The Day I Won the Lottery

The day I won the lottery started like any other. I rose in bed, except this time I felt unusually refreshed whilst also being aware of a pain in my chest that signaled we had crossed a threshold in rest and thus began the process of connecting to Self which would allow true healing from my depths to progress. In a beachfront property I rest, floor to ceiling windows and the view from my bed is the best. The ambiance is as you’d expect. Natures rhythm sends you off with a kiss and then embraces you again the moment your awareness descends, back into this realm.

But, for the moment, I’m not concerned with this. I’m dealing with more pressing business. Lets look in. It is a dark night, the moon is conspicuously absent. We sense a man is therein, sitting on the floor looking East. Alive, totally present in the moment, waiting to pounce out of the darkness. Suddenly, a lighthouse in the distance kicks in and its presence illuminates everything with a slow measured swing. We observe the man, in a heightened state of awareness, simultaneously doing two thing. One, he is taking in his surroundings. Every single inch is sketched with each glimpse and two, he is rearranging what seems to be a jigsaw puzzle of many pieces, comparing what he has seen with the representation underneath. He senses your presence and notes your curiosity when he states, idly “Its a picture of this scene. Framed and shot perfectly. You don’t see even a glimpse of the white sands on the pristine beach. No animals, people or even clouds can be perceived.” “Then, what is it?” you ask hesitantly as he replies with a smile that you can feel but not see “Its a perfectly calm, tranquil blue sea that at mid point meets an identically hued and idyllic sky”.

Just at that point the lighthouse sends out another vibe that, for a moment, illuminates your mind as you catch a glimpse of the pieces and are mesmerized. To make this fit in the daylight would be a challenge, you surmise, but to attempt it at night via the random oscillations of a… “Madness, right?” the man says with a smile as he picks up and rearranges aspect of the image he is building “It had crossed my mind, its your life and you can choose how to spend it but I don’t get the rhyme or reason behind this” “Yes, I can see how it would make little sense but then you’re of this realm and I’m in it instead” “Meaning?” “Meaning by making it simple and flicking on a light switch then proclaiming “I solved the puzzle” defeats the point of this” “I don’t get it” “You will. Remember as a kid when hide and seek was the thing? What if the moment you counted to ten you didn’t start gambolling, that way and this. Instead you whipped out your phone and tracked your friends handsets to find where they’re at”.

“What would be the fun in that?” you think trying to guess the point in all of this as you hear the soothing sounds of waves pouring in, the ever so gentle wind that keeps everything circulating and the presence of this man who sits anticipating the light to whip through his surroundings as the data pours in and he rearranges pieces at a whim. Trying to build something only he can see. “Maybe its how the rich be?”” You reason internally “After all this place had to cost a pretty penny and its said he did win the lottery so what if he does this because the regular way is boring?” “Close but not quite” he says and for the second time it feels like he was inside your head and more familiar with your awareness than you are in this realm. “Its a tad unnerving” you begin and then stop as you feel him grin because it means thats exactly what he intended “See, you accept. You don’t question, poke or prod, to see whats within. Why would I sit here, surrounded by darkness trying to build a complete image of something almost invisible and indivisible due to the subtleness it impresses upon the pieces I’m moving as I get a random glimpse of my true surroundings”

“Sounds like rich guy problems, if you ask me. The rest of us are just trying to stay afloat in this reality” “I got ninety nine problems but thinking I’m limited consciousness tied to flesh, stuck in the realm of 3D within which the crooked decree how you live, eat, think and breathe as they destroy the planet incrementally? No siree, not for nothing is it said that the meek will inherit this but ask yourself if you stand by and say nothing, living life as a pleb and then you’re dead when as remains are interred in earth didn’t you indeed get what they said?” “I guess” you said, trying to connect the thread in this stream of consciousness “And if they take all of the best, jet to the next planet and leave the rest with a depleted environment and broken tech so they can’t follow them to the next Garden of Eden in a continuation of the project which defines this realm then wouldn’t those who remain behind also inherit the Earth, albeit a bombed out hollow shell and not in the sense they thought they’d get?”

“Correct” you said, starting to draw the links “So in effect they delivered what was promised and yet that wasn’t what the others expected because they never checked the small print and thought they would get what they expected?” “Exactly that, hence doing a jigsaw in the dark in the presence of alternating cycles of illumination and ignorance because in reality there is but one chance” “One chance for what?” you request with a sense of wonder on your lips as to where this is heading “Why to win the Game of Souls. That is the puzzle we’re within and this below are the pieces I was given that I slot together to recall the vision of the correct order of everything in a way that makes senes and thus I can exit this realm with the only thing worth a thing. My awareness” he says then adds, sensing you’re perplexed “The words you’ve just read reflect a snapshot of the pieces I’ve been sitting in the darkness rearranging in order to get a glimpse behind the why and the when to the how and the wow which powers it underneath. Meaning the more light which pours in the more the picture may look different because the sky and sea are same hue its quite a challenge to stay cool but as each piece clicks I can intuitively feel which ones are positioned correct and which need more attention the next time illumination swings through the darkness. Its meant to be difficult because the challenge of the Game is designed to meet your current level of awareness, wherever you be, hence when you said earlier “Most are trying to stay afloat” some mastered swimming in the sea the diving deep, oh so free with no equipment there to ease their breathing underneath and thus life issues a new challenge to greet, which in my case was the complete and total transcendence of 3D hence I examine the piece, see how it fits, where it links, contrast that with the sensation of intuition which is the light that guides on in the darkness as I retrace my steps back out of this realm and to my point of undifferentiated origin and then back again, hence the shuffling, sitting in the darkness, kicking parables of wisdom to one who wishes to witness my way of thinking and existing”.

You stand there taking it all in as he smiles and says “Don’t worry, it will click when intended and then you’ll instantly know what I mean when I say the pieces feel correct when clicked so I can then move on to the next because in reality the image is pointless when we’re surrounded by darkness as feeling is everything but there in one must sift the difference with emotion which actually is, as I said, feeling plus a judgement which is akin to placing a colored lens on your eyes then staring at a clear light and proclaiming, with 100% certainty and confidence that it is red. Or blue. Or whatever hue you view the scene through. We both know it isn’t correct but a most deceptive elegance prevents most from comprehending this and they will fight to the end based on what they think because never once did they question the meaning of what the meek inherit nor the rest and never once were they promised the content of every book in the English language in exchange for their cooperation and expectation based on ignorance due to not asking the right questions in the moment before diving in as the small print is always what does you in. Feel what I’m saying?” he says dropping the final piece in as suddenly the room is filled with an immense glow that makes no sense and yet is still present as what was dark becomes illuminated then the whole nature of the Game of Souls becomes self evident.

Till we meet again

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