profess to be above them who don’t know what rests on the other side of your image but I’ve seen your true visage. Not just that extra dark one you feel comfortable exhibiting around your friends when you do what you do best, seemingly separate limbs controlled via one intent that permeates all of your actions but that silent one, the small one who lives at the end of the path you don’t dare tread”. If they weren’t in full public view he would’ve killed her this instant. “Who in the hell do you think you are talking to me like this you miserable cretin?” he said through pursed lips, ever careful of image as he placed a firm grip around her arm and pulled her close in “I haven’t even began to make you suffer yet and best believe tonight is going to be the best it can get as we’ll turn it all up a few increments” “Go ahead” she says “How long have you been doing this and how little progress? You’re too dim to realize you walked into a trap your father set just like his before him and his before him. Man would rather run up a hill that is paved in broken glass barefoot that sit and truly examine himself. I see that wound within that such men cannot help but inflict upon their children because they at that point of resonance see through the image, the who you like to think and present and thus touch the heart of darkness. Consequences of which are often tragic. Its why your recollection of your childhood is spotty at best. A few carefully culled fragments woven into a narrative then dressed with ad hoc rationalizations formed via a curious blend of a childs once upon an innocence and the tainted awareness an adult brings”

He wanted to stop her but there was something that prevents. Something deep within him that wanted to progress down that path which was sign posted “DO NOT ENTER UNDER PENALTY OF DEATH” that he had been warned back when to never even attempt to climb in. “Its for the best, Sonny Jim” said his father after inducting him “After all I didn’t get to this position by not listening to the wisdom of those who came before and this is what they said and it served me well, don’t you think?”. “So desperate for approval and scared of disappointing him. “A chain is only as strong as its weakest link” is what he said when admonishing you back when because you were there before I’d even stepped into this realm. His method of venting his darkness. Not to mention the entire facade of the day care thing which actually bought a steady stream of victims who were swiftly silenced so the image could continue ticking as people need things to invest in” she said, continuing to read him from his depths and he was powerless to resist nor could he negate what she said because the truth has a simple elegance that most will do anything to prevent it from entering their awareness. “But when it does then we wish to be entirely saturated in it because its the only way back to inner sense in this realm and not getting caught up in the tale you tell yourself. Why do you think you can’t recollect so much of your childhood then? Lets come face to face with the image and see how it stands under its own strength when scrutinized from within” “I, I don’t know. Isn’t that just how it is for everyone?” he says, for the first time unsure of himself because this was uncharted territory. Not something he specialized in as he felt himself wandering past the sign which had previously scared him but now felt not a thing thanks to her guidance. “It works like this” she said and suddenly an image popped in to his head as he heard her talking “Imagine an emotional rolodex which contains every event and sequence you’d ever experienced since a kid“. As she flicked through the tabs full bodied vivid sensations swept in to his awareness. He remembered the day he stopped to pet a kitten and his father kicked it with full strength then reprimanded him for even daring to show such weakness in full view of the village because “We are their strength and they need our guidance”. Suddenly it clicked why he’d never had a pet nor allowed his children the same, no matter how much they request. But without effort she came next to another slot which was filled with sadness at the random death of his mother which made no sense and how he wasn’t allowed to grieve but was bundled up to present a certain kind of image which was enforced via a threat of “If you don’t listen you’ll meet the same end” as he, a small child, tried to make sense of the fact his father and his friends spent the entire day with a grin then the night drinking and celebrating as they’d randomly sing “Ding dong, the witch is dead” then burst out laughing. “She took his secrets to the grave with him once she’d served her purpose” “What, what are you saying? That she was killed? No, no, it can’t be. I reject what you’re saying”. She flicked again and he eased as he felt himself lying in bed, warm and happy. The plush mattress supports him from beneath with a quilt on top to keep him cosy but its his mother sitting near and whispering in his ear about… “What is that?” I can’t hear says he as he strains to embody the memory. “See, that is what I mean” says she removing her fingers from the activating points “Come, look see”.

On one side sits a packed to the brim rolodex with countless colored tags and labels that represent access to the events and everything he has seen and been since stepping into the flesh. On the other is the same thing but only a handful of tags are present. They’ve been almost thumbed to death and the pages to which they connect are quite tattered due to repeated sifting and yet those on either side are immaculate and not accessed. “Look closer” she says “Notice anything different?”. He reaches forth a hand and pulls out a record which recalls a family outing in which he caught a fish and his father was proud of him. He tries to reach the next card but there is no tag he can grip so instead she pulls it and it fills more details in of how he hated the stink, didn’t like how the fish felt, how he was horrified about how they bled when his father reeled them in and he wondered about the consequences for the fish family that was now left with random members missing as his father and friends drank and enjoyed themselves. Eventually when one of them got a bite his placed the rod in his hands and let him reel it in and that is when his father said he was proud of him but the sarcasm was immense. “So much editing” he thinks as he looks closer at the index which now has a tag that he can grip and he recalls at once the full bodied experience. He compares the two entries in each hand, what it was and what he thinks it is and notices the first is written in a childs hand, raw and in the moment where as the other was edited again and again and is now written neatly in an adults block capitals “Hence adulterated” he says as realization kicks in and he wanders down the path to where true power lives “See the only thing worth having in this realm is what we came equipped with as children. The absence of this fuels everything from the seemingly benevolent to obviously wicked” she says as she looks at him “And, you, you aren’t mad because of what we did?” he says barely able to glimpse at her eyes in the moment due to what he is experiencing within “No, why would I be? After all you and your friends never let me forget. Its why I can access the places you’ve forgotten as this is my rolodex” she says as she points to the one fully labelled “And one who knows their Self can share that gift with any in their presence. Its why you found me to be a threat, why you suppressed me with wickedness and all of those other deeds designed to make me more like you. All so you can continue to wield the power you feel over the community whilst engaging in duplicitous deeds and much chicanery of which your children will suffer the most” “Meaning?” says he because as far as he was concerned he tried to be the best father he could be. “Watch this” says she as she flips a different rolodex, one he hasn’t seen previously that contains even less tags than he.

Suddenly he is a small boy, around three of four he feels as he quietly sneaks outside to the barn, bright and early. With him he has a saucer and some milk for the kitties as a pregnant cat recently moved in to give birth to her litter and he is thrilled at seeing this happen and each day brings them treats and plays with them before anyone else is awake or knows about his secret deal. He is so happy to see them as he is they and they start mewling in unison as he comes bearing milk their way. The trust and affection in the air is so immense he feels like he can’t breath as he’s suddenly aware of something heavy in his chest as he hears someone breathe down his neck and yank him by the scruff as he screams “Pussies play with pussies” and he throws him across the barn and watches him fall and weep. He feels so powerless, scared to the very depths of his being. The mother cat is hissing and pulling her brood in as closely as she can but that doesn’t stop he as one by one he picks them up and snaps their necks easily before stamping on the cat and leaving a bloody pile of death and misery where once were happy memories instead. “Why? Why did you do that?” he feels himself scream as his body racks with emotion ever so intensely and immense rage wells up directed purely at…

Suddenly it all stops. He is back to the state previously known as himself and he feels a sense of discomfort and turns to she “What, what just happened? We didn’t have a farm? I was never allowed to have kitties?” and then the penny drops. “Of course, that is why he acted the way he did“. Suddenly it all makes sense. “So my grandfather killed my fathers secret pets that I saw in that memory” “Correct” says she “but that sequence was edited from his memories which is why no tag was seen. However that fine day when you stooped down to pet the cat on the street…” “It reactivated a memory in he which would lead down the “DO NOT ENTER” path should he proceed and this caused an immense discomfort in he that he could neither define nor excise beyond repeating the same tyranny. Its why your children make you rage for such small things as they see life in its full spectrum and not just an edited piece. For the adulterated this means a light is shone on a dark place draped in misery and inaccessible memories that an edited narrative is placed beneath, around and above with the intent to deceive the one who lives within the vice like grip of inherited ignorance.

The man is now sobbing, all thought and pretence of image have left and all that remains are feelings that he felt was never allowed to express. His thoughts are tinged with regret, fear, pain, ambivalence. It feels like he is going crazy and then he feels her hand on his chest as she says “Remember your inner sense” and it all does fade as he comes back to something closer to his usual state. But there is a difference which he intuits is due to what he’s witnessed and there and now he can access more of his rolodex as memories previously buried alive within are now accessible and present.

Suddenly it all make sense. How people are broken on purpose and there are already institutions in place to take advantage of this shattering to further their own intent as its members inflict the same cruelty on their children because people thoroughly neglect the nature of their traumatic inheritance. Seeking instead a scapegoat upon which to vent and attempt to blame everything, a clever diversionary tactic that along with many other tricks hold so many denizens of this village in its grip as they know not they are the cause of all suffering whilst also simultaneously the potential solution as the battle between think and feel rages in the heads and chests of those who profess wisdom but are in effect ignorant of the true nature of things due to crafty diversions which guide them to try and injure the presence of their embodied salvation as Sophias story hints as well as offering an invitation to dialogue to those who know where she rests as this glimpse behind the veil suggests.

Till we meet again


If you could see what was wrong with life, the root cause of all the pain and strife, misery and shame would you place your bet against the house, irrespective of the stakes or would you play it safe, tuck tail and try and blend with the sheep as the wolves stroll around looking for whom to eat?

They say if you want to make enemies, try and change something. Well, like it or not we’re living in times of change. The truth of the matter is its the only constant in this world, the only thing that remains the same is that everything does and must change. The thing is there are those in this Game who have a vested interest in making it bend their way because the very nature of spin is it either uplifts and ascends or draws down and locks in. In the middle of the storm there is nothing but peace as it transcends polarities and its this thin golden line I call the Path of Power, upon which each step unfolds your magnificence and reignites your sense of wonderment versus the state of government you’re currently within, living at either edge.

Knowledge of this is a threat it seems because they already tried to erase yours truly when I used to stand on the street and preach to those who had nothing and thus listened intently. See, if you’re surrounded by poverty you already know the deal because for you to have so little whilst another lives in excessive luxury means there must be a thief. Its also why I despise deceit as those who speak lies wish to steal my reality and this isn’t something I forgive easily.

What does this all mean? We’ll find out shortly as I roll the pair of dice life bequeathed me and spin the wheel with my Soul on the line because, yes, the Game is deep and expects to beat those who come to play as they’re mere men encased via the machine which dictates all they think, see, do and perceive. Transcendent is he who realizes the scheme and what it means when he says “Me” or in reverse sounds “Em” which is the letter 13th aka the only one that makes you vibrate internally consistently. Its why its often the first word out of the mouth of babies but lets just skim the surface for now before we dive deep into and pierce the veil of reality. So here’s the deal:

I’m going to keep doing what I did previously. For some speed bumps in life mean the end of their journey. Not so for me as I use them to take off and break the surly bonds of gravity and as I sit here tapping keys I’m soaring high above 3D, alone in my own zone. Free. It feels absolutely spectacular and I wish to gift the methods of gaining this inner experience to thee because you, you my friend, exist inside Slavery and thus all of your concepts – especially those of Self – are warped masterfully by those Masters who keep you on your hands and knees, begging for mercy from the brutality they heap on thee. Some feel it, some don’t allow themselves to know what it is they already suspect as the force that cornered the world and says what goes but they dare not speak of it in anything more than whisper because then its “off with his head”.

Me? I don’t care, you can’t contain nor harm the unfinite and this is what the Warrior says, lives and breathes as he is the embodiment of wisdom in essence. Don’t worry if it doesn’t make sense yet, its a whole new way of seeing things which means you’ve left behind all the rites, slipped the ties of the past and evaded the nets the future swings in order to unwrap the gift of the presence, in all of its opulent magnificence. And where it leads? Whew, that is something else that I hope you get to experience hence transcendence.

Here’s your starter for 10, lets see if it clicks:

24 * 7 = 168 hours in the combination of what they call a “week” and “weekend”, correct? You’ve unknowingly heaped these spells upon your head by your own tongue to try and make sense and impose a structure on the rhyme and reason of living but have you ever stopped to think:

Why is it that the elderly lack strength? Matter of fact why is that there is an obvious downward trend that seems to have all the hallmarks of arrested development, especially in the West but becoming more prevalent in the world as this mode of thinking spreads like the mindvirus it is, that you mistakenly call ageing due to your ignorance. Imagine instead one who says that Monday to Friday is called a “Strength” and those other two are a “Strengthened”. Why you would expect he to get better and better as he ascends for each passage of 168 hours brings him closer to a state of excellence by building on the best of what is his previous experience.

Did you get what I just said?

If you did then you’ve just met the weak daze within which you dwell aka the Master hypnotists spell that keeps you divorced from your strength by proclaiming weakness instead and then, at the end, to let off some stress you engage in certain acts that leave you weakened as well before its once more into the breech my friend and, like groundhog day, you do it all again. Each time getting back less than you put in. And this is how you choose to spend your lives? Slaves. Simple and plain.

And your Masters? I haven’t forgotten about them:

You should’ve finished me when you had the chance because now the power shifts and I’m the king of my inner realm, a sovereign in the flesh who overflows with limitless potent and I’m coming for your heads for even daring to think you could get the best of the best this world has ever seen. Away with your parlour games and trickery, they mean nothing to me because we both know freedom is never given voluntarily but taken forcefully from those who profit handsomely from the ugly business of engineered global misery aka the Game of Souls, playing out live and in 3D.

You are hereby warned to cease and desist immediately all forms of influence, oppression and tyranny against me, past, present, future, eternally, internally, externally and all points in between as I am a resonant aspect incarnated in flesh of the prime, divine point of origin that creates, maintains and sustains my awareness and the free will bequeathed upon me rejects all offers, schemes, deals and tricks, in this lifetime, future or previous. Indeed I take this moment to break all forms of ties and links between us, both tacit and explicit. So mote it be.

Again, till we meet

The Day I Won the Lottery

The day I won the lottery started like any other. I rose in bed, except this time I felt unusually refreshed whilst also being aware of a pain in my chest that signaled we had crossed a threshold in rest and thus began the process of connecting to Self which would allow true healing from my depths to progress. In a beachfront property I rest, floor to ceiling windows and the view from my bed is the best. The ambiance is as you’d expect. Natures rhythm sends you off with a kiss and then embraces you again the moment your awareness descends, back into this realm.

But, for the moment, I’m not concerned with this. I’m dealing with more pressing business. Lets look in. It is a dark night, the moon is conspicuously absent. We sense a man is therein, sitting on the floor looking East. Alive, totally present in the moment, waiting to pounce out of the darkness. Suddenly, a lighthouse in the distance kicks in and its presence illuminates everything with a slow measured swing. We observe the man, in a heightened state of awareness, simultaneously doing two thing. One, he is taking in his surroundings. Every single inch is sketched with each glimpse and two, he is rearranging what seems to be a jigsaw puzzle of many pieces, comparing what he has seen with the representation underneath. He senses your presence and notes your curiosity when he states, idly “Its a picture of this scene. Framed and shot perfectly. You don’t see even a glimpse of the white sands on the pristine beach. No animals, people or even clouds can be perceived.” “Then, what is it?” you ask hesitantly as he replies with a smile that you can feel but not see “Its a perfectly calm, tranquil blue sea that at mid point meets an identically hued and idyllic sky”.

Just at that point the lighthouse sends out another vibe that, for a moment, illuminates your mind as you catch a glimpse of the pieces and are mesmerized. To make this fit in the daylight would be a challenge, you surmise, but to attempt it at night via the random oscillations of a… “Madness, right?” the man says with a smile as he picks up and rearranges aspect of the image he is building “It had crossed my mind, its your life and you can choose how to spend it but I don’t get the rhyme or reason behind this” “Yes, I can see how it would make little sense but then you’re of this realm and I’m in it instead” “Meaning?” “Meaning by making it simple and flicking on a light switch then proclaiming “I solved the puzzle” defeats the point of this” “I don’t get it” “You will. Remember as a kid when hide and seek was the thing? What if the moment you counted to ten you didn’t start gambolling, that way and this. Instead you whipped out your phone and tracked your friends handsets to find where they’re at”.

“What would be the fun in that?” you think trying to guess the point in all of this as you hear the soothing sounds of waves pouring in, the ever so gentle wind that keeps everything circulating and the presence of this man who sits anticipating the light to whip through his surroundings as the data pours in and he rearranges pieces at a whim. Trying to build something only he can see. “Maybe its how the rich be?”” You reason internally “After all this place had to cost a pretty penny and its said he did win the lottery so what if he does this because the regular way is boring?” “Close but not quite” he says and for the second time it feels like he was inside your head and more familiar with your awareness than you are in this realm. “Its a tad unnerving” you begin and then stop as you feel him grin because it means thats exactly what he intended “See, you accept. You don’t question, poke or prod, to see whats within. Why would I sit here, surrounded by darkness trying to build a complete image of something almost invisible and indivisible due to the subtleness it impresses upon the pieces I’m moving as I get a random glimpse of my true surroundings”

“Sounds like rich guy problems, if you ask me. The rest of us are just trying to stay afloat in this reality” “I got ninety nine problems but thinking I’m limited consciousness tied to flesh, stuck in the realm of 3D within which the crooked decree how you live, eat, think and breathe as they destroy the planet incrementally? No siree, not for nothing is it said that the meek will inherit this but ask yourself if you stand by and say nothing, living life as a pleb and then you’re dead when as remains are interred in earth didn’t you indeed get what they said?” “I guess” you said, trying to connect the thread in this stream of consciousness “And if they take all of the best, jet to the next planet and leave the rest with a depleted environment and broken tech so they can’t follow them to the next Garden of Eden in a continuation of the project which defines this realm then wouldn’t those who remain behind also inherit the Earth, albeit a bombed out hollow shell and not in the sense they thought they’d get?”

“Correct” you said, starting to draw the links “So in effect they delivered what was promised and yet that wasn’t what the others expected because they never checked the small print and thought they would get what they expected?” “Exactly that, hence doing a jigsaw in the dark in the presence of alternating cycles of illumination and ignorance because in reality there is but one chance” “One chance for what?” you request with a sense of wonder on your lips as to where this is heading “Why to win the Game of Souls. That is the puzzle we’re within and this below are the pieces I was given that I slot together to recall the vision of the correct order of everything in a way that makes senes and thus I can exit this realm with the only thing worth a thing. My awareness” he says then adds, sensing you’re perplexed “The words you’ve just read reflect a snapshot of the pieces I’ve been sitting in the darkness rearranging in order to get a glimpse behind the why and the when to the how and the wow which powers it underneath. Meaning the more light which pours in the more the picture may look different because the sky and sea are same hue its quite a challenge to stay cool but as each piece clicks I can intuitively feel which ones are positioned correct and which need more attention the next time illumination swings through the darkness. Its meant to be difficult because the challenge of the Game is designed to meet your current level of awareness, wherever you be, hence when you said earlier “Most are trying to stay afloat” some mastered swimming in the sea the diving deep, oh so free with no equipment there to ease their breathing underneath and thus life issues a new challenge to greet, which in my case was the complete and total transcendence of 3D hence I examine the piece, see how it fits, where it links, contrast that with the sensation of intuition which is the light that guides on in the darkness as I retrace my steps back out of this realm and to my point of undifferentiated origin and then back again, hence the shuffling, sitting in the darkness, kicking parables of wisdom to one who wishes to witness my way of thinking and existing”.

You stand there taking it all in as he smiles and says “Don’t worry, it will click when intended and then you’ll instantly know what I mean when I say the pieces feel correct when clicked so I can then move on to the next because in reality the image is pointless when we’re surrounded by darkness as feeling is everything but there in one must sift the difference with emotion which actually is, as I said, feeling plus a judgement which is akin to placing a colored lens on your eyes then staring at a clear light and proclaiming, with 100% certainty and confidence that it is red. Or blue. Or whatever hue you view the scene through. We both know it isn’t correct but a most deceptive elegance prevents most from comprehending this and they will fight to the end based on what they think because never once did they question the meaning of what the meek inherit nor the rest and never once were they promised the content of every book in the English language in exchange for their cooperation and expectation based on ignorance due to not asking the right questions in the moment before diving in as the small print is always what does you in. Feel what I’m saying?” he says dropping the final piece in as suddenly the room is filled with an immense glow that makes no sense and yet is still present as what was dark becomes illuminated then the whole nature of the Game of Souls becomes self evident.

Till we meet again

The Alchemist Returns

There is a difference between “I” and “Me”
none can see
but all do feel
because ultimately only the inner world is real
the outer spiel when examined
reveals the true meaning
of wheels within wheels
because you are truly far more
than you’re lead
to believe
but relax now my friend
its easy to transcend
as a few shifts here and there
can change everything
by turning the base to gold
allowing beauty to pour forth
because all are born whole
with an internal glow
which illumines the globe
the inner sense once known
intimately present
as it shall be again
that is the truth
we’ll uncover from within
where it lies ignored
as you earnestly pretend
to be the I people think
and wonder why no one gets
the Me only you know best
as they see not the whole
just the elements you present
“Look at me like this
Think of me like that

All parts of the trap
the whole world
is caught up in

In many ways this is the test
yet so few are aware of it
as they heavily invest
in the face that reflects
so many seem to forget
that they aren’t in their head
bank account nor flesh
or anything else you could pick
or point at

Pure awareness.

From bliss
We came
in bliss
to bliss
We’ll return
Once we have changed the world

Welcome to the Game
where nothing is as it seems
relax now
I heard your silent screams
and come bearing remedies
by way of emotional alchemy
that flip the script with ease
because its all energy

Meet again till we

The Difference Between a Hero and a Coward

Nobody is born phenomenal, we don’t start at the peak. Its a point that we meet after years of endurance, tests and often life getting the best of us in these attacks. Sometimes they come on all fronts, often they kick us while we’re down and herein lies the difference between the hero and the coward:

They both feel exactly the same, that they’re losing the Game, which isn’t by any means fair, its rigged what the hell, so who even cares? “It hurts, I’m in pain, I can’t go on, I’m afraid”. Its at this point however that their destinies split and it all comes down to one thing:

Mindset. It makes all the difference. The coward says yes, curls into a ball and weeps on the floor at the inhumanity of it all. The hero on the other hand answers the call, stands tall and keeps pressing on, keeps moving forward because he knows in the depths of his Soul he’d rather die on his feet than live on his knees. Do you see why I say its a mental Game because its all about how you perceive the signals coming in, decode then respond accordingly because excellence is like the peak of a mountain and much of humanity languishes in the valley, alternately talking ish about those who dare to think different and scale the heights of success – that is in any respect, not all battles come with spotlights and pay per views, some are purely for ourselves and the world generally hasn’t a clue about what you’ve done or been through – whilst they congratulate themselves for having taken a couple of steps or regale the tales of “back when I could’ve came up but, you know, I had to stick around and help get a cat out of tree” aka they were pussies because excuses are cheap and the facts stand strong:

Many are called but few chosen because like Napoleon we place the crown on our own dome as power isn’t given, its something you take. Whilst weakness is thrust upon and most accept it with a shake of the head at what could’ve been because the truth is even they are disgusted within. That is why they place such emphasis on other things as they know they failed the test and this is why the corkscrew peaks because the closer you get to success the sweeter they make defeat. Its easy to fall at the last hurdle when you’ve been battered and bruised mercilessly but that is when the inverse law kicks in and you need to double down and fight back harder than ever to beat… Beat what? I hear you say…

The only friend and enemy that ever exists is the one inside your head because unless you tame this beast he will make you his bish and run your existence from now till the end and even then beyond because you’ll be conditioned by the words which come from you at your worst, influenced as you were by all the hurt and the taunts, the jeers and scorns which the world heaps on all who are born into this beleaguered Game of Souls, with its heart is long cold and it wants the same for your Soul. To eradicate the glow so it can sell you a show in which the story of your life is written with anothers pen. Tell me that doesn’t sound like two steps from hell? Then take a look at your life and tell me if there’s a difference? See most people accept weakness because the Game conditions them to think they lack strength, will or resolve because it thats how it does whats best. Lxve is hate and so many things are far from what we expect when we transcend what keeps us locked in this dimensional experience that we were thrown in. And yet the key is ever present. Its no coincidence that Qi is energy, the Ether they tried hard to make vanish and a power which you yourself can find when you learn how to manage the way you breathe and think because both of these are actually reflections of the same thing and this goes back to the hero and coward because, bring it in to the physiological level, and you’ll see this:

They’re both on the canvas, both have taken some licks, both put up a good fight but we now see the difference as the coward believes the lies which the voice inside his head spreads as it amplifies his dread and dampens the fires within. look closer and you’ll notice he breathes purely into his chest, the ruler has abandoned the Lower Kingdom that lies near the belt as his diaphragm won’t descend and the interloper wages war, full steam in his head so he no longer claims the throne that sits empty in that realm as he escapes to the fort which he built in his chest in an attempt to keep himself safe from these threats but that in effect isolates him from his strength as his subjects witness their leaders weakness and thus turn on him. From that moment on this is how he must live and its a truth most cannot accept so they concoct so many tales that it would be amusing if it weren’t so sad that this creates the yoke which they then labour within for the rest of their existence.

The hero on the other hand is also half past dead,, but there is a difference which makes it all different. He knows his power is in his belly, he refuses to end the conquest which gives him the strength of the Lower Kingdom and he lies there and breathes, deep into his belly. the war in head still rages and the fort of his chest opens and directs the forces within to fight at his behest and they do, whole heartedly, because they see their leader is willing to lay it all on the line and stand tall when it counts and with this he commands, ready for one more bout and just that willingness elicits a roar from the crowd as they know, deep within, that could be them if their flesh was as willing as the spirit that animates their system, but, like I said, weakness is something they learned and most give in and thus have to live the painful lesson of being less than they could’ve been. His strength is long gone, pure will is now carrying him along because he fights not only external enemies but also the eternal, internal threat that requires constant vigilance and its at this point it all clicks.

“Can it be it was all so simple?” He says later as he thinks, there was only ever one opponent, only ever one battle and only ever one weakness. It was me and how I related to myself because if I ran then where to? How can I escape whats within but if I face it head up then all that seemed outside melts because its simply a reflection, or to be more accurate, a projection that originates within and then is seen again via a trick of the lense and perceived afresh without most ever making the link.

So he embraces the pain, finding a new strength which takes him to a place not marked on any map but familiar in its presence as he steps into the source of who he is, was and will be – in or out of this realm as he becomes the true player in essence and not just one whose played and this is where and how the metamorphosis to Warrior takes place because from that moment on, nothing is ever the same. It all makes sense, all the pain and suffering because suddenly you are translucent, the hardest yet most beautiful thing on the surface of the Earth that all wish they could own or possess:

A diamond in the flesh. And all of this is because you, like them, started as coal as well but took the punishment and never gave in or ceded your will to keep progressing up the hill of self directed evolution and the end result was nothing short of alchemical as you flipped what was soft, opaque and abundant into something hard, brilliant and rare but as the Warrior knows in his Soul, the fight doesn’t end there because now the next layer kicks in and this one is purely non physical where you in effect give birth to yourself to escape, forever, from this Game of Souls and it repeated life sentences but that is another topic. For now just rewind and digest this. Chew it slow, stop and think because I’ve just given you the keys to fulfilment as well as a huge hint on the nature of the alchemical process that ultimately powers all this. In effect its everyones inheritance, from the poor to the rich, and yet it sits languishing within so many lost Souls trapped in this Game, in a time of universal ignorance and so they will again unless they heed the lesson and choose to exist like the hero and keep on pressing, especially when everyone and everything says quit because the greatest loss in life isn’t death, that isn’t even the end, no the greatest loss is giving in. Especially when you were just about to win and all it would’ve took was a little more presence, a sprinkle of effort and dusting off your will and saying “I’ve got this”.

Till we meet again

Adversity Reveals Strength

When life brings its test and adversity makes its presence felt it’s normal to feel like less as your heart thumps in your chest, brow fills with sweat as you barely sip in breath. The thing is this moment also represents a way to transcend the limits that you’d placed, as well as those you accept, on the unfinite magnificence known as your Self. Only he who rises to the challenge gets to unwrap the present and this is what unveils the gift, the limitless wisdom and boundless enthusiasm that swirls within. See, the thing is we live in a world which rewards ignorance, teaches you to give into your whims as it makes discipline seem like something that stinks when in reality its no such thing as its got an aroma that makes your mind think “I can do this” because, in times of stress, you fall back on your training and this is why I say its a gift.

People on a whole lack pretty much all forms of self control. Sure they learned to coordinate their steps and most manage not to defecate on themselves, thanks to the training provided by their parents. But that’s it. They teach them nothing beyond this and they themselves roll out into the world unaware of the ignorance of their potential which is why fate often chooses to bring the rain, sleet and snow along with plenty of wind to test the house that you built.

You’ll see them all around, sobbing as they sit surrounded by the rubble of their shattered building. Well straw and cotton would be more accurate as this is what they were given to form their existence with, something weak and never tested by parents who were either lucky and missed this kink or, mostly, totally oblivious and ignorant to the facts that I’m spitting.

See, it goes like this:

The wise man takes what works and leaves the rest. Damn tradition because that was then and this is now. There is a difference and only a fool believes things remain the same in a world when change is the only constant so why think like those who did not achieve a single worthwhile thing, if we’re being honest. Why would you wish to emulate them? So you can erect a shack that tumbles at the sight of an evil grin, a quick dig, someone telling you something you’d rather pretend wasn’t exactly what it is?

See, these houses are our psychological defenses which we go and hide within. A large group of them together is like an apartment building in which many live. Sure its noisy and there isn’t much space for free thinking but its also kind of nice as they all sing the same hymn. That is, till they don’t and, time and time again, thats where the badness kicks in but thats another topic we’ll examine as we progress.

Back on the singular level, lets zoom in on our titular pig. He stands there looking at what he had built and how quickly it was recycled and thinks “Nah, this isn’t it. Whoever thought straw alone could withstand the elements must’ve been quite stupid or lived in a time when there weren’t hurricane winds and torrential downpours that come and go in the blink. Global warming or so they said”. And so he sets off to build something else instead.

He looks at his goals, stay warm, stay secure. Then considers the world and between these two poles he pitches his tent, metaphorically of course, although there were those who came before that were far more in tune with their core and realized the true meaning and resonance of what we live within and how it either amps or damps the spirit but that again is another thing we’ll get into as we keep peeling the onion of life and relishing the tears it brings as it clears our vision.

What was I saying?

Oh yes, he must learn to cast a brick. To take what life gives and then bend it to his will with a sprinkle of intuition and intellect as we experiment with what we get as failure isn’t an option. Feedback here is the king. Such a simple switch of the lens gives perspect and he keeps on keeping on with his invention. Until one day it clicks, he looks at what he built and its perfect. All this time, the wind was waiting in the wings waiting to put him to the test and then swoops in, wailing and screaming hoping to incite dread. And yet nothing happens.

The pig sits within and thinks “Thats interesting as I changed how I think which flipped what I get and thus what was an obstacle actually became the path instead”. Even the wind can’t help but be humbled as it witnesses what he built. Until the pig has designs again “What if I could harness the wind?” he says, as he sets off to invent his own turbine…

Get the hint?

Just because the old ways worked for them doesn’t mean they will for you. The worst thing in the world is having an intellect and refusing to use it because you wish to emulate those who also didn’t use their brain. Its easy to be follower, its much harder to lead just like its simple to deceive but honesty at all times, especially internally to the “me” that perceives is a tougher task. But like the swines domicile the minds of the weak are tested by the hurricanes of reality and any discrepancies seen can provide clarity for those willing to feel what it means to take the lead into the frontier town called me. An active city, wishing to peak as it rumbles and thunders away ceaselessly inside the minds of all denizens of reality who are more concerned with taking it easy hence why 7 days is called a week as strength isn’t what they need when it comes to lording it with decrees, rules and laws that are designed purely to keep score and to prevent the ascent of any beyond this realm by keeping their awareness locked in the smallest selection of the spectrum.

We’re kicking the metas today for sure and in a seemingly random sequence but when the next one flips in you’ll know exactly what I said, just when you need it.

Till we meet again