How to Sit Still and Enjoy it

The Yin/Yang contains within its design everything you could need to know about life. The interplay of dark and light, polarities combined which generate the spin as they divide and hide the shine within from which it’s all derived and orbits. That non-dual state that sits in the mid and thus doesn’t move as everything rotates around it, eternally unchanging. One should, in all things, strive to find this balance. This sense of centering as the Zero Point is where it all happens and it’s all about this connection. How can you feel this?

Sit down in a chair where your back isn’t supported so your spine is held erect purely by your own tone then feel your sit bones spread onto the bench as you imagine there is a golden string at the very top of your head. Allow this to stretch your spine as it uplifts. When done correct it feels like your vertebrae have room to breathe, no longer compressed. Also you’ll feel your chin slightly tuck in as the back of your neck extends, all pulled by the golden string. At the same time place your shoulders down into their sockets so the scapula rests and your arms will then, of their own accord, start to relax as you find your chest and belly doing the same thing.

Play around with this space. Think of it as mind body training in which you’re creating a path to your inner realm just by taking the journey combined with your intent. Remember, there aren’t any failures when it comes to this, only feedback that continually refines the process. You will find the bodies wisdom chips in and it may spontaneously adjust your position so listen as it’s all about communication and dropping resistance.

Get comfortable in it and then once you’re there say quietly to your Self in your head “I am centering” and notice what happens. It may be a little, may be immense. Either way you’ll sense the shift and now have a comparator to the usual way you sit. Feel free to repeat and affirm “I am centering” as and when needed as you’ll be chipping away at old holding patterns and recalibrating your awareness and embodiment to gracefully sync.

This is quite simple and basic but it is an amazing experience, none the less, as all that follows spring from the gift of a centered presence of resonance with Self. Once you get into the groove of this you’ll find each session increases the sensations of centering as it’s an incremental thing. Below are the guided instructions to assist you as you sit and ease into the moment:

Till we meet again

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