What Is Your Reason for Living?

Everybody came here to do something. You can call it your Souls fondest wish, your reason for living or that special purpose you feel is calling. Whatever you name it the aim is the same because you sense this impulse, deep down within, that says “Lets do this!“. Problem is life gets in the way. As do excuses:

“Oh, I don’t have time for that”.
“I just need a bit more money saved up”.
“It will be perfect once I have…”

The words can rack up but the actions don’t. The sad truth of the fact is most were never going to do it anyway. They knew they had the skills, passion and drive but they didn’t have the will because, more often than not, life had done a number on their Self confidence. It could be due to neglectful parents who stepped all over their dreams, invalidating experiences, horrific abuse or all manner of things. Whatever you wish to call it, these events left you scarred from within and scared to reach out to that which you know would fulfill. So what do you do? You choose the easiest option which is sitting in the middle with the rest of the plebs as you amuse yourself to death and try and pretend you don’t feel a nagging emptiness within your chest that still says “Lets do this!”.

This is the nature of the Slave/Masters and what they do best. If life has a plan then consider them the monkey wrench. The wild card that bets against. The power of distraction that says “Ah, forget it. We’ll do it tomorrow, nice and fresh”. Again and again and again.

The vast majority of the populace are under this form of suppression that is not only socially sanctioned but expected and very, very few ever question it because the nature of this Game is there are only two seats:

One marked Opponent and the other Victim.

Right away you know exactly where you sit because its quite literally you against the world when you want to make your dreams come true. Even your own people will attempt to dissuade you:

“Why do you want to do that?”. “Don’t be stupid!”. “You’ve already got a good job, why are you talking so foolish?” they say as you confide your plans in them to open a boutique business that you know will be a success because that quiet voice in your chest says “Lets do this!” and you’ve finally heard it and are ready to take the steps required to make it happen. I’m going to let you into a secret:

Most people are already dead by the time they hit Twenty Six. They won’t admit it to themselves as they live an impersonation of an existence which copied just the surface but within there is nothing. The lights are on but there is the passion of a mannequin. If you point this out they’ll deny it with vehemence, which is often the closest they get to feeling as its either raging or nothing. Simply put the act of your spreading your wings and flying reminds them they are the caged bird who sings and the dreams they once felt defined their reason for existence that they pushed deep down into their subconscious when they chose instead to live a life inauthentic on a path well tread by those just as miserable as them.

Like I said, they’d rather die than admit it and very often they’ll clutch to symbols and points of reference outside themselves as markers of their existence and reason for being. Thing is they’re all poor substitutions that are trying to fill the hole in their chest from where their inner child sings “Lets do this!” because they remember full well whilst your Adulterated self is clueless as to the nature of your purpose.

Its why I say that Dual Reality is in full effect because the magicians best trick is convincing them he’s you when in reality you aren’t the voice in your head, the flesh which a mirror reflects or even the thoughts in your head. You are the Witness. The one that sees all this and makes it all happen as the Game plays out inside your awareness. Realizing this is an immense strength. A huge asset because then you quickly realize that the demoralizing parent or hating friend that tries to make it sound like they’re looking out for your best interests by ensuring you’re as miserable and unfulfilled as them is actually the living embodiment of your resistance given form and reflected back to your consciousness to help you deal with it. Let me give you an example:

A girl wanted more than anything else in the world to design clothes for the club. She was really, really good at it as she grew up raving and thus knew first hand what worked and what didn’t. Thing is she had a decent job now and made a good living but within she felt a total sense of emptiness. “I just don’t know what to do. I’m at my wits end” she said. “Why don’t you start it off on the side when not working? Put your money into it and see if its got legs?” I offered. “No, no. I can’t do that, thats half hearted. I need to put my all into this. Did I tell you what she said?” she confided, referring to her parent who was the bane of her existence and whose presence felt like an albatross around her neck. “She said that my problem is that I don’t know how good I’ve got it and when to stop pushing. Like this job is the best I can get, all I’m capable of. It makes me sick to think this and its even harder to admit but, like you said, you only gain enlightenment by stepping into the darkness and this is what sits in the shadows of my Soul”.

She was rocking back and forth as tremors ran through her form because even shaping her mouth to say the words hurt more than she’d admit because her feelings towards the one who gave her life were so incredibly mixed. On the one had she had sacrificed so much from the little she had as a kid in order to let her attend the dance classes she wanted but then on the other she demanded total subservience and was primarily interested in her return on invest, regardless of her childs feelings, talents or skills.

This girl was never meant to work in an office. She did it well because her personality gelled with everyone in her surroundings as she felt like a breeze wafting but her heart was never in it and it was never meant to be a full time thing.

Her bedroom was packed to the gills with fashion stills, designs she’d made and various bits and bobs from a project that went from full tilt to ignored then back on again whilst she was busy handling the business of living. Thats when we met.

I need a miracle. I hear thats what you make happen. Will you help me with this?” she said with eyes rimmed red and a Soul which felt like it had been ran through the mill via her thorough Self examining which bought up pages and pages of journaling in angry red ink that aimed at the source of her problems with both barrels in a way so intense that the rage left her shaking.

She’d became aware of why she liked popping pills, drinking to excess and lived for the weekend from the time she was a teen up to her late twenties and now, two years from the big Three O, she was feeling the walls closing in because it was time to either ish or get off the pot and accept the cards fate had dealt and play them best she can.

“I don’t make anything happen. I simply suggest. Its up to you to take action and examine that resistance. I want you to look at it like this. Imagine your mother is actually the personification all of the limiting beliefs and self loathing you have tucked within your subconscious. She speaks the words that kept your Inner Sense locked up in the dungeon you call your chest. Its why drugs and casual sex gave you that feeling of release and freedom because you rebelled against her without her knowing because you spent your days earning wages, cashing cheques and ticking all the boxes she’d marked out for your existence. A very transactional relationship but nothing unusual because a lot of these contracts are tacit and people get upset when they think we aren’t holding up our end”.

She nodded, taking it all in. “I can see that, it makes sense but how do I deal with it?”. “OK, lets try this” I said taking another chair and placing it opposite. “I want you to imagine your Opponent is sitting in that seat, hell bent on making you her Victim. Go on, speak your idea, your dream, your wish, your concept. Your desire for a clothing business that uses your talents. Say it like you mean it, like I’m not here and its her conversation”.

She did and then, as instructed she switched seats and replied as she expected from her parent. It was interesting watching her body language shift as her shoulders hunched in and her usually full lips became cruel and thin as she sat there, smirking, and said “Thats great, yeah, then we’ll be homeless and penniless. What an idiot I raised. Whatever did I do to deserve this? You’ve got a good job, things are going well. All you need now is a husband and we’re set. Why can’t you see this? Why must you always be such a nuisance?”.

Switching seats I watched her shrink from a confident young woman back to a scared kid that was being chastised for some minor infringement as her voice became quite thin and started stammering. “But, but, but Mum, you don’t get it. Look I’m really good at this. Everyone says I’ve got talent and I should do something with it“.

“Really? Really? You haven’t figured it out yet? They’ll say anything because they think you’re stupid and secretly they want to see you fail so they can laugh when we’re down and out again. I did the best I could to get you where you are and now you want to mess it all up and follow this stupid dream? Oh, I wish I was dead because you’re killing me when you say things like this”.

“I, I, I don’t mean to, Mum. Promise, its just that, just that, I’m not happy where I’m working…”

Thats why its called a job, you silly bish. You think I was happy working back to back shifts and taking all the overtime I could get just to pay for your stupid dancing lessons? And this is how you repay my kindness…”

“OK, lets stop for a minute. Take a breath and a stretch. Walk back to your seat and we’ll try something different” I said. Time passed, a few tears did drip as well as a couple of yelps of anguish and frustration as she railed against the unfairness of the war that raged within and she’d been fighting since back when even though it felt like an uphill struggle that she’d been losing for as long as she could recollect.

“I want you to sit there and ask her about the dreams she had as a kid”.

“What?” the girl replied, startled by the question. “I don’t know the answers to that. I wouldn’t have a clue where to begin and what about….” she said as I raised my hand and requested “Just ask the question with pure intent and do what you just did. Change seats and answer”. She closed her eyes and took a few deep breaths then suddenly opened them and leaned forward with an intense look and said “Mum, when you were a little girl what did you want to be more than anything?”.

Getting up to make the switch I noticed a difference as her twisted features started softening and her voice became more gentle. “I wanted to be a model. Live the high life, jet set. That kind of thing. This was way before the internet but I really believed I could’ve done it. After all I knew I was something special, even back then”.

“What stopped you?”

Your grandfather. He said models are whores by another name and wouldn’t hear none of it because he was so religious. That didn’t stop me pretending though, I used to put on my best and imagine I was modeling in my bedroom and when we went out proselytizing for the parish I’d always wish someone would spot me and convince him that it was a life worth living. Nobody ever did. Then I got pregnant and after that it was all down hill as your father left me for another woman and, not long after, your grandparents were both dead so you were all I had left.”

“I see, Mum. In a way I never did. Do you think life would be different if he’d encouraged your dreams as a kid instead of shutting them down every chance he had?”

“Are you kidding? By the time I came of age the supermodel era was in full effect. This was way before the net but even then I felt that pang of regret because I knew I could’ve done it, way better than any of them. I’ve always felt like I was put here to do this. That was my calling but…”


“But I didn’t have the strength to go against them as they held my heart in their fist and without their blessing I didn’t even dare take a step”.

“Then why won’t you let me?”

“Because… Because now I kind of get it. A young girl with stupid dreams in her head vs how the world really is when seen through the lens of experience. They just wanted the best for me and did all they can. I’m not mad at them but…”

“Are you sad?”.

“What? Erm, just a little bit. I still do believe I could’ve become one of the major faces on the circuit because I’ve always had a flair for it”.

“And thats why you encouraged me to dance? Even though we couldn’t afford it?”

“Yes, I thought with you I had a chance to live again. Another spin. Do it right this time but you just wanted to go out, dancing. You weren’t interested in making a living of it but bills are in effect. I needed you to realize this which is why I got you that job in the office. Look how well you worked your way up. Can’t you see why I’m stressed that you want to quit? Without that we’ve got no money coming in and all that goodwill you’ve built at the firm will be flushed down the toilet”.

“Well, is there anything we can do which makes us all happy in the end?”

“Look, I only want whats best for you. Even if you don’t see this. This clothing dream sounds good but it doesn’t seem realistic. Why would they buy what you’re selling and not whats in the shops? It doesn’t make any sense and if its so good why do you need my permission to do it?”

“Thats really it isn’t it” she said as she sat there thinking, out loud to herself. “I need your permission because my say so isn’t enough because you’ve always vetoed it. How did I not see this? It makes so much sense”. She started grinning as she leapt up from her chair and began pacing. “Yes, yes, yes. It makes perfect sense. I get it. She is to me resistance against my wish when in reality its just a test to see if I really want it. Well, I do. I do and I’m confident I can make it happen”.

We sketched up a plan based on strict time management after checking the potential market, avenues for expansion and distribution along with cost/benefit analysis and how to start this off as a parallel business in tandem with her current occupation as well a few other sessions dealing with her various resistance Patterns within and other methods of self sabotage which gave her the “All or nothing” talk in her head as a method of distraction and preventing any real traction in making her dreams happen.

The most interesting side effect of this conversation made flesh was when she came home after a sesh and her mother said “Listen, I’ve been thinking. Why don’t you make a dress, give me a list of where they’ll sell so I can handle the business and we’ll see what happens?”.

The moral of the story is this:

There is no outer in this realm. Its all within. You are the source of all of your problems as well as the solution. Your world and your circumstances reflect this. Change what controls you and you will feel a shift.

The above method is ridiculously simple, very effective and won’t cost you a red cent so give it a spin and see what happens because one of the greatest problems in life is we inherit the pain and suffering of our lineage and mistake their energies for our own and carrying them becomes a burden. There are other tools and methods used to assist in the clearance of this presence because you can only create something once you make the space within and this often involves examining the beliefs and attitudes we’ve bee carrying as most are often birthed from good, if misplaced, intent that wants to keep risk and harm to a minimum but dreams don’t manifest like this because you need to take a leap of faith and then keep falling until you realize you’re actually flying.

Spread your wings.

This is what makes life worth living. The other option is just an existence. “Don’t die with your music within” is a viewpoint often shared by those who either have given then Inner Sense full reign and are glad they did or didn’t and kept it caged in the Mind Made Prison and bitterly regret the life they didn’t have the heart to live as they listened to everyones opinion and options beside the little voice within which said “Lets do this!”.

The reason why its so important, so urgent and vital you listen is if you don’t you won’t pass Go, collect Two Hundred Pounds or even find the exit when you meet death because your Soul will say “I want another spin. I didn’t do what we intended to” and then you’ll incarnate again. And again And again. And each time the resistance will keep on piling to make it more and more difficult as this is how coals become diamonds so if you’ve got the opportunity now, seize it. Roll the dice, spin the wheel, place your bet on your Self and see what happens because next time you hear that “Lets do this!” I want you to respond “OK, we will!” and make it happen.

Till we meet again

The Greatest Makeover Begins From Within

The modern world as it stands is like the finest champagne fizz. Ephemeral and entirely bereft of depth, used primarily to signal the presence of something that is lacking to the rest by way of status, reflected prestige and a myriad of coping mechanisms. I’ve often said that the world is half crazed and twice as stupid. The way it stands you’d be hard pressed to deny this as its becoming more and more Self evident. The other side of this proclamation of the state of play is a solution that is simple as it is difficult, far reaching – yet intimate, effortless but oh so powerful. The six words you’re awaiting to free you from this life sentence shall now spring into your awareness:

The greatest makeover begins from within.

Take that principle, apply it to anything and you’ll see how obvious the truth of this perspective is because you can be rolling around chubby with a couple of extra chins you’ve been diligently investing in (in case of famine or maybe you’re enamored with the whole Rubenesque thing) or wasting your talents and potential by choosing to spend days and nights mindless scrolling watching other people living or any number of things from an ever growing list of false solutions. The root cause of this is people are looking for a quick fix. Folks refuse, en masse, to comprehend that their problems came slow and often go the same route. That and they don’t want to change what made them fat, sick or depressed in the first place. This doesn’t stop them chasing abs in five minutes or trying to “get rich quick with this one weird trick“. Even the pseudo spiritual fake a state of non attachment as they pledge to a fellow offering to sell instant enlightenment in nine easy payments. At least this one does what it says on the tin as there is a definite difference in the weight of your wallet after purchasing…

Do you know whats common about most of these things? Apart from being ineffective, that is? Its that those who invest are hopelessly weak (even though they dare not admit it) and even after buying said gadget or method will use it once or twice then throw it in a pile with the rest as they look for the next attempt. The next failed solution. The next foolish investment.

See why I say the greatest makeover begins from within?

Its all mental.

Literally and metaphysically. Change your mind, change your life. But before you can flip the script you must first accept the lay of the land as it is. The wise can take a further step and question how it got like this because there was a time when it when it was better and that devolved to what it is. This is where one can take this bundle of energetics (which seems like a problem but can become a gift) and recycle it. Much like roses produce agreeable odors by feeding upon excrement you can do the same thing as it all springs from being honest with your Self.

I highly recommend keeping a journal. Old fashioned, paper and pen. It activates totally different neural circuits as a form of expression that tapping keys, screens or dictating and it has the added benefit of being “out there” now. This gives it a realness. A tangible presence that often allows one to generate a fresh perspect they didn’t previously imagine as they were carrying around a shadow that blocked their brilliance. Have you ever noticed that when a friend comes round and is filled with dread about a problem you instantly see a solution that cheers them up no end but when the roles are reversed you can’t do that for yourself?

The nature of the mind is like Velcro for the bad and Teflon for the good. It is how it is as the brain is designed to ensure the survival of the flesh and the tale of mankind from now to back when has been all about traumatic inheritance. This, in effect, is what built the world in which we live and it exerts an immense influence that is all but invisible as the man behind the curtain who pulls the strings to manipulate your consciousness.

We are creatures of habit, yes, but we are also reprogrammable. It took a lifetime to make you who you are but its a castle built on sand and this is why it never feels real, you always need something else because then finally, it might just be enough. Well, I’m here to tell it never is. At least not in my experience and those who I have spoken on my adventures which includes the kind of folk people would offer many of their appendages to live the lives they possess. Private jets, top models, power and influence as well as those who sing the kind of hits that get you grooving and are draped in hot fashions with all flavors throwing it at them.

Know what they all said when questioned about the nature of their inner realm? That they’re still searching. That day hasn’t yet come. Even though the outside signals they have all they could want (and they flaunt it as well) the inner is as constant now as it was then. Think about this when you imagine how your life could be different if you had millions because it wouldn’t. Thats the trick. Thats the scam. Thats the allure of the false promise that deceptive liars spin in your awareness as they poisoned your subconscious to make an enemy out of Self as they slipped a mask over your visage and convinced you to invest in the illusion.

All over the world people manufacture proof as they lie to themselves. This is the true epidemic and social media took it to the next level as now we have echo chambers of fakeness designed to lure in the next as people beg for and give away the most important thing in this realm:


The greatest makeover begins from within. Change the way you think and you’ll change the way you live. Drag out your old concepts and preprogrammed click-whirr mechanisms that I call the Thunk Process as its akin to rearranging the same old same old and trying to make something new from it. That isn’t possible. Innerstand what I’ve just said and you’ll leap far ahead of the rest because in times of universal deception being honest with yourself is a powerful thing. Freedom can’t be given by external aspects. It must be taken from within as your Witness is currently being held hostage by a false self that, even now, is denying the truth of what I’ve said and has discouraged you from reading as it knew what was coming.

Oh yes, its a slippery bish. That much is certain. Its also very effective because it has you pretending under the pretense of being it when you aren’t hence, the greatest makeover begins from within.

Next time, instead of reaching for that third helping, indulging yourself in some off beating or primping and preening for a screen via likes from people you’ll never meet stop and question: “Why am I doing this? For what reason? What end?” and then ask it again. And again. And again. Keep going till you get to the crux of the subject and you’ll start hearing answers like: “I just want them to like me”. “They said I’d never be nothing”. “Why did they do that to me? I was just a little kid”.

It can get quite brutal and very harrowing. This is why only 8% of the populace will ever have the guts to take back their internal Kingdom whilst the rest will be glad to live within a fiefdom that sells them the illusion of freedom.

The greatest makeover begins from within.

Change your mind and your life will acquiesce as it all forms around your intent. This is why I say the Game plays out in your awareness as its malleable and a small change within can bring huge shifts without. All it takes is the dedication to stop, listen and examine as the body is always speaking but the mind pretends to be deaf to its calls. The world tells you to run after these external goals as its well versed in breaking Souls into fragments then selling them insurance for an event thats already happened but is repressed from their consciousness. Its a great scam. The best, as its so very old and equally effective.

The gods said “What if we hide their greatest powers high up on a mountain? They’ll never survive the elements to hike so far beyond their level”. “Nay” one replied. “They may be simple now but it won’t always be like this. We should sink it to depths of the ocean where it becomes biologically impossible for them to even examine”. A third chipped in “Even that challenge they will best. It is in their nature to triumph when it comes to external things which is why I propose we hide it someplace else…”. They all turned their heads and listened to her speaking. “What I’m thinking is we hide it within. Behind their fears, dreads and thoughts they simply will not allow themselves to think without generating an immense sense of threat mixed with ambivalence. Instead their investment in the outer realms will become even heavier with this deception as all is equalled by an opposite reaction”.

Leaning back, she grinned as the rest nodded their heads at the dastardly brilliance. “You’re certainly going to make them work for it on this level, yes?” he said, with a look of consternation. “What happens if they all fail?”. “Then we send them back again. And again. And again. Its a test they must pass and class is always in session”. “You know what” another said “That might be the best idea yet because anyone who says this would seem like a madman as their fears would work against them discovering the beauty of their inner realms and we could use this ignorance as a weapon against them because the greatest tool in the hands of the Opponent is the mind of his Victims“.

How radical are you willing to be in order to get free? Don’t you want to re-member how that feels as Inner Sense saturates your presence and you shake off the resistance of old Patterns and with it the resistance that edits your consciousness before sending you off on a quest to chase whats worthless and provides no lasting solutions beyond the distraction.

You already knew this. You may not have admitted it as clearly as this but the thoughts had been bubbling under the surface, calling for your attention as you roll around this planet living a life akin to a numbed callous that exists solely to protect what is delicate and hurting beneath the image you try so hard to project. The lie most would die to protect.

The greatest makeover begins from within.

Once you comprehend this then the Path of Power opens and its walked by putting one foot in front of the next under the guidance of truth as that is the fuel of Inner Sense and when that numbed and deadened skin falls off to reveal the place your power had been hidden you’ll feelsee the same radiance you did back when you were a child that was filled with the spirit of adventuring.

The greatest makeover begins from within. Consider this a nutshell so lets get it cracking.

Till we meet again

The Diceman Cometh

What is the single, most beneficial change you have implemented in your life thus far?

Mine has to be removing emotional vampires from my life. No explanation, no reasoning, no nothing. Done. Walk away. 

Energy flows where the attention goes and some folks are evidently null and void within so will drain you with a grin, like a psychopathic abyss. Once you become aware of the concept and truly grok its significance said people can be seen almost reveling in the process and reeling once you disconnect as they are no longer getting what sustains them. 

Its a Bright and Dark Souls thing. We’ll get into that in a moment. For now its intriguing how they seem to have a “type” that is rife with image building and can often be quite brown nosing to those with any kind of power and quick to attempt the besmirchification of another in order to paint themselves in a better light, often at your expense. In that sense they are similar to playground bullies except they evidently never grew out of this stage and built their entire life around it as a central tenet of their existence. Worse still is the gaslighting and manipulation to ensure you remain present in the role of supply to fulfill their needs and how often you’ll seem crazy if you point out how they roll as they’ve built another face to share with the world whereas you see what is truly within as you’ve witnessed, first hand, their savageness. 

Mine was not as a bad as this but its nice to flesh out the details in case anyone reading is actually living in this situation and hasn’t realized it yet as I recently helped a girl comprehend the true nature of her and her families relationship and why she perpetually felt unfulfilled, drained and unable to put her finger on what was wrong whilst being filled with feelings of shame, blame and (often) feeling half crazed as the world says her folks were wonderful when in reality she was trapped inside a living hell. 

She is currently blooming like a flower and as I said “The nature of the lotus is to float above the filth without letting its beauty be contaminated by it” as an alchemical reframe of her life as it was and how it is in order to become more of herself and less of what people had told her she is.

In many ways these energetic burdens we unconsciously accept without protest at the behest of others who may not truly have our best interests beating in their chests can be seen as the root of most problems and suffering in this. Well, actually its ignorance of this process but thats a chicken and egg thing as its hard to see whats invisible, but you feel nonetheless. Part of the problem is that English as a language is woefully inept when it comes to any meaningful exchange which is internally based as its simply not designed that way. This is a huge part of the puzzle and also a reason why its one of the Eight Traits which we’ll be examining shortly in order to peep the state of play.

Like any former addict will attest “You’ve got to see the problem in order to find a solution”. Ironic that that is what alcohol technically is but thats besides the point because in times of global ignorance Self knowledge is a powerful thing and its what you don’t know about what you don’t know that holds most influence and why I say most people are meat puppets that are unconsciously living out scripts. Don’t believe? Find it insulting?

“I don’t know what came over him!” she said as her friend remarked “He’s a totally different person when he…”. Get the message? The language talks. Do you listen? Maybe thats the change you need to bring. To think different. But in order to do that one must first become aware of default mode of processing. Here’s an interesting little experiment to bring some flex (and quite possibly) smiles to your existence.

Take a dice, sides six. Add in a sheaf of paper and sprinkle liberally with ink, creative inspiration and interesting challenge. Write down six options for the day ahead. A sample list may look like this:

1) I will speak only good things.
2) I will be exceedingly direct with my true intent in all events and circumstances.
3) I will personify all of the traits I hate in another when I meet them.
4) I will be incredibly serious and rigid about anything I witness and share my opinion.
5) I will cancel my planned day and set off somewhere at random and see what happens.
6) I will devote myself to solving a problem I’ve been putting off handling.

Don’t use these. The point is to freewheel and see what happens by giving your Inner Sense as chance to get behind the wheel of your consciousness. This is an exceedingly powerful and flexible method of shaking up old Patterns and, as the girl who broke free said, “I feel like a kid again!” after a particularly vigorous dicing session that marked the beginning of her transcendence and simultaneous awakening to new options. Push the pen before going to bed and then, first thing in the AM after rising, give the dice a roll and see what happens from the list.

Bear in mind you are responsible for all that happens because not only does this Game in its entirety play out inside your awareness (ergo I am just a figment of your imagination, made manifest) but the most vital aspect is that the Path of Power can only be tread by those who are willing to place some skin in the game. What I mean by this is there must be a cost. Something you’ve placed on the table as a bet to motivate your dedication to carrying out the call after giving the dice a spin. Previously folk have started small with relatively tame lists and forfeits akin to offering to do the dishes for a month without grumbling upto donating a percentage of their wages to charity for not fulfilling their end of the bargain.

Whatever it is that is also up to you because dice life is a test of your word to your Self as it swiftly weeds out the real from fakeness and then there is no denying it. A lot of people quickly comprehend exactly what I mean about Slaves living a masked existence.

Give it a spin, if its speaking your language. Or keep on keeping on living a predictable life of quiet desperation that will stay, just how it is, until you’re dead and resting. You know this is the earth they say you’ll inherit, yes? Bet that wasn’t what you expected but then if they say one thing and you assume another you know the details of that equation.

Till we meet again

Leeches, Humours and Feathered Serpents

Once upon a when, if you were to ever find yourself near a hospital bed they would stick up a pipe filled with flowing water up your rear end before they considered any other option. To modern man that might seem strange and backwards because its been phased out a lot and not exactly a hot topic of conversation but the method has been making a comeback on the alternative health circuit with a steadily rising amount of adherents that comment on how great they felt after cleansing from within. Not for nothing is it said that all health starts in the abdomen as its quite literally the engine of our form and laced with its own intelligence I call the Lower Kingdom.

That said, there are things to be considered, like the electrolyte imbalance potential for example, as well as the possibility of perforation for those being to eager to ride the last train out of Harlem but stop for a moment and think:

Imagine if I told you that ye olde time cure of leeches was not only exceedingly effective but actually prescribed on the NHS if you need the skills of a plastic surgeon. Amazing, isn’t it? Maybe in the midst of the bumbling and fumbling of back when they may have actually known a little bit about a little bit in ways we don’t currently consider. Hence, question everything. The answers can be surprising but without them you just accept the narrative and that may not be in your best interests.

Another thing they posited back when was the Humours as they called them. Greek physicians proposed that there were four underlying principles involved in health and they were Blood, Phlegm, Yellow Bile and Black Bile. Their thinking was that these forces combined in man and when in balance one was assured health as they affected not just the flesh but temperament as well. An interesting premise, yes? Lets dive in a for a moment and think:

Blood was formed of the element of air as both are vital in this realm for when it comes to sustaining the vessel thats wrapped around your awareness. This element was linked to being optimistic, balanced and thoughtful. One who was grounded in the present moment and thus ready to handle anything.

Phlegm, on the flip, was linked to water and thus manifested itself as slow and sleepy. Unemotional when imbalanced but serene when even.

Yellow Bile was resonant with fire and handled the aspects of digestion and transformation and should its presence come on too strong we get the stereotypical angry man who is just looking for a reason to trip and break em off a little something something as he vents.

Black Bile was of the earth and thus was linked to the skeleton as this is what forms your base of operations. Should too much of this element be present we’d meet what we would now call a depressive for whom all is tinged in sadness.

Quite an interesting perspective when contrasted to our modern compartmentalized way of thinking that pretty much ignores anything beneath the neck and prefers instead to intercept, deflect or repress signals going to your head. I’ve often commented that this is akin to an engine warning light clicking on in your awareness and you selecting the option to remove the bulb instead of addressing the problem. But thats another topic. One of the most fascinating things about researching this field of the ancients and what they called the Four Temperaments as part of my research into consciousness was the surprising resonance to Traditional Chinese Medicine along with the Vedic perspective as both take an exceedingly holistic view of man, the planet, its herbal gifts and the natures of our inner workings and interactions therein.

In the case of the Indian subcontinent this level of folk wisdom is firmly ingrained upon the consciousness of those born and raised in the environment as families will cook one main dish that is then served with differing accompaniments depending upon the temperament of the one consuming therefore the timid student in need of more intellectual prowess and confidence will have the heat turned up a notch with sugared almonds whereas her angrier older sibling would find more cooling treats like yoghurt and cucumbers as a side dish. The Chinese follow similar principles that Greeks also believed that certain foods are cures whilst others are poisons as it all depends on the person.

The field of TCM offers a fascinating glimpse into the energetic workings of man as due to a lack of TV sets, internet and various distractions back then they spent generations upon generations documenting two things:

The stars and the workings of the human body at the highest levels.

A lot of cultures did this and its why the Egyptians encoded so many lessons in their motifs. Take this for example:

A symbol many take to be “satanic” and run shrieking from a map of whats within them and makes all of this possible, as their inculcated ignorance is afraid they’ll discover wisdom and thus signal and end to its reign over their brain, frame and unfinite Self which is far more than what is taught in schools, seen on screen or any reflective surface that tells you the trends and what you should be thinking.

Not for nothing have I said that fear is a street sign on the way to your strength as its all consciousness in this realm. The question is are you decoding or being encoded? Creating from within with full knowledge of the elements or blindly reacting without a clue of why that is as you live a script another penned from a position of ignorance and low vibration…

Which links wonderfully well to the pineal gland which many cultures venerated as the seat of higher wisdom and I call the Upper Kingdom. Its also very interesting what happens when you seat your presence, the Witness, behind this podium within as its a totally different sense of relating to your flesh and the present moment. The use of symbols like the snake and the bird present in the Uraeus signified mastery over the lower orders of the brain from stem and R Complex upto the Limbic System. The latter is responsible for smell, emotional sensation, long term memory and addictive compulsions and this is why its hard to quit bad habits as they are justified post fact due to the lower aspects of the brain being able to hijack the more modern Pre Frontal Cortex.

Across the world, in a culture seemingly unrelated, we see the same motif with Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent and when one starts getting comparative with what they call myth (but is actually the true history of the planet) as well as spotting these little blips of resonance that pop up time and time again you can’t help but wonder then draw the conclusion that man at the moment is a devolution of what we’ve once been.

Then mankind, as in “Kind of like man, but not” starts to make a lot more sense because a lot of the things we do now under the guise of accepted wisdom are flat out ridiculous. Not to mention how unnatural our way of living is and how this is speeding up as we head toward a seemingly inevitable interbreeding with silicon to become a hybrid species quite quick when the second bite of the apple of your eye reveals why Siri was always “Iris” all along, but flipped.

Hidden in plain sight, but only for those with the eyes to see…

They say those that don’t study history are doomed to repeat it and to me it seems like time is a flat circle that just keeps on reiterating and manifesting the default state of programming until we, as a collective, marshal the unfinite resources within to create a spiral because that is when things can, and will, get very interesting as our vessels are capable of far more than they tell and some things are nigh on miraculous. Consider this:

Rub your palms together with a brisk temperament until they are warm and tingling then draw then apart and together without touching and you’ll become aware of a magnetic sensation that repels the middle of your palms. Its quite palpable and the stronger this is the greater your energetic reserves within and this links back to what I said about the organs actually being batteries and repositories of emotional information in our private missives. Whilst poking around on the web I found an interesting proof of this concept as evidenced in the theory of cellular memory as people have often commented about taking on the traits of those who used to sport the heart that now beats in their chest:

A New England lady found herself craving a beer and foods like McNuggets she’d never wanted near her lips before the transplant but now couldn’t get enough of them. This wasn’t the end of the strangeness as lying in bed her awareness would drift beyond this realm and in her dreams she saw a young man who was named Tim L. Doing some investigation she found he’d died in a motorcycle accident the same day as her transplant and all this occurred on his way back from a trip to the fast food merchant to purchase… Yep, you guessed it.

There are countess examples like this and some of them are very dramatic but I dropped this one just to illustrate that things are far more complex within than we currently give credit and when we delve into the steps to feelsee your inner realms and release stored emotions from your organs it will all make more sense as its so visceral and direct.

Whatever the true history of this planet is I’d be willing to bet its a heck of a lot more powerful and vibrant than what we’ve been lead to believe as the various, immense edifices you see dotting the world were not the works of aliens as you’ll see on flashy shows flaunting a wacky hypothesis on your TV set but us. Our ancestors. They were to us something akin to super-men, in comparison, and it all came down to their programming and resonance as they saw the same Earth, the same universe and existence but their view was very, very different.

I’ve often said that there are three ways of living and one is that of a microscope which perceives a lot of detail at the expense of the bigger pic and modern life attests to this mode of being as we have specialists upon specialists in various fields all straining in separate directions and no one yet has wove together their disparate threads into a coherent, internally consistent narrative. He who does and presents the big pic from a telescopic perspective whilst being Centered in Self shall hear the unbalanced masses run shrieking from the message into a new dark age of (artificially illumined but altogether quite) blissful ignorance as the truth of their situation is most unpleasant.

The Game of Souls has many levels and we are currently witnessing a shift from the old order of the ages to the new and, just like always, it is chaos that will pave the way to a new kind of orderliness and, once upon a when, they’ll look back at this age and our thinking and view it as ridiculous. That is if it hasn’t been edited, trimmed or suppressed from their consciousness as they see themselves kings of the hill without an inkling of what we lived and witnessed as it turned to rubble once the poles flipped to signal the end of a level as the new jacks inserted their own credits and were keen to progress. Who thinks about losing when you’re winning?

Question everything.

What I’m saying is that option is still present. It never left so why not use your time on the planet to get to know your Self as modern man is filled with frivolous details about him, her and them but knows very little about their own potential, inner realms, the energetics of being and implications of stepping into this realm, wearing flesh and enjoying the thrills and spills this celestial fun fair brings until their number is called in and they queue up for another ticket to do it all again.

Yes, it most certainly is interesting, don’t you think? We’ve touched upon a few things in this missive that will be examined in depth as we progress because each time I push the pen I become aware of what comes next in the thread I’m sharing as I’ve learned you can’t force one to disconnect from socially sanctioned madness until they themselves have decided to question the narrative about their existence and drew some conclusions that don’t match the small print of the big book of life which says “This is how it is”.

Is it? Is it really? Or do you mean “This is how it is… now, but it wasn’t always”.

Interesting how they say the loud part loud and whisper the rest and yet, when seen from the perspect that all Warriors possess, nothing is hidden. Its right there, in front of your eyelids. All you’ve got to do is open them.

Till we meet again

Question Everything

If you take a moment to look at yourself and honestly perceive, you’ll quickly realize that you are far more like other people and much less unique than you like to think you are. A lot of your broad concepts, ideals and beliefs are shared by your peers, especially those of similar age from similar social spheres.

Just as we are the current embodied of an unbroken ancestral chain that goes back through your parents to their and into the winds of time everything is connected in ways currently unimagined.

Now this style of thought we often protect with our lives. Know why? Because it is our life. It creates the frame for us to paint inside, hence no man is an island as under the surface the land mass is unified. This brings benefits but liabilities also rise because at some point we stop thinking and Thunk takes over our lives.

But running through all of this, ever present, ever wise, always willing to learn is that Inner Sense inside that never left, is often ignored and quietly sits to the side as your Adulterated self is taken for a ride.

This is the part of you I’m talking to now and this is the part thats wise as it sees through the fabrications, grand designs and lies that pollute so many minds with the illusion of knowledge aka the current flavor of ignorance in at the time, socially sanctioned schemes and wholesale manufactured then retail sold dreams that are closer to nightmares to those living within their grips without ever questioning why they accept life as they said whilst constantly drawing the short end of the stick.

Just as we, collectively, look back at the Victorian era with blood letting and leeches as a sign of their individual stupidity and thus our intelligence so will your descendants view your life:

“Look at those idiots cutting off various bits and blaming cancer for it when in reality it was themselves and their denial of emotional states that coalesced in a higher realm and manifested as the pain”. “I know, can you believe they actually believed there would be no detrimental side effects from bypassing the natural layers of protection and immunity by injecting contaminants laced with bad intent into their blood streams under duress and immense stress? The people who did so laughed at them for their ignorance in the midst of suffering and most still missed it. May they rest in pieces as it was an intelligence test and they failed it”.

Before we get too advanced just consider:

There is a path that spirals as it ascends so each lap is harder than the last but it also has its own benefits for those able and willing to take the steps as it offers a perspective that makes everything make sense because you’re willing to drive beyond your limits. Much like a large curve can appear straight if one looks just right the point of ascension or escape route isn’t available at each step as making the first shift is what drives the feeling of “Whats next?” that propels one to live at their edge and this requires a degree of fearlessness because most prefer the huddle and the comfort it brings as everyone sits there, a place of no effort.

Its with this in mind that I say what I say because you are way more than you think you are, and you feel this anyway. You’ve felt this life is a waste, sure its got some moments that are great but there is something that just evades your awareness and grasp that could change it all into something else. But only if you’re willing to question everything and challenge your assumptions to see if they’re valid or if you’re being made a rear end that labors under the weight of collective ignorance. “I’m doing my bit!” says the mule, sweating and dreaming of the eventual carrot they’ve been promised whilst getting whipped to within an inch of its sense by various cruel Slave/Masters doing their thing.

Some people call it fame, acclaim, status and these external things. Its none of them because plenty have reached dizzying heights only to feel the same:

That they failed. They’re not enough. Something is missing.

Thats the Game.

The trick to the trick is realizing the trick and then it becomes, in an instant, the strength you didn’t know you possessed because it was, up until then, being used to oppress you, your mind, your Self and these are three totally separate things.

They say Eskimos have many words for snow. This is a perfect example of granularity as the finer you go the more there is to be seen whereas for those raised by screens that they worship daily such insight isn’t seen as they are led to believe an engineered scene reflects reality when it honestly does no such thing. Wonder why movies come on a reel even though they’re fake? Realize reel lies with your real eyes.

Now you’re starting to think my friend. Feels different to Thunk, eh? Notice how the former always offered predictable chunks of what you already know, just mildly rearranged every now and then, under the pretense of thinking when its no such thing. Get it? Know such thing. Heh. The Devilish language with its rites and spells… The triple cross. As promised. Or “forked tongue” as the natives opined before being slaughtered in the name of compassion and benevolence. Dots connecting yet?

Like I said you were born spectacular and can be once again if you’re willing to inspect the mediocrity life placed into vital areas of your head, body and mind that you then accepted without thinking because this resistance in and of itself drops the charge within and freeing up the current that runs through yourself as an electromagnetic being should be the number one priority of anyone who draws breath because when you spiral out then you’ll see what I say makes perfect sense as the seeming old solidity of what you used to Thunk back then is revealed to be as real as a Hollywood stage set as there is very little depth beyond the front it projects and therein lies the key to wisdom:

Question everything.

After all is that what you did, once upon a when, as a child? Isn’t that proof of what I’ve said about your natural state and skills that have been suppressed, trained and disconnected via a process called Adulteration which leaves you a literal shadow of your former Self as your innate glow dims and you clutch at pointless things as “The way it is” when all you’ve know is pain, discomfort and suffering. Of course 81% of the populace will deny this as they are so invested in the narrative and to question it seems like an insult to their intelligence as they roamed into Rome and now believe themselves to be citizens of state when in reality they are captives whose awareness is being held hostage using very slick tricks in a con that is old as the empire itself.

And yet, one is born every minute and what happens next? Their parents hand them over to the same System that did this to them and tell them the same lies they heard then grin as they parrot them back as a mark of progress when its actually regression. None of this is new. You knew this as you’ve seen it happen in front of your eyelids. Thing is there is no option in the lexicon of Thunk to express this as its first instinct is to preserve itself, the enemy in your head that is pretending to be you at this moment and sweating bullets at the thought of this message as your child within is jumping with joy at finally being addressed after years and years of active suppression.

The Game is about to get very interesting as I’ve crawled out of the dirt, wiped my shirt and found my presence immaculate and am going to share not just what I’ve seen of this reality show called Earth but the tools and ways to do it because they’re not found on any curriculum or syllabus you’ve ever seen that was mandated by the System but, yet and still, they are entirely natural as they’re written in the language of Inner Sense which runs on intuition and feeling hence why babies cry in the presence of Dark Souls, no matter how much they’re cooing and grinning as their still pure presence senses the Opponent within which is feasting on its hosts awareness.

None of this is what you think because you don’t. You’ve been conned into Thunking. Just like most confuse wealth with paper slips and fulfillment with achievement when the truth is far different but must be felt to believe it as then the difference is Self evident.

Till we meet again

You Know What You Want to Do. Why Aren’t You Doing It?

We are all locked in a battle with the greatest Opponent humanity has ever faced. Its a tale as old as time itself and therein lies the hint if you’ll stop and think.

Is the version of you you currently are the one you want to be? Is this the best you can do with all your might thrown behind the intent of actualizing your limitless potential or are you simply just scraping by because what little energy you have leaks out, piece by piece, after you rise from another night of crappy sleep? The fact you can tell exactly where you sit on the scale of your Self is a very telling thing, isn’t it? What you can conceive you can achieve because everything is mental in this realm. And I mean that in the literal as well as metaphysical sense because its Self evident that the inmates long ago took over the asylum and conspire to make us just like them.

From the millions, if not billions, of versions of yourself, grade them on a scale of one to ten. Ten being firing on all cylinders, pushing it to the limit living life in the flesh as the redline of actualized potential with the engine screaming in joy as the sun beams down on your face as you race across the finish line of your current conquest and simultaneously heart off in search of the next challenge and one being the opposite:

Someone ran ragged into the ground who puts themselves last and everyone elses needs first, who lives a life that was programmed into their head and has never thought of inspecting it and rejecting what they didn’t want, doesn’t ft and generally feels miserable as they look around at their predictable life and think “Is this it?”.

Comprehend that mediocrity is easy and supremacy is the goal that sings from the Warriors Soul but, just like before, many are called but few choose themselves as your thoughts, deeds and mindset are what spurs action and its from these steps we being walking on the Path of Power in order to become the ultimate version of your Self.

Why accept anything else? Remember the world will try and mould you into a loser and then furnish you with the stores you need to believe the role so you live your life walking around the cul de sac of the mundane because that creates many happy little wage Slaves that perpetuate the System of the enslaved where misery is a generational inheritance and ignorance reigns supreme as people cower at the thought of access the power within them so they spend their lives glued to a screen instead.

A lack of knowledge of Self ensures you’ll perish in this realm because would choose the life of a One when a Ten is available? Stop and think: What is the difference between these two states? One and Ten? Literally nothing. No thing. A space. Potential. Thats the same thing than can flip the mindset of “Imperfect” into “Im perfect” so a little nothing can be a dangerous thing because its akin to the blind spot that generates vision by allowing the signal to pour in.

If things are physical then no things are their mental correlates and points of origin and in that sense there is no point in wrestling with the shadows of projection in the cave of ignorance that was designed to keep you hemmed into a life of distraction and dissatisfaction on the lower end of the actualization scale. This is why I its all a mind game. The better you know your Self the better you are equipped to play this Game but if your hands are full of rocks that you carefully place in your pockets, backpack and anywhere else you can store them then you’ve simply got no space for the man passing by who says here and tries to hand you a bar of gold. The difference that makes all the difference. Nothing. No thing. Space for potential growth and change. Try this:

Turn off your phone. Silence all distractions. Grab a pad and pen and write down three things you could do right now that would improve your life in small but meaningful ways. Then go and do them. Make this a daily habit and chip away at the old habits that keep you in the velvet lined rut you hate but enjoy its predicable comfort as a way of preventing the realization of how far you’ve actually sank into a state of falseness because the very nature of this realm is it makes people wear masks in order to fit its charade.

Well, I’m here to tell you the Emperor is naked. You already knew this but were scared to admit it due to the implicit threat that comes with calling it as it is but this is the benefit of walking the Path as you’ll rekindle your Inner Sense. The same innocence that was once overflowing and abundant before the rocks previously mentioned were handed to you and accepted without question as “The way it is”. Are you willing to examine your preconceptions? Do they serve your best interests or have they simply made you slot into the machine as a small cog that once had big dreams and now offsets this via the escapism of the net, TV set and a million other distractions designed to fill that space of potential I mentioned previously.

“Why would anyone give away gold in this world?” someone said. Maybe, just maybe that man once carried pockets full of rocks like you then realized the change via the alchemical way of transmuting the base into something from a higher state and now has actualized to the point where those things no longer serve a purpose as what he’s gained is light, strong, limitless and pure. Inner Sense. Accept nothing less as it simultaneously asks the pertinent questions and provides answers as well which bring back the radiant glow and feltsense within which is the hallmark and natural state of all children.

It can be yours again if you wish but first you’ve got to be willing. Willing to be honest with your Self. Willing to see what works and what doesn’t. Willing to challenge your assumptions. Willing to be radically honest about the story you were told, your role in this world and your own expectations and goals because the best time to implement beneficial change is yesterday.

Today is the second best so what are you waiting for?

You know what you want to do so why aren’t you doing it?

Start off with five minutes. Make that a daily habit and soon enough the momentum itself will allow you to slide uphill out of your velvet lined rut and you’ll find it was actually dug in the middle of minefield of ignorance and now comes the true challenge as you come face to face with the Opponent who hides inside your head and has one goal, one wish and one intent:

To ensure you never realize he isn’t you and he achieves this end by pretending to be you.

Its amazingly slick and billions fall for it as they allow the voice in their head to pull a world over their eyes that doesn’t exist as it drives them round the bend like a faulty GPS as your child within yells “Are we there yet?”. You don’t hear this because its edited but you feel it, nonetheless, as that is what those aches and pains within are communicating.

Are you listening?

Here’s another tip for the next time you recognize your mood slipping into one of those negative loops of its suggestion. Simply ask your Self “Does this serve my highest potential? Am I aimed at One or Ten?”. Then, choose different. You are the co-creator of this realm and thus your power is immense as all of this plays out inside your awareness. Its all open to interpretation and its up to you how you make the pieces fit.

If you keep doing what you’ve previously done you’ll get more of what you’ve had and that, my friend, is the definition of madness but then we are living in a world which is profoundly sick and its no measure of health to be well adjusted to the scripts they pour into your head and prefer you accept without questioning. There is only one freedom and that is within. The rest is legislated, mandated and sanctioned in various ways both subtle and obvious so exercise the strength your possess and explore your consciousness because you’ll be surprised at what you find.

Admittedly these are deeper topics of what you can expect when you progress but just start off with that nudge of seeing are your thoughts, deeds and actions of the current moment coherent with actualizing your highest potential or are you simply coasting? Floating. Slipping. Sliding downhill. A life of false effort akin to running on treadmill to generate the illusion of progress even though nothing within is changing.

Like I said it takes a lot of bravery and honesty to think like this but you’ll find once you do you start living like this and what was once a limit now becomes a challenge as you develop strengths you’d been made to forget whilst being enticed to chase after something quite useless. On some level you already know this because if you didn’t you still wouldn’t be reading and therein lies the hint because I am you and you are another version of me. Together we, as I previously said.

A rising tide lifts all ships and these vessels are called consciousness. Some people think they’re submarines and are pressed against the deck as they hold on with immense effort to a life they truly detest but the threat of anything else fills them dread as it takes so much effort to handle the pressure of the depths. Some are swimming on the surface and couldn’t care less about the one suffering as its totally beyond their frame of reference. A few sit on yachts with friends, sunning themselves and enjoying good conversation as they take it all in whilst one or two fly overhead on a seaplane, seeing things very different and then parachute down into the drink, free dive down to the depths and tell the many living that submerged existence there are far greater options and potentials as he asks them:

On a scale of One to Ten with the higher end being the ultimate version of your Self living the life of which you know you’re capable and the lower resonance being something akin to a freshly served thin slice of hell that takes an immense amount of effort just to survive, barely sleep then get up and do it all again where would you rank your Self at this moment?”

Well, which number did you get?

You know what you want to do. Why aren’t you doing it?

Till we meet again

Patrice O’Neal Is My Spirit Animal

Patrice O’Neal is my spirit animal. He really is. I’m not saying I have anywhere near his level of talent or skill but gosh darn there is an immense resonance in not being willing to bend over and take it in the name of playing the game where big bank takes no bank and doesn’t call it rape because that is the way the inroads to the industry are paved. As long as you can waive your conscience, demagnetize your moral compass and misplace your scruples on the way in you’ll do fine in the land of big business where the gangster pimps do what they do best:

Package up, present and profit off the talent.

Without us they couldn’t do a thing. Just a bunch of bitter and twisted men that enjoy seeing others dance on their fingertips because of the whole power trip this brings hence why they carved an empire for themselves which is invisible, ever present and currently exerts an immense influence in the minds of the ignorant who can’t wait to be suspended and daintily nibbled at by the beast itself before joining the rest of the famous, hoping to be rich and various other psychological scratches and previous damage that need a good itch (and is readily exploited by said purveyors of flesh) and are then excreted only to dust themselves off and get in line again.

Thats what playing the game is, you know? Like Patrice I saw it from a distance and simply wasn’t willing to do its bidding because its a bridge too far that I’m not willing to cross and thus languish at the moment. Not quite penniless but not worth anywhere near what I bring but then no material measures can equate my Souls worth and thus we sit, thinking. The unbearable weight of massive talent can sound like an arrogant statement until you realize the one saying this actually possess the skills that are equal to this claim and then things get interesting.

One of my fondest skills is you can bring me anything, absolutely anything you wish ranging from a script unpolished to a song that almost sounds like a hit as well as a pencil outline sketched on the back of a napkin after a few drinks and I can strip it into its components and put it back together again to generate an effect way more than the sum of its parts. For me its quite a pleasurable experience as my wiring finds this whole process natural but there are caveats in that I have to find it interesting. If its boring I won’t attempt forcing it hence its never done for a cheque but I’ve poured insane amounts of resources in to the most inane things just for the satisfaction of saying “I did it” as well as walking into a situation where they had an overly complicated system to stitch together the old old and new old way of doing things that was stupidly labor intensive so I redesigned the piece in the middle in five minutes and left their mouths gaping. “How did you do that?” he said “We’ve had experts, consultants, programmers and all kinds of people come in and they said its fundamentally impossible without upgrading our whole infrastructure and the costings…”. “Let me stop you right there” I interjected “That was what they wanted to sell you hence they didn’t tell you what I did and thats why they’re called trade secrets because that is how you get paid”.

What followed next was quite interesting as the guy estimated that tweak alone would save them an easy four hundred K a year and seeing as I was just there for the day on unrelated business but annoyed by what I seen, hence my tinkering, I said “Cool, give me ten percent of that right now. Sound like a fair exchange?”. They baulked at the thought of this which proves exactly why the dealer prefers you pay before you get the hit because who wants to pony up on a comedown when the fun was had the previous day? To me the money was irrelevant, the challenge was everything and one time I was sitting in on a studio session with a really talented artist as I was just kicking it. Someone who was hot in the streets had been pulled in to do a remix and when they arrived and gave their cuts a spin everyone else was gassed and to me it sounded a hot mess.

“Whose man is this?” he said “Listen, I’m like a hammer. I make hits. What are your credits?”. “None. This isn’t my business but I have ears and you’ve got the right bits but in the wrong order. Watch this”. I picked apart the stems, rearranged the samples, told the session guy to add in this lick and tweak these levels and bounced the mix to everyone listening.

“Nah, that ain’t it” he said. A sentiment echoed by his yes men and the dude who was cutting him a cheque for his apparent talents. “Cool” was heard as I bounced to the exit because it was getting boring but then imagine the grin I sported in months dating six when I heard my vision getting spins via the radio on FM.

See why I say Patrice is my spirit animal? He could do the exact same thing and that is take something you view as a problem (or maybe you didn’t as that was just how you did it) and he’d break it down into its components then rearrange your perspective in a way that made you think “That makes perfect sense! How the hell did I not see this?”. There is something within us, an intrinsic process that knows when the spot has been hit and this is as good as it gets. Its a state of intuitive equilibrium that is simultaneously raw and delicate. Its why you can over complicate things as well as strip out the essence if you’re too critical. Its also why I dislike editing and usually do things in one take because its not a bug, thats a feature so leave it alone and go on your way.

The industry drools about people like this because they’re so flexible and drop gems with their presence. You throw them in any mix and they’ll turn it up a few notches because thats just what they do best and people either really dig them or hate them with a vengeance for their effortless nonchalance. Patrice, by all accounts, was like this because he’d rip you to shreds whilst playing the dozens but was actually testing your mettle to see if you really possessed the skills you thought you did whilst sharpening his own arsenal because only steel cuts steel but we live in times so soft that people whip wet noodles around and think they’re dueling.

Just like Patrice I doled out my gifts for free because I wouldn’t play nicely with the gangster pimps that want their bit. No, I openly challenged them and no doubt that had a little something to do with my brush with death but hey, I’m still here so lets see what happens. Mr P dropped his philosophies on all and anyone who’d listen and we collectively missed an uncut diamond in the flesh but he left behind a consistent trail filled with flashes of brilliance that you can access via the net because he was a man ahead of his time as he would’ve dominated the socials with his witty observations that hit several nails on the head at once with a well thrown hammer whilst sitting in the back of the audience. Or was that a phonebook?

His peers will tell you themselves that they are in no way, shape or form his equals because what he possessed far outclassed them at their rehearsed best because he could kill by just freestyling. That really takes a level of skill that is so immense and yet those will less talent who were willing to do what is expected by the man behind the curtain are now the types of stars that are blazing but the uncrowned peoples champion remains unchallenged, undefeated and changing lives even in death and that is a type of immortality the gangster pimps wish they could bottle and sell. No Hendrix drowning when he doesn’t drink or Sam getting Cooked with a slipper missing to send the signal about who did it.

You are welcome to put me to the test. I’m genuinely that confident as anyone who has experienced me in the flesh can attest because its all about the fun I’m having as I dance in the light whilst leaping into the shadows depth then sharing freely what I bring for what is the point in having gifts and keeping them hidden?

Till we meet again

Has Your Story Even Begun?

When you’re coming up and in your first prime you’ve got lots of good with lots of bad.Its all mixed in as one package deal which is fine as a youth but doesn’t really cut it once you gain knowledge of Self and the experience points it brings. This is when the second prime kicks in because now you can begin separating the milk of wisdom from the waters of ignorance you’ve accumulated during this adventure in the flesh as you retain that which serves your best interests and jettison that which doesn’t via the processes of introspection and reality testing.

The rub is that the self centered grandiose aggression and DGAFness that was there in spades as a jit has to, by its very nature, be refined also and that turns it into something different. You can say its based on wisdom, declining hormone levels, experience, whatever you want but the battlefield shifts from the outer to the inner and with it the realization that your greatest foe doesn’t have a face beyond the one you see in the mirror every day because he lives in your dome. His voice is well known as you think its you when in reality its no such thing.

Ah, such an elegant and deception and most miss their second prime because they’re too busy listening to it and not feeling what the body says. There is a war going on within no man is safe from…

Only thing with this battle is there are no screaming crowds, no accolades, no bragging rights per se because you are literally alone in the ring. Upside is that not many people have the fortitude to even embark upon this quest because they simply never pushed themselves anyway and coasted through their first prime, hit the middle aged spread and then zoned out in front of the net with no reflection or desire to improve, filling in days till they are dead and missing the point entirely.

The best place to hide something from most people is put it inside them. They’ll never look there and most don’t suspect a thing because knowledge of Self isn’t on any curriculum, doesn’t pay any kind of bills or generate likes and clicks because its a deeply personal thing. Sure there are tips but there are also many misdirections designed to lull those who awaken back into another form of slumber as they delude themselves into thinking they’re oh so spiritual when in reality they’re just stepping on another kind of treadmill. The lack of progress is evident whenever battle tested because that calm, fluffy center they profess after a good stretch or some meditation is gone with the wind and they start raging.

Sometimes I miss what I used to be because being on the edge feels so alive in a way that walking the narrow path in the middle can’t by its very nature but then I realize that everything has a time and place and its the excess of before that paved the way for the insight of now by knowing what not to do. You put the beast on a leash and he serves your purpose instead of you chasing behind him, being accountable for his actions whilst he was at the wheel of your vessel. Yin/Yang. Polarities. The presence of one infers the potential of the other if you care to discover life on a more subtle level by first taking the time to examine the steps that led to this as well as the nature of the energetic baggage you’re carrying.

This is a huge part of it as examination and Self reflection is quite literally anathema to the egoic false self that most people believe is them and thus they’ll be sent off on tangents as its akin to straddling a wild horse, backwards, and then pretending you’re making it happen and are in control of thing. If you are then silence you mind now for three minutes. If you can’t do that who is really running the show? Get the hint?

The first prime is egocentric, literally me against the world. Its a gift to everyone who sports the flesh. The second prime is far more spiritual, akin to perceiving the universe in a grain of sand and comprehending the interconnectedness of it all and your role therein as it all plays out inside your awareness. It makes the first pale in significance in many respects but its also the antithesis of this modern age so your shift flies right over many peoples heads and can leave you feeling alone in a room full of friends as your frequency is so far above and beyond their range.

Look around and tell me you don’t see a world full of the Adulterated living lives of perpetual adolescence. The actions of the medes on the socialist scene illustrate this well as well as peoples general petulance and desperate need for attention which is the webs lifeblood as it sets off on its mission to break then harvest Souls one by one until it aggregates its own kind of conglomerate for the next level of this Game where carbon meets silicon and the apple of your eye isn’t Siri but instead an implant in your iris. Seeing what was never hidden yet or will it only kick in once you’ve twice bit upon the offering?

The foundation of a building never changes. No matter how many stories you lay on top of it as time progresses. This is why the old axiom of “Show me the boy and I’ll give you the man” rings as true now as it did then because everything in this realm is a fractal expression and thus scalable and predictable. In Twenty Twenty Three we’re going to see a heady mix and people who previously neglected the very concepts of Self development and adopted very simple mechanistic ways are going to be in for a rude awakening that stretches their rigid ways of being. No Sir, they won’t like it.

On the flip if you’ve always felt like a round peg thats been resisting the efforts of being shaped into a brick and have a splinter in your mind that says “Something is very wrong with this planet and the people on it” then congratulations! You’re about to come into your element as the collective begins to shift in frequency and perception to where you’ve always been. Its why I said in a previous message about the eclipse that good things are coming because the celestial influences are all interconnected and in many ways life on Earth is not only based on these elements, in the literal and metaphorical sense, but also the metaphysical as well as its the programming language of this realm.

If you’ve been running around feeling like you’re on the wrong planet or that something is missing and have been engaging in various forms of development that always felt more miss than hit but were better than nothing then rejoice because by reading this you’ve found the fifth element. The Psylense. Can you hear it? Its that which is imperceptible but makes all possible just like music is the poetry of the air and what was previously invisible will now be felt in ways deeply visceral as we shake off our collective malaise and see through the charade to realize the nature of the Witness within that just simply is. Here. Now. Present. Always has been. Always will.

This is the gift that we shall be unwrapping and I’m about to step it up eight levels and kick the ballistics online that we have been practiced offline for ages in order to help the collective accelerate their awareness via the gifts of experience I was given that I used to turn coal to diamonds as none of this is what it seems and you aren’t what you think.

You are that which thinks.

Till we meet again

The Simpsons Predicted the Devolution of Society

I don’t think there is anyone in this world that watched the inception, peak and descent of The Simpsons that wouldn’t agree that the shark was jumped around about the time Homer started becoming a barely functional idiot. Not just regular dumb but supremely stupid and almost stripped of all humane characteristics till we get to the place where we are now and people wonder “Whats the point?”. And yet it lurches on.

Trading on old glories and institution, much like the real life bundle of buffoonery some call a monarchy. Its perched in a place where no one really cares enough either way to let them be or take it round the back of the barn and shoot it in the head as a final act of mercy.

And yet we all know The Simpsons predicted everything so there’ll be some out there saying “Put some respect on its name, its earned it and no one stays on top of their game forever”. But here’s the most amazing thing:

The Simpsons indirectly predicted the entire era we’re living through now, as we speak, with meta commentary ease. What do I mean?

It all starts with the scene where Homer decides to try beastiality. How did they get to that point? Simple by needing to one up the antics and out stupid the last jape until all semblance of intelligence has been stripped away and what we recognize from the face has been entirely hollowed out from the within. All in the name of entertrainment.

If you look closely you’ll see the devolution of society as we become digitized writ large not just behind but under the scenes, permeating invisibly. Walk with me:

In the early 90s there was no one on the web but nerds with questionable hygiene due to spending all day and night staring at screens. As the 00s kicked in we started seeing everyone else take an interest in the web as it became more accessible, broadband did its thing and it all started to flourish.

Note this was the exact time Homer was being raped by a panda. This will be important later and yes there will be a test.

From this point on the shock value required to keep Homer fresh meant that he had to keep on pushing the envelope again and again until he was lacerated with paper cuts and bleeding out in front of our eyes. Like a thousand monkeys at a thousand type writers it was the best of times and it was the worst as people around the world dove head first into the cyber seas and frolicked with pleasure thanks to these new frontiers of technology and as the decade progressed the convenience rose so that people could tote a connection via screen wherever they happened to be.

Enter: Smartphone. Exit: Intelligence.

In the real world The Simpsons was also mirroring this level of vapid self obsession, almost to the point of parody, as a way of disguising the misery that lies underneath but we’ll get to that

All of a sudden the net which had been about us, collectively, became “me me me”. A distinct regression in the nature of humanity where the mental age of crowds may once have been five now its quite easy to see that inner two year old being unleashed, digitally:

“Wah, cancel this”. “Boo, he is bad”. “Hiss, she hurt my feelings”. “I want my milk and stories”. Forget nuance, introspection, spirited discussion or any form of empathy as those faculties have been zapped from the collective and various forms of echo chambering combined with proactive triggering, as well as those roaming around looking for something to find offensive in order to get some attention in a quest for social justice (fueled by angry typing) that usually means tearing another to shreds and enjoying the process before doing it all again without taking a moment to think: “What fuels this? What is the secret pay off for acting like this? What is hiding in the depths that makes this course of action so vital to my existence?”.

I’d be willing to bet there is an immense and unaddressed reservoir of unhappiness undulating in their subconscious from the life they’ve led up until that moment. But its far easier to project onto “them” as opposed to examining their own thought process and true nature of their inner realms. Instead they choose a rage filled existence on the web which usually counterbalances an almost invisible and exceedingly meek real world presence. One can only imagine the level of suffering that generates, accepts and normalizes behaviors such as this:

Yet if you were to ask any of them what they thought of the old Roman bread and circuses of the gladiator in the lions den they’d wrinkle their nose up at such barbaric practices as a sign of a decrepit civilization, best left as a relic, without seeing they’re engaging in the same old same old but in a new socially sanctioned dress via the web. Same difference and the baying crowds must be fed and well distracted unless they clock the Game is rigged and the true nature of the Opponent within. Not for nothing is it said that the peasants are revolting and they truly mean it as they sit there, hidden, pulling strings and convincing people its all of their own free will.

Thats where we are now. The Simpsons is a long dead carcass filled with maggots that make it seem like it breathes when in reality the fetid aroma is enough to let anyone know its deceased and that ladies and gentlemen is the exact state of humanity as well, yourself included if you’re trapped in the web, don’t strive to better your Self or take time out to disconnect and look within.

Simple test: If the last thing you do at night and the first thing pon rise is to log on then the Matrix has you, Neo. Or, to be more accurate, you’re giving yourself to the Doestrick, Peo. I mean Peon. With mind awash in digital urine and no greater conception of whats going on or the reason for the stench that pervades your subconscious. Hint: Its due to your consumption as frequencies and resonance go arm in arm when it comes to spinning the yarn from when you’re born till you buy the farm and beyond.

Among you there will be the astute that will wonder, exactly how can one show mirror the nature of humanity for so long, so well?

They say art imitates life but more accurately life imitates art. After all, if young girls around the world think that all it takes is a sex tape to make their wildest dreams come true then they’ll happily bust it wide open in the hope that they break through. There is a massive deviation in effect. People, like Homer, are stupider, devolved reflections of their equivalents in the past. Except of course asking the character to realize why he is this way is the same as asking you why you hate your day to day but do the same anyway whilst purposefully shying away from any meaningful change.

If you actually had the answer you wouldn’t need the question and this leads back to what I said about emotional regression and the mass stupefaction of the nations of this world via the insidious nature of tech that makes you dance to dark intent without questioning the narrative of these Trojan gift whores in whose mouths you find solace as an escape from being dead bored in a sad, predictable life zapped of vim due to the machinations of the System and the various unacknowledged sufferings it inflicted.

Another interesting aspect is that of Homer representing the decline of the masculine element as we see “Girl power!” and the whole strong female lead thing in all types of scenes but the man is usually a straight up, barely functioning imbecile. This alone is a huge topic as we could get into things like xenoestrogens, the decline of testosterone and how most modern males are little more than overgrown children as the boom in toys and games consoles being fueled by them attests and thats before we get into various types of strangeness like those who obsess over My Little Ponies and the entire simp process. A conspiracy theorist would say that if one wishes to take over the world with little resistance its best to first target the men and remove them from the equation so there is no choice but to acquiesce to those who wish to mold and direct your existence from behind the curtain of entertainment and subtle influence. The numbers speak for themselves and the world reflects the current levels that set the trends:

You can’t boil a live frog by dropping it into hot water, bubbling, as it will make a break for it due to its survival mechanisms kicking in but certain things done slow and increments can seem most seductive. Especially if those born into it don’t know what they’re missing due to the normalization of the process in which the temperature shifts over generations until they’re cooked. “Served fresh! Come and try the special!”

A clearer, more accurate view of this tool that allows you to flatten the world to Two-D and fit in in your palm – what an ego trip, eh? “I am the god of this reality!” (or sub Reddit) is what everyone means and those like shares and retweets validate this as people live out their own fantasies of being an omnipotent deity on the web, surrounded by loyal adherents.

After all, if someone shares online and no one comments, did it really happen?

Think on that for a moment as we get back to our yellow friend who once was unique and captured everyones interest with all he expressed then became a homogenized version of himself. Let the dead bury the dead as was once said and it happened, right in front of your eyes and its also happening again but it works like this:

If we think we’re perfect we can imagine others are wrong if they contradict our perception, yes? Thats basic projection, we see in others what we can’t stomach in ourselves and this is in many ways why the escapism of a screen is so popular it allows people to be not who they are but who they want to seem by sharing what they want you to see to craft a reality they aren’t actually living. Sneaky, sneaky…

You’ll note that Homers original character, his innate goodness, decency, flashes of intelligence and creativity were slowly whitewashed out until he was a blank canvas for stupidity. The punchline of a joke and no longer a reflection of humanity. Or was he? Because at the exact same time in the decade thats just been we’re seeing more and more people who look the same thanks to plastic surgery as they replay and ape what they see on screen hoping it will make them seem as happy as those who stream lives of excess and luxury.

Except they’re not. Not at all because the very fact they need to do that belies the insecurity which goes back to what I said earlier about “I’m god… at least via this screen and you are my minions, my creation whom I observe silently. Praise me”. Much like The Simpsons where we looked into a world like yet unlike our reality and witnessed the exploits of these characters it is now us who are the seen but ask yourself this:

Who is actually writing and producing this scene because if you’re trying to convince the viewers this role is who you are and we both know you aren’t then where at what point did you get lost in the merry dance with devil by the pale screen light?

There’s way more to this. I may get into it another moment but for now take some time to think and ponder the the links between what Homer was, is and becoming and then look at the world as a collective and see if you can spot the resonance before predicting what this says for the coming generations who inherit this ignorance as people amuse themselves to death without ever stopping to question if the path paved in ignorance can ever beget wisdom for the collective or is it the equivalent of dumping toxic waste in a landfill and saying “Meh, someone else can handle it”.

Till we meet again

Why Its Easy to Be Stupid but Hard to Be Smart

Let me tell you why
its easy to be stupid
but hard to be smart.
Stupid is at arms reach
right there in your palm
finger on the trigger
locked and loaded
ready to drop the bomb.
It takes very little effort
and even less intelligence

to do just what it says.

Oh yes
don’t get it twisted
the low controls you
whereas you’ve got to
generate the high vibe
which is why intelligence
can be a rough ride.

Im not talking about books
or passing all kinds of tests
those aren’t my parameters
we’re speaking of something else.

Being smart means thinking.
Thinking for yourself
doing what you feel best
with full knowledge of everything
not working on reactions
aka having buttons pressed
but being present and centered
in the middle of your chest.

Its a different kind of vibe
a whole new flex
sure you can get ill
if thats whats needed
so be it.
But the point is its handled well
as should be done
in the moment.
No regrets.

The decisive part about all of this
the greatest string to its bow
is smarts are forged alone
whereas stupid is a team sport

“What will they think if I don’t..
I should… Yeah, I know I’ll…”
and so on and so forth
drones the voice in their head
that they erroneously believe is them.

Pure psychosocial manipulation
in which you’re tossed back and forth
then left holding the bag.
A dead weight that makes you
thoroughly miserable
dims your inner lamp
or on the run from the past
and all manner of consequences
that make life feel like death
served in increasing increments.

No wonder people feel numb
and need distractions
plus the solace of others being
just as false as them
investing in foolishness
and reaping suffering.

All due to ignorance
of your own inner realms
and the nature of programming
poured into your head
by the System.

Since before you were an infant
and remains therein

Smarts on the hand plays it colder
and knows how to lose a battle to win the war.

The key difference in between?

Ego, as you may know.

See stupid is the lifeblood of that critter
and smart its anti-venom that takes one beyond
and swiftly removes its fangs
from here, now and there on
and thats why its such a potent weapon
that most have never heard of.
Nor will they teach you how to develop it
because it doesn’t serve their interests
as stupid keeps the tills ringing,
prisons filling and bodies piling
up in the morgue.

Ignorance is great for business
and these people worship corpses.

Why do you think its called
Urn a living”?
Stop and think about this.
The cremation of the Self
in exchange for your daily bread
when in reality
you’re gluten intolerant.

Thats the glue of ten dimensions
used to hold your Soul in bondage

inside this limited realm
hence why you yearn for freedom
and look everywhere but within
and find ineffective solutions.

Just as intended.

There’s way more to all this
than has ever been heard
because the best kept secrets
are hidden right here in the world
waiting to be discovered
and uncovered in your dome
and thats why the first steps
of true intelligence reignites the
embers Inner Sense that dimmed
in the hearts of all children
as their parents deadened
Just like theirs before them.
Then handed them over
to the System which sold them
a lightbulb instead
and charged an arm and a leg
to live in darkness.


Your mind is behind enemy lines.
Everything you think, isn’t.
If it was effective and correct
then your life
wouldn’t feel like this
because it was never meant
to be a struggle.

The stupid will reject what I’ve just said
as foolish, dumb or blasphemous
and go right back to being miserable
as they seek outside of Self
for a solution
they can only gift
themselves from within.

The smart won’t believe thoroughly
but will instead say
“Intrigued. I wonder where this leads”
and be at least willing to examine
the precepts upon which their life rests
as many are surprised to find
sands that are shifting
and the castle they lived in
actually blows in the wind
as its built upon clouds
and dreams they bought
then sold themselves.

Till we meet again