Michael Jackson – The Once and Future King

Are you listening?

Who am I?

Who are you?

Where did we come from?

Where are we going?

What’s it all about?

Do you have the answers?

Immortality’s my game

From Bliss I came

In Bliss I am sustained

To Bliss I return

If you don’t know it now

It’s a shame

Are you listening?

This body of mine

Is a flux of energy

In the river of time

Eons pass, ages come and go

I appear and disappear

Playing hide-and-seek

In the twinkling of an eye

I am the particle

I am the wave

Whirling at lightning speed

I am the fluctuation

That takes the lead

I am the Prince

I am the Knave

I am the doing

That is the deed

I am the galaxy, the void of space

In the Milky Way

I am the craze

I am the thinker, the thinking, the thought

I am the seeker, the seeking, the sought

I am the dewdrop, the sunshine, the storm

I am the phenomenon, the field, the form

I am the desert, the ocean, the sky

I am the Primeval Self

In you and I

Pure unbounded consciousness

Truth, existence, Bliss am I

In infinite expressions I come and go

Playing hide-and-seek

In the twinkling of an eye

But immortality’s my game

Eons pass

Deep inside

I remain

Ever the same

From Bliss I came

In Bliss I am sustained

Join me in my dance

Please join me now

If you forget yourself

You’ll never know how

This game is played

In the ocean bed of Eternity

Stop this agony of wishing

Play it out

Don’t think, don’t hesitate

Curving back within yourself

Just create… just create

Immortality’s my game

From Bliss I came

In Bliss I’m sustained

To Bliss I return

If you don’t know it now

It’s a shame

Are you listening?


What can I say about the man who laid the soundtrack to my life and inspired me to think way outside of the box as he laced his songs with such heavy metaphysical game that went over peoples heads as they missed his message? Don’t worry MJ, I heard you on FM. Just look at the poem he penned above and hear what he said then consider this:

Another Part of Me dropped in Eighty Eight and MJ was speaking on the planetary alignments we’d see in Twenty Twenty as people were cowering in their homes, scared to death by something that was nowhere near what the narrative said. Why? What was the end game? Simple. The same as its always been because They Don’t Really Care About Us and its why I say Slave/Masters are the correct names for those caught up in the Game of Souls without a clue of who they are, from where they came or what sustains them in this realm that we are just visiting as we don the flesh to swim in the seas of ignorance, thinking we’ve figured out everything when most are just sadly Victims of a heartless Opponent who derives immense pleasure from the screams that reverberate within that they dare not express as they try their best to fit in as they manufacture proof as they lie to themselves.

They killed the King in front of those who sleep walk with closed eyelids and got away with it after a few failed attempts at hemming him in. Its amazing how those who turned their back on him whilst living now claim they rode with him to the death and stranger still are those who bob their head to the beat but miss the meaning encoded in the lyrics and vision. From Remember The Time which laid out this:

Whilst most people thought Yul Brynner built the pyramids to speaking on the financial system:

And the true nature of the press along with those who invest in its narrative:

MJ was a Warrior from beginning to end and easily the loneliest, most misunderstood man to walk the planet as he was speaking truths most simply can’t decode or comprehend but I heard what he said and am grateful to have witnessed the reign in the flesh of the once and future King.

Till we meet again

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